Quite Frankly on RUMBLE
22.08.19-Sam Harris, Accidental Revolution, TWA 800 | Matt & Pingtr1p
22.08.17-The New Human Being | William Stowell
22.08.16-Octopus Mirage, School of Fools, Assault Rosaries | Timothy Gordon
22.08.15-Old Media, New Mafia | Noor Bin Ladin
22.08.12-The Aquarian Singularity, Dimension-Hopping, and More | Nick Hinton
22.08.11-Evil's Next Move: Ponerology Revisited
22.08.10-Raid Theories & Death by Diversity | Nick Fad
22.08.09-Bolsheviks Raid Mar-a-Lago & Open Lines | Sean Morton
22.08.08-Trump Raided, Defamation, and Dead Relative A.I. | Matt Christiansen
22.08.06-Dick Cheney Comes After Trump-Anybody with 2 Brain Cells Chuckles Heartily
22.08.05-Friday Night Special: The Deer Scene
22.08.04-Grab Bag & Personal Revelations | Polly St. George
22.08.03-Word Magic, Jones Trial, and Veritas | Dani Katz
22.08.02-Brandon Bombs the Dead
22.08.01-Drunk in Taiwan, Landlording, and Will The Election Happen?
22.07.29-Friday Night Variety: Headlines, Satire, Cat Conspiracies | Matt
22.07.27-Heatwaves, Space Bubbles, and Medicated Presidents | Jim Lee
22.07.26-Well-Regulated Militias & Franklin Scandal Returns | KrisAnne Hall & The Zells
22.07.25-Kangaroo Courts, Polling, and Civil War Projection | Rich Baris
22.07.22-Shark Bites on a Friday Night and Putin is WAY TOO Healthy
22.07.21-Advocacy, Hoover Dam, Intel Tips, and More | Rob
22.07.20-Samizdat Grindset & Gamergate Review
22.07.19-Simulated Rebellions & Open Lines
22.07.18-A Soaking Wet Monday
22.07.15-Headlines, Treasure, and Psychic Development | Timothy Alberino
22.07.14-Cosmic Progress Report & Extras | Jeff Harman
22.07.13-Reset Wars: Inflation and Inspiration | Kip Herriage
22.07.12-Confessions of an Illuminati | Leo Zagami
22.07.11-Life Priorities & Discontinued Favorites
22.07.08-Headline Grab Bag, and Trolling Around | Matt & PingTr1p
22.07.07-Thursday Roulette: CERN Baby CERN | Rob
22.07.06-Guidestones, Utah, Rogan Denies Trump, and more | Adam Crigler
22.07.01-BBQ Season, Gluten, Dr Pepper, and More | J Gulinello
22.06.30-Prophecy Report and The Final Badass | Sean David Morton
22.06.29-Reading Headlines and Cracking Jokes | Chrissie Mayr
22.06.27-Summer Demon Season Kicks Off | Rich Baris
22.06.25-A Titanic Past Life Regression | Bill Barnes
22.06.24-Roe Down: A Bad Week for Ba'al | Susan Olsen
22.06.22-Free Speech & Information Technocracy | Bill Ottman
22.06.21-Occult Themes and Weaponized Nostalgia | Jay Dyer
22.06.20-TOP GUN, News Grab Bag, Open Lines
22.06.17-Chewing Up Headlines & Embarrassing Moments
22.06.16-A Jam-Packed Thursday Edition" w/ Rob & The Zells
22.06.15-Constitutional Money & Concealed Carry | KrisAnne Hall
22.06.14-Open Secrets & Dangerous Plots | Veles
22.06.13-Sentient AI, J6 Ratings, NASA, and More | Jason Bermas
22.06.10-Culture Review & The Doctrine of YES | Justin Polgar
22.06.09-True Crime in Real-time | Frank & Jim Zell
22.06.08-Shadow Banning & Grand Solar Minimums | Jim Lee
22.06.07-Pop Propaganda, Utah Update, and more | Dani Katz
22.06.06-Bilderberg 2022 and What is a Woman?
22.06.03-A Perfectly Possessed Friday Night
22.06.02-Favorite Jobs, Silly Commies, Bad Asses and More
22.06.01-Remote Controlled Murder & Rituals in Utah | Elana Freeland & The Zells
22.06.01-Does the Star Wars fandom have a racism problem?
22.05.31-Bullsh*t Believability Polling | Rich Baris
22.05.28-Strange News Saturday
22.05.27-Friday Night Joyride | Zoso
22.05.26-Six Degrees of Separation
22.05.25-Save A Horse (Ride a Conspiracy Theorist)
22.05.24-Open Lines and Making Restitution
22.05.23-Davos Slime & A Pox Upon Your Butt | BCP
22.05.20-Friday Thoughts & Psychedelic Davos
22.05.19-Black Light Highways, Mailbag, and More | Rob
22.05.18-Treasonous Treaties & Random Items | KrisAnne Hall
22.05.17-Grace's Story | Scott Schara
22.05.16-Mass Shootings and Battle of the Bots | Zach Vorhies
22.05.13-Friday Night Folklore! | Donald Jeffries
22.05.12-Thursday Night Roulette | Rob
22.05.11-Wednesday Night Round-Table | SGT Sean & Corey Digs
22.05.10-The New Peoples Temple
22.05.09-Mules, Musk, and Scenes from Bald Mountain | Veles
22.05.06-Freak Show Friday & Open Lines | Matt
22.05.05-Racing Toward 2030 & Open Lines | James Roguski
22.05.04-Abortion Meltdown Compilation Commentary
22.05.04-Matters of Life and Death | Ricky Varandas
22.05.03-SCOTUS Leak: Manhunts, Fallout, and Elections
22.05.02-Traditions, Superstitions & The New War is a Racket
22.05.02-MK-Ultra Survivor, Cathy O'Brien, Talks Mass Psychosis and Ultimate Victory
22.04.28-Ministry of Truth, Food Hacks, and More | J Gulinello & Rob
22.04.26-Extended Grab Bag & Open Lines
22.04.25-Musk Takes Twitter, Klaus Keeps France | Rich Baris
22.04.22-From Doom to Bloom | Akira The Don
22.04.21-Understanding Wonderland | Cathy O'Brien
22.04.20-Wednesday Night Coffee Talk | Adam Crigler
22.04.19-Doxxing for Equality & DARK MAGA RISES
22.04.18-World Report: Stark Raving Mad
22.04.15-Good Friday Grab Bag
22.04.14-Musk's Twitter Gambit & Vigano talks NWO
22.04.13-What The Hell Happened
22.04.06-Points of Order | Judge Joe Brown
22.04.05-Headlines and Opinions | Noor Bin Ladin
22.04.04-Media Mash-Up & Musk Buys Twitter
22.04.01-April Fools Stories and Banter | Tony Black
22.03.31-Cosmic Progress Report | Jeff Harman
22.03.31-NFL Race-Quotas and the Communist Origins of NAACP and Civil Rights
22.03.30-Balance of Nature, World Government Summit, Fart History | George Alexopolous
22.03.29-Lifestyles of the Rich and the Freakish | Mel K
22.03.28-Slapping Our Way Into The Abyss | Rich Baris
22.03.25-Week in Review, Angelic Encounters & Open Lines
22.03.24-Thursday Roulette: Laptops, World Wars, Mailbag, and More... | Rob
22.03.23-Passive Resistance & Defining Women | Robin McCutcheon
22.03.22-New Squirrel Mortar & Energy Cramps
22.03.21-A.I. Bio-Weapons, Musk Warfare & Open Lines | Jason Bermas
22.03.20-Banter, Dimension-Hopping & Obscure Sorrows
22.03.18-Unstable Blobs & Vacations from HELL | Matt & Sal
22.03.17-A Night of Prophecy & Time Travel | Rob
22.03.16-Consecrations of Mass Confusion | Timothy Gordon
22.03.15-News from the East, Conditional Love, and More
22.03.14-World Wars, Cold Wars, and Technocracies | Jay Dyer
22.03.11-Jussie Isn't Suicidal & The Hindenburg
22.03.10-Biolabs and The False Flag Blame Game | Rob
22.03.09-The CDC Follows the Mockingbirds, Open Lines, American Trucker Thoughts
22.03.08-Dollars, and Rubles, and Wheat - OH MY! | BCP & The Zells
22.03.08-Weekend Review & Convention of States | KrisAnne Hall
22.03.04-MSM Nuke Assassins, Mail Bag, and Past Lives | Matt
22.03.03-Barbarism in School and Medicine | Sean Brooks
22.03.02-Operation J6 & State of the Bunion | Julie Kelly
22.03.01-Cyber War Synchronicity, Astro, and More | Jim Lee
22.03.01-Dr. Brion McClanahan talks Secession, Moving State Lines, and "National Divorce"
22.02.28-High Octane War Propaganda | Rich Baris
22.02.27-Saturday Chill: Paranormal Confrontations & Open Lines
22.02.25-Anonymous Returns, NASA, Jesuits, and More | Timothy Alberino
22.02.24-A Timely War Indeed | Rob
22.02.23-Unequal Value, Time Travel Vacations, Open Lines
22.02.22-The Fourth Turning: The Stars Align For War
22.02.21-What Became of The Cyber Resistance? | Jim Lee
22.02.18-Friday Night Psyche Ward | Lindsey Scharmyn
22.02.17-National Divorce Court & A Glimpse of Madness | Brion McClanahan
22.02.16-Through Hell and Back | Brandon Straka
22.02.15-Bay of Rigs & The Epilogue To Our Human Saga
22.02.14-Weekend Review & Love At First Sight
22.02.11-The Global Borg & Hitchhiking Stories
22.02.10-Crack Pipes, Mandates, Handicaps, and More | Rob
22.02.08-Free Speech, Nuclear Olympics, Changing Science | Charlie Robinson
22.02.07-Liberty Updates & Apologizing to Psychos | KrisAnne Hall
22.02.04-Propaganda Fails & Open Lines
22.02.03-Thursday Night Roulette | Rob
22.02.02-Whoopi's Penance & The Honk Heard 'Round The World
22.02.01-Whoopi's Gambit, Malpractice, Diamonds In the Rough
22.01.31-Canada, Rogan's Apology, Media Clowning | Rich Baris
22.01.28-Global Revolution Review & Diamonds in The Rough
22.01.27-Astrology, Webb Telescope, and The Quickening | Jeff Harman
22.01.26-Dreams, Simulations, and Reality | Sam Tripoli
22.01.25-Gun Violence & Second Opinions
22.01.24-Marches, Meltdowns, and Open Lines
22.01.23-Saturday Night Musings | The Dirty Butter Boys
22.01.21-Hypnosis, Distorted Reality, And Other Thoughts
22.01.20-A Modern Twist to Ancient Life | Matteo Lundgren
22.01.19-Synthetic Motherhood & Ukrainian Missile Crisis
22.01.17-The Monday Evening Statecraft Review | Jason Bermas
22.01.14-Food Forests, Permaculture, Ayahuasca, and More | Jim Gale
22.01.13-Thursday Roulette: SCOTUS & META | Rob
22.01.12-The Chicom Olympics | Mitchell Gerber
22.01.11-Kazakhstan Conundrum & More Wargaming
22.01.11-Dr. Peter McCullough Interview on Quite Frankly
22.01.10-Is There a Doctor in the House? | Dr. Peter McCullough
22.01.07-Friday Afternoon Delight: Mental Illness Galore
22.01.06-The January 6th DNC Tap-dance Extravaganza | Rob
22.01.05-Vaxx-Dating & Humanzee Armies
22.01.04-Mass Formation & Human Augmentation
22.01.03-Weekend Thoughts & Revolutionary Art | George Alexopolous
21.12.30-New Year Resolution: Health at Home | J Gulinello
21.12.29-Into The Fog We Go! | Noor Bin Ladin
21.12.28-Mystic Visions for 2022
21.12.27-The Da Brandon Code & Post-Christmas Blues
21.12.23-A VHS Family Christmas
21.12.22-A Prayer In the Woods | KrisAnne Hall
21.12.21-The Longest Night of The Year | Rob
21.12.20-Fredo Harris, CLOVID Conversions, Meta-Groping
21.12.17-Magic Mushroom Santa | Matt & Susan Olsen
21.12.16-State of Fear: Science & Religion
21.12.15-Worst Insurrection Ever & Brawlin' St. Nick | Timothy Gordon
21.12.14-Average Excellence & Cyber War Games
21.12.13-Mockingbird Musical Chairs, Zombies, Assange Questions
21.12.10-On Borrowed Fame | Donald Jeffries
21.12.09-Fait Accompli | Rob
21.12.08-Christmas & Consumerism | Robin McCutcheon
21.12.06-Glow-Parade, No Mo' Cuomo, The Microchip Resistance
21.12.03-Christmas Astrology | Timothy Alberino
21.12.02-Thursday Night Jambalaya | Rob
21.12.01-Jim Cramer's Bloodlust, Maxwell Updates, and More
21.11.30-The Tuesday Night Review | BCP
21.11.29-The Ermahgerd Variant
21.11.26-Tony Black Friday 2021
21.11.24-Thanksgiving Eve: BASED Nutrition | J Gulinello
21.11.23-Maxwell Trial Primer & Asteroid POX
21.11.22-World War Truth
21.11.19-Justice for the Kenosha Kid & Open Lines | Matt
21.11.18-Eclipses, Cults, and The Real Resistance | Rob
21.11.17-Re-engineered Humanity & The Eighth Sphere | Elana Freeland
21.11.16-The Tuesday Evening Insanity Report
21.11.15-Nostalgic for Tyranny & Disinvited to Thanksgiving
21.11.11-Rittenhouse Reflections, War Games, and More | Rob
21.11.10-Climate Criminals & NATO MindWar | Jim Lee
21.11.09-Climate Surveillance & Ritual Conspiracy
21.11.08-The Biden Diaries, Fart Terrorism, and Astroworld
21.11.05-Friday Night Grab Bag & Chill | Matt & Cos
21.11.04-Marching Toward the Metaverse
21.11.03-Election Post-Mortem & Open Lines | Rich Baris
21.11.02-Tyranny Exemptions | KrisAnne Hall
21.11.01-Dirty Diapers, Election Day, and 'No One's Safe' | Rich Baris
21.10.29-A Tony Black Halloween
21.10.27-Orphans, Puppies, and Open Lines
21.10.26-Death By Controversy | Judge Joe Brown
21.10.25-All-Out Invasion & Baldwin Theories
21.10.23-A Regal Saturday Night | King & The Filthy Boys
21.10.22-Discussing Alien Agendas | Timothy Alberino
21.10.21-Dark Winter, La Palma, and More | Rob
21.10.20-Prone to Mass Hysteria | Prof. Robin McCutcheon1
21.10.19-Fairy Tales vs. Modernity | Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg
21.10.18-Everybody Loves Brandon | Black Conservative Patriot
21.10.13-Discovering Faith Through Logic | Timothy Gordon
21.10.12-The Dead Internet Matrix
21.10.08-Brain Chips, Nipple Facts, and An Elevator Pitch to The World
21.10.07-Thursday Night Roulette
21.10.06-Strengthening Terrain; Deflecting Asteroids | J Gulinello
21.10.05-Whistleblower Misdirection | Charlie Robinson
21.10.04-Beloved Biden, Crazy Keith, The Many Saints of Newark
21.10.01-Oh Hello, October... | Victoria Albright
21.09.30-Movie Sets, Mega Tsunamis, and More.... | Rob
21.09.29-Purging Dissent to Save Democracy
21.09.28-Secret Monopolies & The Man In The Arena | Amazing Polly
21.09.27-The Weekend Review: Psy-ops & Pushback Galore
21.09.26-Sasquatch Assault & Other Oddities | The Dirty Boyz
21.09.24-Friday Funhouse: Grab Bag, Arizona, and Open Lines
21.09.23-A Completely Non-Controversial Thursday | Timothy Gordon
21.09.22-Terrain Theory, Vigano, and Awkward Bill | Greg Carlwood
21.09.21-Last Day of Summer BBQ | Susan Olsen
21.09.20-FED Imposters, FDA Defectors, and Mixed Items
21.09.17-Friday Night Grab Bag
21.09.16-Culture War Updates, Fake Treason, and More... | Rob
21.09.15-The Minaj Pill, California, and Remembering Norm | Roseanne Barr
21.09.14-Norm Macdonald and Some Calls
21.09.13-9/11 Weekend Review & Rose's Turn
21.09.10-Lucid Dreams & A Traveling Soul" Dr. Albert Taylor
21.09.09-New Mandates In Nightmare Land
21.09.08-The Rise of Synthetic Biology | Elana Freeland
21.09.07-A Rolling Stone Gathers No Truth | New York Nadia
21.09.03-The First Great Reset? | Timothy Alberino
21.09.02-NY Slammed, Rogan Cured, and Modern Prophets
21.09.01-Tis The Season to Build Back Better | Jim Lee
21.08.31-A Sense of Wonderment & The Deer Scene
21.08.30-Back in The Saddle: Vacation Notes
21.08.20-Friday Night Technocracy Grab Bag
21.08.19-Synchronicity Machines | Rob
21.08.18-The War to End All MindWars | Jay Dyer
21.08.17-A Rising Toilet Lifts All Turds
21.08.16-Homeland Insecurity & Afghanistan
21.08.13-Friday Afternoon Special Report
21.08.12-Violating The Prime Directive | Bill Taylor
21.08.11-Another Hump-Day In Paradise
21.08.10-Circus Side Shows, Cuomo's Libido, and Mailbag
21.08.09-Rand's Resistance & Weekend Review | KrisAnne Hall
21.08.06-Ghost Towns, Game Shows, and Unsung Heroes | John Barbour
21.08.05-Attack of the Normies? | Rob
21.08.04-Papers, Please.... | Amazing Polly
21.08.03-Inflection Point for the West | Noor Bin Ladin
21.08.02-Weekend Review & The American Fighting Man
21.07.29-Zombie Plague, Alien Agendas, and Extras
21.07.28-The Dark Knight Test & Open Lines
21.07.27-Crappy Performances & Mysterious Encounters
21.07.26-Plots & Pushback
21.07.23-Prepper Night & Mixed Items | Marjory Wildcraft
21.07.22-The Power of the Nothing
21.07.21-Faux Kidnappings & The Case for Patriarchy | Timothy Gordon
21.07.20-The Department of Selective Justice | Tony Shaffer
21.07.19-Polling the Audits: Projecting The Impact | Rich Baris
21.07.18-Saturday Night Campfire
21.07.16-Purity Spirals, Optimism, and Open Lines
21.07.15-A Rising Level of Madness
21.07.14-Unfortified Elections & The Cuba Crisis
21.07.13-Tuesday Night Roulette
21.07.12-Audit Updates, Cuba Protests, and More | Patrick Byrne
21.07.09-Friday Night Round-Up & Strange Phobias
21.07.08-The Old World Order | Timothy Alberino
21.07.07-Hump Day News & Open Lines
21.07.06-Bad History, Oldest Memories, and Life Lessons
21.07.05-The South Korea Incident
21.07.02-Reprogramming Independence | KrisAnne Hall
21.07.01-Freedom vs. Goliath | Dr. Shiva
21.06.29-Free Britney & NSA Taps The Press?
21.06.28-Extended Grab Bag, UFO Report, and Open Lines
21.06.25-Rockstar, Actor, Hacker, Spy | Don Jeffries
21.06.24-The Invasion of Humanity | Cyrus Parsa
21.06.23-The Mysterious McAfee
21.06.22-News Whistleblowers & SkyNet Active | Zach Vorhies
21.06.21-The New War Between The States | Brion McClanahan
21.06.18-Six Degrees of Separation
21.06.17-Illuminati Cards & Beaver Posts | Rob
21.06.16-Narratives Fall Apart | Mikki Willis
21.06.15-Jon Stewart, NATO, Open Lines, and More
21.06.14-'Normalcy', G7, BlackRock, and More... | Ms. Tree
21.06.11-Friday Night Variety & Open Lines
21.06.11-Crouching Emoji, Hidden Demon | Rob
21.06.09-Our Bumbling, Stumbling Institutions
21.06.09-Highlight: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Immunity and Vaccines
21.06.08-Questioning The Science | Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
21.06.08-Weekend Notes: D-Day, Boxing, The Belgian Rambo, and more...
21.06.04-Headlines, History, and Judge Joe Brown | KrisAnne Hall
21.06.03-Thursday Night Sit-Down | Rob
21.06.03-Cyberwar Rising & The Fauci Emails | Jim Lee
21.06.01-June Blooms & Ten-Cent Beer Night
21.05.27-Veritas, Wendy Williams, and Georgia
21.05.28-Friday Night Variety & Open Lines
21.05.30-Saturday Night High Strangeness
21.05.27-A Night In Antarctica | Eric J Hecker
21.05.25-Grab Bag Items & Hot Open Lines
21.05.24-Monday Night Flip-Flopping | Rat Bastards
21.05.19-Secret Armies & First Red Pills
21.05.21-The Son(s) of Sam | Rob & Frank Zell
21.05.18-The Glorious Collapse of The Narrative
21.05.17-The Lockdown Draft-Dodgers
21.05.14-Friday Night Hypoxia | Victoria Albright
21.05.11-Private Spies, Pool Parties & French Tension
21.05.13-Thursday Night Sit-Down | Rob
21.05.12-The Full-Court Press Toward Tyranny | Sean (SGT)
21.05.10-Cyber Fort Sumter & Incan Gold
21.05.03-Troll Hunters: Learning from Libya
21.05.07-O.G. Fake News, Silver Linings & Crypto Gold Rush
21.05.06-Airborne DNA & Aerosmith's Rockin' Vatican Conference | Rob
21.05.05-Impartial Juries & Extended Grab Bag | KrisAnne Hall
21.05.04-Woke Spies Like Us & Dr Homunculus Returns
21.04.29-AtTAcK oN oUr DeMOcraCy! | Rob
21.04.28-GMO Mosquitos & Awestruck Moments
21.04.27-Thought-Terminating Clichés
21.04.26-Pentagon Fire Sale & 'Authoritative Sources'
21.04.23-Near-Death Experiences and Chill
21.04.22-A Thursday Night Skynet Sit-Down | Rob
21.04.21-A Reset This Way Comes | Timothy Gordon
21.04.20-Grab Bag Items & Hot Open Lines
21.04.19-A Monday Malaise & The Green Berets | Rich Baris
21.04.16-Erased Memories & Modern Cave Paintings
21.04.15-The Arms Race of Ideas | Rob
21.04.14-The Big Little Club & The Titanic
21.04.13-A Minefield of Mental Illness
21.04.12-Mentors and Microchips | King Randall
21.04.09-The Old Neighborhood | Tony Black
21.04.08-Open Lines and Youth Transfusions | Rob
21.04.07-The Outer Limits & The Antichrist | Clyde Lewis
21.04.06-Open Lines on a Tuesday Night
21.04.06-Resistance is Fertile & 'Worse Than Jim Crow'
21.04.01-Safety Seals and Open Lines | Rob
21.03.31-Rapture Dates & April Eve | Juan O'Savin
21.03.30-Inspired Action & Civil Disobedience
21.03.29-A New Kind of Outcast
21.03.29-Saturday Night Hives | The Dirty Boyz
21.03.26-Commie-Red Sex Ed
21.03.25-Another Thursday Night Sit-Down | Rob
21.03.24-Solution, Reaction, Problem | BCP
21.03.23-Disaster Cycles & Professional Cringe
21.03.22-Trumpbook & Alien Disclosure
21.03.19-A Mixed Bag Friday Evening Show
21.03.18-The Green Screen New Deal | Rob
21.03.17-Experimental Freedom Therapy | Dr. Shiva
21.03.16-Wonder Years & Hidden Treasure
21.03.15-The Perfectly Possessed
21.01.31-Harriet Tubman on the $20
21.03.12-Cyber Pandemics | Jim Lee
21.03.11-A Hologram Addresses The Nation | Rob
21.03.09-Military Social Engineering Call-in Show
21.03.10-Equality Act and Milo's Conversion | KrisAnne Hall
21.03.02-WOMXN's History Month & Should Trump Run Again?
21.03.04-Thursday Evening Jambalaya | Rob
21.03.08-Royal Pains, Urban Dictionary, and The Freedom Passport
21.01.21-A Thursday Night In Paradise
21.03.05-Friday Night Hot Open Lines
21.02.26-A Little Friday Night Farming | Marjory Wildcraft
21.03.03-Hell Is a Place Where There is No Reason
21.02.24-Hump Day Semantics & Premonitions
21.03.01-The Third Continental Congress | John Ward
21.02.28-Winging It On a Saturday Night
21.02.25-The Gateway Project | Rob
21.02.22-The Texas Domino: What Comes Next?
21.02.24-Extended Grab Bag & Hot Open Lines
21.02.16-Most Acquitted President Ever
21.02.19-Smart City Dystopia | Elana Freeland
21.02.18-Snowed In, Volume II: Open Lines!
21.02.17-Fear is The Mind Killer | Corey Digs
21.02.16-Luigi Biden, Antidepressants, and Texas Chilly | Jim Lee
21.01.25-The New HUAC & Attack of the Glowies
21.02.09-Get Your COVID Anal Exam Today
21.02.10-America's Most Wanted
21.02.12-A Twist of Fate: Building The Impossible
21.02.13-The Axios Powers & The Conspiracy Theory Recovery Hotline
21.02.09-KrisAnne Hall: D.C. Statehood, Impeachment 2.0, and Every American's Fight
21.02.10-Hump Day News and Reviews
21.01.29-Hedging Our Bets | Rob
21.02.03-D.C. Statehood, Impeachment & Reality Czars | KrisAnne Hall
21.01.26-Thirty Pieces of Silver
21.02.08-Super Bowel Thoughts & Pitbull's Warning
21.02.05-Tyranny, For Your Own Good...
21.01.27-Triple-Maskin' It For Uncle Sam
21.02.04-Thursday Night Theories
21.02.02-The John Dillinger Effect & The Two Wolves
21.02.01-Snowed In: Anything Goes
21.01.31-Saturday Night Nostalgia | The Dirty Boyz
21.01.29-A Picnic at The Battle of Bull Run
21.01.22-Biden's Toy Soldiers & The Limits of Technology
21.01.20-Welcome to The Hotel California
21.01.18-The Capitol Hill Prison Resort
21.01.15-Bizarro America & Finale Week Preview | Donald Jeffries
21.01.14-Impeachment 2.0 & The Sum of All Evils
21.01.14-Thursday Night Circus Sideshow | Rob
21.01.08-A Thermonuclear Friday Night
21.01.07-Tightroping Into The New Year
21.01.05-Fweedom Isn't Fwee
21.01.04-Sedition, Treason, and The Ace of Spades | Juan O'Savin
20.12.30-New Year's Eve at Lieutenant Dan's
20.12.29-The Big One
21.01.01-A Look Back At Some Headlines from 2020
20.12.28-The Storm Before The Storm
20.12.22-Spending Bills, Secret Missions, and The Telephone Scene | KrisAnne Hall
20.12.24-The Christmas Truce & Valley Forge
20.12.21-Force-Fed Progress
20.12.18-Crossing the Rubicon Together | Special Guests
20.12.17-What on Earth Comes Next?
20.12.16-Snow Night: Extended Grab Bag
20.12.15-Did They Overplay Their Hand?
20.12.15-Chinese Venona, Michigan, and SolarWinds
20.12.10-Thursday Night Discredited News Round-Up | Rob
20.12.09-The New Media Speakeasy
20.12.08-SCOTUS Tango & More Chinese Spies | X22 Dave
20.12.07-Pearl Harbor Day, Trump's Plan, and Alien Disclosure
20.12.04-NDAA, Georgia, and Other Rebunked Debunkings
20.12.03-Thursday Night Revolution Roulette | Rob
20.12.02-Total War & Martial Law
20.12.01-A December to Remember? | April Becker
20.11.30-Raids, Hearings, and Washington's Vision | BCP
20.11.27-The Deep State's Front Gate | Patrick Byrne
20.11.25-The Fight of A Millennium
20.11.24-To Concede or Not To Concede... | Jeffrey Peterson
20.11.24-Deep Inside Bowser's Castle | Jim Lee
20.11.20-Freedom of the De[Press]ed
20.11.20-Frank Zell Call, November 16, Mapping out DOMINION
20.11.19-A Quaint Little Carpet-Bombing | Rob
20.11.18-Morning [Lin] Wood & JFK's Vision
20.11.17-Homeschooling & Real Whistleblowers | Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D.
20.11.13-The Medieval Roots of the New World Order
20.11.12-Rich Baris Calls Out Fraud Pollsters & Ongoing Election Ops
20.11.12-Bombshell Typos & The Quickening | Rob
20.11.11-Fly-By-Night Elections | KrisAnne Hall & Rich Baris
20.11.11-The Media is trying to LARP Biden into the White House
20.11.10-LARPing Our Way Through History
20.11.09-Hail to The Thieves!
20.11.05-Rich Baris (Most Accurate Pollster) Realizes the Fix Is In
20.11.06-Rising Action & Pondering Sonder
20.11.06-Dark To Light: High Crimes & Bleeding Mascara
20.11.05-Watermarks, Outliers, and The Living Dead | Rob
20.11.04-Torture and Triumph: A 2020 Story
20.11.02-Revelation Eve: A Night on Bald Mountain
20.11.01-Halloween Hunter's Moon Special | John Ward & The Boys
20.10.30-Well-Behaved on Mischief Night | Tony Black
20.10.30-Jones on Rogan & The American Nerd Revolution
20.10.29-Trump Readies the Guillotine
20.10.28-Chinese Spy Chiefs & The Left's Wicked Games | X22Report
20.10.27-Interview with Claire Culwell: Twin Abortion Survivor
20.10.24-Documentarian Jay Myers: Why Halloween 2020 is very important to the Occult
20.10.24-Greg Carlwood of the Higherside Chats talks COVID, Mind Control, UFO's and more...
20.10.23-Mysterious Deaths & Dark Winter Rising | Donald Jeffries
20.10.23-Awakening The Unwitting Agents of the Matrix
20.10.21-A Halloween Like No Other | Jay Myers
20.10.20-Curiosity Kills the Cult | RP78
20.10.19-A Republic, If You Can Find It | Greg Carlwood
20.10.16-Crazy Media, Orbital Assault, and Alien Submarines | Elana Freeland
20.10.16-A Modern Day Inquisition | Rob