22.08.04-"Grab Bag & Personal Revelations" ft. Polly St. George
22.08.04-Live With Polly & Frank
22.08.02-Deborah Birx UnMasked-I Bet You Haven't Heard These Stories About The Scarf Lady
22.07.31-Dead Doctors & DNA-Targeted Weapons
22.07.26-You're A Lab Rat in their Experiment *Confirmed* - Monkeypox Vax Warning
22.07.15-Addendum: Virgin Healthcare, Stem Cells, Ocean NGOs
22.07.10-Celebrity Frontmen For Global Trafficking
22.07.03-Joy and Pain During Wartime
22.06.25-Easy Listening-Walk and Talk
22.06.23-BOOM! Vaccine Mafia Emails Exposed!
22.06.21-EMF Research-Biomedical Scientist Writes In
22.06.19-WEF's Schwab was 'Optimistic' Following Brutal Murder of UK MP
22.06.17-Their Terrible Narrative-Freeform Friday
22.06.10-BOOM! Medical Mafia Sends Ominous Message
22.06.09-What Are they Up To Now? Airports, Smallpox Shots, Bioterror Plan
22.06.06-Virus Fairy Tales
22.05.31-Inhuman Frequencies-Can they Trigger Genocide?
22.05.27-Remember This When You Watch The News-shootings, poxes, war stories & more
22.05.25-Big Tech & Big Pharma Conspire to Hide A Cure!
22.05.22-MIND BLOWN! Gain Of Function on Pox Viruses Confirmed
22.05.20-BOOM! Caught Red Handed Planning Monkeypox Pandemic
22.05.16-Raise Your Life Expectancy!
22.05.05-Dead Spygate Whistleblower played Deep State BINGO
22.04.27-Soros, Soviets, Science and Blood-Fascinating History!
22.04.19-Permission to Breathe Freely, Sir?
22.03.20-Ontario Public Health Chief Admits there were No Vax Mandates
22.03.02-MEGA BOOM! Schwab's Global Shapers Network Exposed!
22.02.22-Café St George-Fight or Flight?
22.02.17-Threats & Risks in and Around the Freedom Convoy Canada
22.02.13-Café St George-The Convoy vs The Tyranny
22.02.12-Important Clarification
22.02.10-Warning to Truckers and Convoy Supporters
22.02.09-Convoy Reaches Critical Moment in Canada
22.02.05-Café St. George-Convoy Fundraiser Update & A Bear's Fever Dreams
22.02.04-Freedom Convoy Growing like Wildfire! The World is Watching so Join Now!
22.01.29-Freedom Convoy-Canadian Truckers Inspire the WORLD!
22.01.25-John Ralston Saul Talks The Cult of Neo-Liberalism
22.01.11-Only You Can Prevent Mass Formation Psychosis
22.01.07-The United States of Fear-Mass Delusion-Interview with Author
22.01.02-Mass Formation Psychosis-How They Created Supporters for Medical Tyranny
21.12.27-How Low Will He Go? Vax Messaging is Beyond Ridiculous
21.12.17-News from the Brave New World
21.12.16-Café St George-Morning Chat
21.12.13-BOOM! Everything Old is 'Q' Again
21.12.07-BOMBSHELL info Ghislaine Maxwell's Deep State Sisters
21.12.03-We Can Crush Their Narrative
21.12.01-You Are Being Groomed-A Warning from 2019-ID Passports
21.11.30-The Black Magic of Philanthropy ft. Gates, Clintons, Abramovic, Gaga, W.H.O +more
21.11.25-Living Under Grace Will Stop Totalitarianism
21.11.16-Freedom Isn't Free - Inside the Resistance
21.11.10-Lazarus Diary 2 - Glass Houses
21.11.08-Cover-Up of Severe Vaccine Reactions and Fraudulent Clinical Trials Exposed by Whistleblowers
21.11.04-Woke Credit? Uh-oh. The Global Extortion Racket Just Got More Dangerous
21.11.02-Drug Trial Syndicate - BANNED BY YOUTUBE
21.11.01-Meta - Is Facebook Creating a Soul Trap?
21.10.28-Fascism Rebranded
21.10.25-None of us Know Anything About Whether These Vaccines Are Safe
21.10.23-SHOCKING! Polio Vaccine 'Hero' was into Eugenics and Depopulation!
21.10.23-Neil Postman Saw It Coming - Technopoly
21.10.22-Wisdom and Wonders - Your Letters, Gifts & Inspiration!
21.10.20-Lazarus Diary - Coming Back from the Dead
21.10.14-Is This What You Want? The Transhumanist Moonshot Matrix Being Built
21.10.13-Health Canada Punished Their Own Scientists Instead of Protecting the Public
21.10.08-Experiments In Good & Evil - Freeform Friday
21.10.06-World Economic Forum 2016 "Access People's Thoughts"
21.10.04-Pfizer's Inside Man
21.09.29-Amazing Polly on Quite Frankly Sept. 28 2021
21.09.27-BOOM! Vaccine Exemption HIJACKERS Exposed!
21.09.22-Hospital Insiders Reveal Soulless COVID Protocols
21.09.17-How Hospitals are Killing Us
21.09.12-Stand And Fight - They'll Never Leave You Alone if You Don't
21.09.12-Why Do I Do This?
21.09.08-Freedom is Contagious
21.08.27-To Our Sons and Daughters
21.08.20-BOOM! Another Unbelievable Discovery
21.08.16-They're Spiraling Into Destruction (and we can speed it up!)
21.08.07-Quite Frankly This is Like Brave New World
21.08.06-Amazing Polly on Quite Frankly Aug 4th 2021
21.08.03-Making Happy Slaves
21.08.02-BOOM! Vax Passport Company's Horrifying History
21.07.28-I'm So Over Coronavirus
21.07.20-Globalist Science 1 - Journals, China & Cybernetics (ft. Robert Maxwell, JPL, Cybernetics, China)
21.07.17-Pathological Weather - Brief History of Weather Witchery
21.07.13-Tracking the Global Mafia Ep#1 - Ireland, Haiti & Weather Weapons
21.07.10-Did the Global Mafia Burn Down Lytton, BC?
21.06.21-Weather Control, Graphene in the Brain, Insect Ice Cream
21.06.20-Are Leaders Being Threatened by the Global Public Health Mafia?
21.06.17-Magnetic Nanoparticles in the Injections, Masks and Swabs
21.06.17-Announcing My New Channel - Morepolly!
21.06.14-Vials & Thugs & Spies, Oh My!
21.06.08-Did The Mask Just Slip? Canada's Pathocracy on Display
21.06.04-Bat Soup-Gain of Function on Viruses & the Lab Leak Story
21.05.30-Quarantine Stress Disorder
21.05.18-Turns Out Anti-Maskers are Really Good At Science!
21.05.12-BOOM - Guess Who Fauci's Wife is!!!
21.05.11-This Isn't About A Virus
21.05.06-Reading Your Letters - May 2021
21.04.29-How Evil Caught the World - Eugenics is Back
21.04.23-BOOM! Medical Journals Corrupt to the Core
21.04.20-A Small Number Of Psychopaths Control Society
21.04.07-Today There Were Demons (My Own Included)
21.03.31-Corona Crimes Against Humanity - Development!
21.03.27-The People of the Lie - Everyday Evil
21.03.22-Public Health Mafia Eliminating Opposition? Magufuli Is Not The First!
21.03.17-The Bamboozlers Syndicate - Deep State And Technocracy Merge
21.03.11-Band Of Corruption - Teneo Booms!
21.03.02-CDC In Collusion With Vaccine Manufacturers (Since 2004 At Least!)
21.02.28-Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions - 3 Digs In 1
21.02.22-Critical Thinking Is Dangerous! Read Less To Learn More! New Research By Experts!
21.02.19-What Is To Become Of Us, Conservatives?
21.02.12-Election Fortified By Secret Cabal!
21.02.04-You Say You Want A Revolution?
21.02.03-Doctors Playing Into Delusional Fear - Covid & Masks
21.01.27-Secret Service Fail At Capitol Before Inauguration
21.01.20-You Gotta Have Heart!
21.01.19-Storm Season Has Begun
21.01.12-The Deep States Insurrection Act
21.01.07-Did The Swamp Just Do It Again? Capitol Event
21.01.06-The Blackmail Thing And How It Ties Into The Globalist Plans
21.01.01-Nashville Dig Featuring Anthony Quinn
20.12.24-Inspirational Stocking Stuffers
20.12.17-Dissidents In The Age Of Vaccines
20.12.09-Honest Experts Are Trying To Warn You! Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks & More
20.12.01-I Just Had So Much Fun In Mask Land
20.11.30-This Is Too Important
20.11.23-The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy Theory(And No One Likes You, Klaus)
20.11.14-Emergency Big Tech, Soros And Gates Auditing Election & Did Mail-In Ballots
20.11.13-The Hammer-Trump Knew And That Is (Another Reason) The Deep State Hates Him
20.11.09-The Tar Baby Of The Post Election False Narrative
20.11.03-Trump Will Win, But
20.10.23-This Stuff Is Real
20.10.20-Update on the Purge-Technological Harassment
20.10.15-Truth Purge-Youtube Got Rid of Me
20.10.05-Its Your Funeral - Stand up now
20.10.02-People in the Dark Shadows
20.09.16-Cuties and Useful Idiots
20.09.10-A Coup in the Making
20.09.04-The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers
20.08.27-Fact Check: TRUE! The Cabal is Panicking
20.08.20-Your Awakening Stories 2
20.08.19-Who do you trust
20.08.05-Your Awakening Stories 1
20.07.29-Charities and Mind Control
20.07.21-Your Body is Their Weapon-We are all Patients Now
20.07.14-Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked
20.07.11-Maxwell Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2
20.07.01-Is This Torture?
20.06.13-Edited Re-upload Riots & Lockdown - 4th Generation Warfare
20.06.11-Never Appease a Tyrant
20.06.09-The Strategy Of Technocracys Coup dEtat
20.05.20-YES! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania & Madagascar
20.05.16-BARDA Whistle blower Links to Health Mafia
20.05.13-MORE Public Health Mafia Connections
20.05.09-The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket
20.05.01-A Tale of Two Futures
20.04.29-Beware the Contact Tracers
20.04.23-To Serve Man-The Lie Of Philanthropy
20.04.20-Trump Investigating NIH and PEPFAR?
20.04.15-How Many Fingers, Winston?
20.04.11-The 7-step Recipe For Creating Vaccine Demand
20.04.08-Boom Info on Maeve Kennedy, Birx, Gates-CORRECTED
20.04.03-Real World or Simulation
20.04.01-Not So Trusted Voices
20.03.27-Fauci Ignores WHO Boss Crimes Against Humanity
20.03.25-Qster and Flynn and 4th Generation Warfare
20.03.22-Virus Task Force Boss Birx Ukraine Connections
20.03.20-We Are Being Played
20.03.15-Viral Marketing
20.03.12-Homo Sorosensus
20.03.10-Event 201 Global Pandemic
20.03.07-Globalists Susceptible to Their Own Virus
20.03.05-Now This is a Killer App
20.02.29-Were in a Marxist Revolution
20.02.25-Cracking Your Skull
20.02.21-The Coincidences Just Keep Coming
20.02.19-Monolithic Conspiracy
20.02.12-Breaking Your Will
20.02.07-The Cyber Laundry
20.02.02-Replying to Comments & Opening Mail
20.02.01-Fight The Small Battles
20.01.28-They Hate Us
20.01.23-CENSORED: Growing Up Deep State-Edited Re-Upload
20.01.18-Virginia Again
20.01.17-Fireside Chat-Virtue instead of Virtue Signalling
20.01.16-IRANADA-Iran International Swamp Part 2
20.01.14-The Iran Swamp Creatures of the USA
20.01.08-Finders Part 2 Dystopian Theme Park
19.12.23-Indictments Incoming? S-o-R-o-s-y or Brennan?
19.12.17-Swamp Creature Spotting Intensifies
19.12.15-Swift Messages and Pound Sterling - a bit of fun!
19.12.12-Shocking Finders Tentacles Part 1
19.12.07-Psy Ops Goes Mainstream (fixed audio)
19.12.07-PsyOps Goes Mainstream
19.12.04-Does Satan Exist?
19.11.27-Fireside Chat-Lights in the Darkness
19.11.26-Sketchy Witness Against Ilhan Omar
19.11.21-Mockingbird Ukraine Spin Masters plus Censor
19.11.20-Growing Up Deep State - The Next Generation of Corruption
19.11.12-Attack on Our Freedom of Conscience
19.11.07-AG Barr: Attack on Western Values / Faith 2019 Notre Dame
19.11.05-Electric Boogaloo
19.10.25-Freeform Friday Oct 25 2019
19.10.24-The Lab Rat Who Knew Too Much
19.10.20-Child Predation Services of Arizona
19.10.18-Swamp Creatures of the Pacific
19.10.10-Anti-Corruption is the New Corruption
19.10.02-Weasel Nation - Its Election Time Canada, What Do You Want for Your Future?
19.09.26-SUBVERTED Part 2 - The Tentacles & Weird History
19.09.18-SUBVERTED Part 1
19.09.11-Mark of the Beast
19.09.07-Mind Blowing Epstein Related Facts You Havent Heard
19.09.04-BOMBSHELL! Did Ghislaines Sisters Backdoor the FBI, NSA + more?
19.08.29-Stressing You Right Out
19.08.22-Freeform Thursday - Stand and Fight
19.08.15-The LEAKED Censorship File - BLACKLIST
19.08.11-The Crimes Must Not Be Buried with Jeffrey Epstein
19.08.08-Epstein and the Eugenicists
19.08.04-BOOM(S)! Mainstream Reporter Has Deep Swamp Ties - Where is Ghislaine?
19.08.01-Epstein Enemy Emerges from the Swamp?
19.07.30-Update on Swampy Epstein Associations: Portland, New York
19.07.26-Cruise Through the Epstein Swamp - Puzzle Pieces #1
19.07.23-Wax My RGBalls
19.07.17-Epstein and Other Monsters At Dalton Elite School
19.07.12-Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists
19.07.09-Epstein Stories You Wont Find in the News
19.06.27-The Truth About SMART Cities
19.06.26-Google/Hitler Reacts to Project Veritas Exposing Their Plan to Control the Narrative
19.06.25-FULL: Project Veritas GOOGLE Insider & Hidden Cam RE UPLOAD
19.06.24-Digital Democracy? One Company Controls it All
19.06.22-Sustainable Development Is a Con Job
19.06.20-You Are Being Groomed
19.06.17-100 000 subs!
19.06.14-I Know How We Can Hurt Them
19.06.12-Dr Pizza & Those Who Scream the Loudest
19.06.10-Vice the Pedo Promoting, Cocaine Dealing, Soros Funded Fake News Hit Piece on Me & Bernier
19.06.06-Censoring Opposition to Censorship
19.06.03-Canada Revises History - NZ Shooter truth is BANNED
19.05.29-Cults Are Labs for Controlling the General Public
19.05.23-NXIVM World Order
19.05.15-The Left Hunts Down Anyone Who Offends Their Cult
19.05.03-How the CIA Broke America
19.04.29-Ruined People Ruined Culture - Roger Scruton & Post Black Pill Living
19.04.26-Lies Remix - Owen Benjamin Rant
19.04.26-Pedo Prof Connection and NXIVM Human Experiments
19.04.24-Cabal Spotted in Sri Lanka - Coded Messages?
19.04.20-Where Elites Travel, Death & Destruction Follow! irish Terror, France Fire, NZ Mosque
19.04.16-Notre Dame
19.04.15-Spygate Swamp Lawyer Has a Surprising Client
19.04.09-FBI Agents Are Conspiracy Theorists - The Pizza Connection
19.04.04-Human Misery for Fun and Profit - Clinton, OBrien, Andrés, Epstein
19.04.01-NXIVM Hacked World Leaders!
19.03.30-Child Trafficking Agent Called In on Smollett Case
19.03.28-Anti Corruption Ireland - A Movement to be Reckoned With
19.03.26-Its Happening! Avenatti Arrested! Which Swamp Creature is NEXT?
19.03.22-Your Life Will Be Sacrificed For the Narrative
19.03.18-Swamp Update! Elites Arrested, Ghoulish Censorship, Conform or Die Politics
19.03.15-Tucker Attacked by the Richest Most Twisted Swamp Creatures Ever
19.03.10-4th Industrial Revolution is the End of Humanity
19.03.04-"My Truth" Monday - Globalist Progressives are Mutilating our Language
19.03.02-FAKE NEWS defends FAKE NEWS Katie Telford OpEd Gate
19.02.28-BOMBSHELL TESTIMONY: Prime Ministers Office Directs the News
19.02.27-You Are the News Now Q Decode
19.02.21-United We Roll Convoy Smeared by the Media
19.02.20-Lawfare! Peoples Party of Canada Sued, but Who is Satinder Dhillon?
19.02.19-Narcissists Are Allergic to Red Pills
19.02.19-Hacking Democracy with False Flags
19.02.19-What about Q?
19.02.19-You Have to Kill The Cougar
19.02.18-Bogus Jussie Story Helped Kamala and Cory
19.02.18-Ep1- Roseanne & Fake News Lynching
19.02.14-BOOM! Spies & Avatars Impacting EU Elections, Local races, news & more
19.02.13-UPDATE: Gemma Versus The Tecnofascists
19.02.08-Freeform Friday | What The Future Holds
19.02.06-Who Are These Idiots?
19.02.01-The Truth About Fact Checking
19.01.28-(so-called) Journalists Are Losing It
19.01.25-Im Mad as H#ll and Im not Gonna Take It Any More
19.01.24-EXCLUSIVE: Yellow Vests- Whats Really Happening In France
19.01.22-About Flawed Individuals
19.01.21-Collectivists Fear and Loathe Jesus Christ - Coventry Catholic Incident
19.01.18-Post National Post Law Post Morality Post Sanity Post Decency
19.01.17-Celebrity Sausage and Population Control
19.01.12-DISTURBING - You Wont Believe This Coincidence
19.01.10-SINNERS REPENT and eat your Globalist Stem Cell Burger!
19.01.07-Who Has the KEY to the Door of Doors? Q Decode - SURV
19.01.04-Mess With the Program
19.01.03-Digital Colonialism Rant | Why Mastercard is Helping the Censors
19.01.03-Your Taxes Fund the Enemy | Q* Decode - Foundations Part 3
18.12.31-The Official Card of the New World Order - Part 2 - Inclusion
18.12.30-The Official Credit Card of the New World Order - Part 1
18.12.24-Merry Christmas to Everyone Except Globalists!
18.12.21-*Q decode ISIS & FakeNews Home Wreckers
18.12.21-Theyll Crush Your Bleeding Heart and Laugh all the Way to the Bank
18.12.19-Its the Cartels, Useful Idiots!
18.12.17-Elite Snakes FEAR Populism and Nationalism
18.12.14-I Never Agreed To This - Globalism and "Consent"
18.12.14-The Devils Dashboard - Big Tech Big Government Control
18.12.12-Wake UP! We are at War! Q Anon decode JFK quote
18.12.08-BOOM Revelation About True Purpose of UN Migration Pact
18.12.08-Globalist Bureaucrats Coldly Control Us
18.12.03-The Globalist Mask is OFF and the People Are Rising
18.11.28-GM Globalists Declare War on Trumps Base
18.11.26-Current events fireside chat Nov 26 2018
18.11.21-Former Senate President of Haiti Talking to Trump in 2016 About Clintons
18.11.20-Delusional People Fear the Truth
18.11.15-Leftist Cults Want Your Kids and Your Money
18.11.13-The Ability For Citizens to Engage With The Truth is Under Attack
18.11.11-Globalists Attack POTUS At Home and Abroad
18.11.09-Its Almost 11:11
18.11.05-VOTE! The Whole World is Watching
18.11.04-Is This What Progress Looks like? Neo-Communism in the West
18.10.26-Qanon No Coincidences - Trump in Poland
18.10.09-Medical Lies - Shocking Report - Child Euthanasia Ontario Canada
18.10.07-Smart City Child Killers Of Toronto and Their Apathetic Defenders
18.10.04-What Is Wrong With People? Qanon Dig Mind Control
18.09.28-Post Democracy Post Law Faith Goldy Kavanaugh Inquisition
18.09.25-Q decode NWO /_\ Satan Trump Trudeau Communism Eye of Providence
18.09.21-Qanon Dig U1 FVEY Billionaire 187 Safe House Build Tru-deau Anything?
18.09.17-Q Decode NXIVM - What MSM isnt Reporting
18.09.14-Majority Opinion Doesnt Matter and Never Has. Bullies Always win
18.09.11-911 Changed Everything - A Personal Testimony
18.09.09-Exposed! NYT Anon Speaks
18.09.06-Reaction to EXPOSED Qanon Speaks Hit Piece
18.09.04-Fake Protest Kaepernick and Nike Profit from Manipulating the Lost Souls
18.09.04-Will Sell Soul For Likes
18.08.31-Of Course Politicians Lie
18.08.29-Freeform 40,000 ft view - Q Drops the Over-Arching Narrative
18.08.27-All the Cool Kids Are Hypocrites
18.08.24-Learned Helplessness is a Heck of a Drug
18.08.22-When Your National Identity Is Dishonesty
18.08.20-Trump Tweets McCarthy + Q Drop What Is A Narcissist?
18.08.17-Banks Cutting People off for Wrongthink
18.08.15-Q KEYSTONE Dig 2 - Nazis in the US Military Intel Apparatus
18.08.09-Q - They Want You Divided
18.08.07-Q Decode KEYSTONE + Why Attacks Intensifying
18.08.04-Eugenics - When Evil Poses As Love
18.08.01-Babies, Bathwater, Spiritual Battles
18.07.31-Is Q A PsyOp After All? Conspiracy Label via Hollyweird
18.07.30-Q Anon vs The Globalist Dystopia
18.07.27-Dangerous Cowards & Useful Idiots
18.07.26-How To Make An Army of Triggered Slaves
18.07.25-Somebody Would Have Talked NXIVM Red Pill
18.07.24-Mega Fake News
18.07.21-Walk Away Into Q Anon the Great Awakening Worldwide
18.07.20-Were Literally Speaking Different Languages #GreatAwakening
18.07.19-Technically Were All Suckers
18.07.17-Half The World has Gone Insane - Q Anon Alice in Wonderland breadcrumb
18.07.12-False Narratives at NATO - Trump vs the Cult
18.07.11-Boom! Walk Away is Scaring Leftist Media
18.07.06-Im Awake in a Zombie World - The Great Awakening, Walk Away, Q anon
18.07.01-Believing in Qanon The Great Awakening
18.06.27-Reaction to Q Plan To Save The World Video
18.06.23-Tom Arnold Lies, Media Encourages Hate, Journalists Tell Half Truths
18.06.21-Today In Leftist Violence - June 21 edition
18.05.24-Clapper is a lying machine - spygate
18.05.21-Quebec Hillbilly Antifa Attack on Faith Goldy 18.05.2018 - May 09, 2018
18.05.09-Beat Them At Their Own Game
18.04.28-Free Will and Atheism Dont Mix - Sorry But Its True
18.04.19-Signs that Point to an upcoming False Flag at 3 Mile Island
18.04.11-Astroturfing the Fake Narrative - Cambridge Analytica again
18.04.11-WHAT? A Hillary *&#$ Video?? NBC news seeds the narrative
18.04.11-Zuckerberg Cambridge Analytica Smoke Screen - this is not about your data
18.04.10-Wylie and the Theatre of the Info War
18.04.03-White Colonialist Elite Exposed as a Progressive Hypocrite
18.04.02-Work in Progress - Parody of Just a Gigolo
18.03.29-Talk & Paint MPCelina Begging & China owns Cambridge Analytica too?
18.03.28-Talk & Paint UK anarchy, MPCelina, HogBoy and Manipulation
18.03.27-Is Chris Wylie Fake News?
18.03.23-Dankulas Pug reacts to Kill The Boer
18.03.21-SCL Cambridge Analytica Psy Op Red Pill
18.03.16-Couple Loses Kids Over the Easter Bunny - Talk & Paint
18.03.09-Talk & Paint: owen benjamin courage collectivism witch hunts
18.02.27-Were Losing our Freedom Of Speech
18.02.16-Transgender Kids = Medical Abuse
18.02.12-Why Does Trans Imam Trigger So Many People?
18.02.12-Islamophobia Workshop with the Trans Imam
18.01.30-Colonialism and the Koran with the Trans Imam
18.01.29-Trans Imam Truth Bombs - Aisha
18.01.25-The Death of Professionalism and Customer Service
18.01.05-Progressive Politicians are Insane
17.12.30-Predictions for 2018 Canada
17.12.05-Youre all Morons - Far Left & Far Right
17.12.03-Julie Payette Progressive Magician
17.11.28-Red Pill #3 - Cover Ups
17.11.19-Red Pill #2: Internet Operatives
17.11.14-Red Pill #1: Operation Mockingbird
17.11.10-Wearers of the Scarlet Letter
17.10.26-Islamic Terror Ghost Story The Parliament Hill Shooting
17.10.24-Trudeau Threatened in 2014 - Media fails to Follow Up
17.10.21-Jagmeet Does Identity Politics and Cracks Democracy
17.10.14-Cairo Declaration Renders Human Rights Void | M103 Freedom of Speech in Canada
17.10.05-Vegas Security Guard and Multiple Shooter Evidence
17.09.25-M103 Witness Has Interesting Friends
17.09.23-Spies, Agents of Influence & Islamophobia in the West
17.09.22-M103 Is a Trojan Horse | Anti-Islamophobia Blasphemy Law Canada
17.09.16-Reading Rohingya Bengali - The Other Side of the Story G O Comain
17.09.15-Rohingya Genocide or How To Spot a PR campaign False Narrative
17.09.09-Commentary on Jordan Peterson, Weinstein on Rogan
17.09.06-Orwells Police Force - UNsolving Crime - Libertarian Pub Shooting Toronto
17.09.04-Heartfelt Message to Liberals and Progressives 2017
17.08.30-Media Supports Antifa Resistance -Stokes Race War -Neil Macdonald CBC news
17.08.25-Anti Trump CBC Fake News pushes the Very Fine People Propaganda
17.08.23-Trumps Afghanistan Decision
17.08.21-Militant Leftist Organizer Admits What Masks are For on CNN
17.08.19-Boston Counter Protesters Praising North Korea
17.08.16-Bloodless Revolution of Progressive Socialism
17.08.16-The Twitter Response Meme I Like Best
17.08.15-Complaints Already from Montreal Asylum Seeker
17.08.14-Hypocrisy In Media | Progressive Definition of Free Speech
17.08.12-Whitewashing Crime Toronto Stabbings
17.08.09-News: Economy, Border Crisis in Canada, doctors, Khalistan, rule of law, military
17.08.09-Just Watch Me not be able to download this vid
17.08.04-How Bad Does It Have To Get | Totalitarian Socialism
17.08.03-Youtube Wrongthink Police Ad
17.08.01-Hummingbird Moth 2017 garden - Bumblebee fights for territory
17.07.29-Awan Worked for Muslim Rep tied to Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, DOJ and military
17.07.24-Islamophobic Babies! Funny
17.07.23-Grades K to Hate
17.07.14-Far Left Extremists Get a Pass from Media Fake News
17.07.13-WRONGTHINK Toronto Library Free Speech Memorial Controversy #FAKENEWS Kulaszka
17.07.12-Social Justice Warrior Teachers - Canada is Doomed
17.07.10-Paint Chat 1 Charlie Gard & Post Modernist Cult
17.07.08-Liberal Fascism Nanny State Authoritarians
17.07.06-Trump versus Fake News - Meme War
17.06.28-Discovery Math Is a Failure - Canadian Students slipping in World Ranking
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