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22.04.12-Human Beings Are Not Disposable
22.03.12-Attack On Ukraine
22.03.06-Bees EJACULATING themselves to DEATH
22.02.27-Top 10 Fatal Selfie Accidents
22.02.20-Journalist MELTS DOWN after EATING BUGS for a week!!
22.02.13-Are emojis RACIST?!-News You Missed!
22.02.06-Danger In The Metaverse!
22.01.21-Utopia Or Dystopia?!
22.01.17-Joe Rogan CANCELED over Robert Malone?!
22.01.12-Things to LEAVE in 2021!
21.09.18-Digital Currency
21.09.06-The Little Charade - Far From This World
21.08.24-FDA approved does NOT EQUAL SAFE
21.08.08-PCR Test Discontinued
21.08.01-Rise of the VARIANTS
21.06.27-Who is Robert Malone?
21.06.11-The SPARS Document
21.05.22-Big News!
21.05.09-Covid-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases
21.04.30-Conspiracy Fun Facts With WhatsHerFace
21.04.26-Canada: Home of the CanUCKS
21.04.15-Maddie's Story
21.04.11-I Did A Thing
21.04.04-Ready to take your life back?
21.03.27-Theyre Coming For Your Guns
21.03.24-White Man Bad
21.03.13-Happy Ronaversary!
21.03.09-Patreon Update
21.03.07-Science is Racist
21.02.27-Climate Change or Weather Modification?
21.02.21-Texas Power Outage
21.02.14-Welcome To The Upside Down!
21.02.06-AOCs Harrowing Experience At The Capitol
21.01.31-The Moral Case Against Lockdowns
21.01.28-Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade
21.01.23-This is Joe Bidens first 2 days as President
21.01.14-Your Science is Bought and Paid For
20.11.12-Two Weeks To Flatten The President
20.11.10-Joe Biden Promises to lockdown America
20.10.30-Welcome To The Great Reset
20.10.23-Fact Checking the Fact Checker
20.10.18-The Right Vs Left Paradigm Is An Illusion
20.10.09-Isolation/Internment Camps In Canada
20.09.26-The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
20.08.17-Is Australias Police State The Blueprint For Whats To Come?
20.08.07-Thank You!
20.07.31-Why I Wear My Mask | Welcome to the Masquerade
20.07.17-Was Howie Mandel Kidnapped And Held Captive? | Wayfair Conspiracy | Part 2
20.07.11-Is Wayfair Human Trafficking By Selling Over-Priced Cabinets? | Wayfair Conspiracy | Part 1
20.07.10-Would you have been an abolitionist or a Nazi?
20.06.26-Defunding The Police Will Lead To Something Much Worse
20.06.11-What Defund The Police Really Means!
20.06.07-Protests And Coronavirus Are A Test And We Are Failing!
20.05.31-Dear White People
20.05.21-The End Of The Coronavirus Lockdown!? Your Government Has A Different Plan!
20.05.19-Covid Vaccine Hacked My DNA!
20.05.15-Should you be wearing a face mask?!
20.05.10-Why Plandemic Was Censored and Removed!
20.03.12-Ask Me Anything! Some Serious Q&A With WhatsHerFace
20.03.06-Look sexy on a budget without plastic surgery! More of my beauty secrets revealed
20.02.26-Things I Hate! More Pet Peeves That Drive Me Crazy | Stop Doing That!
20.02.20-You Need To Stop! The Most Annoying Pet Peeves | Stop Doing That!
20.02.12-Valentines Is Coming! Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend
20.02.07-My Secrets To Looking Young. New Year, New You!
20.02.05-Youre Too Old To Date. My Shockingly Bad Dating Experiences
20.02.04-This Is My Brain On Drugs!? Reacting To The Worst 90s Drug PSA Commercials
20.01.30-Emo Is Not Dead. Reacting to THE BEST emo music videos of all time
20.01.23-BROLOGUES - How To Date Multiple Girls At Once
20.01.22-How to get rock hard abs
19.07.05-Going Out Is Overrated
19.06.27-UH OH!
19.06.27-Social Justice Warriors
19.06.27-The One Double Standard I Cant Stand
19.06.27-Intrusive Thoughts
19.06.27-#1 sign your girlfriend may be about to break up with you
19.06.27-Makeup Tutorial for the Basic Bitch
19.06.27-When that one song gets stuck in your head
19.06.27-#1 sign its time to end your relationship
19.06.27-How to Capture a Mans heart
18.08.28-Simple Smoothie To Cure Sexual Frustration