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21.04.11-Ep. 56: Chauvin Trial; Covid Victories; Jacobson Revisited; Biden 2A; Thomas; Barstool & MORE!
21.04.04-Ep. 55 Chauvin Updates; Lockdowns Rejected; Wassup With Gaetz; Cheerleader 2 Scotus & More!
21.03.28-Ep. 54 Chauvin Update; Powell Defamation; Quebec Covid; Freedom of Thought & MORE!
21.03.21-Ep. 53 Viva & Barnes LIVE - Project Veritas v. NYT; Michigan Ruling; Chauvin UPDATE & MORE!
21.03.14-Ep. 52 Chauvin Update; Pastor Jailed; Mask Lawsuits; Twitter vs Texas & More!
21.03.07-Ep. 51 George Floyd Trial; Cuomo; Rogan; Jones; Miss America & MORE!
21.02.28-Ep. 50 Viva & Barnes Sunday Night Live!
21.02.21-Ep. 49 Biden Big Tech Censorship; Lin Wood Bar Woes; Mask Mandate & MORE!
21.02.14-Ep. 48 For The Love Of Law - Trump Impeachment And More!
21.02.08-Ep. 47 So Much Law News
21.01.31-Ep. 46 Gamestop; Clinesmith; Ricky Vaughn; Texas Beats Biden & MORE
21.01.24-Ep. 45 Election Aftermath; Executive Orders; 2nd Amendment Cert Mask Mandate & More!
21.01.17-Ep. 44 Parler V. Amazon; Rumble V. Google; Trump Impeachment And More!
21.01.10-Ep. 43 Another Impeachment? Capitol Hill Fallout; Tech Anti-Trust? Using The Law
21.01.03-Ep. 42 Electoral Challenges; Barnes Twitter Hacked! Weaponized Discipline? Lockdown Hypocrisy
20.12.27-Ep. 41 Election Lawsuits; Lockdown Lawsuits; Coomer Defamation; Pardon Power & More!
20.12.20-Ep. 40 Dominion Vs. Sidney Powell? Election Lawsuits Updates; Dersh Review & More!
20.12.13-Ep. 39 Texas Lawsuit Dismissed; Sullivan Ruling; Facebook & More!
20.12.06-Ep. 38 Election Lawsuits; Clinesmith Sentencing Memo, Johnny Depp & More!
20.12.02-Ep. 37 Election Updates With Viva Frei & Robert Barnes Midweek Stream Special!!!
20.11.29-Ep. 36 Election Lawsuits, From Pa To Mi; Powell Lawsuit; Scotus Injunction; Flynn Pardon And More!
20.11.22-Ep. 35 Sidney Powell & Election Lawsuits Update; Kyle Rittenhouse Released & More
20.11.15-Ep. 34 Elections Lawsuits From Michigan To Georgia, Updates & More!
20.11.08-Ep. 33 Biden Projected Winner - Elections 2020 Part Deux
20.11.04-Ep. 32 Elections 2020 Update: Whats Next?
20.11.01-Ep. 31 Project Veritas, Election 2020, Jerry Falwell Jr., Kyle Rittenhouse
20.10.25-Ep. 30 Election Lawsuits, Biden Updates! Flynn Saga; Whitmer Entrapment? Ivanka, Borat
20.10.19-Ep. 29 Hunter Biden; Section 230; Election Lawsuits; John Mcafee; Kyle Rittenhouse
20.10.11-Ep. 28 Breonna Taylor; Pelosis 25th Amendment; Rittenhouse; Election Lawsuits
20.10.04-Ep. 27 Stickman Stayed, Lockdowns Struck Down, Legal Eagle Wrong On Trumps Taxes!
20.10.01-Ep. 26 Sullivan Update; Trump Taxes; Rittenhouse Defamation & More
20.09.27-Ep. 25 Another Flynn Update; Scotus Nomination; Other Stuff
20.09.24-Ep. 24 RBG & SCOTUS; Carpe Donktum SUED; Dershowitz; Suspended for Flag & More!
20.09.13-Ep. 23 Julian Assange, Trump Census, "Cuties" Scandal, Theranos & More!
20.09.06-Ep. 22 Rittenhouse to Strickland, Sovereign immunity to Arrested Politicians
20.08.30-Ep. 21 Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha Riots, Sen. Lucas, Strickland & Floyd Updates
20.08.23-Ep. 20 Brian Kolfage, Build The Wall Indictment; Spygate Plea; Millie Weaver Update
20.08.16-Ep. 19 Flynn Appeal; Millie Weaver Arrested! Lockdown Win, Jake Paul Raided
20.08.09-Ep. 18 Another Flynn Update; Patreon Lawsuit; NRA Lawsuit, Akilah, Obviously!
20.07.26-Ep. 17 Breonna Taylor, Trump Immigration, Casinos & Churches, Sandmann Settlement
20.07.20-Ep. 16 Ghislaine Maxwell Bail, Portland Lawsuits, Masks & Lockdowns
20.07.11-Ep. 15 Michael Flynn Continues AGAIN, Roger Stone, SCOTUS!
20.07.04-Ep. 14 Cancel Culture Lawsuit, Illinois Lockdown, Ghislaine Maxell
20.06.28-Ep. 13 Flynn Saga Continues, Carpe Donktum Banned & more!
20.06.20-Ep. 12 Rayshard Brooks, CHAZ, and SCOTUS Coronavirus Decision
20.06.14-Ep. 11 Covington Kids Defamation, Michael FLynn Updates
20.06.05-Ep. 10 Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Michael Flynn
20.05.23-Ep. 09 Ahmaud Arbery Updates, Michael Flynn, & Elon Musk
20.05.11-Ep. 08 Ahmaud Arbery Case Explained
20.05.03-Ep. 07 FBI/Flynn, Michigan Stay-At-Home
20.04.19-Ep. 06 Wisconsin Instagram 1st Amendment Lawsuit
20.03.20-Ep. 05 Coronavirus law stuff, and updates
20.03.12-Ep. 04 NYT v. Sullivan; Tulsi v. Google; PragerU Dismissed
20.02.03-Ep. 03 Talking Roger Stone
20.01.23-Ep. 02 Impeachment Explained
19.11.01-EP. 01 From Covington Catholic to Alex Jones