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ABA's predatory feminist lawyers
Five Myths about No Fault Divorce
England's Call to Repeal Our Declaration of Independence
How Our Tax Dollars Subsidize Family Breakup
NAU: Conspiracy or Coverup?
One Nation under Siege
Pillars of Prosperity
Feminism Funded by US
America Freedom to Fascism
Welfare Funding Obstructs Shared Parenting
Welfare and the 'Road to Serfdom'
Alec Baldwin and Parens Patriae
Duke Case Demonstrates Feminist 'Justice'
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Family law reform helps children
Gays can't marry can divorce
Hillary and the Politics of Children
NCSEA begs for money
- Untershine James
The Globalist Control System
Baskerville is Taking Family Law Reform to the Next Level
Americans are Responsible for Global Warning
American Parents are Dumbing-down the Globalists
The 'American' Empire Secures Alaskan Oil in Bloodless Woo
What is this Apocalypse coming to?
Surviving the Globalist Currency Wars by rebooting America
California Legalizes Same-Sex Divorce
New campaign catch phrase in 2008: 'This Economy is Stupid'
Another Family Law Gladiator is Forced into the Coliseum in Maryland
Aaron Russo's Sequel to Andrew Jackson's Epitaph: 'I Killed the Bank II'
The Family Law Illuminati
CSE must start thinking outside the pizza box
American Parents Shanghaied by Radical Feminism
The Family Law Uncertainty Principal in California
Second Wives Under Attack in California
The Violence Against Joe Biden Act
Did PBS ‘Break the Silence’ or ‘Break the Wind’?
Katrina's Law in 2005
VAWA - Perpetuating itself without opposition
California may be forced to finally reform welfare
The Family Law Dead Zone
Shooting the Daily Breeze
Geragos finds closure in closing
Deadbeats for Badnarik
Is Child Support Peaking your Interest?
Truth Justice and the American Way
Family Law gladiator - Wilbur Streett
Appreciate Fathers
The Family Law Passion
CA Gov ends exploitation
Father thwarts Family Law
Human cost of raising children
SD CSE may ask for modification
Same - sex marriage
Baskerville - How does he do it
Family Law Revolution
Feminists rally around Davis
Dads rage against money machine
California is up for grabs
Paternity Pre-Crime
Exploitation of Taxpayers
Custody Free in 2003
CA Gov out of excuses
Profit Analysis of CS
Family Law Reloaded
Get what you pay for
Blake vs No Fault Divorce
Child Support Control System
No fault provokes murder
Pretend I didn't hear that
Now the feminist perspective
NASA links Plane Crash
Snow Knows Fraud
Laci Peterson missing in CA
Obstruction of Justice in FL
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Ross Perot Wins Again
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Birth of an American Patriot
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Family Law Costs Lives
Dolphin Caught in Gil Net
The Family Law Question
LA DCSS Complaint Rsln
Prophecy Hist & Hollywood
Turn Down the Volume
False Profits Identified
Misdirected Anguish
CA Exploitation of Children
California Dominates TANF
California Dominates CSE
MA Leads the League
Ways & Means Duped
Child Support Expose
Bring Us Back to Census
Family Law Lampoon 4
Family Law Lampoon 3
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First Family hits Tail
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Power of the Church
Truth Justice American Way
When you Stop Knowing it-
Shot Heard Around the World
- Baskerville Stephen
Feminist Gulag: No Prosecution Necessary
World Congress of Families Speech
BOOK REVIEW - Carle C. Zimmerman Family and Civilization
Divorced from Reality
Newsweek's lies about divorce
Men: The New Victim Group
Same-sex marriage and polygamist cults
Five Myths about No Fault Divorce
How Our Tax Dollars Subsidize Family Breakup
Taken into Custody Promo
How to Turn a Free People into Slaves
The Failure of 'Family Policy'
Totalitarianism in America
From Welfare State to Police State
Do Not Marry Do Not Have Children
Some are more equal than others
Welfare Funding Obstructs Shared Parenting
Welfare and the 'Road to Serfdom'
Alec Baldwin and Parens Patriae
Duke Case Demonstrates Feminist 'Justice'
Hillary and the Politics of Children
Vilsack has chance to emerge as family-issues candidate
Does the National Fatherhood Initiative Get It Right on Fatherhood?
How HHS Bullies North Dakota Citizens
Innocence Is No Excuse
The Next Conservatism #40: Why Sex is Better than Gender
The Real Danger of Same-Sex Marriage
Family Violence in America
Which Party Will Win the Parents' Vote?
How the Government Creates Child Abuse
Banned Near Boston
The Fathers’ War
Wedded to the State
Violence against the Constitution
Violence Against Families
Fathers Into Felons
The No-Blame Game
The Federal Propaganda Machine
The Doofus Department
The Failure of Fatherhood Policy
Feds Propose New Strategic Plan
A Primer Against Gay Marriage
Your Kids to Gay Parents
Report from Washington
The Fatherhood Crisis
Strengthening Marriage Thru Divorce
Violence Against Democracy
Massachusetts Family Justice
Will Fathers Lead Conservative Revival
Is There Really a Fatherhood Crisis
Reason - Perpetuating Assumptions
Conservative Spotlight - Stephen Baskerville
The Father - A Family's Weakest Link
Message from Stephen Baskerville
The Anti-Father Police State
Dismantling Justice
Government vs. Marriage
DV Awareness & Marriage Protection
The Politics of Child Support
Absurdistan in America
Judge Moore Moses or Taskmaster
Canadian Govt Calls Fathers Hate Groups
The Federal Bureau of Marriage
Divorce as Revolution
Re-Founding Fathers
Allan Carlson - No-Fault Divorce
HHS - Pastor to Become Informer
Film Stereotypes Males as Brutes
Government as Family Therapist
Child Abuse Industry
Soldiers Might Face Prison
What God Has Joined Together
Boy Victim of Statutory Rape
Deadbeat government in Virginia
Family Courts Are Corrupt
The Silence of the Good People
Politics of Fatherhood
Another Nut with Gun
The Politics of Family Destruction
Speech at Fathers' Rally in Wash D.C.
Gov. Davis - Exploitation of Children
Another Violent Mother
No Retsraint on ROs
Thompson's Reign of Terror
A Father Acts
NOW Not Corrupt Enough
Father's Rights And Political Action
Deadbeat Dads
Truth About Child Abuse
Responsibility of Men
Prejudice Against Fathers
Politics of Family Breakdown
Letter to Rossiter
Letter to Editor
Professor Ousted
ANCPR Protests Virginia
Secretary of Virginia
Moms get Bad Deal
Appetite Family Destruction
Dad feels like Dirt
Nightmare of Family Court
Restoring Marriage
No Spin Zone
Criminalization of Fathers
- Gay Roger
The Wooten 'Family Feud' - Palin told aides to 'Stay away there’s nothing we can do.'
Convinced: Sarah Palin Battles Federal / State Corruption
Fake Conservatives Push Same-Sex Marriage Agenda
PICSLT: 18+ Years of Perspective on the Child Support Issue
US: Parents of 1.7 Million Children in Prison
McCain is Right on Fathers’ Rights But Does He Know It?
Obama Picks Old White Man as Running Mate
Congress Tags CS as Luxury Income - Collection System an Economic Failure
Georgia: Putin’s Biggest Mistake So Far
Ireland Saves Europe Another Day
Looks Bad for Republicans
Three Election Pledges
Call to Fire Sweden's Ambassador For Feminist Hate Speech
Death of a Father
Spiderman Strikes in Sweden
Child Support Guideline Changes in Minnesota and Australia
Inside the Child Support Puzzle
Suggestions for the EU Constitution
Unraveling Feminism in Sweden
Solving the Child Support Riddle
France Rejects EU Constitution
Child Support Solution: What does it solve?
Child Support Guideline Problem Solved
Battle Over EU Constitution Continues
Australia Families Under Attack
Proposal for Gender Neutral Welfare in Sweden
Should Kerry Drop Out?
Bush Kerry Joined in Same-Sex Marriage Positions
A Further Look at CS Guidelines
Child Support Debate Heats Up
A Further Look at CS Guidelines
Congress Supports Deadbeat Dads and Loose Women
Protest Against Same-Sex Marriage in Sweden
The Outrage in Outrage
Women Claim to Control Election - Again
Same-Sex Marriage Positions Untenable
Tories Back Fathers' Rights
Skeptics Win EU Election
Ronald Reagan's Mistake
F4J Stuns Tony Blair in Condom Pelting
Child Support Policy and the Welfare of Women and Children
Boat Veterans and Phony Wounds
Primary Parent Ordered to Pay CS
LaMusga Move-Away Case
Business Leaders EU Skeptics
Should Kerry Drop Out-
The Child Support Scam
CS Propaganda in Election Year
Death of the EU Delayed
Victims Sought for Documentary
Is Kerry Self-Destructing
Is Ralph Nader Crazy
Injustice By Default Reason Mag
EU Skepticism Holding Firm
The Death of Marriage I
Strong Momentum for EU Skeptics
Fathers Can Decide The Election
Europeans for States' Rights
Kerry Up To Fighting Special Interests
Trial for Murder of Swedish Foreign Minister
Child Support Propaganda Haunts MI Papers
Alternative to the Federal Marriage Amendment
Is Australia Leading Fathers' Rights Advance
Republicans Cut legitimate interest Anchor
Saddam Hussein Captured
Why Oppose Federal Marriage Amendment
What have Republicans done for us
Is Male Passivity on the Wane
The AP - A Case Study in Dishonesty
Fathers Not Guilty of Child Abuse
Same-Sex Marriage and the Movement
MI AG Linked to Organized Crime
MND Roundtable Discussion
Sweden Rejects Euro
Sweden Morns Murder Foreign Minister
Fathers Rights
Divorced Dads - Family Champions
Revealing All on Clinton's Infidelity
There is no spoon
Man Dying of Child Support Enforcement
Govt Investigation Reveals Flaws
GA Court Abolished Human Rights
BBC Set to Rerun The War Against Men
CS Awards are Too High
A Woman's Right to be Criminal
Virginia CS Panel to Suggest Increase
Governor Davis- The CA Weenie
Something Funny About CSE in Il
CSE Advocates- The Liar's Club
VI Panel Votes to Leave 'CS Undefined
California- A Kinder CS System
Man Down in War Against Fathers
Two Strikes for CS Collection Company
Corruption in Connecticut
TN- No Purpose Found in CS Law
Intro to Income-Shares CS Guideline
Tax Laws and Child Benefits
Child Support's Wacky Math
Divorced Dads- Shattering the Myths
The Child Support Agenda
Corporate Fraud- It's Clinton's Fault!
More Money for Lawyers Right
The CS Guidelines Debate Part II
About CA NOW's FCR
GAO Involved in Scandal
Laura Morgan Slippery Slope
A Champion of Fatherhood
The Alimony Hidden in CS
High CS Awards Deny Contact
Too Late To Stop National ID
CS Guidelines Need Improvement-
A Return to Welfare As We Knew It-
Confusing the Enemy-
Cost of Raising Children in Tables
The Child Support Guideline Problem
- Jones Alex
Invisible Empire-Alex Jones
Police State 4-Alex Jones
Fall Of The Republic-Alex Jones
Obama Deception-Alex Jones
Reflections Warnings-Alex Jones
Truth Rising-Alex Jones
Endgame-Alex Jones
Terrorstorm-Alex Jones
Loose Change-Alex Jones
- McElroy Wendy
Feminists Deny Truth on Domestic Violence
Societal Shift in Role of Fathers
PBS Continues Probe into Biased Film
PBS Film Controversy Continues
PBS Film Ignites Fathers' Rights Debate
Faith Based Initiative Stirs Debate
Will Science Trump Politics in Resolving Abortion Debate?
Paternity Case Marks Progress for Defrauded Fathers
Gender Bias in Domestic Violence Treatment
Will Colleges Respect Your Child's Rights?
Liberal McCarthyism on Abortion
Parental Rights vs. Public Schools
Is The Boy Scouts of America Public or Private?
Henry David Thoreau and Civil Disobedience
On Campus Only Some Free Speech Protected
VAWA: Bad Research Leads to Bad Law
The Right to Self-Defense
Congress Should Kill Discriminatory Domestic Violence Act
Missing: Males on College Campuses
Privacy: Throwing Babies Out with Bath Water
Fathers' Rights Victory In Massachusetts
Case Could Freeze Sperm Donation
Father's Rights Movement to Get English Invasion
Runaway Bride Lost in Junk Journalism
Transparency Crucial For Accountability
False Rape Claim Hurts Real Victims
Disability Must Be Defined Before Debated
On Campus Free Speech at Odds With Tax Funding
Movie Review: The Incredibles
Mother Sues Cops For Failing to Protect Kids
Military Dads Denied Father's Rights
Muslim Woman's Courage Sets Example
Cosby Case Shows Media's Muckraking Mania
U.N. Wrong Forum for Women's Rights
Why Men Earn More
Spousal Rape Case Sparks Old Debate
On Handcuffed and Felonious Children
Are SpongeBob's Pants Really Square?
Removing Legal Incentives to Lie
Domestic Violence Law Fuels Big Government
Agency Culpable in Child Support Scam
What to Do About Daddy?
Pregnancy Murder Needs Study Not Sensationalism
UNICEF's 'Rights' Focus Is All Wrong
Agency Culpable in Child Support Scam
NYC Must Come Clean on Foster Kids AIDS Scandal
Infidelity Gene: Sensational Junk Science
The Victims of 'Victimhood'
Domestic Violence: Behind the Stereotypes
In Kobe Case Accuser Is Rightly Identified
Deadbeat Dad Contest Bad for Kids
Are There Any Registered Vaginas in the House?
Across U.S. Non-Custodial Parents Sue
Wage Gap Reflects Women's Priorities
Act Responsibly: Don’t Vote!
Mandatory Mental Health Screening Threatens Privacy Parental Rights
Grandparents Can't Trump Parental Rights
Child Custody Laws Poised for Change
Kobe Bryant's Accuser Seeking 'Criminal Justice' in Civil Court
In Defense of 'Deadbeat' Dads
Utah's Parent Czar
Jackpot Justice the Wal-Mart Case
The Birth of Father's Day
How to Form an Informed Opinion
Father's Rights Groups Must Avoid Violent Protest
Death by Theory?
Rape Scandal Turns Sympathy Into Skepticism
Did a False Condition Lead to False Abuse Charges?
A Not Very Funny Valentine
A Man's (and Woman's) Home Is a Castle
Children Victimized By System Secrecy
Prosecutor Grandstanding Undermines Justice
Christmas in a War Zone
The Conservative Cookie Rebellion
Ask Before You Give
Media Fails Public in Jackson Case
Zero Patience for Zero Tolerance
Fathers Protest Unjust Custody Laws
Colleges Charge Big for Worthless Curricula
Pro-Lifers Link Euthanasia to Abortion
Kobe Case Puts Victims' Rights on Trial
Killing the Good Samaritan
Child Welfare System Must Grow Up
Collective Western Guilt Burdens Today's Children
Families Pay Price for Government Spending
Do Poor Fathers Deserve Debtors' Prison?
Confronting Prison Rape
The Advent of Christian Feminism
Going to Extremes
Law Needs New Category of Sexual Assault
The Marriage Strike
The Marriage Quagmire
University Students Deserve Human Rights
Feminists Slurping at the Public Trough
False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims
The PCspeak of Diversity
In the Best Interest of the Children...
Second Thoughts on the Saga Story
A Conscientious Objector to the Gender War
The Anti-Male New York Times
Gender Issues Impacted by Masculinists
The Value of Error
U.S. to Fund Gender Feminism in Africa?
Cut Men: Do They Not Bleed?
Women With Guns Fight Back
No Oil for Food
The Great Lie
Why We Must Discuss a Post-War U.S.
Feminists Make Hay While the War Shines
Laying Down 'the White Woman's Burden'
Iraq War May Kill Feminism as We Know It
A Woman to Replace Saddam
How to Deal With a Stalker
Augusta Critics Cheapen Real Discrimination
Iraqi Women Brutalized by Saddam
The Cheating Heart
There Ought Not to Be a Law
Gambling with Race and Gender Cards
When Is It Rape?
Lawsuit May Redefine Discrimination on Campus
The Future of Fatherhood
U.N. Complicit in Forced Sterilizations
Compassion Kindness Killed by Fear Paranoia
Affirmative Action Insults Immigrant Contributions
Feminist Fighting
Rights & Responsibilities
Urban Legends and Slipshod Feminist 'Scholarship'
Equal Access Does Not Guarantee Equal Outcome
Flawed Court Report Reveals Feminist Desperation
Battered Women's Syndrome: Science or Sham?
Purging the Political Correctness Within
State Legislation Protects Abortion Rights
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
U.S. Should Stay Out of UNESCO
Dirty Dealings Kill Men's Panel
Making Some Sense of It All
Calm Down Hootie
Abused Women Have Choices
The Silence Surrounding RAWA
Senate Must Not Ratify CEDAW
Circumcision: Routine Procedure or Child Abuse?
Practicing Intellectual Virtue
Time to Yank the Tax Money
It's Time to Privatize Marriage
Put Up or Shut Up
NOW Court Report Lacks Facts
Dark Cloud Shades U.N. Women's Treaty
Abortion: A Moral Quagmire
Fathers' Rights Activists Plan Rally
Time to Speak Out
Feminists Claim Motherhood as Liberal Cause
Lawsuits Fueling Health Care Crisis
Are Parents Boycotting Public Schools?
Anti-Gun Myths Harm Women
The Bill of Intellectual Rights
- Sacks Glenn
Fathers’ rights are still vulnerable
Illinois Fatherhood Council Recommends New Reforms in Family Law Child Support
Why Dads Matter
Kuehl's Spousal Rape Bill Will Harm Innocent Men
New Report: Foster Care System Disregards Fathers
AB 2051 Moves California in Wrong Direction on Domestic Violence
HB 5267 Will Help Michigan’s Children of Divorce
Louisiana's HB 315 Says One Parent is Better Than Two
Resolving the Boy Crisis in Schools
Memphis Commercial Appeal Chest-Thumping Sheriff Humiliate Hard Luck Noncustodial Parents
Women Have a Choice--Men Should Too
‘Roe v. Wade for Men’ Case Illustrates Family Law System’s Inequities
A330 Would Help New York’s Children of Divorce
Are American Husbands Slackers?
Kansas License Bill Unfair to Noncustodial Parents
The Rise in ‘Gray Divorce’: It’s Always Hubby’s Fault
California Supreme Court Takes Step Backward on Children’s Rights
Letterman Case Shows Problems with Restraining Orders
California Domestic Violence Lawsuit Will Help Secure Services for All Abuse Victims
Federal Child Support Enforcement Cuts Will Hurt Bureaucrats not Children
AB 400 Will Help Wisconsin's Children of Divorce
Domestic Violence Treatment Policies Put Abused Women in Harm’s Way
PBS Declares War on Dads
Alito and the Rights of Men
PBS’s Breaking the Silence: Family Law in the Funhouse Mirror
Schwarzenegger Should Sign Bill to Reduce Prisoner Recidivism
Lesbian Parents Good Dads Bad
Are Boys Really Better off Without Fathers?
Virginia Declares War on Deadbroke Dads
Persecuting Low Income Parents
VAWA Destroys Cops’ Careers
This Year Daddy Began a Comeback
Not the Era of the Deadbeat Dad
CA Military Reservists Need SB 1082
Male Birth Control Pill
Substituting Emotion for Facts
Rights of Military Dads
Boys are in Crisis
Sperm Theft Ruling a Step Forward
Maternal Homicide Crisis
Verizon's Anti-Father Ad
Fatal Fathers Myth Promoted
False Accusations of Rape
Marks Case: Painful but Correct
School for Parents of Boys or Girls
Bryant Ruling Equity in Rape Trials
MA CS Worst in Nation
CS Guidelines in Need of Reform
New Study Myth of Uncaring Dad
NCPs Have no Rights
Ad Insults African-American Fathers
Powder Attack on Tony Blair
CS Guidelines Need Surgery
Pool More Important than a Dad
Don't Consider Child's Best Interests
Military Costs Men Their Children
CA NOW Spits on My Wife
Michael Moore - My Hero
Reservists Homecoming a Jail Cell-
Boys are Stupid Products
Defrauded Veterans Have Mixed Emotions
In Defense of Spiderman
New California Move-Away Law
Convicted Murderess Can Get Custody
NCFM-LA's Lawsuit to Help Abused Men
Suit Against LA DV Shelters for Abused Men
New Study Case May Help CA Children
Many Divorced Dads Struggle
The Betrayal of the Military Father
Mysterious Decline of Men on Campus-
Dr. Caldicott Spits on My Grandfather
In Defense of David Harris
Men Women and Work
Iraqi Draftees - Their Boys Too
Valentine's Day Gift for College Students-
Valentine's Day & the Gender Wars
Undermining the American Family
30 Years After Roe v. Wade
Families and the War
Why Males Don't Go to College
When Men's Health Doesn't Count
CA Governor Preserves Paternity Fraud
Abolishing Sole Custody Curbs Divorce
EPW Need for Family Court Reform
MI Reform Plan Fights Paternity Fraud
Shared Custody Prevents Abductions
High-Profile Deadbeats
The 'Boy Parent Dilemma'
TN Sends Message- 2nd Families Count
Fathers Deserve Notification of Adoption
Fathers Bear the Brunt of Gender Bias
PA Abortion Case & Choice for Men
Baseball Player Presumed Guilty
CSE Act Grandstanding for Leadership
NOW's FCR 2002- Faulty
'Virtual Visitation' is no Substitute
Men's Marriage Strike
American Fathers Get a Bad Rap
Terry Barton -- Blame a Man
Kuehl's Bill Ignores Victims
Women in father's movement
Kitaen Plays 'Trump Card'
Stay at Home Dads
Myths In Women's Studies
Derrick Miller Suicide
Ann Crittenden Manifesto
Men's Health Act
- Schlafly Phyllis
Joe Biden's war on dads
England's Call to Repeal Our Declaration of Independence
NAU: Conspiracy or Coverup?
It's Still The Economy Stupid
A Child's Right To A Father And Mother
Father's Day Lament
Time To Address Domestic Violence Abuses
Does Feminism Control The Bush Administration?
Unintended Consequences Of Welfare Reform
Repeal The Bradley Amendment
Twenty Years In Prison For Having Sex With His Wife
Feminists' Double Standards About Child Care
Judicial Supremacists Lash Out At Parents
No Way To Treat Our Soldiers
Time to Defund Feminist Pork
How To Celebrate Father's Day
Federal Incentives Make Children Fatherless
The Price Some Reservists Have To Pay
Let's Enforce Our Laws
The Fatherphobia Of Family Courts
Children Made Fatherless By Family Courts
Options For Dealing With Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
Will Massachusetts Abolish Marriage?
Why We Must Protect Marriage
Marriage Must Be Protected From The Judges
Who Pays For Feminist Ideology?
Child Support - Ask
Child Support - Yahoo
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The Globalist Money Machine
Federal Funding
CA Compliance with the Federal Mandate
CS Guideline Summary
OCSE Summary 2000
Examining child support arrears in Ca
US Alimony Guidelines
US Census - Family Data
US TANF Benefits
US Child Support Guidelines
CA Child Support Guideline
Govt.System Block Diagram
Family Law Block Diagram
FBI Murder by Relationship
CA Dominates TANF
CA Dominates CSE
Ways & Means Duped
US Census - Family Law
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