Ron Paul on RUMBLE
22.08.10-New Poll: Americans Unmoved By Jan. 6th Hearings
22.08.09-Police State? Armed Feds Raid Trump House
22.08.08-Armed Robbery: Anti-Inflation Bill To Unleash Massive IRS Army
22.08.05-The Empire & The Fed-Born Together, Dying Together
22.08.04-A New ‘Giuliani Moment’? | Rep. Anthony Sabatini
22.08.03-Trump Time? POTUS 45-Endorsed Candidates Clean Up In Primaries
22.08.02-Pelosi's Reckless Taiwan Junket
22.08.01-McAdams: The U.S. Should Abandon "Foreign Policy" Altogether
22.07.29-Student Loan Crisis: It Couldn't Have Happened Without The Fed
22.07.28-Inflation To Get Much Worse! Courtesy of The "Inflation Reduction Act"
22.07.27-Democrats To The Fed: Stop Raising Rates
22.07.26-Redefining Reality-None Dare Call It A Recession
22.07.25-Vietnam Anyone? US Lawmakers Call For Military Advisors To Ukraine
22.07.22-"Climate Emergency"? No -- Loss of Liberty Emergency? Yes
22.07.21-Narrative Fail? Quad Vaxxed Biden...Has Covid
22.07.20-US Transportation Secretary: The More Gas Price Pain-The More Benefit
22.07.19-Shock CNN Poll: Most Americans OPPOSE Biden's Ukraine Policy
22.07.18-Covid Lies: Dr Birx 'Confesses' In Self-Serving New Book
22.07.15-Prices Are Soaring! Why Is The Gold Price Going Down?
22.07.14-Terror Threat? US Supremes 'Should Never Know Peace Again'
22.07.13-Biden To Spend $1.7 Billion For Healthcare...In Ukraine!
22.07.12-Biden Goes Begging: To Offer Saudis Bombs For Oil
22.07.11-Bloodbath: Biden Chewed Up By Former Mainstream Media Protectors
22.07.08-Inflation? Deflation? Recession? The Economic Train Wreck| Phillip Patrick
22.07.07-Uprising! BoJo Dumped In UK As Farmers Dump Manure On Dutch Government!
22.07.06-Canada's Health Minister: 'You'll NEVER Be Fully Vaxxed!'
22.07.05-Scam Alert! Ukraine Demands $750 Billion...For 'Reconstruction'!
22.07.04-Scott Ritter: 'Two-Front War: Biden's Mouth is Writing Checks the US Military Can't Cash'
22.07.01-Powell Admits The Fed Doesn't Know What It's Doing
22.06.30-Biden: High Gas Prices For 'As Long As It Takes' To Defeat Russia
22.06.29-'Chaostan' And How to Restore The System Of Liberty | Richard Maybury
22.06.28-G7 Leaders Pledge Endless Money To Ukraine-'As Long As It Takes'
22.06.27-NYT 'Bombshell'-CIA Massively Engaged On-Ground In Ukraine
22.06.24-Inflation Nightmare & The Fed's 2% CPI Pipe Dream
22.06.23-Supremes Rule: NY Gun Grab Law 'Unconstitutional'
22.06.22-Biden's Gas Tax Holiday - Spitting In The Wind?
22.06.21-Global Elites Starve Africa To 'Punish' Russia
22.06.20-Sen. Cornyn's "Red Flag" Gun Compromise...Is A Red Flag
22.06.17-The Fed Can't Replace The Market To Find The Best Interest Rate
22.06.16-NATO Summit Demands: More Weapons For Ukraine
22.06.15-Green Reversal? Biden Screams At Oil Companies For NOT Drilling
22.06.14-January 6 Committee: Inquisition Theater
22.06.13-Busted! Homeland Security Secretary Lied To Senate About Disinfo Board
22.06.10-Don't Blame "Corporate Profits" or Rising Wages For Inflation -- Blame The Fed
22.06.08-Rebellion Against The Woke: San Francisco Ousts Soros DA
22.06.07-Desperate Biden Uses Military Powers...To Push 'Green' Energy Production
22.06.06-NATO Launches Big Baltic War Games...What Could Go Wrong?
22.06.03-"Woke" Capitalism Is An Economic Disaster In The Making
22.06.02-Above The Law? What Clinton Lawyer Verdict Says About Politicization Of Justice
22.06.01-Not Again! Biden Unveils $700 Million MORE For Ukraine Weapons
22.05.31-What's Your Green Social Credit Score?
22.05.30-Mainstream Media Grudgingly Admits Truth: Ukraine War Is A Disaster
22.05.27-Are China & Russia In Better Economic Shape Than We Are?
22.05.26-Uh Oh-New AP Poll Shows Americans Souring On Ukraine Aid
22.05.25-The 2nd Amendment Made Me Do It
22.05.24-Surviving The Age of Corporatism & Shortages|Jack Spirko
22.05.23-The Number One Fallacy That Brought On This Economic Calamity
22.05.20-Is The FDA & Corporatism Starving America's Babies?
22.05.19-Biden's 'Disinfo Board' RIP? Don't Hold Your Breath!
22.05.18-'Let's Make A Deal'-Turkey Sets Demands For Finland/Sweden NATO Membership
22.05.17-War Comes Closer: Senate OK's $40 Billion To Ukraine; NATO Pledges 'Open Ended' Support
22.05.16-Mitch McConnell-'Name Russia State Sponsor Of Terrorism!'
22.05.13-The Student Loan Crisis-Yet Another Government-Created Problem
22.05.12-Biden Sets New Rules On Targeting Russians
22.05.11-'Want Some Money?' US House Passes MASSIVE $40 Billion In Ukraine Military Aid!
22.05.09-Liberty Challenged. More Government, More Debt, More War!
22.05.06-The Coming Economic Meltdown-And How To Protect Yourself-Phillip Patrick
22.05.05-Dark Origins Of Biden's New 'Ministry Of Truth'
22.05.04-Biden Visits Lockheed: 'Make More Javelins For Ukraine!'
22.05.03-SCOTUS Abortion Leak Exposes 'Pro-Choice' Hypocrisy
22.05.02-Escalation! Rep. Kinzinger Drops 'War With Russia' Bill In The US House
22.04.29-The "Strong Dollar"-Good or Bad For Inflation?
22.04.28-Going Full Orwell: Homeland Security To Launch 'Disinformation Governance Board'
22.04.27-Empire Strikes Back! EU Threatens Musk Over 'Free Speech' On Twitter
22.04.26-Elon Musk, Twitter, And The Free Speech Freak-Out
22.04.25-'Mission Accomplished'? Blinken In Kiev Announces Ukraine 'Has Already Succeeded"
22.04.22-Repeal 1913: End The Income Tax & The Federal Reserve
22.04.21-Through The Fog Of War| Scott Ritter
22.04.20-Travesty: UK Judge Green-Lights Assange Extradition To US
22.04.19-Mask Off! Should We Applaud End Of Mask Tyranny?
22.04.18-US Senator: Time To Send US Troops To Fight Russia In Ukraine!
22.04.15-Like Covid: Will Government's Reaction To Inflation Make Everything Much Worse?
22.04.14-Diplomacy...Or Madness? US Considers Sending Biden Or VP Harris To Ukraine
22.04.13-Ignoring Russian Warnings, Biden Administration Escalates In Ukraine
22.04.12-Why Does It Seem Biden Is Prolonging The Ukraine War?
22.04.11-New Study: California, New York Handled Covid The Worst
22.04.08-The Dollar's Reserve Status Is Ending. Will Bitcoin Save Us?
22.04.07-Justice! Jan. 6th 'Insurgent' Cleared Of All Charges!
22.04.06-Top US General: Build More Permanent Bases In Europe!
22.04.05-Bucha Massacre: War Crime Or False Flag?
22.04.04-Uh Oh! Fauci Comes Clean, Admits Natural Immunity Superior!
22.04.01-Biden's "Billionaire Minimum Income Tax" Is A Racket
22.03.31-The Pivot Back To COVID!
22.03.30-Deep State Coup? Former CIA Officer Claims Credit For Trump Loss
22.03.29-Blinken Pours Cold Water On Positive Reports From Russia/Ukraine Talks
22.03.28-Biden: We're In 'Long Fight' With Russia Over Ukraine. Who Benefits From Escalation?
22.03.25-Surprise! Biden Says Sanctions Will Cause Food Shortages
22.03.24-WWIII? NATO To Take A MORE Aggressive Stance After 'Emergency' Brussels Summit
22.03.23-Bonanza! US Missile Makers Scramble To Replenish Weapons Stocks
22.03.22-Two-Front War? Washington Pushes China Into Russia's Arms
22.03.21-Shock And Awe: After 19 Years US Military Still Bogged Down In Baghdad
22.03.18-When Will The Fed Give Up on Raising Rates?
22.03.17-Biggest Winners In Ukraine War: Military-Industrial-Complex
22.03.16-Who Helped Biden Rip Us Off At The Gas Pump?
22.03.15-Is Tulsi Gabbard A Traitor?
22.03.14-Will China or Russia Fill The Gap When The Federal Reserve Fails?
22.03.11-Don't Blame Covid or Ukraine For Soaring Prices-Blame The Fed!
22.03.10-As Inflation Rages, US House Approves MASSIVE Aid To Ukraine!
22.03.09-US Biolabs In Ukraine? Victoria Nuland Spills The Beans
22.03.08-Breaking: Biden Bans Russian Oil. Are We Committing Economic Suicide Over Ukraine?
22.03.07-Our Advice To Biden On Russia/Ukraine
22.03.04-Are Sanctions Acts of War?
22.03.03-Info Brigade! Big Tech Suiting Up For War On Russia!
22.03.02-Is Ukraine Actually A US/Russia Proxy War?
22.03.01-Will Ukraine Crisis Backfire On America?
22.02.28-What's To Blame For The Mess In Ukraine?
22.02.25-The Economic Consequences of Senseless Wars
22.02.24-Fog Of War: What's Behind Russia's Ukraine Strike?
22.02.23-Scapegoat! Biden Blames Inflation On...Putin!
22.02.22-Invasion...Or Not? Biden Administration Unsure On Russia Moves
22.02.21-Ukraine War Possibility Suddenly Heating Up
22.02.18-Gold & War vs. The Fed & War
22.02.17-Here They Go Again: Biden 'Senses' Russia About To Attack Ukraine
22.02.16-Happy Ukraine (Non) Invasion Day!
22.02.15-US Credibility Collapse: Russian Troops Returning After Exercises...Like They Said
22.02.14-Ukraine War Inevitable?
22.02.11-Inflation Is Roaring! Biden, Congress & The Fed Don't Know What To Do!
22.02.10-Praise To The Covid Truth-Tellers!
22.02.09-Busted! Capitol Hill Cops Under Investigation For Spying On (Republican) Members
22.02.08-'Abandon Ship!' Last Year's Rabid Covid Lockdowners Race For The Exits
22.02.07-Canada Declares War On Truckers
22.02.04-Beware of These 4 Most Dangerous Fed Fallacies
22.02.03-Biden's Free Masks Are Here! Do You Want One?
22.02.02-White House To Spotify: Kneecap Rogan!
22.02.01-Canada's Trudeau Refuses To Meet With 'Nazi' Truckers
22.01.31-Canada's Freedom Convoy Is A Worldwide Political Tsunami
22.01.28-The "Experts" Will Not Save Us-What Will?
22.01.27-US Surgeon General: Silence Joe Rogan!
22.01.26-Pentagon Vs. State: Biden Team At War With Itself Over Russia-Ukraine Invasion Narrative
22.01.25-Pentagon on Russia Invasion: 'Just Kidding'
22.01.24-Biden Administration's Ukraine Freak-Out: Pretense For War?
22.01.21-Government Price Controls Never Work - Why Are They Ever Used?
22.01.20-Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack On Ukraine For Political Gain?
22.01.18-Israeli Bombshell: Fourth Shot 'Not Good Enough'
22.01.17-Shock Poll: Half Of Dems Support Prison For Questioning Shots
22.01.14-What's The Difference Between Democracy & Mobocracy
22.01.13-Are You A 'Domestic Extremist'? It's Easier Than You Think!
22.01.12-Sparks Fly In Latest Rand/Fauci Face-Off
22.01.11-Pfizer CEO's Covid Bombshell: Two Shots "Offers Very Limited Protection, If Any"
22.01.10-Credibility In Shreds: CDC's Shocking Admission On Covid Deaths
22.01.07-The Fed is Trapped: Crash The Market, Or Let Inflation Rip?
22.01.06-Where Was The REAL Insurrection?
22.01.05-Mega-Vaxxed Israel Sees Record Cases: What Went Wrong?
22.01.04-Dr. McCullough Bombshell: Covid Outpatient Treatments Being Suppressed!
22.01.03-Narrative Implosion: German Authorities Report Most Omicron Cases Among Vacccinated
21.12.30-Killjoy Fauci: 'No Hugging Or Kissing On New Year's!'
21.12.29-Fauci's Amazing Golden Parachute - Will He Jump?
21.12.28-Biden Surrenders on Covid - Can We End Federal Mandates Now?
21.12.27-'Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity' - With Special Guest Sen. Rand Paul
21.12.24-A Paul Family Christmas With Carol And Kelley Paul
21.12.23-Chicago Mayor Lightfoot To Unvaccinated: 'Your Time Is Up!'
21.12.22-Austria Going Full Gestapo?
21.12.21-Is The Omicron Explosion A Pandemic...Or A 'Test-demic'?
21.12.20-Busted! The Great Fauci/NIH Anti-Science Conspiracy!
21.12.17-Fed Monetary Policy Is No Substitute For Monetary Reform
21.12.16-Airline CEOs: Masks Add Little If Anything To Safety
21.12.15-Omicron 'Shocker': It's Mostly Hitting The Vaxxed
21.12.14-'Lancet' BLASTS 'Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated' Propaganda
21.12.13-Light At The End Of The Covid?
21.12.10-U.S. Is "Postponing" The Default By Accelerating The Default
21.12.09-Desperate Fauci: 'We've Got To Supersede Personal Choices!'
21.12.08-Strike Three! Federal Judge Blocks Biden's Contractor Mandate
21.12.07-Biden-Putin Virtual Summit: Will Washington's Dogs Of War Be Unleashed?
21.12.06-DeBlasio Goes Full Dictator: 'Mandatory VAX For ALL'!
21.12.01-Biden Expected To Lock Down Travelers!
20.11.29-The Omicron Deception
20.11.24-Fauci: Critics Of Me 'Are Killing People'!
21.11.23-NIH Director: Fauci Critics 'Must Be Brought To Justice!'
20.11.19-Austria Freak Out: Lockdown EVERYTHING!
20.11.18-Back To The Unspeakable: Europe Locks Down 'Unclean' Unvaxxed
20.11.17-Oops...? Did Attorney General Garland Lie To Congress About Parent 'Threat Tag'?
20.11.16-Masks, Lockdowns & Vaccines Don't Stop The Spread: Why Are They Still Being Pushed?
20.11.15-Property Ownership: The Ultimate Civil Liberty
20.11.12-Is Inflation Biden's Fault? It's Certainly His Problem
20.11.11-Surgeon General To Matthew McConaughey: Shut Up About Vaccines!
20.11.10-Pfizer CEO: Critics Are Criminals!
20.11.09-Got Gas? Biden's Big Oil Blunder!
20.11.08-Biden Hits New Approval Low - Is He Eyeing War As A Distraction?
20.11.05-Shipping Crisis, Staffing Crisis, Empty Shelves! -- Government Intervention Is A Disaster!
20.11.04-Biden Doubles Down: 'Your Jab Or Your Job!'
20.11.03-Red Wave! Who Was Yesterday's Biggest Loser?
20.11.02-Rebellion Deepens: America Says 'No!' To Vax Mandate!
20.11.01-Dem Panic: 'Covid Vanishes From Campaign Trail'
20.10.29-Will Deflation Solve The Problems of Inflation?
20.10.28-'Team Pfizer'? Possible Conflict Of Interest On FDA's 'Jabs For Kids' Panel
20.10.27-What a Shocker! FDA Panel Approves Shots for Kids!
20.10.26-Covid Economics: How Central Planning Tyrants Ruined The World
20.10.25-He Killed Snoopy??? #ArrestFauci Trending On Twitter
20.10.22-Don't Be Deceived: The Fed Is The Main Culprit of Rising Prices
20.10.21-Rand Was Right...Fauci Lied
20.10.20-Biden's Mad Mandate Is Ripping The Country To Shreds
20.10.19-Colin Powell And The Empire Of Lies
20.10.18-Fauci To Americans: 'Enjoy Christmas...If You're Vaccinated!'
20.10.15-With 99.9% Safety From Covid, Biden Buys Vaccines For Children?
20.10.14-You Thought Chicago Was Bad? Wait Till This Weekend!
20.10.13-Loudoun County's War On Parents Continues...
20.10.12-Texas Says 'No!'
20.10.11-Dangerous Fallout From Biden's Vax Mandate
20.10.08-Even a $1 Trillion Platinum Coin Will Not Pay To "Build Back Better"
20.10.07-NBA Star Andrew Wiggins: A Hero Accused of 'Playing a Victim'
20.10.06-Pills And Profits: Merck To Make Billions From USG-Funded Covid Treatment
20.10.05-Biden Administration: Investigate Protesting Parents For 'Domestic Terrorism'!
20.10.04-No Surprise Here! -- "Vaccine Passports" Are Crushing Business In NYC
20.10.01-Default Hysteria: No Time To Panic; Time To Plan
20.09.30-Apartheid Australia: Hell On Earth
20.09.29-Pompeo: 'No Apologies' For Alleged Plan To Kill Assange
20.09.28-NY Gov Unhinged: "Vaccines Are From God...Be My Apostles!"
20.09.27-Follow The Science? CDC Director Throws Expert Committee Under The Bus
20.09.24-Bill Gates: Covid Fearmongering to "Climate Change" Hysteria?
20.09.23-Support The Troops? Biden Demands Dishonorable Discharge For Vax Refusers!
20.09.22-Biden's Border Bungle: Immigration...Or Invasion?
20.09.21-Melbourne Meltdown: Lockdowned Aussies Rise In Revolt
20.09.20-Fauci: 'Wanna Fly? Take The Shot!'
20.09.16-AUKUS: Banging The China War Drum
20.09.15-General Milley & The Deep State: The Real Insurrectionists
20.09.14-Blockbuster! New Study Finds Half Covid Hospitalizations For Asymptomatic Or Mild Illness!
20.09.13-Red State Rebellion! Majority Of US Governors Say NO! To Biden Vax Mandate
20.09.10-Biden: "This is not about freedom or personal choice." It's all about TYRANNY!
20.09.09-ACLU Flips! Vaccine Passport Obsession Accelerates
20.09.08-The Failure of Centralized Power Is Leading To "A Great Unraveling"
20.09.07-FOIA Reveals That Fauci Lied...Rand Vindicated?
20.09.02-The Case For A Free-Market Medical Care System
20.09.02-How To Survive A "Crack-Up Boom"
20.09.01-The Road To Totalitarianism Is Paved With "Vaccine Passports"
20.08.31-'That's My Job' - The Murder Of Ashli Babbitt
20.08.30-Afghanistan War (Almost) Over...Did They Die In Vain?
20.08.27-The Stage Is Set for A Crack Up Boom — Are You Prepared?
20.08.26-Mainstream Media Increasingly Questioning Official Covid Narrative
20.08.25-CDC: Vaccine Efficacy Tanking. So Now What?
20.08.24-Fauci: 'I Respect People's Freedom But...'
20.08.23-Here Come The Mandates: FDA Approves Covid Shot
20.08.20-Bretton Woods Long Gone: What To Expect From The Coming Reforms
20.08.19-Masks: What Are They Hiding?
20.08.18-Guess Who's The Taliban's Biggest Weapons Supplier?
20.08.17-Biden's Afghan Speech - A Hit...And A Miss
20.08.16-Should We Blame Biden For Afghan War Loss?
20.08.13-The Great Infrastructure Rip-Off: Who Gets The Money?
20.08.12-You'll Never Guess The Education Level Of The Most Vax-Resistant Americans...
20.08.11-Holocaust Survivor Slams Demonization Of Unvaccinated
20.08.10-Hypocrisy And Lies: Rep. Tlaib Vs. Sen. Paul
20.08.09-Delta Scaremonger Ferguson Recants Dire Prediction - (But Doesn't Apologize)
20.08.06-Central Planners Don't Have A Clue, So Don't Trust The Fed
20.08.05-Leading TX Doc: 'Prosecute Fauci Criticism As Hate Crime!'
20.08.04-Dark Clouds: Biden Pushes China-Style 'Social Credit' System
20.08.03-Biden Covid Coordinator: Forced Vaccines Now!
20.08.02-Fauci's Forecast: 'More Pain And Suffering!' Really?
20.07.30-Corporatism To Fascism: Do YOU Have a Plan To Deal With It?
20.07.29-CDC Credibility Implosion: New Mask Mandate Makes No Sense
20.07.28-Another CDC Flip-Flop: 'Put Your Mask Back On...Or Else!'
20.07.27-Tyrants On The March: Vaccine Passports Are Here?
20.07.26-Fauci: 'Vaccinated? Wear A Mask!' Will He Ever Be 'Canceled?'
20.07.23-Why Do Governments Lie About Inflation?
20.07.22-Hypocrisy: Maskless Texas Democrat Demands Universal Masking!
20.07.21-Fauci In The Hot Seat: Did He Lie To Congress?
20.07.20-Soviet-Style Justice: The Persecution Of Paul Hodgkins
20.07.19-Biden Tells Social Media Who Must Be 'Cancelled'
20.07.16-Nixon to Biden: 50 Years of "Transitory" Inflation
20.07.15-Reports: US Leaving Iraq (Again)
20.07.14-Biden Unhinged: Voter ID Requirements Worst Threat 'Since The Civil War!'
20.07.13-Fauci Is Back: 'Vaccine Mandates NOW!'
20.07.12-FBI To Americans: 'Report On Your Families!'
20.07.09-Hit The Brakes! Corporatism Often Incites Revolutions!
20.07.08-NSA Vs. Tucker Carlson: Are We A Banana Republic?
20.07.07-White House To America: 'We're Coming Door To Door...With Shots!'
20.07.06-'We Just Marched Out' - US Abandons Afghan Base At Night
20.07.05-When Warnings Become Realities: Ron Paul CPAC Speech 2009
20.07.02-Private Property: The Bedrock of Civilization
20.07.01-New Poll: Americans Reject 'Critical Race Theory'
20.06.30-'Delta Variant' Scaremongering: Fauci's Last Stand?
20.06.29-Biden Claims Bombing Syria And Iraq Is A 'Defensive' Move. What?
20.06.28-Forcing Americans Not to Work, Paying Them Not To Work ... Jobs Plan?
20.06.25-U.S. Debt Ceiling -- A Glass Ceiling That's Made To Be Broken
20.06.24-Biden 'Confesses' - There Was No Insurrection!
20.06.23-Freedom Of Press? US Govt. Seizes Dozens Of Foreign News Websites
20.06.22-It's About Time! Congress Votes To Repeal Iraq War Authorization
20.06.21-Say What? US Planning New Sanctions...On Russia!
20.06.18-Prices Rise & Standards of Living Fall -- Yet The Fed Keeps Printing Like Crazy
20.06.17-Biden/Putin Summit: Why Media And Politicos Get It All Wrong
20.06.16-The Real January 6th 'Insurrection'?
20.06.15-Biden/Putin Showdown: Fireworks...Or Duds?
20.06.14-US Judge To TX Hospital Workers: 'Get The Shot Or Get Fired!'
20.06.11-Yellen: Inflation & Your Lower Standard of Living Is Good For Society
20.06.10-SecDef Austin: 'Start ACTING Like China Is Top Enemy!'
20.06.09-Massie: 'Fire The CDC!' - Us: 'Then End It!'
20.06.08-There You Go Again! Another Study In Germany Finds Lockdowns Worthless
20.06.07-Lab Leak Theory Goes Mainstream
20.06.04-Libertarian Films? Liberal Colleges? A Diet of Insects & Lab Grown Meat? -- You Asked & We Answered!
20.06.03-A Libertarian Look At Land, Fear, And Life After Covid - With Guest Jeff Deist
20.06.02-Fauci Cashes In - Juicy Book Deal Signed!
20.06.01-Dr. Fauci...On The Ropes?
20.05.28-Waters & Warren Threaten Bankers: Tolerate Those Who Overdraft Their Accounts!
20.05.27-CDC's Walensky To Kids: 'Put Yer Masks On!'
20.05.26-Equal Justice? Jan. 6 'Insurrectionists' Rot In US Gulag
20.05.25-Sen. Paul Attacked Again...Left Wing Twitter Encourages Violence
20.05.21-Strong Dollar? Weak Dollar? Stable Dollar? -- The Fed Is Ruining The Dollar!
20.05.20-Pre-Crime: Is The Pentagon Spying On Soldiers?
20.05.19-Do We Need A '9/11 Commission' To Investigate The Fake 'Insurrection'?
20.05.18-How The US Can Bring Peace To Israel/Palestine
20.05.17-The Fall Of The Covid Berlin Wall
20.05.14-Inflation: Cost-push or Demand-pull?
20.05.13-America Makes Aircraft Carriers, China Makes Money
20.05.12-Colonial Pipeline, Russia, And The Real Conspiracy Theorists
20.05.11-The Vaccine Passport Push Marches On
20.05.10-Fauci: 'Masks Forever!'
20.05.07-Inflation Raises Its Ugly Head: What Will The Fed Do Now?
20.05.06-Facebook's Trump Ban: Justice...Or Aggression?
20.05.05-'Durable Revenue Stream' - Pfizer Vax Windfall Crony Capitalism At Its Worst
20.05.04-Welcome To Dystopia: Biden To Use 'Private' Firms To Spy On Americans
20.05.03-CDC Suddenly Concerned About Covid 'False Positive' Tests?
20.04.30-'(bleep) The Mask Order' With Guest Pho Chan
20.04.27-Deep Corruption: Is The System Falling Apart?
20.04.23-Defund The Police? No Difference Between The Two Parties? -- Ask The Co-Hosts!
20.04.22-Careening Toward Catastrophe: Why Is Washington Pouring Gas On The Russia/Ukraine Fire?
20.04.21-Searching For Truth In A Time Of Deceit - With Guest Gary Heavin
20.04.20-Media Lies Exposed: Officer Sicknick And The False 'Insurrection' Narrative
20.04.19-Maxine Waters: Inciting Actual Insurrection?
20.04.16-The Worst Tax: Who's Responsible For Skyrocketing Food Prices?
20.04.15-Biden Declares 'National Emergency' - Blindsides Russia With Sanctions, Economic Warfare
20.04.14-This California County Is Launching A 'Vaccine Passport'...Is Yours Next?
20.04.13-Two Front War? Three Fronts? What's Biden's Game in Taiwan, Iran, and Ukraine?
20.04.12-Major Covid Myth Destroyed - Is Freedom Winning?
20.04.09-The "War on Cash" Is Really A War on Freedom
20.04.08-'New Normal'? Davos Billionaire Crowd Pushes Orwellian 'Smart Mask'
20.04.07-Texas Covid Crashes - Fauci Dumbfounded
20.04.06-'Insurrection'...Or Inquisition? With Guest Julie Kelly
20.04.05-What Would Hunter Biden's Laptop Reveal About The Coming Ukraine War?
20.04.08-Fear: The Tool of Tyranny
20.04.08-Why Are 'Experts' Disagreeing With Each Other Over Covid Vaccine?
20.03.31-Biden Begs Taliban: Let Us Stay Six More Months
20.03.30-CDC Director Meltdown: 'Please Hold On A Little While Longer!'
20.03.29-Vaccine Passports: Your Ticket To Tyranny
20.03.26-Freedom Eliminates The Evils of Socialism & Fascism
20.03.25-Covid-Testing-Industrial-Complex: Too Big To Fail
20.03.24-Fauci: US Covid Lockdowns "No Mistake"