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21.04.11 I Did A Thing
21.04.04 Ready to take your life back?
21.03.27 Theyre Coming For Your Guns
21.03.24 White Man Bad
21.03.13 Happy Ronaversary!
21.03.09 Patreon Update
21.03.07 Science is Racist
21.02.27 Climate Change or Weather Modification?
21.02.21 Texas Power Outage
21.02.14 Welcome To The Upside Down!
21.02.06 AOCs Harrowing Experience At The Capitol
21.01.31 The Moral Case Against Lockdowns
21.01.28 Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade
21.01.23 This is Joe Bidens first 2 days as President
21.01.14 Your Science is Bought and Paid For
20.11.12 Two Weeks To Flatten The President
20.11.10 Joe Biden Promises to lockdown America
20.10.30 Welcome To The Great Reset
20.10.23 Fact Checking the Fact Checker
20.10.18 The Right Vs Left Paradigm Is An Illusion
20.10.09 Isolation/Internment Camps In Canada
20.09.26 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
20.08.17 Is Australias Police State The Blueprint For Whats To Come?
20.08.07 Thank You!
20.07.31 Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade
20.07.17 Was Howie Mandel Kidnapped And Held Captive? | Wayfair Conspiracy | Part 2
20.07.11 Is Wayfair Human Trafficking By Selling Over-Priced Cabinets? | Wayfair Conspiracy | Part 1
20.07.10 Would you have been an abolitionist or a Nazi?
20.06.26 Defunding The Police Will Lead To Something Much Worse
20.06.11 What Defund The Police Really Means!
20.06.07 Protests And Coronavirus Are A Test And We Are Failing!
20.05.31 Dear White People
20.05.21 The End Of The Coronavirus Lockdown!? Your Government Has A Different Plan!
20.05.19 Covid Vaccine Hacked My DNA!
20.05.15 Should you be wearing a face mask?!
20.05.10 Why Plandemic Was Censored and Removed!
20.03.12 Ask Me Anything! Some Serious Q&A With WhatsHerFace
20.03.06 Look sexy on a budget without plastic surgery! More of my beauty secrets revealed
20.02.26 Things I Hate! More Pet Peeves That Drive Me Crazy | Stop Doing That!
20.02.20 You Need To Stop! The Most Annoying Pet Peeves | Stop Doing That!
20.02.12 Valentines Is Coming! Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend
20.02.07 My Secrets To Looking Young. New Year, New You!
20.02.05 Youre Too Old To Date. My Shockingly Bad Dating Experiences
20.02.04 This Is My Brain On Drugs!? Reacting To The Worst 90s Drug PSA Commercials
20.01.30 Emo Is Not Dead. Reacting to THE BEST emo music videos of all time
20.01.23 BROLOGUES - How To Date Multiple Girls At Once
20.01.22 How to get rock hard abs
19.07.05 Going Out Is Overrated
19.06.27 UH OH!
19.06.27 Q&A
19.06.27 Social Justice Warriors
19.06.27 The One Double Standard I Cant Stand
19.06.27 Intrusive Thoughts
19.06.27 #1 sign your girlfriend may be about to break up with you
19.06.27 Makeup Tutorial for the Basic Bitch
19.06.27 When that one song gets stuck in your head
19.06.27 #1 sign its time to end your relationship
19.06.27 Homophobes
19.06.27 How to Capture a Mans heart
18.08.28 Simple Smoothie To Cure Sexual Frustration