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Human cost of raising children
SD CSE may ask for modification
Same - sex marriage
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Family Law Revolution
Feminists rally around Davis
Dads rage against money machine
California is up for grabs
Paternity Pre-Crime
Exploitation of Taxpayers
Custody Free in 2003
CA Gov out of excuses
Profit Analysis of CS
Family Law Reloaded
Get what you pay for
Blake vs No Fault Divorce
Child Support Control System
No fault provokes murder
Pretend I didn't hear that
Now the feminist perspective
NASA links Plane Crash
Snow Knows Fraud
Laci Peterson missing in CA
Obstruction of Justice in FL
Sociological Warfare
Family Law Chatter
Heteros Under Attack
Power of the Legislature
US TANF Benefits
US Child Support Guidelines
CA Child Support Guideline
Cost of Mentoring Children
Attorney General Warning
Ross Perot Wins Again
The Message of Joy
Who is the Deadbeat Now
Ounce of Prevention
CA Consumer Fraud
NOW do you see our point
Protecting the Presidency 4
Protecting the Presidency 3
Protecting the Presidency 2
Protecting the Presidency 1
Birth of an American Patriot
CA Request State Hearing
Under the Table Politics
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Dolphin Caught in Gil Net
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LA DCSS Complaint Rsln
Prophecy Hist & Hollywood
Turn Down the Volume
False Profits Identified
Misdirected Anguish
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California Dominates CSE
MA Leads the League
Ways & Means Duped
Child Support Expose
Bring Us Back to Census
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First Family hits Tail
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Power of the Church
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