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23.11.29-DAILY SHOW-Near X Class Flare-Solar Storm Watch-Old Pyramid

23.11.28-Strong Solar Flare Directly At Earth
23.11.27-4 Solar Impacts-High-Risk Sunspots
23.11.22-The Galactic Current Sheet & Magnetic Field
23.11.21-Is This a Wall on Mars?
23.11.20-Advanced Q&A-Space Weather-Pole Shift
23.11.17-Preparing for Earth's Disaster Cycle
23.11.15-A Magnetic Disaster is Happening
23.11.14-They Know About The Disaster
23.11.13-Pole Shift Q&A
23.11.12-Solar Forcing-The Full 2020 7-Part Series
23.11.10-What is a Big Sunspot?
23.11.09-CME Impact Expected This Weekend
23.11.08-The Scariest CME-What Does Ben Fear?
23.11.07-Magnetic Pole Shift Extinctions-Harvard vs Ben
23.11.06-Again-Aurorae Invade Low Latitudes-Earth is Vulnerable
23.11.05-When Harvard Challenged the Observers-Nova Dust
23.11.04-ENLIL SPIRAL-How to Track CMEs
23.11.03-Tracking the Double Solar Impact-Nov.5-7 Forecast
23.11.01-We Are In Trouble-Auroral Record Shatters as Magnetic Poles Shift
23.10.30-Earth Pole Shift-The Key Studies Confirm the Acceleration Curve
23.10.28-Texas Rock Wall-Debunking the History Channel
23.10.27-How Long Until The Pole Shift-Book Preview and Random Notes
23.10.26-Mystery in the Middle of the Desert
23.10.24-Sun's Magnetic Reversal is Underway
23.10.23-5 Big Updates on the Disaster Cycle
23.10.20-Earth Disaster Cycle Q&A
23.10.05-Pole Shift Making a Massive Ozone Hole
23.10.04-A Disaster Is Coming-Catch-Up Now
23.10.03-Magnetic Pole Shift-Tier 1 Signal
23.10.02-Solar Climate Forcing Ignored
23.10.01-Solar Flares, Big Filament, Top News
23.09.28-Magnetic Pole Shift Update
23.09.26-NEW Magnetic Field Estimate, Navigating Claims, Friday Show
23.09.22-Magnetic Body Impact-Pole Shift and Solar Storms
23.09.05-What is Space Weather-Introduction
23.09.04-The Solar Killshot-Statistics and Timelines
23.09.03-Earth Disaster Cycle AMA
23.08.31-Details on CME Heading Our Way, Super Flare Risk
23.08.30-Danger of the Sun-Live Q&A
23.08.27-Earthquake Warning, Galactic Sheet
23.08.25-Earth Disaster Cycle-Today's Three Big Stories
23.08.24-Viewer Question about Climate Action
23.08.24-The Observer Local Network |
23.08.21-Solar Storms and Murder-Psychological Impact
23.08.18-Another Major Planetary Change-SOLAR SYSTEM SHIFT
23.08.16-Solar Micronova and Solar Forcing
23.08.14-Another Galactic Magnetic Shock
23.08.13-The Great Disaster Coming-From The Experts-Evidence
23.08.11-World Going Crazy-Live Q&A
23.08.10-Magnetic Pole Shift-Observations & Advice
23.08.09-Mars Crustal Shift-Can It Happen on Other Planets?
23.08.08-Solar System Shift-Update/Introduction
23.08.07-The Next Ice Age-Glaciation is Coming
23.08.06-Sun Surprises Scientists (Again)
23.08.05-This Shouldn't Be Happening (5th Time This Year)
23.08.04-6000 Years Ago-Magnetic Flip-Volcanos-Climate
23.08.03-Pole Shift and Solar Disaster-Which Area is Hit Hardest?
23.08.02-Magnetic Pole Shift-5 Key Facts
23.08.01-Super Lightning Storms in the Magnetic Pole Shift
23.07.31-Survive the Disaster-Six Prepping Vectors
23.07.30-Solar Storms & Hurricanes
23.07.29-The Solar Micronova is Going to Happen
23.07.28-Ben vs NASA-Brain-Scrambler Flashback
23.07.27-The Climate War Begins-The Opening Shot
23.07.26-Pole Shift & Solar Flash
23.07.25-Planet Formation Mystery?
23.07.24-China Worried About The Pole Shift
23.07.23-Live Q&A
23.07.20-CME Impact-Solar Forcing-Video That Would Get Me Banned
23.07.19-Solar Storm on the Way Q&A
23.07.18-Solar Storms: Health, Weather, Earthquakes, Technology
23.07.17-Powerful Solar Flare-S2 Proton Storm at Earth-Super-Wide CME
23.07.16-Extinctions on Deck-Why Every Magnetic Flip Hits Hard
23.07.15-Real Climate Information-Volcanos and Magnetic Pole Shift
23.07.14-Livestream Returns-Q&A
23.07.01-Key Risks of the Pole Shifting Happening Now
23.06.23-Pole Shift-Signs in the Sky-Observer Survey
23.06.20-X-Class Solar Flare
23.06.12-Live Q & A
23.06.10-Global Warming is REAL?-Conspiracy Conversations | David Whited & Ben Davidson
23.06.09-The Sun Declares War on Earth
23.06.08-Pole Shift Radar Echoes & Preview of the Weekend
23.06.03-Pole Shift-Live Q&A
23.05.29-Weird World Livestream
23.05.28-Disaster 6000 Years Ago-China Event
23.05.26-Magnetic Pole Shift-The Most Important Point
23.05.24-6000-Year Disaster-Heinrich Ice Mystery
23.05.22-Oceans Unstable, Unlocking the Crust, "Mens' Hearts Fail Them"
23.05.16-Live Q&A
23.05.15-Solar Outburst Cycle & Damage Potential
23.05.11-Live Q&A
23.05.09-Earth Disaster Cycle-Live Q&A
23.05.08-Earth Disaster is Coming-ALL The Evidence
23.05.02-Sun & Earth, Recent and Future Events, Channel B-Day
23.04.29-Disaster Series No-Salt Live Q&A
23.04.28-The Ice and the Truth
23.04.27-Nuclear Reactors Offline, Electrical Explosions-Solar Storm Impact
23.04.26-Earth's Magnetic Field Shift Leaving Earth More Vulnerable
23.04.25-Solar Micronova Conditions & More
23.04.23-Level 4 Solar Storm in Progress-AMA
23.04.22-Incoming Solar Storm, Magnetic Change, Observer Ranch
23.04.20-Spectacular Solar Tornado Eruption, Great News, Magnetic Field
23.04.18-Galactic Impact-Live Discussion and Q&A
23.04.14-Earth Turns Over When The Crust Unlocks
23.04.13-CIA Covered Up Earth's Catastrophe Cycle
23.04.11-Huge Volcano Eruption in Russia-Ground & Satellite Imagery
23.04.10-Magnetic Pole Shift-How Much Time Do We Have?
23.04.08-Surviving Disaster Q&A
23.04.06-Planetary Alignment, Solar Micronova, Solar system Shift
23.04.04-Sun & Pole Shift Attacking Our Brains
23.04.03-Live Q&A
23.03.30-Earth is Falling Apart Q&A
23.03.29-Ancient Evidence in the USA
23.03.28-Solar Storm Tornados, Terrorism and Magnetic Pole Shift
23.03.23-Solar Storm in Progress, Disaster Cycle Q&A
23.03.22-Magnetic Pole Shift Extinctions-Major Biosphere Impact
23.03.17-Solar Watch, Major Animal Kingdom Impact, Notes
23.03.14-The Sun Almost Ended Civilization 30 Hours Ago Q&A
23.03.13-Ep. 02 The Climate Story is a Complete Joke
23.03.12-Ep. 01 The Climate Story is a Complete Joke
23.03.09-Solar Storm Superbolt-The Most Devastating Strike
23.03.07-Sun Pulse, Record Cyclone, South Atlantic Anomaly
23.03.06-6000-Year Disaster Cycle Review
23.03.05-SATAN Geoengineering
23.03.03-X-Class Solar Flare & Big Observer Updates
23.03.02-Experts on the Disaster
23.02.28-The Coming Catastrophe-Filling in the Gaps
23.02.27-End of the World-Wisdom for Observers
23.02.26-Earthquakes from the Sun's Activity
23.02.25-Galactic Superwave Risk Just Got Real
23.02.24-New Studio Live Q&A
23.02.21-Solar Forcing, Big Show Tonight-Coast2Coast AM
23.02.17-X Class Solar Flare-CME Coming at Earth-Multiple Impact Scenario
23.02.16-Magnetic Pole Shift: The Upper Atmosphere Is Reacting
23.02.14-Pole Shift, Ohio Disaster, The Matrix
23.02.11-X Class Solar Flare
23.02.10-Chunk of the Sun Rips Away
23.02.09-Sun & Earth
23.02.02-Pole Shift Radiation Surge & Ozone-Oh Crap
23.01.31-The Sun Is Changing
23.01.28-Earth Disaster Pop Quiz
23.01.26-Earth, Sun, Disaster Cycle Q&A
23.01.25-Flood Maps in the Great Earth Disaster
23.01.25-Solar Flare, Antarctic Crack, Special Video Tonight
23.01.24-What's Happening to Earth's Core?
23.01.23-Earth Disaster, Solar Killshot Q&A
23.01.21-Pole Shift at the Noah Event-6000 Years Ago
23.01.20-We Dodged a Bullet Q&A
23.01.19-Earth Disaster is Coming-The Great Impact
23.01.18-Magnetic Pole Shift, Climate Emergency Q&A
23.01.17-Creative Society Predicts The End of the World
23.01.16-The Earth Disaster-When They Figured It Out
23.01.14-Long Duration Solar Flare
23.01.13-The Next Age of Earth-A Preview of the Shift
23.01.11-Wave of Energy-The Facts
23.01.10-Earth's Disaster Cycle Q&A
23.01.09-Watch The X-Class Solar Flare from Today
23.01.08-The Sun Triggers Big Earthquakes
23.01.06-Disaster Cycle, Overwhelming Evidence Q&A
23.01.05-Solar Micronova-Bombardment Timeline
23.01.04-Solar Maximum, Earth Disaster Cycle-Live Q&A
23.01.03-Solar Maximum, Micronova, Clamp-Down Q&A
23.01.02-Sun Shockwaves Can Take Out The Modern World
23.01.02-Ben Davidson/Suspicious Observer's
23.01.01-Live Q&A
22.12.24-The Great Earthquake, Solar Super Flare Q&A
22.12.23-Aftermath, Tightening their Grip
22.12.21-Never Seen This Before-UFO? Galactic Clump?
22.12.20-Earth Disaster Wake Up Call
22.12.19-Pole Shift, Survival, Micronova
22.12.17-Pole Shift, Micronova, Evil in the World
22.12.16-Micronova, Magnetic Pole Shift
22.12.15-Ongoing Disaster
22.12.13-End Date for Earth, Superflare and More
22.12.12-Loud Booms, Dust Has Arrived, Attitude
22.12.09-Unlocking the Crust, Solar Micronova
22.12.07-Pole Shift, Elites and More
22.12.06-The Coming Disaster
22.12.05-Solar Disaster, Magnetic Pole Shift
22.12.04-Everything Points to the Solar Micronova
22.12.02-Signs of the Pole Shift
22.12.01-Scariest Part of a Solar Micronova
22.11.30-Magnetic Pole Shift
22.11.29-Solar Disaster Cycles
22.11.27-Peak Magnetic Pole Shift 100x Faster
22.11.26-Solar Micronova & Global Tsunamis
22.11.25-Disaster Cycle & Mindset
22.11.22-Ionosphere is our Canary in the Coal Mine
22.11.18-Sun Signs of the Shift-Galactic Magnetic Reversal
22.11.17-Disaster Cycle, Yellowstone, Prepping
22.11.16-Earth Catastrophe Cycle
22.11.15-A Crack in the Magnetic Field
22.11.11-Galactic Current Sheet-Solar System Shift
22.11.10-Solar Micronova
22.11.09-Crustal Displacement & Disaster
22.11.08-Pole Shift
22.11.04-Magnetic Pole Shift-The Most Important Disaster
22.10.30-Micronova/Crust Displacement
22.10.29-Jupiter's Strange Radio Frequencies-Solar System Shift
22.10.28-How Will We Know It's Time
22.10.27-Earth's Upcoming Disaster
22.10.26-Frozen Mammoths, Disaster Timeline
22.10.25-The Pole Shift Is Destroying The Ozone
22.10.22-Magnetic Pole Shift & Micronova
22.10.20-Earth Disaster and More
22.10.18-How Bad is the Disaster
22.10.17-Impossible Mars Dust Storm-Sign of the Solar System Shift
22.10.16-Earth Disaster
22.10.15-Super Old Ice? The Better Explanation With The Crustal Displacement
22.10.14-Advanced Catastrophism
22.10.13-Advanced Catastrophism
22.10.12-Advanced Catastrophism
22.10.10-Advanced Catastrophism
22.09.28-A Hidden Remnant of Disaster
22.09.23-The Ozone Problem
22.09.22-Preparing for Disaster
22.09.20-Solar Micronova-The End of an Age
22.09.19-Galactic Current Sheet-Review of The Disaster Trigger
22.09.16-Magnetic Pole Shift-When It's Time, It's Time
22.09.15-Galactic Disaster Evidence-Nearby Superflares
22.09.14-Magnetic Pole Shift-Deepening Radiation Penetration
22.09.13-Earth Changes & the Appearance/Disappearance of Species
22.09.12-WORLD GOING CRAZY-Stress and Endurance
22.08.25-Galactic Disaster-Can We Predict Timing?
22.09.14-Magnetic Pole Shift-40 Degree Nonsense
22.09.08-Signs of the Pole Shift-Magnetic Field, Lightning, People
22.08.29-The 1500-Year Volcano Cycle-Part of the Earth Catastrophe
22.03.21-The Noah Event-Climate, Volcanos, Magnetism 6000 Years Ago
22.04.29-Nova Astronomy in Upheaval-Predictions Come True
22.04.18-Solar System Shift-Which Planet Falls Next?
21.12.25-THE Earth Disaster Documentary