Omission Statement

"A Nation is judged by how they treat their families,
a family is judged by how they treat their children,
and our children will judge us all"
(Jim Untershine, 2001)

Do not worship any other children before your own
Do not make idols that draw worship from your children
Do not take your children's name in vein
Spend at least one day a week with your children
Honor your Father & Mother
Do not murder
Do not commit adultery
Do not steal
Do not lie
Do not covet

GZS Baselines Child Support Control System

"My new direction was not a difficult one to find, it was dropped on me like a ton of bricks, my wife wanted a divorce"

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 08-01-00

Ground Zero Services unveiled their plans to make divorce safer for the children and those financially capable of providing their support. The founder of Ground Zero Services of Long Beach explains:

The term 'ground zero' refers to a venue where something monumental is inevitable. The concept of putting a system in place that would potentially solve inherent problems in society that escape the understanding of those empowered to implement the particular system.

To baseline a system that is comprised of human dynamics is a very difficult undertaking. How do you measure an individual's happiness, their sense of security, their wellbeing? The only way to approximate these human feelings is to use certain indicators that can be associated with probable resultant feelings of the individual. Ideally a set of indicators can be identified or implemented to linearly project an individual's well being. Once that is accomplished, the only task that remains is to model the dynamics with respect to the input/output transfer function and design a control system around it that will provide a stable output.

My 13 years of experience in the design and analysis of control systems, implemented in inertial guidance systems, used in reconnaissance aircraft and intercontinental ballistic missiles was justified, in my mind, to be a service I provided to make war safer for civilians. With all the peace breaking out all over the world, my services were no longer required. My new direction was not a difficult one to find, it was dropped on me like a ton of bricks, my wife wanted a divorce.

To effectively measure any physical phenomenon it is important to understand the 'Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal', which can be interpreted to state, "An accurate measurement of a physical phenomena, will be tainted by the process of measurement". The purest measurement of any process is to allow the process to run its course and make objective observations of how the process progressed. Cataloging data objectively without altering the process subjectively is the only way to baseline a process.

In the case of Family Law, it is essential to adhere to a baseline of actions that are based on a unified goal. Preservation of the family, the welfare of the children, and the preservation of one's ability to prosper should suffice for this analysis. Without redirecting the process with anything other than the truth, without instigating issues that would compromise the unified goal, the process is allowed to progress to conclusion.

The game of chess has a similar process called the "End Game". The process involves losing all your pieces until only your King is free to move about. There are three possible conclusions to this process. Your King is forced into checkmate (Defeat), the number of allowed moves are exceeded (Draw), or your king is not in check where it stands but any move it makes puts it in check (Stalemate). There is never a more exhilarating experience, than working the under side (Unterharnshidt) of a stalemate. Watching your opponent turning pawns into queens, feeling the fields of force from every other piece on the board, you can only move one space away from where you were, escaping check and avoiding checkmate.

When Family Law spills into Criminal Law is when this process heats up. The methods used to conclude this process is the focus of this study and the foundation of this baseline. How far will the process go to force a person into indentured servitude or imprison him for vagrancy? On the fifth floor of some superior court building is a file cabinet containing the archive of evidential data to be drawn from in this baseline court case. The contents of the arc of the cabinet are numbered and entered into a database, which are listed by date, evidence type, and category. The arc is in the possession of the Public Defender. Will the arc of the cabinet be opened? Who will be subjected to judgment if it is? Will the meek inherit the Earth? Are the four horsemen in this end game drawing neigh? Has a false icon been raised to draw worship from our children? The case is still pending.

Jim Untershine

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.

Did You Find The Beginning, So Now You Seek The End?
Jim Untershine, 01-30-01

We focus our faith on those known as the meek
The abundance of faith that they have and we seek
The incalculable odds that brought them before us
The unbearable thought they would not be among us

We fear for their safety, we regard them naive
We teach them distrust, so they are not deceived
We show them survival in a world we created
We preach one religion, and all others negated

Our history we share with them, the good and the bad
Our own life's experience, all the times that we've had
After all of this training, we may decide they are ready
We allow them to face life with no blanket or teddy

The meek use your wisdom and attempt to be like you
You may feel that your efforts instilled the wrong virtue
The older we get and the longer we live
We find the greatest gift is not what we can give

The meek were equipped with all faith and no sin
It is not what we add, but rather what we keep in
As life tries to leave us, and we seek life's true meaning
We realize our end is spent in search of the beginning

We are closest to God on the day of our birth
Of course, as the meek, we will inherit the Earth
The kingdom of God is all around you its true
Gaze into God's eyes to see a reflection of you

For life everlasting we can focus our faith
The meek have the power to capture our wraith
We can embrace this new view and share it and stick to it
It's intuitively obvious; I can teach a monkey to do it