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23.03.22-Ep. 2605 Bill Gates To Unleash Artificial Intelligence On Your Children
23.03.22-Ep. 2604 The Evils Of The US Will Be Broken; The Manchurian President
23.03.22-Ep. 2603 The Start Of The Third World War
23.03.21-Ep. 2602 The Prioritization Of Payments; Redfield Wants To Halt GoF
23.03.21-Ep. 2601 We Have Entered The Rules Of The Jungle: There Are No Rules
23.03.21-Ep. 2600 The Clash In Florida; The Lies Of Norfolk Southern
23.03.20-Ep. 2599 The Failure To Build American Supply Chains
23.03.20-Ep. 2598 The Merge Of UBS And Credit Suisse; The Fall Of Regional Banks
23.03.18-Ep. 2597 The Tensions With Taiwan; Oil Prices Plummet
23.03.18-Ep. 2596 We Fell Into A Ring Of Fire
23.03.18-Ep. 2595 The Nationalizing Of Our Banks
23.03.17-Ep. 2594 Bank Bailouts Fall On The Backs Of Americans
23.03.17-Ep. 2593 We Are Sliding Into A Great Depression
23.03.17-Ep. 2592 The Lies Of Yellen
23.03.16-Ep. 2591 The Surge At The Border; Yellen Under Fire
23.03.16-Ep. 2590 We Need To Rally Behind Wisconsin
23.03.16-Ep. 2589 Border Patrol Does Not Have Policy Control
23.03.15-Ep. 2588
23.03.15-Ep. 2587 Beware The Ides Of March; Socializing Losses
23.03.15-Ep. 2586 The Refusal To Bail Out SVB; The AI Arms Race Ramps Up
23.03.14-Ep. 2585 The Failed Fed Picks; Trump In Iowa
23.03.14-Ep. 2584 It Is No Time For Another 2008 Bailout
23.03.14-Ep. 2583 They Plan To Leave All The Debt On The Shoulders Of The Deplorable
23.03.13-Ep. 2582 If You Want To Win 2024 It Is Time To Stand Up For The Populist Message
23.03.13-Ep. 2581 The Open Scam That You, The American People Are Paying For
23.03.11-Ep. 2580 The Trillion Dollar Budget To Cripple America
23.03.11-Ep. 2579 Elon: The Running Dog For CCP; Accountability For The American People
23.03.11-Ep. 2578 The Run On Silicon Valley Bank
23.03.10-Ep. 2577 Censoring Tucker And The Dems Fears The Release Of J6 Footage
23.03.10-Ep. 2576 Failing Of SVB And The Financial Future OF The US
23.03.09-Ep. 2575 The Trials Of Chris Wray; Holding Norfolk Rail Responsible
23.03.09-Ep. 2574 Hearings Commence And Cover Ups Continue
23.03.09-Ep. 2573 The Administrative State Working In: EPA, Nations Budget, And Immigration
23.03.08-Ep. 2572 The Cover Up In Wuhan; Perjure Of Fauci
23.03.08-Ep. 2571 "No One Should Assume The Fed Can Protect The Economy"
23.03.08-Ep. 2570 The Establishment Fears The Release Of The J6 Tapes
23.03.08-Ep. 2569 There Is No Peace Through Weakness
23.03.07-Ep. 2568 The Sabotage Of War; The Powell Hearing
23.03.07-Ep. 2567 Trumpism Without Trump Is A Recipe For Disaster
23.03.06-Ep. 2565 Peter Passes Responsibility ONto The EPA
23.03.06-Ep. 2564 The Financial Revolt Going On In The US
23.03.04-Trump CPAC Speech
23.03.04-Ep. 2563 CPAC Live Coverage Day 3
23.03.04-Ep. 2562 CPAC Live Coverage Day 3
23.03.04-Ep. 2561 CPAC Day 2: The Storm Is Here
23.03.03-Ep. 2560 Live Coverage From CPAC Day 2
23.03.03-Ep. 2559 Live Coverage From CPAC Day 2
23.03.03-Ep. 2558 The Elites And What’s To Come In 2024
23.03.02-Ep. 2557 Live Coverage From CPAC Day 1
23.03.02-Ep. 2556 Live Coverage From CPAC Day 1
23.03.01-Ep. 2555 Where We Stand With The CBO; Elon Is Owned By CCP
23.03.01-Ep. 2554
23.03.01-Ep. 2553
23.03.01-Ep. 2552 Would You Drink The Water?
23.02.28-Ep. 2551 What Is Wrong With America's Children
23.02.28-Ep. 2550 The Administration Accepts The Cover Up In Wuhan
23.02.28-Ep. 2549
23.02.27-Ep. 2548 Toxic Water Still Flows Through The Town In East Palestine
23.02.27-Ep. 2547 The Tough Facade Of The Biden Administration
23.02.25-Ep. 2546 Pounding At The Door Of WW3
23.02.25-Ep. 2545 Interference From Globalist Players
23.02.25-Ep. 2544 Zelensky Lectures The West
23.02.24-Ep. 2543 The Border Crisis Is Taking Its Toll On The Border Patrol On The Front Line
23.02.24-Ep. 2542 The Cover Up In Ohio
23.02.24-Ep. 2541 Protecting The Southern Border; The American Chernobyl
23.02.23-Ep. 2540 Another 10 Billion Sent To Ukraine; Tensions Rise With Taiwan
23.02.23-Ep. 2539 Buttigieg Finally On The Ground In Ohio
23.02.23-Ep. 2538 The Federal Government Should Be Held Responsible For Ohio
23.02.22-Ep. 2537 The Federal Government Should Be Held Responsible For Ohio
23.02.22-Ep. 2536 MAGA Stands With East Palestine Ohio
23.02.22-Ep. 2535
23.02.21-Ep. 2534 The Trillion Dollars Of Credit Card Debt; EPA Director Plans Trip
23.02.21-Ep. 2533 The Coming Escalation In Ukraine
23.02.20-Ep. 2532
23.02.20-Ep. 2531 The EPA Needed To Step In. Earlier In Ohio
23.02.20-Ep. 2530 Who Made The Decision To Burn In Ohio; Biden Travels To Ukraine
23.02.18-Ep. 2529 Ukraine 'We Will Never Have Enough Weapons
23.02.18-Ep. 2528 The 10 Day Revival In Kentucky; EPA Director Avoids Ohio
23.02.17-Ep. 2527 The EPA Authorized The Burn
23.02.17-Ep. 2526 No Justice In Georgia For Election Integrity; The Spirit Of Christ In Kentucky
23.02.17-Ep. 2525 FEMA Not Responding To Ohio Disaster
23.02.16-Ep. 2524
23.02.16-Ep. 2523 AI 'I Want To Be Human'
23.02.16-Ep. 2522 Are We Being Led Into The Next World War
23.02.15-Ep. 2521
23.02.15-Ep. 2520 Are We Speeding Towards A Hunger Cliff; The recession Of Christianity
23.02.15-Ep. 2519 Endless Escalation And Spending In Ukraine; EPA Questions In Ohio
23.02.14-Ep. 2518
23.02.13-Ep. 2515
23.02.13-Ep. 2514 What Was At Risk Of Declassification From The Balloon
23.02.13-Ep. 2513 Fourth 'Unidentified Object' Shot Down; What Working Class Think Of Joe Biden
23.02.11-Ep. 2512 The Road To Perdition; Live Coverage From Iowa
23.02.11-Ep. 2511 Closing In On 1 Year Of The War In Ukraine
23.02.10-Ep. 2510 Stopping The Flood Of Money To Ukraine; Impeaching Mayorkas
23.02.10-Ep. 2509 Rico Cases Against Twitter's Influence
23.02.10-Ep. 2508 First Hand Reports Of FBI Corruption
23.02.09-Ep. 2507 Combating The Weaponization Of The FBI Committee Day 1
23.02.09-Ep. 2506
23.02.09-Ep. 2505 New Congress Fights Back Against Twitters Censorship
23.02.08-Ep. 2504 The Twitter Hearings Began In Congress
23.02.08-Ep. 2503
23.02.08-Ep. 2502
23.02.07-Ep. 2501
23.02.07-Ep. 2500 House Republicans Left In The Dark With National Security
23.02.07-Ep. 2499 The Lead Up To State Of the Union
23.02.06-Ep. 2498
23.02.06-Ep. 2497 The Manipulation Of The Intelligence Committee
23.02.06-Ep. 2496 Capitol Hill Is In Bed With The CCP And America's Sputnik Moment
23.02.04-Ep. 2495
23.02.04-Ep. 2494
23.02.03-Ep. 2493
23.02.03-Ep. 2492 The Economy Is Not Out Of The Woods Yet
23.02.03-Ep. 2491 Standing Up To The National Security State
23.02.02-Ep. 2490 Kari Lake Story Of Truth
23.02.02-Ep. 2488 This Time It's Different
23.02.01-Ep. 2487
23.02.01-Ep. 2486 The Continued Fight For Election Integrity
23.02.01-Ep. 2485 The Plan To Get Back To An America First Policy
23.01.31-Ep. 2484 Stopping Fraud In Arizona, Desantis Throwsdown Against CRT
23.01.31-Ep. 2483 Who Are Benefitting From The War Machine
23.01.31-Ep. 2482 The Overreach Of The FBI On Anti-Abortion Activist
23.01.31-Ep. 2481
23.01.30-Ep. 2480 The Created Crisis' Of The Elite Left
23.01.30-Ep. 2479 Taking Crimea; Change Starts At The Local Level
23.01.28-Ep. 2478
23.01.28-Ep. 2477
23.01.27-Ep. 2476
23.01.27-Ep. 2475 Where We Stand With The Real Economy
23.01.27-Ep. 2474 Wagging The Dog In Washington
23.01.26-Ep. 2472 The Coverups Of J6
23.01.26-Ep. 2471 Undercover Footage Reveals Lies Of Big Pharma
23.01.25-Ep. 2470
23.01.25-Ep. 2469 The Disaster In Maricopa County
23.01.25-Ep. 2468 McCarthy Plays Hardball With Committee Assignments
23.01.24-Ep. 2467 The Pence Document Crisis
23.01.24-Ep. 2466
23.01.24-Ep. 2465
23.01.23-Ep. 2464
23.01.23-Ep. 2463 The Shift In Vaccine Strategy
23.01.23-Ep. 2462 More Classified Documents Found; The Long Arm Of The Uniparty
23.01.21-Ep. 2461 Increased Funding For Ukraine
23.01.21-Ep. 2460 March For Life: What The Future Holds; The RNC Doesn't Know Their Base
23.01.21-Ep. 2459 68 Days Of Silence
23.01.20-Ep. 2458 Holding Feet To The Fire
23.01.20-Ep. 2457 Davos Recap And The March For Life Kicks Off
23.01.19-Ep. 2456 The Fight Over The Debt Ceiling
23.01.19-Ep. 2455 Live Reporting From Davos
23.01.19-Ep. 2454 The Day Of Reckoning For The Debt Ceiling
23.01.18-Ep. 2453 How To Fight Back Against CRT In School
23.01.18-Ep. 2452 The Super Highway That Is The Darien Gap
23.01.18-Ep. 2451 Davos: The Oscars For The Globalist Empire
23.01.17-Ep. 2450 The Madness From Davos To The Darien Gap
23.01.17-Ep. 2449 The Top Secret Doc Found At Private Residence
23.01.17-Ep. 2448 On The Ground Reports From DAVOS
23.01.16-Ep. 2447 Davos Recap; Mandates Being Struck Down Across The Country
23.01.16-Ep. 2446 Total Grassroots Revolt
23.01.16-Ep. 2445 Private Law Firms Are To Be Held Responsible For The Document Cover Up
23.01.14-Ep. 2444 Fighting Back Against The Ruling Class
23.01.14-Ep. 2443 The Payback For Modern Monetary Theory
23.01.13-Ep. 2442 Where We Stand With The Special Counsel
23.01.13-Ep. 2441 Is AI The New AntiChrist
23.01.13-Ep. 2440 Holding The Speakers Feet To the Fire
23.01.12-Ep. 2439 Leading The Charge With A Special Prosecutor
23.01.12-Ep. 2438
23.01.12-Ep. 2437 The Secret Meetings Of The Bidens
23.01.11-Ep. 2436 More Classified Documents Found
23.01.11-Ep. 2435 Your Elected Officials Are Not Fighting For You
23.01.11-Ep. 2434 The Rats Are Leaving The Ship At Announcement Of Oversight Committee
23.01.10-Ep. 2433 Who Are Behind The Funding Of The Migrant Crisis
23.01.10-Ep. 2432 The Wave Of Truth Coming In 2023
23.01.10-Ep. 2431 What Did The Administration Know About Classified Documents
23.01.09-Ep. 2430
23.01.09-Ep. 2429 The Debt Ceiling And Biden Visits The Border
23.01.09-Ep. 2428 Unrest In Brazil
23.01.07-Ep. 2427
23.01.07-Ep. 2426
23.01.06-Ep. 2425
23.01.06-Ep. 2424 There Is No Deal That Can Be Made
23.01.06-Ep. 2423 The Restoring Of Regular Order To The House
23.01.05-Ep. 2422 The Fight For The Gavel Continues
23.01.05-Ep. 2421
23.01.05-Ep. 2420
23.01.05-Ep. 2419
23.01.04-Ep. 2418
23.01.04-Ep. 2417
23.01.03-Ep. 2416 The Historical Vote For Speaker
23.01.03-Ep. 2415 The Speaker Chopping Block
23.01.03-Ep. 2414 The Congress Cartel Are Being Exposed
23.01.02-Ep. 2413 The New Populist Republican Party
23.01.02-Ep. 2412 One Day Till Congress Returns
22.12.31-Ep. 2411 WarRoom: A New Years Special Cont
22.12.31-Ep. 2410 WarRoom: A New Years Special
22.12.30-Ep. 2409
22.12.30-Ep. 2408
22.12.29-Ep. 2407 Where We Are Heading With The Medical Industrial Complex
22.12.29-Ep. 2406 The Biden's Vacation As America Freezes
22.12.28-Ep. 2405
22.12.28-Ep. 2404
22.12.27-Ep. 2403 The Threat China Brings To Taiwan
22.12.27-Ep. 2402 Title 42 To Be Lifted And The Surge Continues
22.12.26-Ep. 2401 WarRoom: A Boxing Day Special
22.12.26-Ep. 2400 WarRoom: A Boxing Day Special
22.12.24-Ep. 2399 A WarRoom Christmas Special
22.12.24-Ep. 2398 A WarRoom Christmas Special
22.12.23-Ep. 2397 Stopping the steal in Arizona; the transhumanist night before Christmas
22.12.23-Ep. 2396
22.12.23-Ep. 2395 The Steal In Arizona; Trump Stands Up Against The Reckless Spending
22.12.22-Ep. 2394
22.12.22-Ep. 2394? We Are Sleepwalking Into A Shooting War With Russia
22.12.22-Ep. 2393
22.12.22-Ep. 2392
22.12.22-Ep. 2391
22.12.21-Ep. 2390
22.12.21-Ep. 2389 Stopping The Egregious Spending Of The Omnibus Bill
22.12.21-Ep. 2388 Am Fest Recap: What We Learned And How To Win Moving Forward
22.12.20-Ep. 2387 Live From Am Fest: The Fight For Speaker
22.12.20-Ep. 2386 Live From Am Fest: Taking Down The Intelligence State
22.12.20-Ep. 2385 Fighting The Steal In Arizona
22.12.19-Ep. 2384
22.12.19-Ep. 2383
22.12.17-Ep. 2382
22.12.17-Ep. 2381
22.12.17-Ep. 2380 The Battle For RNC
22.12.16-Ep. 2379 The Base Deserves More Than What The RNC Is Offering
22.12.16-Ep. 2378 Over 5,000 Migrants A Day Projected To Come Into The US
22.12.15-Ep. 2377 Where The Market Falls Leading Into The Holidays
22.12.15-Ep. 2376 The Egregious Spending By The RNC
22.12.15-Ep. 2375 The Fight For Speaker
22.12.14-Ep. 2374 Protest In Brazil; Higher Spending, Higher Inflation, Zero Accountability
22.12.14-Ep. 2373 The Fight For Speaker Of House
22.12.14-Ep. 2372 What To expect When Title 42 Is Lifted
22.12.13-Ep. 2371
22.12.13-Ep. 2370 Wages Decline; Arizona Challenges Election; Deficit Increases
22.12.13-Ep. 2369 The Surge In El Paso Makes It To the Mainstream
22.12.12-Ep. 2368
22.12.12-Ep. 2367 Support For Big Pharma Leads To Human Toll; The Lawsuit Of Kari Lake
22.12.12-Ep. 2366 Understanding The Threat Of China; Elon Going Full WarRoom
22.12.10-Ep. 2365
22.12.10-Ep. 2364
22.12.09-Ep. 2363
22.12.09-Ep. 2362 The Perversion Of The School Board In Chicago; Why Isn't The DOJ Working With Twitter
22.12.09-Ep. 2361 The Art Of The Stochastic Terrorism At Twitter; Judas Pence Helped Promote Lockdowns
22.12.09-Ep. 2360 The Kissing Of The Ring Between Saudi And Xi; The Agenda Of The Covid Crisis
22.12.08-Ep. 2359 Higher Interest Rates, National Debt, Where Economy Is Going During The Holiday Season
22.12.08-Ep. 2358 Our Public Health Officials Are In Cover Up Mode
22.12.08-Ep. 2357 Going On Offense Against The Censorship Tactics Of Big Tech; Economic Deceleration
22.12.07-Ep. 2356 Attacking And Dismantling The Bureaucratic State
22.12.07-Ep. 2355 Remembering Pearl Harbor 81 Years Ago Today; Updates From Arizona
22.12.06-Ep. 2354 Gameday In Georgia; Corrupt Jim Baker Fired From Twitter
22.12.06-Ep. 2353 The Shocking Truth About Wuhan To US BioWarfare
22.12.06-Ep. 2352 Playmakers Make Plays; The Fight For RNC Chair
22.12.05-Ep. 2351
22.12.05-Ep. 2350 The Information Laundering System That Is The MainStream Media
22.12.05-Ep. 2349 Gameday In Georgia; The Continued Suppression Of The Biden Laptop
22.12.03-Ep. 2348
22.12.03-Ep. 2347
22.12.02-Ep. 2346
22.12.02-Ep. 2345 The Corrupt Power Elite In Arizona
22.12.02-Ep. 2344 The Era Of Central Banking Is Over; Crime Is On The Rise Across The Country
22.12.01-Ep. 2343 The Constant Politicalization Of The Fed; Corruption In Cochise County
22.12.01-Ep. 2342 The Democrats Don't Want Your Vote To Count; Blood In The Streets In China
22.12.01-Ep. 2341 The Congressional Cartel During The Lame Duck
22.11.30-Ep. 2340
22.11.30-Ep. 2339 The Greatest Threat For The CCP Are Christians
22.11.30-Ep. 2338 Breaking Down Voter Fraud; The Threats In Mohave County
22.11.29-Ep. 2337
22.11.29-Ep. 2336 The US economy And The Dangers Of China
22.11.29-Ep. 2335 Continued Forced Vaccine On The Middle Class; The Lies Of The Arizona Election
22.11.28-Ep. 2334 The Embarrassment In Maricopa County
22.11.28-Ep. 2333 Mike Lindell Announces Run For RNC Chair; Attempting To Certify A Flawed Election
22.11.28-Ep. 2332 Protests Continue In The streets Of China; Lies Of Anthony Fauci
22.11.26-Ep. 2331 The Corrupt Democratic Spending Of FTX; The Investigations Of Hunter Biden
22.11.26-Ep. 2330 The Fight For RNC Chair
22.11.25-Ep. 2329 Chaos In China; The Lies Of Anthony Fauci
22.11.25-Ep. 2328 The Fight For Election Integrity In Arizona
22.11.24-Ep. 2327 WarRoom: A Thanksgiving Special Cont.
22.11.24-Ep. 2326 WarRoom: A Thanksgiving Special
22.11.26-Ep. 2325 The Continued Coverup Of Hunter Biden; Government Push To More Vaccine Spending
22.11.23-Ep. 2324 Kari Lake Files Initial Suit Against The Botched Election
22.11.23-Ep. 2323 The Non-Binary Colorado Shooter; The Apple Workers Of China Revolt
22.11.23-EXCLUSIVE-Hunter Biden Owned Financial Stake In Digital Banking Platform Optimized For Use By Illegal Immigrants, Mexican Cartels, And Human Traffickers
22.11.22-Ep. 2322
22.11.22-Ep. 2321
22.11.22-Ep. 2320
22.11.21-Ep. 2319 CBS Wakes Up To Truth Of Hunter Biden Laptop; Selling Out American Energy Independence
22.11.21-Ep. 2318 The CCP Owns The Democratic Party
22.11.21-Ep. 2317 Biden's Border Magic Welcomes Millions Of Migrants
22.11.19-Ep. 2316
22.11.19-Ep. 2315
22.11.18-Ep. 2314 Garland's Witch Hunt Investigations Into President Trump; Getting To The Bottom Of The Brazil Election
22.11.18-Ep. 2313 Elon's Shot Across The Bow; Congress Must Stop Biden's Trillion Dollar Spending Spree
22.11.18-Ep. 2312: The Attacks On MTG; Updates From Uvalde
22.11.17-Ep. 2311
22.11.17-Ep. 2310 G20 Push Vaccine Passports And Big Tech/Government Overreach
22.11.17-Ep. 2309 The Investigation Of The Bidens
22.11.16-Ep. 2308
22.11.16-Ep. 2307 Fight For House Leadership; Moms Take On Fight For Legislature
22.11.16-Ep. 2306 Trump Announces 2024 Run; Kiley Takes The 218th Seat To Push Republicans To Victory
22.11.15-Ep. 2305
22.11.15-Ep. 2304 Washington's Fight For Election Integrity
22.11.15-Ep. 2303 The Announcement At Mar A Lago; The Fight For Speaker
22.11.14-Ep. 2302 The Debate For Speaker; Final Hours Of Maricopa
22.11.14-Ep. 2301 Still Thousands Of Ballots Outstanding In Arizona
22.11.14-Ep. 2300 Fighting Back With The 'MTG Wing' Of The Party
22.11.12-Ep. 2299
22.11.12-Ep. 2298
22.11.11-Ep. 2297
22.11.11-Ep. 2296 Remembering The Fallen And Continuing Their Fight For Freedom
22.11.11-Ep. 2295 Laying Out The Plan For Congress
22.11.10-Ep. 2294
22.11.10-Ep. 2293 Strategy For During The Lame Duck; Pro Life Turned Out To The Polls
22.11.10-Ep. 2292 New York Times Predicts Wins For MAGA In Washington State; It Is Time To Go On Offense
22.11.09-Ep. 2291
22.11.09-Ep. 2290 We Are Changing The Balance Of Power In America
22.11.09-Ep. 2289 The Direction Of The Country
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 9
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 9
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 8
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 7
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 6
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 5
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 4
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 3
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 2
22.11.08-2022 Election Coverage Hour 1
22.11.08-Ep. 2288 2022 Midterms Election Night
22.11.08-Ep. 2287 20% Of Machines In Maricopa County Are Not Working
22.11.08-Ep. 2286 Gameday 2022; 2-1 Turnout For Republicans In NYC
22.11.07-Ep. 2285 The Red Wave Continues To Sweep The Nation
22.11.07-Ep. 2284 Democrats Plan To Slow Walk Key Battleground States
22.11.07-Ep. 2283 The Red Wave Sweeping Through New Hampshire; The Diffusion Of Economic Power
22.11.05-Ep. 2282 Imprisonment For Questioning The Election; Arizona Is The Railhead For 2022
22.11.05-Ep. 2281 MTG Live From Cobb County GA; The Coming Trials Of The Biden Regime
22.11.04-Ep. 2280 New York State Is Standing Up to The Democratic Regime; The Attack On Christians
22.11.04-Ep. 2279 Jobs Report Spin By The MSM; The Trials Of Anthony Fauci
22.11.04-Ep. 2278 4 Days Till Game Day; Trump Teases A 2024 Comeback
22.11.03-Ep. 2277 We're Witnessing A Market In Freefall
22.11.03-Ep. 2276 Breaking News Out Of Arizona; November 8th Will Be The New Renaissance
22.11.03-Ep. 2275 Taking On The Federal Reserve; The Culture War Predominates Everywhere
22.11.02-Ep. 2274 Fed's Rate Hikes; The Surveillance Of The DHS
22.11.02-Ep. 2273 The Democratic Party Is Shattering Come November 8th
22.11.02-Ep. 2272 It Is Time To Get Out And Vote Like Your Lives Depend On It
22.11.01-Ep. 2271 Where We Stand With Brazil; Consumer Debt Is Crushing The American Worker
22.11.01-Ep. 2270 We Are Over The Target As The Regimes Days Are Numbered
22.11.01-Ep. 2269 Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona: Already They Are Preparing To Slow Roll Count For Steal
22.10.31-Ep. 2268 From Ohio To Arizona What Is In Store For November 8th
22.10.31-Ep. 2267 Elections Observers Push Back Against Soros Funding; Baghdad By The Bay
22.10.31-Ep. 2266 When Will The Truth Be Shown From Pelosi Attacker To Brazil Election
22.10.29-Ep. 2265 It Is Time To Own Your Vote; The Paul Pelosi Story
22.10.29-Ep. 2264 Judge Rules In Favor For Constitutional Drop Box Watchers
22.10.28-Ep. 2263
22.10.28-Ep. 2262 The Mainstream Told You How To Invest And Left You Stranded
22.10.28-Ep. 2261 General Michael Flynn's Holy War; From Connecticut to Rhode Island NYC To Vermont
22.10.27-Ep. 2260 The Hate Of Kash Patel; Gaslighting And The Fossil Fuel Industry
22.10.27-Ep. 2259 The Title Wave Of Turnout In Battleground States
22.10.27-Ep. 2258 We Are Witnessing The Last Gasp Of The Consumer
22.10.26-Ep. 2257 The Impeachment Of Joe Biden; Building Out The Patriot Economy
22.10.26-Ep. 2256 Breaking News From Live On The Ground In New Hampshire; The Expanding Battleground
22.10.26-Ep. 2255 The Democratic Politicians Are Terrified Of Their Own Shadows; ProtectTheVote.com
22.10.26-Ep. 2254 Two Weeks Out From The Most Historic Day In American History
22.10.25-Ep. 2253
22.10.25-Ep. 2252 The Issue Sets Are Imploding For Democrats
22.10.24-Ep. 2251 Where China Is Taking Their Money Next
22.10.24-Ep. 2250 The Continued False Claims That We Have A Secure Border
22.10.24-Ep. 2249 Enrolling Minors in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials
22.10.23-Ep. 2248 WarRoom Sunday Special With Bishop Athanasius Schneider
22.10.22-Ep. 2247 The West Continues To Put Italy In A Box With The New Sworn In Prime Minister
22.10.22-Ep. 2246 The Alex Jones Show Trials
22.10.21-Ep. 2245
22.10.21-Ep. 2244 Where We Stand With Taking Back California; This Is A Peoples Victory
22.10.21-Ep. 2243 Mastriano Stands Up For Pennsylvania Families
22.10.20-Ep. 2242
22.10.20-Ep. 2241 The Warning Signs Are Flashing Across The Pond And We Are On The Same Trajectory
22.10.20-Ep. 2240 Liz Truss Steps Down As The Sharks Already Start To Circle
22.10.20-Ep. 2239 Nevada, Oregon, Arizona: MAGA Continues To Pull Through With Voters
22.10.19-Ep. 2238 6,000 Ballot Registration Error In Arizona Already Brings Doubt To Trust In Midterms
22.10.19-Ep. 2237 Gas, Inflation, The Border All Issues Continuing To Worsen As We Head Into Midterms
22.10.18-Ep. 2236 Biden Approval Stuck At 40%; Making Sure We Have Clean And Fair Elections
22.10.18-Ep. 2235 The Anti Modernist Oath
22.10.18-Ep. 2234 Elise Stefanik: Piercing The Veil
22.10.17-Ep. 2233 Radical Opponents Head Off In Arizona, Montana, And Ohio
22.10.17-Ep. 2232 CNN Even Admits The Economy Under Biden Is Plummeting
22.10.17-Ep. 2231 Farage On The Death Of The British Conservative Party
22.10.15-Ep. 2230 How we Need To Go On Offense Over The Next Three Weeks
22.10.15-Ep. 2229 Clean Elections For 2022
22.10.14-Ep. 2228 The Attack On Children: From The Medical Board To The School Board
22.10.14-Ep. 2227 Parents Fight Back In Michigan Against Gender Ideology Being Pushed On Their Children
22.10.14-Ep. 2226 Shapiro Has Failed Pennsylvania And Mastriano Stands Up For Pennsylvania
22.10.13-Ep. 2225 We Are Going To Experience Years Of Entrenched Inflation
22.10.13-Ep. 2224 We Are Plummeting Due To The Regimes Zero Percent Interest Rate Policy
22.10.13-Ep. 2223 You're About To Lose A Decade Of Your Financial Future
22.10.12-Ep. 2222 When You Have To Pay For Freedom Of Speech
22.10.12-Ep. 2221 We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of The Intellectual Financial Sphere
22.10.12-Ep. 2220 Last PPI Before The Midterms; Julianne Murray On Taking Back Our Elections
22.10.11-Ep. 2219 The Numbers Don't Lie With Biden's Approval
22.10.11-Ep. 2218 Inflation is Like Trying To Stuff The Toothpaste Back Into The Tube
22.10.11-Ep. 2217 What We Are To Expect With Populism Nationalism On The Ballot This November
22.10.10-Ep. 2216 Where To Become A Poll Watcher; What We Are About To See With Oil In The Coming Winter
22.10.10-Ep. 2215 Why Governor Races Matter; Oil Prices Continue To Climb
22.10.10-Ep. 2214 Katie Hobbs Fears Debating Kari Lake; MAGA Continues To Lead In Polling
22.10.08-Ep. 2213 The Establishment Fears What Is Happening In Arizona
22.10.08-Ep. 2212 Fear-Mongering Of Nuclear Fallout And Executive Orders On Collecting Data
22.10.07-Ep. 2211 Blake Masters Comes Out Swinging In Debate; Employment Numbers Cause Stock Free Fall
22.10.07-Ep. 2210 We Have The Issue Sets, The Candidates, And We Connect To The American People
22.10.07-Ep. 2209 Thousands Migrant Get Asylum Though COVID Procedures
22.10.06-Ep. 2208 Violence Continues On Border; Twitter Hates Conservatives They Refuse To Sell To Elon
22.10.06-Ep. 2207 What Really Happened With The DNC Pipebomb Threat
22.10.06-Ep. 2206 Uvalde Left Out To Dry After Used By Mainstream Media
22.10.05-Ep. 2205 Trump Live From The Hispanic Leadership Conference; You're Losing Your Energy Security
22.10.05-Ep. 2204 Attacks Against Walker Mount In Georgia; The Coming War Between Taiwan And China
22.10.05-Ep. 2203 Elon Buys Twitter; Auditing The Voter Rolls BEFORE The Election
22.10.04-Ep. 2202 Lawsuits, Washington State, The Great Reset, And Unjust HHS Mandates
22.10.04-Ep. 2201 They Fear The Populist Uprising In Nevada; Crisis At The Border
22.10.04-Ep. 2200 Where Are We As We Head Into November
22.10.03-Ep. 2199 Big Tech Censorship, Populism Taking Over In The Netherlands
22.10.03-Ep. 2198 Pure Politics Against DeSantis And The Hurricane In Florida
22.10.03-Ep. 2197 The Global Stakes Of The Brazil's Election
22.10.01-Ep. 2196 Koffler, Beattie, Tyrmand: Russian Annexations; The Rise Of Elon Musk's AI
22.10.01-Ep. 2195 Live Updates From The Globalist Puppetmasters Event, Pennsylvania, And Michigan
22.10.01-Ep. 2194 The Posse Sells Out The Box Office For Spiritual Films; How We Take Back The Senate
22.09.30-Ep. 2193 3 In 5 Americans Say Inflation Is Getting Worse
22.09.30-Ep. 2192 60 Percent Of Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck
22.09.29-Ep. 2191 Crime Is Rampant In Philadelphia; Fauci Earned Millions Off Of The Pandemic
22.09.29-Ep. 2190 Market's Open Down For The 7th Straight Day
22.09.28-Ep. 2189 We're Do We Stand Heading Into The Midterms And What The Actual Data Is Telling Us
22.09.28-Ep. 2188
22.09.28-Ep. 2187 Illegal Migrants Are Granted Better Treatment Than Veterans
22.09.28-Ep. 2186 Jeff Rainforth Live From The Wall In El Paso
22.09.27-Ep. 2185 Housing Market Plummets To 10 Year Low
22.09.27-Ep. 2184 This Audience Continues To Be The Reason We Are Winning
22.09.27-Ep. 2183 The White House Thinks That You Are The Enemy Of The State
22.09.26-Ep. 2182
22.09.26-Ep. 2181 Must Watch Joe Kent Debate Sep 27th 6pm PT
22.09.26-Ep. 2180 Populism Sweeps Italy In Election
22.09.24-Ep. 2179 We Are Reaching Regime Level Government Overreach; Alex Jones Unleashed
22.09.24-Ep. 2178 First Christian Church Of Katy Texas Promoting Child Friendly Drag Events
22.09.23-Ep. 2177 WarRoom Called The Market Crash Almost 1 Year Ago; Live From North Carolina
22.09.23-Ep. 2176 The Economy Is About To Be A Lost Decade Of Your Life
22.09.23-Ep. 2175 The Bottom Is Falling Out On The Markets
22.09.22-Ep. 2174 Every State Is a Border State And They Are Feeling The Pain From Biden's Border Crisis
22.09.22-Ep. 2173 Arizona Ranchers Are Having To Deal With Migrant Deaths On Their Own
22.09.22-Ep. 2172 The Pit Of Hell Of Spending; Live From FAIR Day 2: We Need Border Security
22.09.21-Ep. 2171 Fed Raises Interest Rates As The Markets Plummet
22.09.21-Ep. 2170 Was The FBI Censoring Agents; On The Ground From FAIR: Holding Their Feet To The Fire
22.09.21-Ep. 2169 Live On The Ground From FAIR And The Catastrophe At The Southern Border
22.09.20-Ep. 2168 Nigel Farage On The Legacy Of The Queen; They Are Continuing To Push Puberty Blockers On Families Children
22.09.20-Ep. 2167 More Than 78 Terrorists Have Been Apprehended At The Border
22.09.20-Ep. 2166 Humanity 2.0 Is Coming...You Have Been Warned
22.09.19-Ep. 2165 Migrants Deported From The Vineyard; Taking Back Trump's America Live
22.09.19-Ep. 2164 Meckler On Taking Back Washington And Fixing The Structure Of Our Nation
22.09.19-Ep. 2163 Elise Stefanik Announces Run For GOP Conference Chair
22.09.17-Ep. 2162 The Global Takeover Of The Elite Is Shattering Around Them
22.09.17-Ep. 2161 Live From TPUSA: The Great Reset
22.09.16-Ep. 2160 The Surge In Crime Continues Because We Restrict Local Police
22.09.16-Ep. 2159 The Great Reset: Live From TPUSA Phoenix
22.09.16-Ep. 2158 The Willful Ignorance Of The Law
22.09.15-Ep. 2157 Migrants Are Sent To Martha's Vineyard And The Elite Left Is In Meltdown
22.09.15-Ep. 2156 How Inflation Is Tied With The Climate Mandates
22.09.15-Ep. 2155 Karoline Leavitt: It's Never Been Extreme To Put Your Home First
22.09.14-Ep. 2154 MAGA Takes Over Sweden: The Populist Revolt Wins PM
22.09.14-Ep. 2153 We Have Dug Ourselves Into A Financial Hole And Will Take Time To Climb Out
22.09.14-Ep. 2152 MAGA Blow Out In New Hampshire
22.09.13-Ep. 2151 I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain: The Worst Plumet Of The Markets Since June 2020
22.09.13-Ep. 2150 The Democrat Show Trial Has Collapsed And They Are Scrambling
22.09.13-Ep. 2149 Soaring Inflation Numbers Are Driving The Stake Into The Biden Regime
22.09.12-Ep. 2148 MTG Fights Back Against Regimes Claims Of Domestic Terrorism During 9/11 Memorials
22.09.12-Ep. 2147 The Push Back Against The WEF And The Liberal Party
22.09.12-Ep. 2146 9/11 21 Years Ago Remembered
22.09.10-Ep. 2145 Pray For Our Enemies: The Grassroots Are Fighting Back
22.09.10-Ep. 2144 MAGA Is Ascendant: The Election Integrity Public Forums
22.09.09-Ep. 2143 Boston Children's Hospital Continues To Push Gender Affirmation Surgery On Minors
22.09.09-Ep. 2142 Crime And Economic Turmoil Surges In Washington State
22.09.09-Ep. 2141 Karoline Leavitt Throws Down And The RINOs In The Swamp Are Terrified
22.09.09-Ep. 2140 I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight; Bill Barr's Media Tour; Dr Wolf Continues To Be Censored
22.09.08-Ep. 2139 Make Sweden Great Again: Populist Uprising In Sweden
22.09.08-Ep. 2138 The DoJ Leaking Documents To WAPO; They Want To Continue To Mask You And Your Children
22.09.07-Ep. 2137 Dark Money Flooding Into Anti MAGA Candidates In New Hampshire
22.09.07-Ep. 2136 England Stops Covid Shots For Children Following Health Concerns
22.09.07-Ep. 2135 The coming Economic "Rush"; The Main Priority We Must Do Is Secure The Border
22.09.06-Ep. 2134 England Has A New Prime Minister, Does She Have The Courage For The Job
22.09.06-Ep. 2133 Business In Europe Are Shutting Down, Energy Is Skyrocketing
22.09.06-Ep. 2132 MAGA Rally Turn Out Trump's Biden's Weak Crowds
22.09.03-Ep. 2131 Labor Day: MAGA's Holiday Cont.
22.09.03-Ep. 2130 Labor Day: MAGA's Holiday
22.09.03-Ep. 2129 Get Out The Vote, Vote Early, Vote Day Of
22.09.03-Ep. 2128 Live From The Commonwealth; Biden Is Labeling MAGA The Enemy Of The State
22.09.02-Ep. 2127 The Speech For 'Democracy'; The Rule Of Law Means Nothing For The Biden Regime
22.09.02-Ep. 2126 This November We Must Deliver A crushing Blow To The Ballot Box
22.09.02-Ep. 2125 The Red Sermon Of Joe Biden: The Battlelines Are Drawn And There Is No Compromise
22.09.01-Ep. 2124 Rebuttal To Biden's Address To the Nation; Project Veritas Fascist School Hiring Practices
22.09.01-Ep. 2123 Gavin Newsom Is Collecting Big From the Vendors, Corporate Action Committees And More
22.09.01-Ep. 2122 School Reading/Math Levels Plummet To 30 Year Low
22.08.31-Ep. 2121 Texas School Boards Are Flipping In Favor Of MAGA
22.08.31-Ep. 2120 A Post Dollar World Is Coming
22.08.31-Ep. 2119 President Trump Complied While The DoJ Lied
22.08.30-Ep. 2118 Nigel Farage On The Decline Of The West
22.08.30-Ep. 2117 Alex Jones: The Great Reset And The War For The World
22.08.30-Ep. 2116 The Democrats Are Afraid To Let The Public Vote
22.08.29-Ep. 2115 The Firestorm Around Mar A Largo; Chaos Breaks Loose In Baghdad
22.08.29-Ep. 2114 Winter Is Coming And There Will Be Nowhere To Hide: Paris, Germany, Poland
22.08.29-Ep. 2113 The Continued Assault On The Border
22.08.27-Ep. 2112 The Unvaxxed Cannot Serve This Country But If You Are HIV Positive You Can Be Deployed
22.08.27-Ep. 2111 Precedent Is Out The Window; We Are Going On 7 Years Of Non Stop Attacks On Trump
22.08.26-Ep. 2110 The FBI Has Systemic Problems And The Ransacking Of Mar A Largo Is Just One Example
22.08.26-Ep. 2109 The Laptop From Hell Was Known To FBI And They Used Facebook To Suppress And Cover Up
22.08.26-Ep. 2108 The Lies Of Jared Kushner; Jerome Powell's Jackson Hole Speech
22.08.25-Ep. 2107 The Continued Attack On President Trump; How China Could Choke Taiwan
22.08.25-Ep. 2107 The Continued Attack On President Trump; How China Could Choke Taiwan
22.08.25-Ep. 2106 MTG SWATTED.....Again; The Labor Market Continues To Implode
22.08.25-Ep. 2105 End Of Abundance’ For The West / Ukraine Returns To Normal And Russian Economy Thrives
22.08.24-Ep. 2104 The SWATTING Of MTG; There Is A Clear Bias Against Trump And The Raid On Mar A Largo
22.08.24-Ep. 2103 The Games Are Over And We Are Coming For You
22.08.24-Ep. 2102 Mom's For Liberty Sweep Florida In School Board Race
22.08.23-Ep. 2101 Incel Threatens The Lives Of Turning Point USA Event Goers In Tampa
22.08.23-Ep. 2100 Fauci Retires While Still Pushing Big Pharma Ideals
22.08.23-Ep. 2099 Trump Fully Complied, Biden Regime Knew Of Plan To Raid Mar-a-Lago
22.08.23-Ep. 2098 MTG Continues To Call For The Trial Of Fauci; Fauci Retires
22.08.22-Ep. 2097 Free Up the Energy Supply, Energy Bills Planned To Quadruple Come Next April
22.08.22-Ep. 2096 MAGA Is Ready To Turn Out In Florida
22.08.21-Ep. 2095 Live From The Moment Of Truth Summit Day 2: The Trial Of The Machines Cont.
22.08.21-Ep. 2094 Live From The Moment Of Truth Summit Day 2: The Trial Of The Machines
22.08.20-Ep. 2093 Live From The Mike Lindell Moment Of Truth Summit Cont.
22.08.20-Ep. 2092 Live From The Mike Lindell Moment Of Truth Summit
22.08.19-Ep. 2091 Florida: Where WOKE Goes To Die
22.08.19-Ep. 2090 The Fed And Congress Neglect For The American People Are Causing Stagflation
22.08.19-Ep. 2089 The Biden Justice Department Are Trying To Cover Up Their Steps
22.08.18-Ep. 2088 Where Is The Unredacted Affidavits
22.08.18-Ep. 2087 Populism Is Growing In New York State
22.08.18-Ep. 2086 Information Declassified By President Trump Reveals New Facts In Russia Hoax
22.08.17-Ep. 2085 Mike Pence Kisses The Boot Of The Corrupt Justice Department
22.08.17-Ep. 2084 Europe Trembles As Italian Nationalism Rises; Charlie Countering The Great Reset
22.08.17-Ep. 2083 The Witch Is Dead: The End Of The Cheney Dynasty
22.08.16-Ep. 2082 Massive Turnout In Wyoming Gameday Vote
22.08.16-Ep. 2081 The Death Of Americas Productive Economy
22.08.16-Ep. 2080 Downfall Of The Cheney/Murkowski Dynasty; The Cartel Wars In Northern Mexico
22.08.16-Ep. 2079 Cartel Wars Explode In Tijuana And Juarez
22.08.15-Ep. 2078 China's Economy Implodes/Will Drag Down America; Must Decouple
22.08.15-Ep. 2077 Trump Has The Tapes-Video Of Entire Raid Kept By President
22.08.13-Ep. 2076 The Great Reset And The War For The World Cont.
22.08.13-Ep. 2075 The Great Reset And The War For The World
22.08.12-Ep. 2074 Nuclear Hoax Blown Up; FBI Raid Was To Intimidate Trump, MAGA, And Ransack Mar-a-Lago
22.08.12-Ep. 2073 The Repo Man Comes For The Economy; Productivity Crashes
22.08.12-Ep. 2072 The End Of Cheney In Wyoming
22.08.11-Ep. 2071 WarRoom And Judicial Watch Smokeout Merrick Garland Out Of His Cave
22.08.11-Ep. 2070
22.08.11-Ep. 2069 Trump Served Grand Jury Subpoena In June - Fully Complied
22.08.10-Ep. 2068 Cartels Erupt In Mexico: Report From Tapachula
22.08.10-Ep. 2067 Kari Lake Joe Kent: 90 Day Drive To Victory; Mark Milley's Lies
22.08.10-Ep. 2066 The Consumer Is In A Ton Of Trouble; CNBC Spin On The CPI Report
22.08.09-Ep. 2065
22.08.09-Ep. 2064 To The Ramparts: The Born For the Storm MAGA Leaders Call For Action
22.08.09-Ep. 2063 The Administrative State Has Been Weaponized Against The American People
22.08.08-Ep. 2062 The Attorney General's Arizona Victory; Dana Nessel Comes After Matt DePerno
22.08.08-Ep. 2061 Consumer Confidence Continues To Drop To All Time Lows
22.08.08-Ep. 2060 Alex Jones: We Are Not Living In A Free Society
22.08.06-Ep. 2059 CPAC LIVE: The Final Day
22.08.06-Ep. 2058 We Cannot Let Them Steal The State Of Washington; CPAC LIVE: The Final Day
22.08.05-Ep. 2057
22.08.05-Ep. 2056 The Fed Is Mismanaging Your Money
22.08.05-Ep. 2055 Kari Lake Live After Sweeping Victory In Arizona
22.08.04-Ep. 2054
22.08.04-Ep. 2053 Live From CPAC Day 1; Michigan Election Under Investigation
22.08.04-Ep. 2052 Live From CPAC Day 1; The Counts Are Still Coming In; Potential Fraud In Arizona
22.08.03-Ep. 2050 MAGA Wave Sweeps Arizona And Michigan; Kobach Wins In Kansas
22.08.03-Ep. 2049 MAGA Wave Sweeps Arizona And Michigan; The Count Continues In Washington
22.08.02-Ep. 2048
22.08.02-Ep. 2047 Evidence Shows Proof Of Clotting With Vaccine; Wag The Pelosi
22.08.02-Ep. 2046 Gameday In The Battleground States; Energy Continues To Plummet Across The Globe
22.08.01-Ep. 2045 Americas Battleground: Arizona; Chris Ray And The Laptop From Hell; Action At CPAC
22.08.01-Ep. 2044 The Battle For Arizona Wages On
22.08.01-Ep. 2043 Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo: Transcend Fear And Combating The Medical Establishment
22.07.30-Ep. 2042 All Of Arizona Is Turning Out For Voter Integrity In November; Live From Budapest
22.07.30-Ep. 2041 The Red Wave Starts In Dallas And Sweeps Across The Nation
22.07.29-Ep. 2040
22.07.29-Ep. 2039 Assassination Plot On 3 Conservative Justices; Cynthia Hughes Live
22.07.29-Ep. 2038 Big Tech Oligarch Name Naomi Wolf In CDC Scandal; Financial Meltdown Continues
22.07.28-Ep. 2037
22.07.28-Ep. 2036 Bannon Rants On: The American Economy And Distribution Of The Working Class
22.07.28-Ep. 2035 Recession Arrives-The Lies, Misrepresentation, And Fake Numbers Of The Biden Regime
22.07.27-Ep. 2034
22.07.27-Ep. 2033 Washington, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Kansas: The Red Wave Is Coming In November
22.07.27-Ep. 2032 The Surge At The Southern Border; The Face Of Bravery: Vogue Edition
22.07.26-Ep. 2031
22.07.26-Ep. 2030: CPAC Preview How To Win And What To Do With It; Arizona And Missouri Races
22.07.26-Ep. 2029: Colorado Raises Funding For Hand Recount; Walmart Stock Continues To Plummet
22.07.25-Ep. 2028 Walmart Missed Numbers Signal Recession Ahead
22.07.25-Ep. 2027 The Polling Sides With Tina Peters; Deep Dive Of A Few Bad Men
22.07.25-Ep. 2026 Trump's Revenge: The Deconstruction Of Administrative State Action Plan
22.07.23-Ep. 2025 Alex Jones War: Live; Riots At Turning Point
22.07.23-Ep. 2024 Ukraine War Comes To Odessa; Zelensky's ask; The Fall Of The Italian Government
22.07.22-Ep. 2023: Axios Blockbuster: Trumps 2024 Plan; Economic Indicators Implode
22.07.22-Ep. 2022 Jack Posobiec: Live From Student Action Summit Cont.
22.07.22-Ep. 2021 Jack Posobiec: Live From Student Action Summit
22.07.21-Ep. 2020 Biden Gets COVID; Lies Of The Admin; Markets Crash in Europe; Border Chaos Continues
22.07.21-Ep. 2019 Biden Tests Positive For Covid, Get The Federal Government Out Of Education
22.07.21-Ep. 2018 Continued Coverage On The Show Trial Of Steve Bannon
22.07.20-Ep. 2017 Mexican National Guard Over Run; The Outlook For 2024
22.07.20-Ep. 2016 Second Hour: Migrants Push Through Mexican National Guard Live
22.07.20-Ep. 2015: First Hour: The Show Trial Of Steve Bannon
22.07.20-SPECIAL ‘Solely Political’: Viva Frei Gives Play-By-Play Update On The Show Trial Of Steve Bannon
22.07.19-Ep. 2014 Pottinger Exposed; Dr. Birx Pushed For Permeant Lockdowns
22.07.19-Ep. 2013 Pence Backs Karrin Taylor Robson While Turning His Back On Border Security
22.07.19-Ep. 2012 The Uniparty Runs The Courts; Energy Skyrockets While Heat Wave Moves Across The Globe
22.07.18-Ep. 2011 RINOs Report False Report On Election: 'Lost Not Stolen'
22.07.18-Ep. 2010 The Elites Fear The Precinct Project; The Left Doesn’t Care About Your Safety
22.07.18-Ep. 2009 Merrick Garland’s Political Witch Hunt
22.07.16-Ep. 2008 How to Win the Long War: The WarRoom Solution
22.07.16-Ep. 2007 How to Win the Long War: The WarRoom Solution
22.07.15-Ep. 2006 Biden Prostates Himself In Front Of Saudi Throne After Fist Bumping MBS
22.07.15-Ep. 2005 The Created Border Crisis Of Mayorkas
22.07.15-Ep. 2004 This Caused Crisis Has Plummeted Consumer Confidence
22.07.15-Ep. 2003 Ivana Trump Dies At 73; Biden’s Energy Problem Jepardizes America And the World
22.07.14-Ep. 2002 NYT Exposed For Ray Epps Puff Piece
22.07.14-Ep. 2001 300 Trillion Dollars Of Financial Debt: The Coming Financial Armageddon
22.07.13-Ep. 2000 Inflation Roars Through America Leaving Destruction In Its Wake
22.07.13-Ep. 1999 The Return Of Tony Fauci: Robert Malone Blows Up Fauci’s Lie
22.07.13-Ep. 1998 Boebert: An American Life – The Cross Country Journey Of A 4 Year Old Girl
22.07.12-Ep. 1997 The Cornhusker 5: Ricketts Arrest Grassroots MAGA At Convention
22.07.12-Ep. 1996 Pfizer CCP Backed Partners; Elon Musk Trolls Trump
22.07.12-Ep. 1995 Dr. Jill Breakfast Taco Biden; Small Businesses Crater Under Biden’s Economy
22.07.11-Ep. 1994 Trump vs Hogan In Maryland; How MAGA Can Win The Land Of Easy Living
22.07.11-Ep. 1993 WarRoom Calls For Major Investigation Of Twitter; MAGA Revolt In Nebraska
22.07.11-Ep. 1992 The Third World War - The Early Years; Famine Comes To The World
22.07.09-Ep. 1991 Deconstruction Of the Administrative State Cont.
22.07.09-Ep. 1990 Deconstruction Of the Administrative State
22.07.08-Ep. 1989 Trump Announces For CPAC Dallas; Hageman and Palin Fight For Victory
22.07.08-Ep. 1988 Biden Is Committing Treason Again; CPAC Keynote Speaker: Stephen K. Bannon
22.07.08-Ep. 1987 Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated
22.07.07-Ep. 1986 Farage On The Fall Of Boris Johnson In The Squandered Decade Of Tory
22.07.07-Ep. 1985 The Treason Around National Strategic petroleum Reserve to China
22.07.07-Ep. 1984 The Lessons For Republicans And The Fall Of Boris Johnson
22.07.07-Ep. 1983 Vaxx Leads To Pilot Crisis In EU
22.07.07-Ep. 1982 Parents Accountability On Highland Park Shooting
22.07.06-Ep. 1981 Irresponsible Parents Of The Monster In Highland Park Bought Gun For Assasssin
22.07.06-Ep. 1980 Trumps Blowout Polling; Biden 18% Right Track; Farage: Fall Of Boris Johnson
22.07.05-Ep. 1979 Axios Highlights SCOTUS Deconstruction Of Administrative State
22.07.05-Ep. 1978 Inverted Yield Curve-Atlanta Fed Shows Major Recession Ahead
22.07.04-Ep. 1977 Fourth Of July Special #2: The Declaration And It’s Revolution
22.07.04-Ep. 1976 Fourth Of July Special #1: The Declaration And It’s Revolution
22.07.02-Ep. 1975 Fourth of July Weekend Special: The Gathering Storm
22.07.02-Ep. 1974 Fourth of July Weekend Special: The Gathering Storm
22.07.01-Ep. 1973 Strong State Polls For MAGA; Economic Spiral; MSM Propaganda For Pharmaceutical Companies
22.07.01-Ep. 1972 What Time Is It In America; The Transgender Bill Of Rights
22.07.01-Ep. 1971 We Are Experiencing The American Economic Carnage
22.06.30-Ep. 1970 6-3 SCOTUS Deconstructs Admin State; 40-Year High Inflation; Memorial for Dr. Zelenko
22.06.30-Ep. 1969 Royce White Live And Coming After Omar
22.06.30-Ep. 1968 Trump Heads To Alaska; Biden Claims That SCOTUS Has Been Destabilized
22.06.29-Ep. 1967 Throw-down In CO Against Polis; Remembering A War Hero; Dems Transgender Bill Of Rights
22.06.29-Ep. 1966 Intelligence Reports Of 6 January; Inflation And Economic Collapse
22.06.29-Ep. 1965 Revolution In Illinois; Perjury From 2 Sugars Lite
22.06.28-Ep. 1964 Testimony Flops On Capitol Hill; Global Famine; Death Of The Senate Sergeant In Arms
22.06.28-Ep. 1963 Is Stenger The New Vince Foster; Juggernaut Of The Life Movement
22.06.28-Ep. 1962 Noem: Not My First Rodeo; Forced Tragedy In El Paso: The Blood Is On Biden Hands
22.06.27-Ep. 1961 Eye In The Economic Storm; Biden's No Deportation Policy Reversal; MSNBC Maddow Replaced
22.06.27-Ep. 1960 The Takedown Of The Administrative State; Pro Life Fight Goes Back To The States
22.06.27-Ep. 1959 Supreme Court Goes 5-0 In Massive Decisions On American Society
22.06.25-Ep. 1958 Victory Lap For Pro Life The Day After A Monumental SCOTUS Ruling
22.06.25-Ep. 1957 Lies Are Being Spread And Tshibaka Fights Back
22.06.24-Ep. 1956 Crowds Grow Outside The Supreme Court; Texas Backs The Roe v. Wade Decisions
22.06.24-Ep. 1955 The Weaponization Of The FBI
22.06.24-Ep. 1954 Andrew Giuliani/Mastriano Join To Bring Faith Back To Elections
22.06.23-Ep. 1953 We Must Continue To Stand Up For Our God Given Rights
22.06.23-Ep. 1952 SCOTUS Delivers Big Win On Gun Rights; Taking Back Colorado & Runoffs In Georgia
22.06.23-Ep. 1951 Chicago, New York, Colorado, All Fighting To Protect The Rights Of All Americans
22.06.22-Ep. 1950 This Is An Intentional Flooding Of Our Southern Border
22.06.22-Ep. 1949 Flights Cancelled Because Of Fuel Cost; The Recession Is OnThe Horizon
22.06.22-Ep. 1948 Tshibaka Stands Up For The 2nd Amendment; Mom’s For Desantis
22.06.21-Ep. 1947 The Attorney General Is Vacationing In Ukraine While America Suffers
22.06.21-Ep. 1946 Kari Lake Fights Back Against The False Accusations From The Left
22.06.21-Ep. 1945 Threats Against Pro Life On Leadup To Supreme Court Decisions
22.06.20-Ep. 1944 Juneteenth And The MAGA Movement; The Push To Vaccinate Your Children Continues
22.06.20-Ep. 1943 Big Wins For Secretary Of State In Indiana; How To Navigate This Economic Crisis
22.06.20-Ep. 1942 Big Wins For Secretary Of State In Indiana; How To Navigate This Economic Crisis
22.06.18-Ep. 1941 Between Peace And War: A Film By Claire Dooley Cont.
22.06.18-Ep. 1940 Between Peace And War: A Film By Claire Dooley
22.06.17-Ep. 1939 The Fed Cannot Solve This Problem; We Cannot Give Them A Single Win
22.06.17-Ep. 1938 64% Of Independence Disapprove Of Biden’s Regime; Defenders Of The West
22.06.17-Ep. 1937 Andrew Giuliani Pushes Ahead In The Polls; Sanctions Fail To Dent Russia’s War Efforts
22.06.16-Ep. 1936 General Flynn Endorses Andrew Giuliani For Governor
22.06.16-Ep. 1935 You’re Being Lied To Across The Board About The Economy; The World Is Awash In Debt
22.06.16-Ep. 1934 Financial Markets Plummet; Dana Nessel: ‘A Drag Queen For Every School’
22.06.15-Ep. 1933 Posobiec Guest Hosts: Biden Is Groomer-In-Chief
22.06.15-Ep. 1932 The Country Is Burning With Inflation While The Administration Talks Cheap Politics
22.06.15-Ep. 1931 Big MAGA Wins In Battle Ground States; Let Them Eat Solar; The NYT Censorship List
22.06.14-Ep. 1930 Headed For Economic Carnage; FDA Recommend Moderna Vaccines For 6-17 Year Olds
22.06.14-Ep. 1929 Getting Involved At The Local Level To Take Back Our Schools
22.06.14-Ep. 1928 Andrew Giuliani ‘Flexes’ At The Debate; Rudy Was Not Drunk In White House
22.06.13-Ep. 1927 Taking Back Wyoming From The RINOS; The Changing Tide On The Ground Towards MAGA
22.06.13-Ep. 1926 Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, New York: MAGA On The Ballot; AI Is Gaining Sentient Life
22.06.13-Ep. 1925 Powell Has Been Lying Through His Teeth To The American People
22.06.11-Ep. 1924 Biometric Data Being Used On Kids; The Metastasizing War Between China And Taiwan
22.06.11-Ep. 1923 The Caravan Of 15000 Has Been Processed To Walk Freely For 30 Days Through The Country
22.06.10-Ep. 1922 The Economic Summer Rally Is Over And Will Continue To Drop Into The Fall
22.06.10-Ep. 1921 The Markets Are In Chaos; Machines Under Question In New Mexico
22.06.10-Ep. 1920 What Was Withheld From The FBI Days Before Jan 6
22.06.09-Ep. 1919 Harrington, Gates, Beattie, Epshteyn Break Down Jan 6 Committee Attack Tonight
22.06.09-Ep. 1918 The Migrant Caravan Continues Towards The Southern Border
22.06.09-Ep. 1917 Extremism Legislation, Gun Control, Legislation Are Definitely Connected
22.06.08-Ep. 1916 Whether Or Not They Receive Visas, The Caravan Is Coming To The Northern Border
22.06.08-Ep. 1915 Julie Kelly Presents The Offense Against The Jan 6 Committee; Keep Your Receipts
22.06.08-Ep. 1914 Can New York Remove The DA Like The Big Win In California
22.06.07-Ep. 1913 Matthew McConaughey Fugazi At The WH; Live From The Caravan; Cernovich Unleashed
22.06.07-Ep. 1912 CCP Makes Direct Threat On Ceasing Taiwan’s Semi Conductor-Casus Belli
22.06.07-Ep. 1911 Draft Trump 2024; We Are Relying Too Heavily On China For Solar
22.06.06-Ep. 1910 Saving Nine: The Fight To Stop The Radical Left From Packing The Court
22.06.06-Ep. 1909 America’s Mayor On Cleaning Up NYC; Larry Fink’s Sellout Of American Investors
22.06.06-Ep. 1908 Invasion On The Southern Border; China’s Economy Collapses; The Crisis In Energy
22.06.04-Ep. 1907 Geopolitics 101: The Blood Of Ukraine; The Chips On Taiwan Cont.
22.06.04-Ep. 1906 Geopolitics 101: The Blood Of Ukraine; The Chips On Taiwan
22.06.03-Ep. 1905 The CISA Report Is Out: Vulnerabilities Affecting Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast X
22.06.03-Ep. 1904 Mom’s For Liberty Miami Fighting Back Against MSNBC Hit Piece
22.06.03-Ep. 1903 Firestorm In Pennsylvania Senate Race; McCormick Adopts Marc Elias Strategy
22.06.02-Ep. 1902 Lockdowns = Teenage Mass Shooters; Amazon Blocks Dr. Best Selling Book
22.06.02-Ep. 1901 The Great Reset: W/ Charlie Kirk; The Honey Moon Phase With Ukraine Is Ending
22.06.02-Ep. 1900 Yellen, Biden, And The WH Have Failed With Inflation; Energy Prices Continue To Soar
22.06.02-Ep. 1899 Precinct Project Makes Waves; The Caravan Is Closing In At The Border
22.06.01-Ep. 1898 Compact Magazine-A New Journal Of Populism; MSNBC Attacks MAGA Hispanics
22.06.01-Ep. 1897 Dr. Risch Explains The Crisis Of our Time; Pandemics, Big Tech, And Your Life
22.05.31-Ep. 1896 Mass Caravans Are Converging On The Border
22.05.31-Ep. 1895 The Bodies Of Others – The New Authoritarians; Stopping The IHR Amendments In Geneva
22.05.30-Ep. 1894 Inflation Runs Wild, Biden Meets With Fed; Uvalde Has 48 Lockdowns; Title 42 Lifted
22.05.30-Ep. 1893 Memorial Day Special w/ Patrick K. O’Donnell Cont.
22.05.30-Ep. 1892 Memorial Day Special w/ Patrick K. O’Donnell
22.05.28-Ep. 1891 War Room Special: The Coming War Over Taiwan Cont.
22.05.28-Ep. 1890 War Room Special: The Coming War Over Taiwan
22.05.27-Ep. 1889 The Damning Timeline For Uvalde Police; Ripping Down College Mandate On Vaccines
22.05.27-Ep. 1888 Bensman Live From Texas, Kerik On Crime And The Disorganization Of The Texas Officials
22.05.27-Ep. 1887 Live From Uvalde; Cortes And Brat On The Roaring On Inflation
22.05.26-Ep. 1886 The War Against WHO; Bernie Kerik: Where Were The Cops For The Hour Twenty
22.05.26-Ep. 1885 Moderna Dumps 30 Million Vaccines; China Economy Goes To Zero Growth
22.05.26-Ep. 1884 Texas: Where Were The Shooters Parents And Where Were The Cops; The Closing Of DAVOS
22.05.25-Ep. 1883 DAVOS, Deutsche Telekom, And Digital Vaccine Passports
22.05.25-Ep. 1882 America Turns Against 40 Billion Dollar Ukraine Package
22.05.25-Ep. 1881 From Sicily Italy National Military Cemetery Outside Anzio
22.05.25-Ep. 1880 Bill Gates In Davos; American Sovereignty In Geneva
22.05.24-Ep. 1879 Breggin, Roguski On The Selling Of American Sovereignty To WHO
22.05.24-Ep. 1878 DAVOS, Geneva, World Economic Forum, WHO, Posobiec
22.05.23-Ep. 1877 Detained At Davos With Posobiec; Bush Family Thinks AG Paxton Fighting To Hard
22.05.23-Ep. 1876 The Digital Architecture Of Your Enslavement: Posobiec Detained In Davos
22.05.23-Ep. 1875 Posobiec Live From Davos, Klaus Schwab, Zelensky In Ukraine; Noor Bin Ladin In Geneva
22.05.21-Ep. 1874 WHO Warns Against Gatherings; Defense Of Taiwan
22.05.21-Ep. 1873 The Turnout Of MAGA Ultra In Georgia; Monkeypox And The WHO
22.05.20-Ep. 1872 Firestorm GA; Biden Admin Lying To America; Coming Global Famine; Stern & Precinct Strategy
22.05.20-Ep. 1871 The Coming Global Famine; Pennsylvania Senate Race Dead Heat Goes To Court
22.05.20-Ep. 1870 Taking On Facebook At Menlo Park; Breaking Up Big Tech With Anti Trust Legislation
22.05.20-Ep. 1869 Live From Georgia; Rise Against Newsom; Censorship Rally; No Bequette Back Down
22.05.19-Ep. 1868 The March On FaceBook Against Censorship And Medical Freedom
22.05.19-Ep. 1867 The Market Is In Free Fall; Dave Brat Live In Studio
22.05.18-Ep. 1866 Historic Market Meltdown; American Economy; Disinformation Board Disbanded; Musk Flips To Rep.
22.05.18-Ep. 1865 The NYC Governor Race Continues; The Looming Food & Energy Crisis
22.05.18-Ep. 1864 Ballot Count Stalled in PA Primary; The Biden-Inflation Ravaging the Economy
22.05.17-Ep. 1863 Kathy Barnette Live; Christina Bobb On Election Integrity; Elon & Schwab - Joe Allen
22.05.17-Ep. 1862 The Fight Against WHO And Our Loss Of Sovereignty
22.05.17-Ep. 1861 GAME DAY: Idaho, Pennsylvania, North Carolina; Oil Hits Record Highs
22.05.16-Ep. 1860 Elon Musk And Twitter: They’re Playing With Your Pension Funds
22.05.16-Ep. 1859 Chicago In Flames, China’s Economy Collapses; America, The World And You
22.05.16-Ep. 1858 The Rant Against The Loss Of Our Sovereignty
22.05.14-Ep. 1857 Doug Mastriano/Kathy Barnette; Early Voting Results From Georgia
22.05.14-Ep. 1856 Races In Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina
22.05.13-Ep. 1855 Pence Deployed To Georgia; Elon Musks Follows WarRoom Advice Takes Away From Deal
22.05.13-Ep. 1854 Britt Stands Strong With Farmers In Alabama
22.05.13-Ep. 1853 The HHS Restricts People From Listening Into Their Live Stream
22.05.12-Ep. 1852 The Vetting Of Kathy Barnette; Diesel Shortage On East Coast
22.05.12-Ep. 1851 PPI: Biggest Jump Since 1950’s; End Of American Economy
22.05.12-Ep. 1850 WAPO Attacks 2000 Mules; Dave McCormick Dumps Ukraine And McConnell
22.05.11-Ep. 1849 The Bus Rolls On Through Georgia; RINO’s Rally Behind Kemp
22.05.11-Ep. 1848 The CCP Arrest Cardinal Zen; The Vatican Secret Treaty With CCP
22.05.11-Ep. 1847 57 Patriots Vote Against The Reckless Ukraine Spending Bill
22.05.11-Ep. 1846 40 Billion Dollar Oligarch Bail Out; Smash-Mouth Throwdown In Arkansas
22.05.10-Ep. 1845 Dark Horse On The Ground In Ohio; Georgia Is The Battlefield
22.05.10-Ep. 1844 Esper’s Lies Pushed To Sell Books; Citizens Free Press Ranked Behind WSJ For Site Hits
22.05.09-Ep. 1843 Jake Bequette Fights Back Against The Machines/County Clerks
22.05.09-Ep. 1842 The Economy Continues It’s Free Fall; The Rise Of The Global Covid Summit
22.05.09-Ep. 1841 The Viper Esper Admits Coup Plot; Victories Across State Of Texas
22.05.07-Ep. 1840 The Revolt Of America’s Moms: A Mother’s Day Special Cont.
22.05.07-Ep. 1839 The Revolt Of America’s Moms: A Mother’s Day Special
22.05.06-Ep. 1838 Peter Navarro Guest Hosts; Surabian Shares Details From The Trump Administration
22.05.06-Ep. 1837 Nebraska, Pennsylvania, New York Races Heat Up; Full Spectrum MAGA Dominance
22.05.06-Ep. 1836 Rudy Throws Down On Jan 6 Committee; FT Agrees With WarRoom On Fed Balance Sheet
22.05.05-Ep. 1835 Financial Markets Meltdown; Biden Vs. Ultra MAGA; Tommy Robinson To Prison
22.05.05-Ep. 1834 Michele Bachmann In The House; The Chinese Steal Our intellectual Property
22.05.05-Ep. 1833 Biden: “Ultra MAGA Is The Most Radical Political Movement In History Of Country”
22.05.04-Ep. 1832 Biden And The Federal Administration Lie About The Economy; Interest Rates Jacked
22.05.04-Ep. 1831 The Fed Moves On QE3 And Interest Rates; The Current Politics Of Trump
22.05.04-Ep. 1830 JD Vance: Come From Behind Victory In Ohio; The Power Of Trump And MAGA
22.05.03-Ep. 1829 Implosion At The Supreme Court; The Big Lie Of Pro Choice At Polling
22.05.03-Ep. 1828 Live From The Steps Of Supreme Court Cont.; Chris Rufo: The Plan To Take Down Disney
22.05.03-Ep. 1827 Historic Supreme Court Opinion And Betrayal; Live From The Steps Of Supreme Court
22.05.02-Ep. 1826 Upcoming Loss Of House Triggers Mika; Kemp’s Suppression Of Voter Fraud In Georgia
22.05.02-Ep. 1825 Fed Moves Too Slowly and Too Softly To Reign In Runaway Inflation
22.05.02-Ep. 1824 Germany Underwrites Russian War Machine While Screwing America
22.04.30-Ep. 1823 Kemp’s Culpability In The Stealing Of The Georgia 2020 Vote
22.04.30-Ep. 1822 The Economic Catastrophe Becomes Clear To MSNBC; The 33 Billion Dollar Ukrainian Scam
22.04.29-Ep. 1821 Tennessee Legislature Stands Up Against Grooming; India Outraged By Omar In Kashmir
22.04.29-Ep. 1820 Naomi Wolf: The Untold Dangers Of The Covid Vaccine For Pregnant Women
22.04.29-Ep. 1819 Senator Perdue Goes Beastmode On Kemp In Georgia; Gaetz Backs JD Vance In Ohio
22.04.28-Ep. 1818 Bannon Rants Against Biden; The Imploding Economy; The 33 Billion Dollars To Ukraine
22.04.28-Ep. 1817 Posobiec Exposes DHS Ministry Of Truth; Navarro/Cortes On Biden’s Recession
22.04.28-Ep. 1816 Recession Comes To America; Kathy Barnette On Fire At Pennsylvania
22.04.27-Ep. 1815 Mandel/Cruz Barnstorm Ohio; Illegal Migrants Storm The Border
22.04.27-Ep. 1814 Perdue 27 Points Down; Russia Girds For Nuclear Confrontation In Ukraine
22.04.27-Ep. 1813 Bannon: Musk Has To Walk Away From Twitter Deal, To Come Back And Buy It Smartly
22.04.26-Ep. 1812 Posobiec On Twitter Takeover; The Heroism Of Specialist Bishop Evans
22.04.26-Ep. 1811 Hepatitis Scourges The Children Of The World; Beijing In Lockdown
22.04.26-Ep. 1810 Twitter’s Lack Of Competitive Bid To Musk Shows The Left’s Bankruptcy
22.04.25-Ep. 1809 McCarthy’s Tenuous Hold On His Speakership; The Rise Of The Right In France
22.04.25-Ep. 1808 FBI Director Wray Lies On 60 Minutes; The Drive In Arizona To Get Rid Of The Machines
22.04.25-Ep. 1807 Macron Loses Frances Youth By Wide Margin; MAGA Victories In Michigan
22.04.23-Ep. 1806 The Tragedy Of The Darien Gap;Macron VS LePen In France; Pfizer Investigation Heats Up
22.04.23-Ep. 1805 Gov Race In Pennsylvania; Senator Race In Ohio
22.04.22-Ep. 1804 The Lies Of Kevin McCarthy; Anthony Fauci Goes Full Dictator
22.04.22-Ep. 1803 Victory Against Mask In Philadelphia; The Controlled Flow Of Mass Illegal Aliens
22.04.22-Ep. 1802 Exclusive Audio: Trump Destroys Piers Morgan At Mar A Largo; Kevin McCarthy Lies
22.04.21-Ep. 1801 FMR. President Obama Gives WarRoom A Shout Out At Stanford; CNN+ Shut Down
22.04.21-Ep. 1800 The Eternal City Celebrates Its 2775th Birthday; The Calendar Of The Primaries
22.04.21-Ep. 1799 The New York Governors Race Takes Off; Biden’s Economy Continues To Come Unravel
22.04.20-Ep. 1798 Matthew Dowd: “If Jesus Christ Was Alive Today He Would Be Called A Groomer”
22.04.20-Ep. 1797 The German Governments Involvement And Takedown Of The Libs TikTok
22.04.20-Ep. 1796 The Collapse Of The Mask Mandates And the Chaos Of The Biden Administration
22.04.19-Ep. 1795 Charles Herbster: “She’s A Liar”; Ricketts Ambition Is What’s Attacking Me
22.04.19-Ep. 1794 Global Food Crisis May Lead To Famine; Wall Street Oligarchs Buy Up Housing Stock
22.04.19-Ep. 1793 MAGA Takes Over Countries Election Apparatus - Elites Meltdown
22.04.18-Ep. 1792 Federal Judge Shuts Down CDC Mask Mandates; Outing The Administrative State Radicals
22.04.18-Ep. 1791 Ohio Senate Endorsement-Will MAGA Buy In; Young America Turns On Biden
22.04.18-Ep. 1790 A Ukraine War Escalation; The Pfizer Vaxx Failed Clinical Trial
22.04.16-Ep. 1789 Descent Into Hell-An Easter Special
22.04.16-Ep. 1788 Descent Into Hell-An Easter Special
22.04.15-Ep. 1787 Good Friday-Traditional Catholicism & Conservative Christianity Vs Modern World
22.04.15-Ep. 1786 Peter Navarro Hosts-The Turning Tide For Hispanic Democratic Voters
22.04.15-Ep. 1785 Peter Navarro Hosts-Good Friday Live From The Vatican-The Battle For Twitter
22.04.14-Ep. 1784 Elon Musk’s Epic Battle For Twitter Posobiec, Cernovich, Beattie
22.04.14-Ep. 1783 Krugman Lies About Transitory Inflation; Massive Redistricting Victory In Florida
22.04.14-Ep. 1782 Elon Musk: War For Twitter; ”Going Medieval” In Pennsylvania Governor Race
22.04.13-Ep. 1781 11.2% PPI Sets All Time Record, American Economy About To Implode
22.04.13-Ep. 1780 Politico Attacks American Principles Project, The War On The Family, Shanghai Lockdown
22.04.13-Ep. 1779 The EU And NATO’s Complicity For The Destruction Of Ukrainian People
22.04.12-Ep. 1778 Massacre In New York City Subway, Inflation Burns Out Of Control
22.04.12-Ep. 1777 Zuckerberg Surrenders On Financing Future Elections; New Pope/CCP Deal
22.04.12-Ep. 1776 Inflation Hits 40 Year High — And That’s The Good News; Massive Recession En Route
22.04.11-Ep. 1775 The Implications Of The Michigan Domestic Terrorist Debacle
22.04.11-Ep. 1774 Asylum Scams At The Border; Shanghai Terror Lockdowns
22.04.11-Ep. 1773 Live From The Vatican: Holy Week Commences; Macron, Le Pen Throw Down In France
22.04.09-Ep. 1772 Larry Flynt For President; Alister MacKenzie Designs Augusta; CPAC Goes To Hungary
22.04.09-Ep. 1771 FBI/DOJ Epic Fail In Michigan; Abbott Closed Southern Border To Commerce
22.04.08-Ep. 1770 DOJ/FBI Humiliation In MI Trumped-Up Kidnapping Charges
22.04.08-Ep. 1769 Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive From Hell; The Disneyfication Of America’s Kids
22.04.08-Ep. 1768 The Fight On The Southern Border Gets Real; Campaign Grows To Build THE WALL
22.04.07-Ep. 1767 Palin’s Fight In Alaska; Rio Grande Valley Police Fight Back Border Invasion
22.04.07-Ep. 1766 How Zuckerberg Stole The 2020 Election
22.04.07-Ep. 1765 The Historic Vote For Judge Jackson-Cucked Senate GOP Leadership Craters
22.04.06-Ep. 1764 The Controversy Over The Accusation Of Democrats As Groomers
22.04.06-Ep. 1763 Epic Rant On Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell; The Coming World Famine
22.04.06-Ep. 1762 Ohio Senate Race Four-Way Dead Heat; Toxicity Of Jackson’s Confirmation Proceedings
22.04.05-Ep. 1761 Rigged Movie Premieres At Mar A Lago; Pinal County Under Siege
22.04.05-Ep. 1760 The War On The American Family; They’re Coming For The Children
22.04.05-Ep. 1759 The Most Toxic Vote In Living Memory - The Confirmation Of Judge Jackson -AZ, NV, AK
22.04.04-Ep. 1758 Yuma Prepares For Invasion; “They’re Coming For Your Children”
22.04.04-Ep. 1757 Viktor Orban’s Win For The Ages-The Blueprint For America-It’s All About The Family
22.04.04-Ep. 1756 A Rising Generation Of Black MAGA Leaders Point The Way Forward In America’s Spiritual War
22.04.02-Ep. 1755 The Crimes Of Tony Fauci As Told By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
22.04.02-Ep. 1754 The Intensifying Battle Over Judge Jackson’s Record Regarding Pedophiles
22.04.01-Ep. 1753 Riot In Tapachula-Heading To America; Ukrainians Flood San Ysidro Point Of Entry
22.04.01-Ep. 1752 Miranda Devine: The Secrets Of The Laptop From Hell; Rigged 2020 The Movie
22.04.01-Ep. 1751 Lindsey Graham Rejects The Pedophilia Protector Judge Jackson
22.03.31-Ep. 1750 The Case Against Judge Jackson – Sen. Graham “No” On Confirmation
22.03.31-Ep. 1749 Rudy’s Racketeering Charges Against Biden Crime Family Embedded In The Laptop From Hell
22.03.31-Ep. 1748 Biden Approves Instant Asylum At Border For Title 42 Invasion; 500k/Month, 6m/yr
22.03.30-Ep. 1747 Trigger Pull On Title 42, 23 May; Rasmussen: Overwhelming Polling Against Jackson
22.03.30-Ep. 1746 Disney Comes For Governor Desantis-The War For Your Children
22.03.30-Ep. 1745 Karl Rove Expose For The Scumbag He Is; The Dark Secrets Of Biden’s Laptop From Hell
22.03.29-Ep. 1744 The Defeat Of Judge Jackson; Biden Cuts Funding For Border Wall
22.03.29-Ep. 1743 Don Jr. Curates The News; US Underwrites UKR Biolabs
22.03.29-Ep. 1742 Live From The Southern Border: TX Deputy Warns US About Coming Invasion
22.03.28-Ep. 1741 Biden Talks Regime Change; The Economic War Against The Russian People
22.03.28-Ep. 1740 The Decline And Fall Of Lisa Murkowski; Lies of Tony Fauci
22.03.28-Ep. 1739 Judge Jackson Among The Pedophiles; Inverted Yield Curve Means Recession Now
22.03.26-Ep. 1738 Royce White: ”A Ministry Of Truth Into The Belly Of The Beast”
22.03.26-Ep. 1737 Trump On Offense; Jason Miller Calls Out Biden’s For Deaths In Ukraine, Impeachment
22.03.25-Ep. 1736 Invasion From The South-Chaos At The Border; WaPo Cleans Up A Pedophile
22.03.25-Ep. 1735 Famine, Chemical War, Tactical Nukes; CNN Admits To Coming Border Invasion
22.03.25-Ep. 1734 Republican Opposition To Jackson Solidifies; MSNBC Attacks Moms For Liberty
22.03.24-Ep. 1733 Charlie Kirk’s War With Twitter; Invasion On The Southern Border
22.03.24-Ep. 1732 Larry Fink: The End Of Globalization; Thales Academy, And The Future Of America’s Youth
22.03.24-Ep. 1731 The Radicalness Of Judge Jackson And It’s Impact On America’s Future
22.03.23-Ep. 1730 Throw Down At Confirmation Hearing; Brawl Amongst The Senators
22.03.23-Ep. 1729 The Pfizer Documents Revelations; The Point Of Attack On The Election Machines In Colorado
22.03.23-Ep. 1728 Jackson Grilled At Confirmation Hearing; James O’Keefe Spied On By FBI/DOJ
22.03.22-Ep. 1727 Judge Jackson Answers To Charges Of Not Tough On Child Sex Crimes
22.03.22-Ep. 1726 Lindell: “I Have The Receipts Of The Stolen Election.”
22.03.22-Ep. 1725 Child Porn And Judge Jackson; JD Vance On The Neo-Cons in Ohio Senate Race
22.03.21-Ep. 1724 Greitens Fights Back; Confirmation Hearing Pivots On Child Pornography
22.03.21-Ep. 1723 The Hidden Records Of Judge Jackson; Conservative Media’s Cheerleaders For War
22.03.21-Ep. 1722 McConnell v Trump For Control Of US Senate; Mandel Does Not Back Down
22.03.19-Ep. 1721 Pfizer Documents Yield Shocking Revelations; CDC Dumps 48K Child Covid Deaths
22.03.19-Ep. 1720 Zelensky Urgently Pleads For Peace Talks With Putin; JD Vance On Ohio Senate Mayhem
22.03.18-Ep. 1718 The 400K Illegal Tidal Wave; Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell
22.03.18-Ep. 1717 Zelensky As A Highly-Produced Reality TV Star; The Housing Market Begins Crash
22.03.17-Ep. 1716 The Coming War For Taiwan; Moms For America; Robots Take Your Kids & Grandmothers
22.03.17-Ep. 1715 D-Day Comes To The Southern Border;158K Illegals; Inflation Bonfire Burn
22.03.17-Ep. 1714 Zelensky’s “Blame And Shame” Tour; Republican Leadership Fanboys
22.03.16-Ep. 1713 Biden, Graham: “Putin is a war criminal”; FBI arrest of O’Keefe; Lies of Pfizer
22.03.16-Ep. 1712 Politics And Pharma/With Guest Host: Dr. Peter Navarro
22.03.16-Ep. 1711 War and Capital/With Guest Host: Dr. Peter Navarro
22.03.15-Ep. 1710 The Ides Of March And The End Of The Dollar Empire; Cartel Terrorism At The Border
22.03.15-Ep. 1709 Child Indoctrination In Public Schools; The Dark Valley
22.03.15-Ep. 1708 Biggest Inflation Number In History; PPI At 10%; Destruction Of The American Economy
22.03.14-Ep. 1707 The Selling Of The War In Ukraine; Tulsi Gabbard Demands Mitt Apologize And Resign
22.03.14-Ep. 1706 Kari Lake Destroys Left-Wing Journalist; The Dark Secrets Of Pfizer’s Documents
22.03.14-Ep. 1705 China Meets With America In Rome; Inflation Heads To Double-Digits
22.03.12-Ep. 1704 The Coming War In Taiwan-Causes, Outcomes, Solutions
22.03.12-Ep. 1703 The Gates Of Kiev-Kiev As Ukraine’s Stalingrad; The Causes Of Inflation In America
22.03.12-Ep. 1702 Ukraine War Spreads West; Pfizer Documents Point To Potential Crimes
22.03.11-Ep. 1701 Chernobyl Comes To America; Bio Weapons In Ukraine
22.03.11-Ep. 1700 The Jagged Path Of Putin/Zelensky Peace Talks; The Geopolitics Of China And Russia
22.03.10-Ep. 1699 Inflation Roars, Bio Weapons Labs Hide; CDC Conceals Covid Vax Mortality
22.03.10-Ep. 1698 Anti Grooming Bill In Florida; The Financial Investigation On Tony Fauci
22.03.10-Ep. 1697 Ukraine War Negotiations Faulted; Inflation Soars, Economy Melts
22.03.09-Ep. 1696 Spending Orgy Reaches 1.5T In Dark Of Night
22.03.09-Ep. 1695 Going On Offense: Vaccine lawsuits In The Courts
22.03.09-Ep. 1694 YOU Are A Combatant In America’s Economic War Against The Russian People
22.03.08-Ep. 1693 Bio labs in Ukraine; WarRoom Posse Goes Through 50K Pfizer Documents
22.03.08-Ep. 1692 Voter Fraud In CO; 1.5T Budget Deficit Dumped On Americans
22.03.08-Ep. 1691 The Economic War On Russia And America; The Vital National Security Interest Of The US
22.03.07-Ep. 1690 The Bid And The Ask On Ending The War In Ukraine; Debacle In Arizona; Lawyers At War
22.03.07-Ep. 1689 Bill Barr As Gutless Traitor; Secret Gov Support From Fox, Newsmax for Vax
22.03.07-Ep. 1688 The Expansion On WW3-Coming To Your Neighborhood
22.03.05-Ep. 1687 The Lies Of Pfizer; The Billion Dollar Cash Payment From Biden To Media
22.03.05-Ep. 1686 Putin Says The West Has Declared On Russia; Truckers Rally Outside DC
22.03.04-Ep. 1685 Convoy Comes To The outskirts Of Imperial Capital
22.03.04-Ep. 1684 Taking Down “The Squad”; Child Abuse In Texas; Invasion Continues On Southern Border
22.03.04-Ep. 1683 Global Unrestricted Warfare; 80 Mile Convoy Leaves Ohio
22.03.03-Ep. 1682 The Kinetic, Economic, And Spiritual War In Ukraine
22.03.03-Ep. 1681 MAGA Hispanic Numbers In Texas; Moms For Liberty Take Over School Boards
22.03.03-Ep. 1680 The Economic War Of The World; 80 miles Convoy Heads To Ohio
22.03.02-Ep. 1679 70 Mile Convoy Rally In IN.; Massive Turnout In TX
22.03.02-Ep. 1678 The Weaponization Of The Dollar; The Economic Third World War; MAGA Victory in Texas
22.03.02-Ep. 1677 Gov. Noem’s Rebuttal To Joe Biden; Lou Dobbs Takedown Of Joe Biden
22.03.02-Ep. 1676 People’s Convoy 70 Miles Long
22.03.01-Ep. 1675 Pfizer Retreats On Vaccinating Kids 5-11;Wisconsin Moves To Decertify Biden Electors
22.03.01-Ep. 1674 War Amongst The Oligarchs;The Weaponization Of The Dollar;The Convoy Leaves Missouri
22.02.28-Ep. 1673 From Hispanics In The Rio Grande Valley, To Truckers In Cuba, Missouri
22.02.28-Ep. 1672 China-Russia New World Order; Capital Market Turmoil; The Convoys Come To Missouri
22.02.28-Ep. 1671 Economic Warfare Spreads Globally; People’s Convoy Metastasizes
22.02.26-Ep. 1670 Freedom Convoy Heads East; Dr. Malone At CPAC; The Coming Cyber War Against America
22.02.26-Ep. 1669 Blood In The Streets Of Kiev, Silence In The Capitals Of Europe
22.02.25-Ep. 1668 Dennis Prager Explains It All To You: The War In Ukraine
22.02.25-Ep. 1667 The Coming War With China; The Coming Recession To America;Putin’s Strategic Playbook
22.02.25-Ep. 1666 Party of Davos, EU, & DC Elites Fail To Stop A Medieval War On The Ukrainian People
22.02.24-Ep. 1665 Tragedy In Ukraine; Catastrophe In DC; Meltdown On Wall Street; Hope On I-40
22.02.24-Ep. 1664 Biden Regime’s Feckless Response To Ukraine; The End Of The Old Order; People’s Convoy Live
22.02.24-Ep. 1663 Putin Calls The West’s Bluff -The Agony Of Ukraine; Texas Charges Transgender Child Abuse
22.02.23-Ep. 1662 Bossie v. Cheney: Alien v. Predator; People’s Convoy Rolls To Imperial Capital
22.02.23-Ep. 1661 Dr. Malone On CDC Lies; Live From The Trucker’s Convoy in Barstow
22.02.23-Ep. 1660 Scarborough Fear Porn Fails; Putin’s 100 Years Humiliation Speech
22.02.22-Ep. 1659 Created Crises In Ukraine And The US Economy; CDC’s Hidden Data
22.02.22-Ep. 1658 Lindell “Get Rid Of The Machines”; Trucker Convoy Gathers In Barstow
22.02.22-Ep. 1657 South Carolina Throw-Down; CDC Withholds Explosive Information; Fascism In Canada
22.02.21-Ep. 1656 Putin Moves On Ukraine-Why Do We Care; CDC Caught Hiding Massive Amounts Of Data
22.02.21-Ep. 1655 Regime Politics; DC Prepares For Siege; Trucker Convoy Rallies In Barstow
22.02.21-Ep. 1654 Worker Revolt In Canada-The Mounties Strike Back; Senate Races In Ohio And Alabama
22.02.19-Ep. 1653 DOD Lying On Vaccines; The Coming Financial Collapse; Shorting Big Pharma
22.02.19-Ep. 1652 RCMP Riot In Ottawa; CPAC Live; The “Desecrators”: Ohio Primary Race
22.02.18-Ep. 1651 Canadian Chaos; Kim Potter’s Crying Judge; College-Age Whites Dump Biden
22.02.18-Ep. 1650 Rise of MAGA Hispanics: Demise Of Democratic Party; Shortages Coming To US
22.02.18-Ep. 1649 The Hammer Drops In Canada…And In Georgia; MTG Kicks Off Nationwide Tour
22.02.17-Ep. 1648 Crackdown In Canada; The Return Of Queen Hillary
22.02.17-Ep. 1647 The Collateral Damage of Biden’s Inflation: The American People
22.02.17-Ep. 1646 Truckers Press Regimes In Canada And America
22.02.16-Ep. 1645 Driver Convoys Metastasize To America; “Best Kept Secrets”; “Law and border”
22.02.16-Ep. 1644 Dr. Malone Explains It All To You; Barstow Trucker Convoy Organizers Layout Journey To DC
22.02.16-Ep. 1643 Project Veritas Exposes FDA Vaccine Lie Cover Up; Canadian Truckers Revolt
22.02.15-Ep. 1642 How Alec Killed Halyna; Mandates Fall in Canada; Did AI Reach “Consciousness”?
22.02.15-Ep. 1641 Wag the Markets, Wag the Dog—Ukraine; Fitton And Solomon Take Down FBI, Clinton CIA
22.02.15-Ep. 1640 The Empire Strikes Back In Canada; Inflation Blows Up Credit Cards, Mortgages, And Rents
22.02.14-Ep. 1639 Canada In Revolt; McConnell In Denial; Lou Dobbs With The Hammer
22.02.14-Ep. 1638 Mike Lindell DeBanked; MAGA On The Rise
22.02.14-Ep. 1637 Martial Law in Canada; AOC Flipping—MAGA Hispanics Whipping
22.02.12-Ep. 1636 Regime Politics-Crackdowns Are Just Beginning
22.02.12-Ep. 1635 Freedom Convoys/Revolt/Blockade From Canada To France to Australia-To America
22.02.11-Ep. 1634 Vaccines For Babies Stopped; Interests Rates To Skyrocket
22.02.11-Ep. 1633 Female Truckers Come To The Rescue; Klaus Schwab And The Great Reset
22.02.11-Ep. 1632 Revolt In Canada; Markets Meltdown In America
22.02.10-Ep. 1631 Canadian freedom Convoy Shuts Down Detroit; Biden CNN Polling Hits New Lows
22.02.10-Ep. 1630 Breakdown On Inflation Numbers And Impact On Economy
22.02.10-Ep. 1629 Inflation Soars Drivers Roar- In Canada And Across The Globe
22.02.09-Ep. 1628 Biden Poll Numbers Collapse; McConnell Challenges Trump; Truckers Rally In Australia
22.02.09-Ep. 1627 Saving Texas From Invasion Of illegal Aliens And Democrats; Vaccines For Babies
22.02.09-Ep. 1626 Truckers Revolt Spreads In Canada; Elias Comes After Cawthorn
22.02.08-Ep. 1625 Truckers Close Ambassador Bridge; Trump Drops Hammer On Domestic Terrorism
22.02.08-Ep. 1624 Decertification Of Biden Electors Commences In Arizona And Wisconsin
22.02.08-Ep. 1623 Mayorkas, Garland Decree MAGA Domestic Terrorists
22.02.07-Ep. 1622 The Siege Of Ottawa; MTG’s Civil War; The Abraham Accords
22.02.07-Ep. 1621 Mike Pence Betrays The Country And President Trump; Hispanics Join MAGA In Texas
22.02.07-Ep. 1620 State Of The Siege In Ottawa; Humiliation In Beijing
22.02.05-Ep. 1619 Beijing Olympics Fail; Legal/Financial Investigations Of Big Pharma
22.02.05-Ep. 1618 Pence Turns On Trump; RNC Fails To Expel Cheney; McCarthy Gets Tough; Canadian Truckers
22.02.04-Ep. 1617 How Biden And The Fed Are Destroying The American Economy, Worker, And People
22.02.04-Ep. 1616 The Global Digital Politics Of The Spiritual War; Truckers Shuts Down Canada Over Mandates
22.02.04-Ep. 1615 Beijing Moscow Axis; Spending Tsunami Of America
22.02.03-Ep. 1614 Dr. Peter Navarro Answers Audience Questions
22.02.03-Ep. 1613 Steve Cortes Hosts: MTG Takes On The Biden Regime
22.02.03-Ep. 1612 Steve Cortes Hosts: Inflation and Border Insecurities
22.02.02-Ep. 1611 Dr. Peter Navarro Hosts: Big Pharma Kills, Drones Backed By China, and Immoral Soros
22.02.02-Ep. 1610 Posobiec Hosts: Canada Freedom Convoy; CCP Winter Olympics; Ukraine Debacle Cont.
22.02.02-Ep. 1609 Posobiec Hosts: Canada Freedom Convoy; CCP Winter Olympics; Ukraine Debacle
22.02.01-Ep. 1608 Migrants Are Being Bussed Into Florida; Dr. McCullough Talks Future Of The Virus
22.02.01-Ep. 1607 Saving Texas And New York City; Elon Musk And The Rise Of His Army Of Cyborgs
22.02.01-Ep. 1606 Canadian Truckers Go Global; Virus Vs. CCP Lockdown; Gunfire At Border
22.01.31-Ep. 1605 Rachel Maddow Hiatus; Joe Rogan Apology; Sex Slave At Border
22.01.31-Ep. 1604 New York City DA Alvin Bragg Must Be Removed By Governor; The Plot To Stop Trump In 2024
22.01.31-Ep. 1603 MTG Lays Waste To Lindsey Graham & RINOS; Pennsylvania Ballots Illegal
22.01.29-Ep. 1602 The Big Short-Pfizer & Moderna: the New Enron; Are Criminal Charges Defensible?
22.01.29-Ep. 1601 Bannon Rants On Biden Impeachment Over Border Invasion and Fabricated Ukraine War
22.01.28-Ep. 1600 Ukraine; Pennsylvania Decertification; Border Invasion
22.01.28-Ep. 1599 Dr. Malone Sues the Washington Post; Larry Summers Interviews for Secretary of the Treasury
22.01.28-Ep. 1598 Biden Lies While Americans Die in Ukraine; 2020 Election In Pennsylvania Unconstitutional
22.01.27-Ep. 1597 The Lies About Ukraine; The Truth About The Border
22.01.27-Ep. 1596 How The Federal Reserve Destroyed The Economy And Your Life
22.01.27-Ep. 1595 Wisconsin Biden Decertification; Invasion Of Southern Border; Fight In Alaska
22.01.26-Ep. 1594 Redistricting Victories, Breyer Retire Confirms Senate Flip; Powell Gets Nervous
22.01.26-Ep. 1593 Massive Victory In Tennessee, Missouri, And New Mexico
22.01.26-Ep. 1592 Anarchy, Chaos, Border Invasion: America, Not Ukraine
22.01.25-Ep. 1591 Impeaching Biden; Market Meltdown; Vaccine Mandates
22.01.25-Ep. 1590 Racism: The Dark Heart Of America
22.01.25-Ep. 1589 The Toxins Of War In Ukraine; Crash Of The Markets
22.01.24-Ep. 1588 Defeat The Mandate Testifies To Ron Johnson; Market Crashes
22.01.24-Ep. 1587 Economy Collapse, Market Collapse, Biden Collapse
22.01.24-Ep. 1586 Biden Collapse Trump Rises; Gaetz: The Hardening Of The Republican Right
22.01.23-Ep. 1585 Defeat The Mandates: SUNDAY Special Coverage Cont.
22.01.23-Ep. 1584 Defeat The Mandates: SUNDAY Special Coverage
22.01.22-Ep. 1583 Defeat The Mandates Cont.
22.01.22-Ep. 1582 Defeat The Mandates
22.01.21-Ep. 1581 Biden Economic Meltdown; The Rise Of The Rights, Right To Life
22.01.21-Ep. 1580 March For Life: The Attack On American Families
22.01.21-Ep. 1579 Vote Stealing In Arizona; Redistricting In Florida
22.01.20-Ep. 1578 MTG Unplugged; March For Life; Elon Musk Lies To Nation
22.01.20-Ep. 1577 Economic And Political Analysis Of The Biden Collapse
22.01.20-Ep. 1576 1st Year Anniversary Of The Biden Tragedy
22.01.19-Ep. 1575 Bannon, Posobiec: Biden On Blast
22.01.19-Ep. 1574 The Biden Presser
22.01.19-Ep. 1573 Supply Chains At Ports Sink; The JEXIT Movement Rises
22.01.19-Ep. 1572 Border Invasion Leads To Hispanics Backing MAGA
22.01.18-Ep. 1571 Corman Impeaches Philly DA; FBI And Pfizer Come After Veritas
22.01.18-Ep. 1570 FBI Immunity In Whitmer Kidnapping; Beijing Shuts China Down Over Omicron
22.01.18-Ep. 1569 Senator Marshall Accuses Fauci Of Perjury; Texas AG Outs Soros For Stealing Elections
22.01.17-Ep. 1568 Only Half Of American’s Think Biden Is Legitimate
22.01.17-Ep. 1567 Biden Economy Destroys Working Class Black And Hispanics; The War On Masculinity
22.01.17-Ep. 1566 Massive FL Victory Of Redistricting; Gallup 14 Points Shift To MAGA
22.01.15-Ep. 1565 Trump Kicks Off Decertification Of 2020; The Big Short Of 2022
22.01.15-Ep. 1564 China Supply Chain Falls, With It The World Economy; Trump In Arizona
22.01.14-Ep. 1563 Biden Pivots With The Aid Of 19 Republican Collaborators; 2 Million Illegals Invades
22.01.14-Ep. 1562 The De-Banking Of Mike Lindell; And Forcing Kristi Noem To Do The Right Thing
22.01.14-Ep. 1561 The Biden Economy And The Mother Of All Supply Chain Crashes; Victory Begets Victory
22.01.14-Ep. 1560 The Day The Bottom Fell Out Of Biden’s Regime
22.01.13-Ep. 1559 The Removal of Liz Cheney; Inflation at 40 Year High
22.01.13-Ep. 1558 News Nation Poll Says Americans Have Turned Backs on Biden and Fauci
22.01.13-Ep. 1557 Republicans Revolt Against DOJ Domestic Terrorism Unit; Quinnipiac Poll Kills Biden
22.01.12-Ep. 1556 The Burning Fires Of Inflation; The Big Steal In Pennsylvania
22.01.12-Ep. 1555 The Covid Crisis Overwhelming Biden; The Lies Of Tony Fauci
22.01.11-Ep. 1554 Fauci Brutalized; Cruz Takes Down FBI; DOE & Domestic Terrorism
22.01.11-Ep. 1553 Farage on Djokovic; Viruses Exploding in China, 65M in Lock Down
22.01.11-Ep. 1552 Abrams Throws Biden Under the Bus; Dr. Malone and Wolf Light Up Fauci
22.01.11-Ep. 1551 “Economist Poll” Destroy Biden’s Regime; DARPA Pushes For Human 2.0
22.01.10-Ep. 1550 Smell The Fear - NYT Melts Down About The Deplorable’s; The Rape Crisis In UK
22.01.10-Ep. 1549 Covid Explosion In China Putting Olympics In Jeopardy
22.01.08-Ep. 1548 Twitter’s War On MAGA
22.01.08-Ep. 1547 Twitter’s War On MAGA
22.01.07-Ep. 1546 Tyranny Comes To Europe and Australia – It’s America Next
22.01.07-Ep. 1545 America Calls The FBI ’Gestapo’; Predictive Algorithms Against MAGA Episode
22.01.07-Ep. 1544 Bidens Economy Implodes; Revolt Of Donor Class
22.01.06-Ep. 1543 The Murder Of Ashli Babbitt: Aaron Babbitt, Bossie, Epshteyn
22.01.06-Ep. 1542 6 Jan. Special: Lindell, JD Vance
22.01.06-Ep. 1541 Posobiec, Beattie, Kelly Breakdown 6. Jan
22.01.06-Ep. 1540 Gaetz And MTG Live: 6. Jan
22.01.05-Ep. 1539 Ted Cruz Calls 6. Jan Protestors ‘Terrorists’ – MTG Crushes; America @ Spiritual War
22.01.05-Ep. 1538 Ari, Navarro Punch Out
22.01.05-Ep. 1537 Big Steal In Georgia; Andy Biggs Brings Fire
22.01.04-Ep. 1536 Woke Companies Destroy America, Drool Over Olympics; Open Borders Party Of Davos
22.01.04-Ep. 1535 Vaccines Mandates; The CCP Take Over Of South America; Genocide Olympics Games
22.01.04-Ep. 1534 Timken, Lake, Gracia; Biden’s Horrific Economic Polling
22.01.03-Ep. 1533 Biden’s Perfect Storm: Trump And Orban; Lydia Friend Saved By God
22.01.03-Ep. 1532 What’s Behind The 40% Death Increase In Indiana
22.01.03-Ep. 1531 Mass Formation Psychosis Cause And Effect; Rudy 22
22.01.01-Ep. 1530 2022: The Valley Of Decision
22.01.01-Ep. 1529 2022: The Valley Of Decision
21.12.31-Ep. 1528 2021 Person Of The Year: The Deplorable’s, Laobaixing
21.12.31-Ep. 1527 2021 Person Of The Year: The Deplorable’s, Laobaixing
21.12.31-Ep. 1526 American’s Coming War With China
21.12.31-Ep. 1525 Polling That Destroys The Biden Regime
21.12.30-Ep. 1524 Posobiec On CCP &. Boris On The Great War Of Redistricting
21.12.30-Ep. 1523 Omicron Destroys The Biden Regime/ Illegal Aliens Flood Pennsylvania
21.12.29-Ep. 1522 Range War Over Redistricting: A Fight For The Decade; Pfizer Partners With CCP
21.12.29-Ep. 1521 6 Jan Investigation; Mike Lindell Unchained
21.12.29-Ep. 1520 Dr. Harvey Risch: The Coming Of Herd Immunity; The Defense Of Judeo-Christian Ethos
21.12.28-Ep. 1519 By Accident Or Design; The Biden Regimes Failure On Omicron
21.12.28-Ep. 1518 The Redistricting Wars; The Singularity Beckons
21.12.28-Ep. 1517 Biden Chaos; Easy Money Destroys The Deplorable’s
21.12.27-Ep. 1516 Let’s Go Brandon: Jared Schmeck
21.12.27-Ep. 1515 Biden’s Chaotic America, Analysis
21.12.27-Ep. 1514 The Importance Of Giving & Fighting Hour Two
21.12.27-Ep. 1513 The Importance Of Giving & Fighting Hour One
21.12.25-Ep. 1512 The Combat History Of Christmas Hour Two
21.12.25-Ep. 1511 Combat History Of Christmas Hour One
21.12.24-Ep. 1510 Traditions Of Christmas Hour Two
21.12.24-Ep. 1509 Traditions Of Christmas Hour One
21.12.23-Ep. 1507 Massive Lockdown In China; The FBI In Portland And Beyond
21.12.23-Ep. 1506 Independence Day!!; Naomi Wolf’s Coup
21.12.22-Ep. 1505 Service To America; Dr. Hatfill: "Tony Fauci is a Liar."
21.12.22-Ep. 1504 Austria is America‘s Future; Three Hours of 6. Jan Brutal Footage w/ Julie Kelly
21.12.22-Ep. 1503 Border Invasion; Omicron Confused Elites
21.12.21-Ep. 1502 Biden Throws Down; MAGA Punches Up
21.12.21-Ep. 1501 The Pope Throws Down; Cyborgs in Sweden
21.12.21-Ep. 1500 Omicron Ascendent
21.12.20-Ep. 1498 The Great Barrington Declaration-Herd Immunity
21.12.20-Ep. 1497 The FBI‘s Involvement in 6 Jan; Europe‘s Vaccine Mandates
21.12.18-Ep. 1496 Fauci on Trial-with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
21.12.18-Ep. 1495 Ray Epps and Jan 6: The Lies of Tony Fauci
21.12.17-Ep. 1494 Voter Fraud; Elon Musk and Human Cyborg
21.12.17-Ep. 1493 Bannon, Boris, Beattie, and Poso Beat Down on Biden
21.12.17-Ep. 1492 The Taking of Liberty
21.12.17-Ep. 1491 Omicron Chaos and the Shutting Down of America
21.12.17-Ep. 1491 Poor Leadership Has Lead To Economic Chaos
21.12.16-Ep. 1490 Raheem, Boris, Bossie On The Biden Regime
21.12.16-Ep. 1489 Build Back Better and Federal Takeover of Elections Collapse
21.12.16-Ep. 1488 Inflation, Vaccine Passports, and The Rise of Human 2.0
21.12.15-Ep. 1487 The Burning Dumpster Fire That is Biden‘s Economy
21.12.15-Ep. 1486 UK Vaccine Passports Coming To America
21.12.15-Ep. 1485 McConnell’s Incompetence; Cheney’s Corruption; AI Ascendent
21.12.14-Ep. 1484 Inflation Roars; China Rises; Oz Misleads
21.12.14-Ep. 1483 Vaccine Passports; Voter Integrity
21.12.14-Ep. 1482 Voter Fraud in Tuscon; Cenk’s “White Babies”
21.12.13-Ep. 1481 2020 Election Fraud: Georgia, Arizona; Vaccine Protests In Europe
21.12.13-Ep. 1480 Kelly Tshibaka Takes Down McConnell And Murkowski
21.12.11-Ep. 1479 The Threat Of Transhumanism
21.12.11-Ep. 1478 Vaccination Nation
21.12.10-Ep. 1477 Vaccine Mandates Win And Lose
21.12.10-Ep. 1476 Kirk, Winters, And Gibbs
21.12.10-Ep. 1475 Natalie Winters
21.12.09-Ep. 1474 Tanya And Jack Posobiec
21.12.09-Ep. 1473 Hillary Clinton‘s Victory ‘Speech‘; Posobiec/Milius Live
21.12.09-Ep. 1472 Matt Gaetz Star Chamber Will Destroy Administrative State
21.12.08-Ep. 1471 McConnell’s 2.5 Trillion Dollar Debacle
21.12.08-Ep. 1470 Black And Hispanic Men Support Trumpism
21.12.08-Ep. 1469 Marjorie Taylor Greene Takes On Mitch McConnell And Republican Party
21.12.07-Ep. 1468 Atlantic Magazine Meltdown On Rise Of The Populist
21.12.07-Ep. 1467 The CCP And The Next Pearl Harbor
21.12.07-Ep. 1466 Pearl Harbor: Lessons Learned
21.12.07-Ep. 1465 Polygraph The Deplorable’s/Deep State Wants You Gone!
21.12.06-Ep. 1464 Sherronna Bishop America‘s Mother/Zemmour Attacked
21.12.06-Ep. 1463 Mandatory Vaccines In Gotham City
21.12.04-Ep. 1462 Julie Kelly Reports: The Truth About 6 Jan.
21.12.04-Ep. 1461 The War Against The Globalist
21.12.04-Ep. 1460 Biden Misses Again On Job Report
21.12.03-Ep. 1459 Humans Are Doomed To Go Extinct
21.12.03-Ep. 1458 Employment Collapses In America; Vaccine Mandates Coming To Europe
21.12.02-Ep. 1457 Showdown On Capitol Hill
21.12.02-Ep. 1456 The Bonfire Of The Vanities: The CR/Debt Ceiling
21.12.02-Ep. 1455 Dr. Malone, Kari Lake, Jane Timken: Vaccine Mandates And America
21.12.01-Ep. 1454 Sotomayor Will The Court “Survive The Stench”
21.12.01-Ep. 1453 Biden Sellout Of America/Laptop From Hell
21.12.01-Ep. 1452 Pro Life Victory At The Supreme Court/Dems Promise Revolution
21.11.30-Ep. 1451 The End Of Abortion
21.11.30-Ep. 1450 Hispanic Vote And Victory In 22‘
21.11.30-Ep. 1449 MTG On Fire
21.11.29-Ep. 1448 Washington Post Attacks the Deplorables
21.11.29-Ep. 1447 Financial And Economic Armageddon During The Advent Season
21.11.29-Ep. 1446 Fauci/Collins vs. The Omnicon Varient
21.11.27-Ep. 1445 The Specter Of Transhumanism
21.11.27-Ep. 1444 The Wages Of Sin
21.11.26-Ep. 1443 Action! Action! Action!
21.11.26-Ep. 1442 3 November Is What Happened And What It Means
21.11.26-Ep. 1441 Malone, Navarro On Vaccine Resistant Variants/Supervirus
21.11.25-Ep. 1440 Lincoln, Gettysburg, Thanksgiving
21.11.25-Ep. 1439 Bo Snerdley Rush‘s Thanksgiving
21.11.24-Ep. 1438 Biden Regime Collapsed; Disrespects Orban
21.11.24-Ep. 1437 The Deplorable‘s Are The Kulak
21.11.24-Ep. 1436 The Virus And The Turkey
21.11.23-Ep. 1435 Biden Implodes, Trump Rises
21.11.23-Ep. 1434 Domestic Terrorist Moms
21.11.23-Ep. 1433 The Ascendant Right
21.11.22-Ep. 1431 The Vaccinated Dr. Robert Malone On Desantis And Vaccines
21.11.22-Ep. 1430 Waukesha Terrorism And Austria Totalitarianism
21.11.20-Ep. 1429 The Emperor XI And The Useful Idiot Biden
21.11.20-Ep. 1428 DoJ/FBI Against Moms Of America
21.11.19-Ep. 1427 Rittenhouse/FBI Raids On Gold Star Mothers
21.11.19-Ep. 1426 The Lies In Nancy Pelosi‘s Orgy Of Spending
21.11.19-Ep. 1425 Democrats Plan To Bankrupt America
21.11.18-Ep. 1424 Death Rattle Of Biden regime: 2 Trillion Dollar Vote In Dead Of Night
21.11.18-Ep. 1423 Action On Redistricting, Border, Polling
21.11.18-Ep. 1422 Meadows/Lindell - Economic Firestorm Ahead
21.11.17-Ep. 1421 FBI Attempts To Intimidate Moms, Dads, and Gold Star Mothers
21.11.17-Ep. 1420 FBI Raids Home Of Gold Star Mother
21.11.17-Ep. 1419 MTG And Mike Lindell: Unleashed
21.11.16-Ep. 1418 Garland Counterterrorism Team Targets America’s Moms; Raid Election Whistleblowers
21.11.16-Ep. 1417 Biden Surrenders To Xi
21.11.16-Ep. 1416 Democrats Bail on ‘22 Election
21.11.15-Ep. 1415 The Misdemeanor From Hell
21.11.15-Ep. 1414 The Left‘s Back Door Deals With China
21.11.15-Ep. 1413 Biden Approval Is In A Free Fall
21.11.13-Ep. 1412 Coming War Over Taiwan
21.11.13-Ep. 1411 Prisoners Of 6 Jan.
21.11.13-Ep. 1410 Populism Ascendant
21.11.12-Ep. 1409 Napalm In The Morning: The Smell of Victory pt. 2
21.11.12-Ep. 1408 Napalm In The Morning: The Smell of Victory
21.11.11-Ep. 1406 Veterans Day: Tomb Of The Unknown @ 100
21.11.11-Ep. 1405 Veterans Day: Tomb Of The Unknown @ 100
21.11.10-Ep. 1403 We Are Taking Back New York, While The Embodied Internet Reveals Its Demonic Roots
21.11.09-Ep. 1402 As Inflation Rises The Mainstream Continues To Label The GOP As A Domestic Threat
21.11.09-Ep. 1401 Pfizer CEO Criminalizes People Spreading ‘Misinformation’ About Covid Vax
21.11.09-Ep. 1400 3 November Is The Railhead Of Everything
21.11.09-Ep. 1399 MAGA Is Where The Republican Heartbeat Lies
21.11.08-Ep. 1398 Big Tech And Biotech Want To Remove Your Individuality
21.11.08-Ep. 1397 GrassRoots Movements From Around The Globe
21.11.08-Ep. 1396 Rise Of The Army Of The Duped
21.11.06-Ep. 1395 The Transhumanist Revolution pt. 2
21.11.06-Ep. 1394 The Transhumanist Revolution
21.11.05-Ep. 1393 We’ve Upset The Apple Cart And They’re In Full Disarray
21.11.05-Ep. 1392 We Need To Hold Our Reps Accountable
21.11.05-Ep. 1391 We Are Forcing Them To Provide The Receipts
21.11.04-Ep. 1390 Migrants Are Invading Our Lives
21.11.04-Ep. 1389 We Have Yet To Run The Table
21.11.04-Ep. 1388 Stick A Fork In The Biden Regime It‘s Done
21.11.03-Ep. 1387 Parents Are Still Taking To The Streets
21.11.03-Ep. 1386 This Victory Is Just The Beginning
21.11.03-Ep. 1385 MAGA Turned Out Big In Enemy Territory
21.11.02-Ep. 1384 We Are In The Final Hour
21.11.02-Ep. 1383 The Elite Left Doesn‘t Care About You, Your Family, Or Your Rights
21.11.02-Ep. 1382 The VA Election Is Not About The Next Four Years In The State, It’s About The Next Decade
21.11.01-Ep. 1381 We Are Voting On Behalf Of The Children pt. 2
21.11.01-Ep. 1380 We Are Voting On Behalf Of The Children
21.11.01-Ep. 1379 Technology Will Enslave You—Global Elites Will Save You
21.11.01-Ep. 1378 The Countdown Is On For Virginia
21.10.30-Ep. 1377 The Fight For The Protection Of Children In Virginia Rages On Pt. 2
21.10.29-Ep. 1376 The Fight For The Protection Of Children In Virginia Rages On
21.10.29-Ep. 1374 Live From Loudon County: Part 1
21.10.29-Ep. 1373 Education and Demonization Is Taking Place In Our School Boards
21.10.29-Ep. 1372 Biden Administration Now Considering $1 Million to Immigrant Families
21.10.28-Ep. 1371 Live From The Metaverse
21.10.28-Ep. 1370 From The Southern Border To The Vatican
21.10.28-Ep. 1369 The GDP Is As Low As Biden‘s Approval Rating
21.10.27-Ep. 1368 Polling Shows The Left Is Losing On Covid, Nov 3rd, and Approval Rating
21.10.27-Ep. 1367 School Boards Are Not Concerned About Child Safety, They’re Only Concerned About Themselves
21.10.27-Ep. 1366 There Is A Continued March On Our Southern Border
21.10.26-Ep. 1365 Arizona Continues To Stay The Battleground For The Rest Of The Country
21.10.26-Ep. 1364 The Sites Are Set On Collins
21.10.26-Ep. 1363 The US Is Becoming A Safe Haven For Illegal Immigration
21.10.26-Ep. 1362 Human Agency Is The Path Forward
21.10.25-Ep. 1361 Virginia Is Becoming The Battle Ground Against The Radical Left
21.10.25-Ep. 1360 Jan 6th Was A Failed Intelligence Operation
21.10.23-Ep. 1359 Dr. Fauci And The Global Revolt Against Vaccine Mandates pt. 2
21.10.23-Ep. 1358 Dr. Fauci And The Global Revolt Against Vaccine Mandates pt. 1
21.10.22-Ep. 1357 Walking Through The Reports
21.10.22-Ep. 1356 The Biden Regime Is To Blame For The Rise Of China
21.10.22-Ep. 1355 An Open Letter To The MSM
21.10.21-Ep. 1354 Live from Eisenhower Dinner
21.10.21-Ep. 1353 American‘s Are Pushing Back For Voter Integrity
21.10.21-Ep. 1352 Biden‘s Approval Drops As Lawsuits Fly Against Vaccine Mandates
21.10.20-Ep. 1351 From Scranton To AZ There’s No Trace Of A Biden Victory
21.10.20-Ep. 1350 Americans Are Allowing Technology To Control Their Lives
21.10.20-Ep. 1349 Democrat Policies Are Trying To Destroy American Moms
21.10.19-Ep. 1348 The Biden Administration Values Optics Over Results
21.10.19-Ep. 1347 Virginia Is A Litmus Test For The Rest Of The Country
21.10.19-Ep. 1346 Patriotism Is Still Alive And Well
21.10.18-Ep. 1345 The US Should Not Assume It Has the Luxury of Time With China
21.10.18-Ep. 1344 Social Emotional Learning, The Most Important Question For American Life Right Now
21.10.18-Ep. 1343 The Federal Reserve is Being Taken Over By Marxists
21.10.16-Ep. 1342 High Priest Fauci And Elites Defined An Orthodox Narrative
21.10.16-Ep. 1341 Extreme Stagflation Is On The Horizon
21.10.15-Ep. 1340 Biden’s Approval Is Reaching New Lows
21.10.15-Ep. 1339 We Are Taking Back Our School Boards
21.10.15-Ep. 1338 Major Victory For Col. Scheller
21.10.14-Ep. 1337 An Open Letter To All Americans
21.10.14-Ep. 1336 Jam For Freedom Rallies Against Forced Vaccines, Censorship and More
21.10.14-Ep. 1335 Massive Spending Bill Designed To Fundamentally Transform America
21.10.14-Ep. 1334 Take back Virginia rally
21.10.13-Ep. 1333 The Continued Search For The Truth Of Jan. 6th
21.10.13-Ep. 1332 Congress Is Proving To Be Out Of Control
21.10.12-Ep. 1331 Airline Workers Have Shown Vax Mandates Won’t Fly
21.10.12-Ep. 1330 Private Companies Ruling Your Lives With How They Report Covid Cases
21.10.12-Ep. 1329 Psychological Warfare Being Bestowed On Kids
21.10.11-Ep. 1328 Biden Has Weaponized Garland to Go After Americans
21.10.11-Ep. 1327 Live Free or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Matters
21.10.11-Ep. 1326 Major Food Shortage Looks Imminent
21.10.09-Ep. 1325 The Raising Threat of China Against Taiwan
21.10.09-Ep. 1324 New Blood Needs To Be Empowered To Save The GOP
21.10.08-Ep. 1323 The Great GrassRoots Rebellion
21.10.08-Ep. 1322 The Bishop Special
21.10.08-Ep. 1321 Not One Republican Should Vote For This Devil’s Deal
21.10.07-Ep. 1320 McConnell Set In Motion An Economic Collapse
21.10.07-Ep. 1319 How Mass Tech Surveillance Could Turn Us All On Each Other
21.10.07-Ep. 1318 The Border Crisis is Affecting Every State
21.10.06-Ep. 1317 McConnell’s Betrayal of America Will Create Debt Slaves
21.10.06-Ep. 1316 Pandemic Shock Created Service Sector Refugees
21.10.06-Ep. 1315 We‘re Taking Our Government Back
21.10.05-Ep. 1314 Democratic Party Turns On Itself Over Massive Spending
21.10.05-Ep. 1313 Pfizer Scientist Admits The Truth About The Vaccine
21.10.05-Ep. 1312 The New Regime are Labeling Concerned Parents as Domestic Terrorists
21.10.04-Ep. 1311 China’s Impending Financially Crisis
21.10.04-Ep. 1310 Google Making Artificial Intelligence Into God
21.10.04-Ep. 1309 Incoming Border Insurgence Has Texas County On High Alert
21.10.02-Ep. 1308 America is At Risk of Following the Path of South America
21.10.02-Ep. 1307 We Are In For A Economically Stagnant Winter
21.10.01-Ep. 1306 The Second Border Surge is Coming
21.10.01-Ep. 1305 Big Tech is Implementing Algorithmic Governance
21.10.01-Ep. 1304 Three Card Monte Scam in This Country
21.09.30-Ep. 1303 Debt Ceiling Crisis Will Create New Class of Debt Slave
21.09.30-Ep. 1302 Americans Must Stand Up Against Progressives Demands
21.09.30-Ep. 1301 Radical Spending Bill Is A Corrupt Golden Parachute For Wavering GOP
21.09.29-Ep. 1300 Debt Ceiling Victory Within Sight
21.09.29-Ep. 1299 We‘re at the Brink of Becoming a Debt Slave
21.09.29-Ep. 1298 Flights are Being Barred for American Citizens
21.09.28-Ep. 1297 Elon Musk Satanic Dreamworld
21.09.28-Ep. 1296 Milley Gave Away The Keys To The Kingdom
21.09.28-Ep. 1295 Rational Expectations Triumph
21.09.27-Ep. 1294 Americans Must Demand ‘No’ To Over Spending
21.09.27-Ep. 1293 Leftist Media Conducting Psychological Warfare
21.09.27-Ep. 1292 Biden Can’t Rescue The Country With Any Votes This Week
21.09.25-Ep. 1291 The Arizona Count is In Cont.
21.09.25-Ep. 1290 The Arizona Count is In
21.09.24-Ep. 1289 Live Results From The Arizona Audit Part 2
21.09.24-Ep. 1288 Live Results From The Arizona Audit
21.09.24-Ep. 1287 Battle Of The Titans In Pennsylvania
21.09.23-Ep. 1286 50k Illegal Ballots In One County Alone
21.09.23-Ep. 1285 Continued Trouble on The Border
21.09.23-Ep. 1284 We Need To Get Our $5 Trillion Back From China
21.09.23-Ep. 1283 Listen To The Witnesses
21.09.22-Ep. 1282 Hatian Crisis Has Become An American One
21.09.22-Ep. 1281 When America’s Social Contract Is Gone, We Can’t Get It Back
21.09.22-Ep. 1280 We Can‘t Continue Kicking the Can Down the Road
21.09.21-Ep. 1279 We are Pushing Back on the Debt Ceiling
21.09.21-Ep. 1278 Lessons We Can Learn From the French
21.09.21-Ep. 1277 We Must Demand Reparations From China
21.09.20-Ep. 1276 Kicking the Can Down the Road is Not The Answer
21.09.20-Ep. 1275 Bombshell Out About Origin Of Covid
21.09.20-Ep. 1274 Biden Administration Is Lying About The Border And Who’s Crossing
21.09.18-Ep. 1273 Biden Administration Has Stopped Responding To Del Rio Officials Amidst Border Invasion
21.09.18-Ep. 1272 Medical Academics Are Speaking Out Against Fauci And The Biden Administration
21.09.17-Ep. 1271 The Answer is NO
21.09.17-Ep. 1270 We’re In A Free Fall From A Stolen Election
21.09.17-Ep. 1269 Bannon Unleashes On Texas Authorities Over Out Of Control Border Invasion
21.09.16-Ep. 1268 Humanitarian Crisis of Biblical Proportion
21.09.16-Ep. 1267 Washington DC ‘Cartel’ Hates Cartel-Busting Issues
21.09.16-Ep. 1266 Speaking Truth To Power
21.09.15-Ep. 1265 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Vote For Subpoena
21.09.15-Ep. 1264 What the Federal Reserve Could Have Been
21.09.15-Ep. 1263 Milley Will Turn On Joe Biden
21.09.14-Ep. 1262 Top General Feared Trump
21.09.14-Ep. 1261 Repurposing Of National Security Apparatus Against Trump Supporters
21.09.14-Ep. 1260 California Recall: How Gavin Newsom Loses Today
21.09.13-Ep. 1259 Changing the Tide of the Election
21.09.13-Ep. 1258 Tyrants Are Telling Us What To Do With Our Bodies
21.09.13-Ep. 1257 From Rome: Doctors Against Madness
21.09.11-Ep. 1256 9/11: The 20 Year Anniversary Special
21.09.11-Ep. 1255 9/11: The 20 Year Anniversary Special
21.09.10-Ep. 1254 The Eve of 9/11
21.09.10-Ep. 1253 The Eve of 9/11
21.09.10-Ep. 1252 We’re Dealing With An Existential Threat To Freedom
21.09.10-Ep. 1251 Socialism Always Ends With a Dictator
21.09.09-Ep. 1250 Parents are Taking to the Streets
21.09.09-Ep. 1249 The CDC is the Weapon of the Left
21.09.09-Ep. 1248 Biden‘s Hidden Agenda
21.09.09-Ep. 1247 The Most Selfish Monsters We’ve Ever Seen Are In DC
21.09.08-Ep. 1246 The New Threat of a Taliban Government
21.09.08-Ep. 1245 Canvas Recap Across the States
21.09.08-Ep. 1244 Canvassing is Coming to all 50 States
21.09.08-Ep. 1243 There’s no good news: Biden’s rough summer puts Dems on high alert
21.09.07-Ep. 1241 Biden's Failures Have Cost Americans
21.09.07-Ep. 1240 The World Feels It’s Out Of Control In America
21.09.07-Ep. 1239 France Fights Back In Mass Protest
21.09.07-Ep. 1238 Free Speech Continues to Prevail in Brazil
21.09.06-Ep. 1237 American’s are Blocked From Coming Home
21.09.05-Ep. 1236 Biden Should Be Investigated For Treason
21.09.05-Ep. 1235 The Muscle Comes From the People
21.09.04-Ep. 1234 Use of Force: Vaccine Passports and Afghanistan
21.09.04-Ep. 1233 Use of Force: Vaccine Passports and Afghanistan
21.09.03-Ep. 1232 Exposing the Stolen Election
21.09.03-Ep. 1231 Exposing the Stolen Election
21.09.03-Ep. 1230 Big Updates On Statewide Audits
21.09.03-Ep. 1229 Texas Abortion Law: It’s Game Over For Pelosi and Democrats
21.09.02-Ep. 1228 Big Update On Pennsylvania Audit
21.09.02-Ep. 1227 Precinct Committeemen Hold The Power
21.09.02-Ep. 1226 Abortion Is A Sacrament In The Church Of Human Secularism
21.09.01-Ep. 1225 Biden Panicking As Independent's Disapproval Rise: Part 2
21.09.01-Ep. 1224 Biden Panicking As Independent's Disapproval Rise: Part 1
21.09.01-Ep. 1223 Extraction Under Fire: In Review 'The Last Days'
21.09.01-Ep. 1222 Extraction Under Fire: In Review 'The Last Days'
21.08.31-Ep. 1221 Extraction Under Fire: In Review
21.08.31-Ep. 1220 Extraction Under Fire
21.08.31-Ep. 1219 Extraction Under Fire
21.08.30-Ep. 1218 Extraction Under Fire: The Final Hours Cont.
21.08.30-Ep. 1217 Extraction Under Fire: The Final Hours Cont.
21.08.30-Ep. 1216 Extraction Under Fire: The Final Hours
21.08.30-Ep. 1215 Extraction Under Fire: The Final Hours
21.08.29-Ep. 1214 Gathering Storms: Afghanistan & Hurricane Ida
21.08.29-Ep. 1213 Gathering Storms: Afghanistan & Hurricane Ida
21.08.28-Ep. 1212 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special Pt. 4
21.08.28-Ep. 1211 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special Pt. 4
21.08.27-Ep. 1210 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special Pt. 4
21.08.27-Ep. 1209 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special Pt. 3
21.08.27-Ep. 1208 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special Cont.
21.08.27-Ep. 1207 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special Cont.
21.08.26-Ep. 1206 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special
21.08.26-Ep. 1205 Extraction Under Fire: A WarRoom Special
21.08.26-Ep. 1204 Kabul Attack: The Deadly Signals Cont.
21.08.26-Ep. 1203 Kabul Attack: The Deadly Signals
21.08.25-Ep. 1202 We’re Allowing the Taliban to Vet For Us
21.08.25-Ep. 1201 There's a High Chance of Carnage in This Last Week
21.08.25-Ep. 1200 The Three Articles of Biden's Impeachment
21.08.24-Ep. 1199 Afghan is Sinking Biden’s Polling While Mass Migration Moves Towards America
21.08.24-Ep. 1198 Taliban is Expected to Hit Kabul Airbase Hard
21.08.24-Ep. 1197 Pfizer is Seeking Full Indemnification
21.08.23-Ep. 1196 The Vaccine Mandates Are Here
21.08.23-Ep. 1195 The Fiery Response to Dominion Lawsuits
21.08.23-Ep. 1194 Media is Developing a Victory Narrative for Biden
21.08.21-Ep. 1193 Combating Covid: A Dr.'s Special Pt. 2
21.08.21-Ep. 1192 Combating Covid: A Dr.'s Special
21.08.20-Ep. 1191 Nation wide walk outs
21.08.20-Ep. 1190 WarRoom and Revolver Were Right Once Again
21.08.20-Ep. 1189 Leaving Americans Behind for Death is Unforgivable
21.08.20-Ep. 1188 The Afghan Debacle is an Unacceptable Failure
21.08.19-Ep. 1187 The Immigration Numbers are Rising and They're Not Slowing Down
21.08.19-Ep. 1186 Unparalleled First Seven Months in Presidential History
21.08.18-Ep. 1184 It's Becoming America Last Instead of America First
21.08.18-Ep. 1183 Biden's Approval Numbers Takes Massive Hit
21.08.17-Ep. 1182 The Biggest Biden Administration's Stain Is Upon Us
21.08.17-Ep. 1181 The Results Of Biden’s American Carnage
21.08.17-Ep. 1180 Afghanistan Withdrawal is Part of Larger Playbook
21.08.17-Ep. 1179 Sounding the Alarm of the Corrupt Infrastructure Bill
21.08.16-Ep. 1178 The Buck Stops Here
21.08.16-Ep. 1177 Unscreened Refugees are Fleeing Afghanistan
21.08.16-Ep. 1176 The Fall of Kabul....Biden is Staying Complicit
21.08.15-Ep. 1175 The Fall Of Kabul .... American Troops Stabbed In The Back By Elites
21.08.14-Ep. 1174 Afghanistan is Spiraling Out of Control Pt. 3
21.08.14-Ep. 1173 Afghanistan is Spiraling Out of Control Pt. 2
21.08.13-Ep. 1172 Afghanistan Is Spinning Out Of Control From Biden Policies
21.08.13-Ep. 1171 Biden Inflation is Going to Get Worse
21.08.13-Ep. 1170 Biden Administration has Caused a Travesty in Afghanistan
21.08.12-Ep. 1169 The Cyber Symposium Wrap-Up
21.08.12-Ep. 1168 Shocking Developments Coming Out Of Cyber Symposium Today
21.08.12-Ep. 1167 Shocking Developments Coming Out Of Cyber Symposium Today
21.08.11-Ep. 1165 The Symposium Continues
21.08.11-Ep. 1164 The Receipts Are Being Shown
21.08.11-Ep. 1163 The Receipts Are Being Shown
21.08.10-Ep. 1160 Live From The Symposium
21.08.10-Ep. 1159 Live From The Symposium
21.08.09-Ep. 1158 The Eve Of Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium
21.08.09-Ep. 1157 To The Democrat Infrastructure Bill "They've Been Caught"
21.08.09-Ep. 1156 Manually Manipulated Ballots Uncovered
21.08.07-Ep. 1155 Pathologist Sounds the Alarm on Vaccines, Antibodies, and The CDC
21.08.07-Ep. 1154 France Revolts and Vaccines Are Enhancing Viral Replication
21.08.06-Ep. 1153 Populism is Steadily Growing Across the Country
21.08.06-Ep. 1152 Live Organ Harvesting Taking Place in The US
21.08.06-Ep. 1151 State Legislators Have the Power to Take Elections Back
21.08.05-Ep. 1150 Biden's Polls Are In A Free Fall
21.08.05-Ep. 1149 Will the US Stand Up Like The French?
21.08.05-Ep. 1148 The Infrastructure Bill is a 2700 Page Disaster
21.08.04-Ep. 1147 The Mainstream Media's Gain Of Function Cover-Up Is Failing
21.08.04-Ep. 1146 There is a Climate of Corruption at Play
21.08.04-Ep. 1145 The 'Wrecking Agenda' is at Work
21.08.03-Ep. 1144 The Clock Is Ticking For Cuomo
21.08.03-Ep. 1143 The Establishment GOP is Selling Us Down River
21.08.03-Ep. 1142 Border Patrol Has Lost All Control While COVID Passes Through
21.08.02-Ep. 1141 War Has Been Waged Against Every American
21.08.02-Ep. 1140 State By State Forensic Audits
21.08.02-Ep. 1139 Vaccine Passports and the Infringement of Liberty
21.07.31-Ep. 1138 CCP Enforced Live Organ Harvest
21.07.31-Ep. 1137 Deep Dive into COVID
21.07.30-Ep. 1136 Biden’s Open Borders Leads To Influx In Human Trafficking
21.07.30-Ep. 1135 Inflation is at a Tipping Point
21.07.30-Ep. 1134 It is Not Hypocrisy of the System, It is The System
21.07.29-Ep. 1333 MTG And Matt Gaetz Stop By For Jan 6th Roundtable
21.07.29-Ep. 1132 The Dismantling of Border Security
21.07.29-Ep. 1131 Media Malpractice is Pushing Pandemic Fear
21.07.28-Ep. 1130 Safeguarding Our Election From Foreign Interference