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23.11.28-Ep. 255 WOAH-Elon Musk VISITS Israel-VOWS To Do THIS In Gaza
23.11.27-Ep. 254 Oh Sh*t-Pentagon’s New Nuclear Bomb 24x MORE POWERFUL Than in WW2
23.11.24-Ep. 253 Moderna Working With The Fbi To Spy On You-You Won’t Believe This
23.11.23-Ep. 252 Andrew Tate Slams Piers Morgan On Israel-Palestine Debate
23.11.22-Ep. 251 WOAH…US Military FALLOUT After Asking Unvaccinated Soldiers To Return
23.11.21-Ep. 250 Trump Has To Be Eliminated-Msnbc’s Dangerous Rant
23.11.20-Ep. 249 Argentina’s Trump Elected-This Is What It Means For Global Politics
23.11.17-Ep. 248 Are You Controlled Opposition?-Alex Jones Responses-Round 2
23.11.16-Ep. 247 We Are At The End-Exclusive-Alex Jones Interview On The Globalist Agenda
23.11.15-Ep. 246 Oh SH*T-Has The Covid Pandemic Started Again In Australia?
23.11.14-Ep. 245 Dave Rubin-Middle East War-Big Pharma-Clinton
23.11.13-Ep. 244 Bombshell Revelation-Who Gets Immunity From Committing What?
23.11.10-Ep. 243 2024 Election-GOP Debate & WAR | Jimmy Dore, RFK Jr
23.11.09-Ep. 242 EXPLOSIVE GOP Debate-Trump The Biggest Winner-Our Biggest Takeaways
23.11.08-Ep. 241 HIGH ALERT-US DEPLOYS Missile Submarine In Middle East
23.11.07-Ep. 240 WOAH-Trump’s Lips Are SEALED-What REALLY Happened In Courtroom
23.11.06-Ep. 239 NEW POLL-Trump BEATS Biden In 2024-THIS Is How
23.11.03-Ep. 238 Disaster For Humanity-Bret Weinstein On Israel-Palestine & Existential Crisis
23.11.02-Ep. 237 Election Fraud-Dems Caught Ballot Stuffing
23.11.01-Ep. 236 This Is Truly Shocking-Excess Deaths-What They Aren’t Telling You
23.10.31-Ep. 235 Jordan Peterson on Andrew Tate-Spirituality-The Dangerous Descent into Despair
23.10.30-Ep. 234 Jordan Peterson On Israel-Palestine Conflict-Symbolism-the Psyche
23.10.27-Ep. 233 This Is A THREAT To This Country-Trump’s Legal Battles | Vivek Ramaswamy
23.10.26-Ep. 232 The Great Uprising Is Here-Fighting The Great Reset | Vivek Ramaswamy
23.10.25-Ep. 231 WW3-Is Trump’s Personality The Only Solution
23.10.24-Ep. 230 Wait, They Did WHAT-Did Pfizer Give People A Different Vaccine?
23.10.23-Ep. 229 Jon Stewart Cancelled-Apple Censors Host On China & AI
23.10.20-Ep. 228 Oh Sh*T, Biden’s $100 Billion Bundle Taking Us To Global War
23.10.19-Ep. 227 Hundreds Arrested At The Capitol-Next Insurrection
23.10.18-Ep. 226 Meta & Merck’s Secret Alliance Just Got Exposed
23.10.17-Ep. 225 Is The Israel Palestine Conflict Being USED To Sustain Ukraine Spending
23.10.16-Ep. 224 They Lied To You-Matt Taibbi On Fauci-Rfk Jr & New Censorship Laws
23.10.13-Ep. 223 Israel vs Palestine: Tucker SLAMS Congress Over Reaction To Attacks
23.10.12-Ep. 222 SHOCKING! Who REALLY Benefits From Israel vs Palestine Conflict?
23.10.11-Ep. 221 RFK’s 2024 Election Announcement-This Changes Everything
23.10.10-Ep. 220 Israel Palestine Officially At WAR-Is THIS What’s Coming Next
23.10.06-Ep. 218 They’ll Shut You Down-Dr John Campbell On Vaccines-Big Pharma-WHO Treaty
23.10.05-Ep. 217 Holy Sh*T-Is Dystopia Already Here
23.10.04-Ep. 216 Woah-Biden & Musk Go To War Over Free Speech-They’re Coming For Us All
23.10.03-Ep. 215 This Is End Game-Canada’s Authoritarian Crackdown On Dissent
23.10.02-Ep. 214 State Surveillance Exposed-The Facial Recognition Tech Nightmare
23.09.29-Ep. 213 Oh Sh*T-The Pilot Test Has Begun In Ukraine
23.09.28-Ep. 212 Clinton CLAIMS Putin Will Do WHAT In 2024
23.09.27-Ep. 211 Hang On…Google Shifted 6 Million Votes To Biden In 2020
23.09.26-Ep. 210 Wait What?-Surveillance Robots Are Here | Aaron Maté
23.09.25-Ep. 209 Are We Being Silenced?-The Battle For Free Speech | Jimmy Dore
23.09.15-Ep. 208 These Health Secrets Changed My Life
23.09.14-Ep. 207 This Changes Everything-Ex-Secret Service Agent Breaks Silence On JFK
23.09.13-Ep. 206 Candace Owens vs Russell Brand-Politics-Censorship-Independent Media
23.09.12-Ep. 205 It’s More Harmful-Exposing Big Pharma’s Alzheimers Gold Rush
23.09.11-Ep. 204 Wait…Elon Prevented This From Happening In Ukraine
23.09.08-Ep. 203 Sam Harris Respectfully Disagrees-Trump-Religion-Big Pharma
23.09.07-Ep. 202 Oh Sh*T-Tucker Just Revealed Us & Russia War In 2024
23.09.06-Ep. 201 We Will Not Comply-Trump Does U-Turn On Covid
23.09.05-Ep. 200 Trump Will Face Assassination Attempt In 2024
23.09.05-So...Tucker Just Completely Flipped The Ukraine Narrative
23.09.04-WTF-Labor Day Drones Are Shutting Down Your Freedom
23.08.31-She Did What During The Pandemic?
23.08.29-Things Just Got Really F*CKED UP
23.08.25-Ep. 198 I No Longer TRUST Authority-Dr John Campbell on Moderna, Myocarditis and mRNA
23.08.24-Ep. 197 They’re Sending Us Here To DIE-Ukraine Soldiers BLAST NATO
23.08.23-Ep. 196 GOP Debates-The REAL Reason Trump Won’t Be There
23.08.22-Ep. 195 OH SH*T-They NEARLY Started A Pandemic In AMERICA
23.08.21-Ep. 194 Jordan Peterson CALLS OUT TRUMP-Moderna’s Multi-million dollar payout
23.08.18-Ep. 193 THEY’RE NOT TELLING YOU THIS! Dr Peter Attia REVEALS The Truth About Testosterone
23.08.17-Ep. 192 HOLY SH*T…HAWAII BURNS! But Are The Conspiracies TRUE?
23.08.16-Ep. 191 SHOULD I EAT MEAT?-Paul Saladino Recommends Russell Converts To Carnivore Diet
23.08.15-Ep. 190 Trump Indictment Bombshell | Patrick Bet-David
23.08.14-Ep. 189 Tucker Just REVEALED THIS Jan 6th BOMBSHELL With Former Capitol Chief
23.08.11-Ep. 188 Multimillion-Dollar Bribes | Vivek Ramaswamy-Ukraine War-Biden Corruption
23.08.10-Ep. 187 SCAN YOUR EYEBALLS-Dystopian New Government-Backed Crypto Is Coming For You
23.08.09-Ep. 186 Oh Sh*t, PROOF UFOs Are A Distraction-You Were RIGHT
23.08.08-Ep. 185 WAIT…Why Aren’t They Talking About THIS-Trump’s Third Arraignment
23.08.07-Ep. 184 Jordan Peterson & Russell Brand On Politics-Censorship & Religion
23.08.04-Ep. 183 Gabor Maté on Trauma & Addiction-Jordan Peterson & Depression
23.08.03-Ep. 182 IT’S A SCAM-BlackRock-Fake Food-the Hidden Agenda
23.08.02-Ep. 181 WIM HOF Vs BIG PHARMA: The Truth About Health
23.08.01-Ep. 180 THEY’RE CRIMINAL-Ex-Coke Whistleblower EXPOSES Big Food & Pharma
23.07.31-Ep. 179 THEY’RE A POISONED CARTEL | Vandana Shiva EXPOSES Bill Gates & the Elites
23.07.28-Ep. 178 WE’RE HEADING FOR WW3 | Oliver Stone Goes Nuclear & Reveals Truth About Putin
23.07.27-Ep. 177 TRUMP 2024-Can Anyone Challenge TRUMP’S UNSTOPPABLE Influence
23.07.25-Ep. 176 NUCLEAR WAR IMMINENT-This Is WHY Putin Is READY To Start WW3
23.07.25-Ep. 175 SHOCKING UFO Sightings SURGE! Pentagon Denies Truth - MUST WATCH
23.07.24-Ep. 174 “IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!”-Saagar On NATO’s Ploy-Censorship Laws-UFOs
23.07.20-Ep. 172 'TOO BIG TO MOVE' New HIDDEN UFO Under Popular LANDMARK
23.07.19-Ep. 171 HOLY SH*T, Tucker REVEALS He Took ZERO SHOTS
23.07.18-Ep. 170 Tucker DESTROYS Mike Pence At LIVE EVENT
23.07.17-Ep. 169 BEAR GRYLLS-How To Survive The APOCALYPSE
23.07.14-Ep. 168 So This Is WHY Movies Are SH*T Now?! With The Critical Drinker
23.07.13-Ep. 167 Sound Of Freedom: They Don’t Want YOU To Watch THIS | Jim Caviezel
23.07.12-Ep. 166 Tate & Tucker GONE VIRAL-What It REALLY Means
23.07.11-Ep. 165 So, Is Fitness Far-Right NOW-Rogan UNLEASHES On Media
23.07.10-Ep. 164 Tucker Interview GONE VIRAL-My Reaction
23.07.07-Ep. 163 Tucker Carlson WORLD FIRST Interview Since Leaving Fox
23.07.06-Ep. 162 Banning Trump, Twitter Files & Musk | Jack Dorsey Opens Up
23.07.05-Ep. 161 WTF! Biden & Gates Want To BLOCK OUT The Sun
23.07.04-Ep. 160 [EXCLUSIVE] RFK & Cheryl Hines-Censorship & Power
23.07.03-Ep. 159 Exposing The Censorship Industrial Complex-Part 2
23.07.02-We MUST End THIS Before It’s Too Late… | Matt Taibbi & Michael Shellenberger (LIVE EVENT)
23.06.30-Ep. 158 Exposing The Censorship Industrial Complex-Part 1
23.06.29-Ep. 157 HOLY SH*T…US Senator CONFIRMS Existence Of UFOs In America
23.06.28-Ep. 156 IRS Insider BREAKS Silence on Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal
23.06.27-Ep. 155 Did Trump REALLY Just Get EXPOSED-Trump’s Audio LEAKED
23.06.26-Ep. 154 “THEY KNEW!” Did The US Plan The Russian Coup
23.06.23-Ep. 153 PUTIN'S NUKE THREAT-Simon Jordan on Money In Sport
23.06.22-Ep. 152 BIGGEST DANGER TO MANKIND-Bill Gates Funded Wuhan Lab?
23.06.21-Ep. 151 BLACKROCK CORRUPTION EXPOSED!! Video Sting Goes VIRAL
23.06.20-Ep. 150 BREAKING: Hunter Biden Pleads GUILTY! All The Reaction
23.06.19-Ep. 149 IRAN WAR PENDING!? Is This What TRUMP’S Secrets REVEAL?
23.06.16-Ep. 148 WTF Lockheed Martin Sponsor Pride | Marianne Williamson
23.06.15-Ep. 147 Covid’s Origin: BOMBSHELL New Report Is A GAME-CHANGER
23.06.14-Ep. 146 They’re THUGS-Trump REACTS-Biden Bribery Whistleblower
23.06.13-Ep. 145 Trump To JAIL AGAIN-Countdown To Trial Begins
23.06.12-Ep. 144 WTF-Whistleblower EXPOSES UFO Cover-Up By US Government
23.06.09-Ep. 143 Richard Dawkins-ATHEISM Vs. GOD-PANDEMIC & POWER
23.06.08-Ep. 142 The WHO’s Global POWER GRAB Is Happening
23.06.07-Ep. 141 OH SH*T HE’S BACK-Tucker Goes VIRAL On Twitter AGAIN
23.06.06-Ep. 140 FBI Secrets EXPOSED-Whistleblower EXCLUSIVE Interview
23.06.05-Ep. 139 Biden FALL & Next Presidential Candidate EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED
23.06.04-THIS IS HOW To Get Money Out Of Politics! | Daniel Chandler
23.06.03-STATE OF FEAR-COVID Propaganda EXPOSED | Laura Dodsworth
23.06.02-I Won’t Go On FOX NEWS | David Sirota
23.06.01-You Won’t Believe THIS-Dr. Bob Gill On Biden’s NIH Decision
23.05.31-WTF IS HAPPENING-Dr Shanna Swan On Global Sperm Count CRISIS
23.05.30-We Need To Talk About This | Omid Djalili
23.05.29-Belief In God HALVES-What Is Happening?
23.05.28-Succession Finale-What It REVEALS About Power
23.05.28-IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN-Bari Weiss Warns Us About AI
23.05.28-RFK Jr. REVEALS How He Will RESTORE America!
23.05.26-Ep. 138 How Covid FEAR-MONGERING Will Be Used For THIS NEXT
23.05.25-Ep. 137 Rogan & Musk ATTACKED By The Liberal Media
23.05.24-Ep. 136 MUST-SEE! DeSantis' 2024 Bid-RFK Jr. Snubbed from Poll
23.05.23-“IT’S BULLSH*T!” Woah, Elon Musk Just Exposed THIS!
23.05.23-Ep. 135 Epstein BLACKMAILED Gates & FBI Whistleblower Revelations
23.05.22-Ep. 134 The G7 Is BACK-PROOF NATO Ready For War With Russia | Charlie Skelton
23.05.21-You Can’t Stop Them-Why The Deep State Is UNSTOPPABLE | Matthew Connolly
23.05.20-There’s More To Uncover-Whitney Webb Reveals New Revelations
23.05.19-The FDA Can't Do It's Job & McDonald's Menacing Debut-THIS WEEK IN HISTORY
23.05.19-Ep. 133 PROOF! Biden's Fuelling Even MORE WAR
23.05.18-Ep. 132 Hang On, The CIA Are Recruiting Russians For WHAT
23.05.17-Ep. 131 The New Fauci-Brought To You By Pfizer
23.05.16-HIGH ALERT-Putin READY To Start WW3
23.05.16-Ep. 130 Trump Was Right?! What The Durham Report REALLY Means
23.05.15-THEY ARE WATCHING-Tulsi Gabbard Just Exposed THIS
23.05.15-Ep. 129 Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla SLAMS RFK Jr on Vaccine Claims
23.05.14-This Is VERY Concerning Russell | Dr John Campbell Interview
23.05.13-They Were INVOLVED-RFK JR. Reveals Shocking UNTOLD Truths About JFK’s Assassination
23.05.12-Ep. 128 Russell & RFK Jr-FAUCI, CIA Secrets & Running For President
23.05.11-Ep. 127 BOMB Mexico To End WHAT?! You Won’t Believe THIS
23.05.10-Ep. 126 Tucker’s BREAKING Twitter Announcement-What It REALLY Means
23.05.09-Ep. 125 RFK Jr. Drops BOMBSHELL: CIA Behind JFK Assassination
23.05.08-Ep. 124 LONG LIVE THE KING, But Not YOUR Freedom-Assange’s Plea
23.05.05-Ep. 123 Coronation EXPOSED-The Royal Secrets They Want Hidden
23.05.04-Ep. 122 HOLY SH*T! Your Tax Dollars Funding War Machine REVEALED
23.05.03-Ep. 121 WTF-Facebook Worse Than Fox? Plus RFK Jnr Surges
23.05.02-Ep. 120 WTF-Were 9/11 hijackers REALLY CIA Recruits?
23.05.01-Ep. 119 WAIT…BIDEN, CIA & EPSTEIN-This REVEALS Everything
23.04.28-Ep. 118 PROOF!-We’re Killing Ourselves!
23.04.27-Ep. 117 SHE DID WHAT!? Phoney Nancy Pelosi EXPOSED
23.04.26-Ep. 116 OH SH*T…Is Taiwan the New Ukraine?
23.04.25-Ep. 115 FFS…SLEEPY JOE RUNS AGAIN-Plus Tucker Latest
23.04.24-Ep. 114 EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Holy SH*T! Pfizer Secretly Funded Who?
23.04.23-Elon Went On Fox News & Said THIS! | Dave Rubin
23.04.22-Why We Should Worry About The Aspen Institute | Michael Shellenberger
23.04.21-Ep. 113 WTF-The Global Pandemic Treaty Is Back and Coming For YOU
23.04.20-Ep. 112 IT’S HERE…Zelensky’s Dissent CRACKDOWN
23.04.19-Ep. 111 FOX News To Pay WHAT? The End Of Democracy?
23.04.18-Ep. 110 They Can't Be Trusted
23.04.17-Ep. 109 You Just Lied!-Elon’s Rant & Pentagon Papers BOMBSHELL
23.04.16-BLOOD SOAKED MONSTERS | Dave Smith Explains Presidential War Crimes
23.04.15-IT’S B*LLSHIT | Adam Andrzejewski Breaks Down Trump Charges
23.04.14-The Banking COLLAPSE-Gary Stevenson EXPOSES Who Really Benefits
23.04.13-So THIS Is Why They Want It Hidden | Graham Hancock on The Lost City Of Atlantis
23.04.12-Sauna Can Treat WHAT?! | Dr Rhonda Patrick Reveals SHOCKING Benefits
23.04.11-Was Trump All B*LLSHIT? | Briahna Joy Gray Explains PAY TO PLAY in Politics
23.04.10-THEY'RE LYING! | Vandana Shiva On The Dutch Farmers REVOLT
23.04.09-Oh SH*T! NATO Expands! | Aaron Maté On What’s Next To Come…
23.04.08-Marianne Williamson On Trump-Why Trump Won’t HELP You
23.04.06-Ep. 108 THIS Changed My LIFE!-Rainn Wilson Interview
23.04.06-Ep. 107 Oh SH*T! NATO EXPANDS! Russia To Retaliate
23.04.05-Ep. 106 TRUMPED UP CHARGES-Legit or Bullsh*t
23.04.04-Ep. 105 LOCK HIM UP!-Trump’s Court Date Is HERE
23.04.03-Ep. 104 TRUMP TO JAIL-Countdown To ARREST Starts Here
23.03.31-Ep. 103 We’re Being POISONED-Big Pharma’s Dirty Secret
23.03.30-Ep. 102 You Were Right-New Shocking Vax Study
23.03.29-Ep. 101 Gangster Government-Big Tech TAKEDOWN
23.03.28-Ep. 100 My Thoughts On Nashville
23.03.27-Ep. 099 France Burns-What The F*ck Is Going On
23.03.24-Ep. 098 THE HIDDEN AGENDA-Graham Hancock On The Propaganda War
23.03.23-Ep. 097 THEY DON’T WANT PEACE-US Sabotages Cease Fire
23.03.22-Ep. 096 THEY HATE YOU-Fauci Confronted & Why Trump Is Too Popular
23.03.21-Ep. 095 It Begins: China’s New World Order
23.03.20-Ep. 094 Trump Arrest
23.03.17-Ep. 093 Neoliberalism Is Dying | Dr Cornel West
23.03.16-Ep. 092 HERE WE GO-Trump For World Peace
23.03.15-Ep. 091 Oh Sh*t, Russians Down US Drone…WW3
23.03.14-Ep. 090 Banking Meltdown – 2008 Crisis All Over Again
23.03.13-Ep. 089 WE ARE BACK-Reflecting On US Tour Plus More
23.03.06-Steven Crowder
23.03.06-So I Went On Bill Maher And This Happened...
23.03.03-Tim Pool-The Collapse of America
23.03.02-Joe Rogan Experience
23.02.24-Ep. 088 UFOs-Real or Distraction? With Jeremy Corbell
23.02.23-Ep. 087 They’re Destroying The Country | Chris Hedges
23.02.22-Ep. 086 Wait-Putin Says He'll Nuke! Why Is No One Reporting This
23.02.21-Ep. 085 Ohio Vs. Ukraine-What’s Your President’s Job?
23.02.20-Ep. 084 Natural Immunity-It’s All Coming Out
23.02.18-We Aren’t So Innocent | Seymour Hersh First Exclusive Interview
23.02.17-Ep. 083 Is The System Collapsing? With Guest Tim Pool
23.02.16-Ep. 082 Heart Attacks-Why Is This Happening Now?
23.02.15-Ep. 081 Biden’s Train Wreck Presidency Just Became Literal
23.02.14-Ep. 080 Pfizer vs Project Veritas-The Truth
23.02.13-Ep. 079 More Balloons or UFOs? Is It All A Distraction?
23.02.10-Ep. 078 Dr John Campbell: You Were Right
23.02.09-Ep. 077 Nord Stream - So THIS Is How The US Did It
23.02.08-Ep. 076 The TRUTH About Biden’s State Of The Union Speech
23.02.07-Ep. 075 Your Crisis = Their Profits
23.02.06-Ep. 074 Balloons vs Missiles-What’s Going to Start WW3?
23.02.03-Ep. 073 We’re Sleepwalking To Extinction | Deepak Chopra
23.02.02-Ep. 072 Fauci & Wuhan-What They’re NOT Telling You
23.02.01-Ep. 071 Why Zelensky REALLY Wants US Tanks
23.01.31-Ep. 070 Pfizer Sting-Is THIS Why The Media Aren’t Talking About It?
23.01.30-Ep. 069 PROOF They’re Spying On You
23.01.27-Ep. 068 The Political Revolution Is Now | with Martin Gurri
23.01.26-Ep. 067 Everything Is Changing | Kim Iversen
23.01.25-Ep. 066 Bill Gates Said What About Vaccines?
23.01.24-Ep. 065 Ukraine & The New World Order
23.01.23-Ep. 064 Mainstream Media Covid Meltdown | Kit Klarenberg
23.01.20-Ep. 063 Is Climate Change A Real Threat? With Bjørn Lomborg
23.01.19-Ep. 062 You Were Right-Fauci, Pfizer & Twitter
23.01.18-Ep. 061 Mainstream or -What’s The Difference?
23.01.17-Ep. 060 Why Can We Still Not Talk About Natural Immunity?
23.01.16-Ep. 059 WEF SPECIAL: The Most Terrifying Event Of 2023
23.01.13-Ep. 058 They Tried To Censor Me | Rick Rubin
23.01.12-Ep. 057 The Truth About Fauci
23.01.11-Ep. 056 Are The Democrats Now The War Party?
23.01.11-Ep. 055 Prince Harry Saga-The TRUTH About The Deep State?
23.01.09-Ep. 054 Happy New War? Is History Repeating Itself?
22.12.23-Ep. 053 Keep The State Out of Private Business | Duncan Trussell
22.12.22-Ep. 052 How the US & China Colluded On Covid! | Michael P Senger
22.12.21-Ep. 051 Xmas Special: We’re All F*cked
22.12.20-Ep. 050 Who’s The Real Enemy-Elon Or The CIA? | Bari Weiss
22.12.19-Ep. 049 You Won’t Believe This About The Freedom Convoy
22.12.16-Ep. 048 The Covid Redemption with Tim Robbins
22.12.15-Ep. 047 How The US Plans To Keep The War Going For YEARS TO COME
22.12.14-Ep. 046 Putin’s Death-Is THIS How The War Could End?
22.12.13-Ep. 045 This Is Why The Democrats Being Sh*t Matters
22.12.12-Ep. 044 The Truth About Twitter Files | Matt Taibbi
22.12.09-Ep. 043 No One Is Talking About This!-M.I.A
22.12.08-Ep. 042 Harry & Meghan-More Important Than Joe Biden’s Lies?
22.12.07-Ep. 041 Is Elon Musk Really An Enemy Of The State?
22.11.22-Ep. 040 SEASON FINALE! We’ve Been Lied To About Our History
22.11.21-Ep. 039 THEY'RE BACK! Trump, Ye, Tate and Peterson Reinstated
22.11.18-Ep. 038 Covid Emergency Powers-How They Stole Our Freedoms
22.11.17-Ep. 037 Is Trump Over Or Just Getting Started?
22.11.16-Ep. 036 Poland Missile Strike-Who REALLY Did It?
22.11.15-Ep. 035 So, This Is Why The Elite Want Power?
22.11.14-Ep. 034 The Dark Truth About Bill Gates
22.11.11-Ep. 033 Is Biden's Biggest Broken Promise Nuclear Annihilation?
22.11.10-Ep. 032 Global Farmer Protests-Great Reset Resisters?
22.11.09-Ep. 031 Midterms-Where's The Red Wave?
22.11.08-Ep. 030 Heated Exchange With Jordan Peterson On Gender Debate
22.11.07-Ep. 029 Why Has Elon REALLY Bought Twitter?
22.11.04-Ep. 028 New UK Leader-WEF Stooge Who’s Richer Than The King
22.11.03-Ep. 027 Officials Secretly ADMITTED Trucker Protests Were NOT Violent
22.11.02-Ep. 026 Jeffrey Sachs On Nord Stream & Wuhan Lab. You Won't Believe THIS
22.11.01-Ep. 025 A Great Reset Will Happen…With Guest Eckhart Tolle
22.10.31-Ep. 024 Your Blood Is Being Sucked And Sold To China
22.10.28-Ep. 023 Is Free Speech Finally Back!? Elon BUYS Twitter
22.10.27-Ep. 022 Are The Democrats Warmongers? | Tulsi Gabbard
22.10.26-Ep. 021 Did Joe Biden REALLY Beat Big Pharma?
22.10.25-Ep. 020 Could The US Have Blown Up Nord Stream?
22.10.24-Ep. 019 Wait, Did California Just Gag Your Doctor?
22.10.21-Ep. 018 UK Meltdown-Beginning Of Global Crash
22.10.20-Ep. 017 The Mask Is Slipping | Nick Ortner
22.10.19-Ep. 016 Pfizer And Avengers-What Is A Hero? | Biet Simkin
22.10.18-Ep. 015 So Who DID Sabotage Nord Stream? | Vandana Shiva
22.10.17-Ep. 014 Biden's Cannabis Prison Pardon-For No One
22.10.14-Ep. 013 Trump Wants Peace-So Who's The Real Fascist?
22.10.13-Ep. 012 Pfizer Admits COVID Vaccines Never Prevented The Spread
22.10.12-Ep. 011 Pfizer-They Admitted It!
22.10.11-Ep. 010 The REAL Reason Why Trump Didn’t Pardon Assange & Snowden
22.10.10-Ep. 009 Are We Being Ushered Into The Metaverse Prison
22.10.07-Ep. 008 You Don't Have To Be Elon or Kanye To Have An Opinion
22.10.06-Ep. 007 What Happens When You Challenge Dominant Power?
22.10.05-Ep. 006 Is This The Age Of Fake Narratives And Bullsh*t Distractions?
22.10.04-Ep. 005 What Is A Fascist And Who Decides?
22.10.03-Ep. 004 They Want A Reset. We Need A Revolution. What's It Gunna Be?
22.09.30-Ep. 003 Is The System Deliberately Making You Poorer?
22.09.29-Ep. 002 Bill Gates Says We're On The Brink Of Civil War
22.09.28-Ep. 001 Should We Be Laughing At Biden Or Is The Joke On Us?
22.09.27-Ep. 000 So, YouTube Took Our Video Down
22.09.26-Ep. 000 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT