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The Wooten 'Family Feud' - Palin told aides to 'Stay away there’s nothing we can do.'
Convinced: Sarah Palin Battles Federal / State Corruption
Fake Conservatives Push Same-Sex Marriage Agenda
PICSLT: 18+ Years of Perspective on the Child Support Issue
US: Parents of 1.7 Million Children in Prison
McCain is Right on Fathers’ Rights But Does He Know It?
Obama Picks Old White Man as Running Mate
Congress Tags CS as Luxury Income - Collection System an Economic Failure
Georgia: Putin’s Biggest Mistake So Far
Ireland Saves Europe Another Day
Looks Bad for Republicans
Three Election Pledges
Call to Fire Sweden's Ambassador For Feminist Hate Speech
Death of a Father
Spiderman Strikes in Sweden
Child Support Guideline Changes in Minnesota and Australia
Inside the Child Support Puzzle
Suggestions for the EU Constitution
Unraveling Feminism in Sweden
Solving the Child Support Riddle
France Rejects EU Constitution
Child Support Solution: What does it solve?
Child Support Guideline Problem Solved
Battle Over EU Constitution Continues
Australia Families Under Attack
Proposal for Gender Neutral Welfare in Sweden
Should Kerry Drop Out?
Bush Kerry Joined in Same-Sex Marriage Positions
A Further Look at CS Guidelines
Child Support Debate Heats Up
A Further Look at CS Guidelines
Congress Supports Deadbeat Dads and Loose Women
Protest Against Same-Sex Marriage in Sweden
The Outrage in Outrage
Women Claim to Control Election - Again
Same-Sex Marriage Positions Untenable
Tories Back Fathers' Rights
Skeptics Win EU Election
Ronald Reagan's Mistake
F4J Stuns Tony Blair in Condom Pelting
Child Support Policy and the Welfare of Women and Children
Boat Veterans and Phony Wounds
Primary Parent Ordered to Pay CS
LaMusga Move-Away Case
Business Leaders EU Skeptics
Should Kerry Drop Out-
The Child Support Scam
CS Propaganda in Election Year
Death of the EU Delayed
Victims Sought for Documentary
Is Kerry Self-Destructing
Is Ralph Nader Crazy
Injustice By Default Reason Mag
EU Skepticism Holding Firm
The Death of Marriage I
Strong Momentum for EU Skeptics
Fathers Can Decide The Election
Europeans for States' Rights
Kerry Up To Fighting Special Interests
Trial for Murder of Swedish Foreign Minister
Child Support Propaganda Haunts MI Papers
Alternative to the Federal Marriage Amendment
Is Australia Leading Fathers' Rights Advance
Republicans Cut legitimate interest Anchor
Saddam Hussein Captured
Why Oppose Federal Marriage Amendment
What have Republicans done for us
Is Male Passivity on the Wane
The AP - A Case Study in Dishonesty
Fathers Not Guilty of Child Abuse
Same-Sex Marriage and the Movement
MI AG Linked to Organized Crime
MND Roundtable Discussion
Sweden Rejects Euro
Sweden Morns Murder Foreign Minister
Fathers Rights
Divorced Dads - Family Champions
Revealing All on Clinton's Infidelity
There is no spoon
Man Dying of Child Support Enforcement
Govt Investigation Reveals Flaws
GA Court Abolished Human Rights
BBC Set to Rerun The War Against Men
CS Awards are Too High
A Woman's Right to be Criminal
Virginia CS Panel to Suggest Increase
Governor Davis- The CA Weenie
Something Funny About CSE in Il
CSE Advocates- The Liar's Club
VI Panel Votes to Leave 'CS Undefined
California- A Kinder CS System
Man Down in War Against Fathers
Two Strikes for CS Collection Company
Corruption in Connecticut
TN- No Purpose Found in CS Law
Intro to Income-Shares CS Guideline
Tax Laws and Child Benefits
Child Support's Wacky Math
Divorced Dads- Shattering the Myths
The Child Support Agenda
Corporate Fraud- It's Clinton's Fault!
More Money for Lawyers Right
The CS Guidelines Debate Part II
About CA NOW's FCR
GAO Involved in Scandal
Laura Morgan Slippery Slope
A Champion of Fatherhood
The Alimony Hidden in CS
High CS Awards Deny Contact
Too Late To Stop National ID
CS Guidelines Need Improvement-
A Return to Welfare As We Knew It-
Confusing the Enemy-
Cost of Raising Children in Tables
The Child Support Guideline Problem
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