Did You Find The Beginning, So Now You Seek The End?

Jim Untershine, 01-30-01



We focus our faith on those known as the meek

The abundance of faith that they have and we seek

The incalculable odds that brought them before us

The unbearable thought they would not be among us


We fear for their safety, we regard them na´ve

We teach them distrust, so they are not deceived

We show them survival in a world we created

We preach one religion, and all others negated


Our history we share with them, the good and the bad

Our own life's experience, all the times that we've had

After all of this training, we may decide they are ready

We allow them to face life with no blanket or teddy


The meek use your wisdom and attempt to be like you

You may feel that your efforts instilled the wrong virtue

The older we get and the longer we live

We find the greatest gift is not what we can give


The meek were equipped with all faith and no sin

It is not what we add, but rather what we keep in

As life tries to leave us, and we seek life's true meaning

We realize our end is spent in search of the beginning


We are closest to God on the day of our birth

Of course, as the meek, we will inherit the Earth

The kingdom of God is all around you its true

Gaze into God's eyes to see a reflection of you


For life everlasting we can focus our faith

The meek have the power to capture our wraith

We can embrace this new view and share it and stick to it

It's intuitively obvious; I can teach a monkey to do it