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22.08.04-Ep. 156 Dutch Farm Crisis | Michael Yon & Nick Ottens
22.07.22-Ep. 155 Life Update, JBP's Not Beautiful Tweet, Dating Advice, Q & A
22.07.14-Ep. 154 Letting Go of Beliefs and Pursuing Truth | Amala Ekpunobi
22.07.07-Ep. 153 The Education System, Social Politics, and The Daily Wire | Brett Cooper
22.06.24-Ep. 152 Inclusiveness or Dangerous Brainwashing? The Transgender Movement | Kara Danksy
22.06.21-Ep. 151 Alt-Right Conspiracy or Immigration Disaster?|Lauren Southern
22.06.09-Ep. 150 Wokeism, Advice to Teens and the Dangers of Casual Relationships
22.05.26-Ep. 149 Modern Doctor Shares The Fastest Ways To Treat Depression, Low Testosterone, & PTSD | Dr. Mike Hart
22.05.16-Ep. 148 The Problem With Elon Musk, Raising Kids and Libertarianism | Will Witt
22.05.06-Ep. 147 My Backstory Interview with Mark Goulston
22.04.22-Ep. 146 Is The Red Pill Community Right About Marriage, Sex & Dating?
22.04.13-Ep. 145 How To Raise Healthy Kids, WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Career Goals | Jen Fulwiler
22.04.05-Ep. 144 Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat To Human Existence?
22.03.26-Ep. 143 How To Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex | Rob Henderson
22.03.17-Ep. 142 The Celebrity Secret to Staying Young
22.03.09-Ep. 141 Perspectives Directly from Ukraine and Russia’s Governments
22.03.02-Ep. 140 Islam-The End of Europe?|Mohammed Hijab & Ayaan Hirsi Ali
22.02.25-Ep. 139 Immigration | Alex Nowrasteh & Mark Krikorian
22.02.16-Ep. 138 Interview with Canadian Trucker Convoy Leader BJ Dichter
22.02.13-TEDx Wouldn't Post This...
22.02.08-Oxford Union Vegan Argument
22.02.08-Mikhaila Peterson’s Oxford Union Debate on Meat
22.02.08-Ep. 137 Wokeism in the Great British Church | Calvin Robinson
22.02.01-Ep. 136 Are Sweatshops Helping The Poor? | Jim Keady & Benjamin Powell
22.01.27-Ep. 135 High-Risk Whistleblowing | James O'Keefe of Project Veritas
22.01.21-Ep. 134 Is Critical Race Theory Solving Anything? | James Lindsay & Vaush
22.01.12-Ep. 133 Finding God | Jonathan Pageau
22.01.06-Ep. 132 Is Home-Schooling Better? | Dr. T Jameson Brewer & T. J. Schmidt
21.12.30-Ep. 131 Rollo Tomassi
21.12.22-Ep. 130 Are Vaccines Safe? | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Amesh Adalja
21.12.15-Ep. 129 Critical Race Theory DEBUNKED | Kenny Xu
21.12.07-Ep. 128 Are Vaccine Passports A Threat? | James Lindsay & Arthur L. Caplan
21.11.30-Ep. 127 The True Problem Behind the Opioid Crisis | Sally Satel & Peter Pischke
21.11.23-Ep. 126 Is Climate Change A Problem? | Alex Epstein & Dr. Andrew Dessler
21.11.17-Ep. 125 Dependence Forming Psych Meds | Beverley Thomson
21.11.09-Ep. 124 Is Bitcoin The Future? | Peter Schiff & Robert Breedlove
21.11.02-Ep. 123 How Men Can Instantly Look More Attractive | Tanner Guzy
21.10.26-Ep. 122 Should Gun Laws Be Changed? | Dan Gross & Dr. John R. Lott
21.10.15-Ep. 121 The Art Of Seduction and Human Psychology | Robert Greene
21.10.12-Ep. 120 Leaving the Cult of Wokeness with Jordan Peterson | Africa Brooke
21.10.05-Ep. 119 The Trans Debate, Surviving PTSD, and the State of American Humor | Yannis Pappas
21.10.01-Ep. 118 The Story of FreedomToons ft. Jordan Peterson
21.09.28-Ep. 117 Top Carnivore Diet Doctor Tips | Ken Berry
21.09.24-Ep. 116 How Your Breathing is Damaging Your Health | James Nestor
21.09.21-Ep. 115 Conversation Tricks From An FBI Negotiation Trainer | Mark Goulston
21.09.17-Ep. 114 Men and Women and Evolution | Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying
21.09.14-Ep. 113 Restructure your BRAIN using your THOUGHTS | Dr. Caroline Leaf
21.09.10-Ep. 112 How to Heal Your Toxic Brain | Dr. Daniel Amen
21.09.07-Ep. 111 How To Get Over Your Ex | Guy Winch
21.09.03-Ep. 110 How to Manage Chronic Pain Naturally | Nicole Sachs
21.08.31-Ep. 109 MILLIONAIRE'S Top Business Secrets | Brad Lea
21.08.27-Ep. 108 The TRUTH about the Taliban in Afghanistan | Zakarya Hassani
21.08.24-Ep. 107 Would We Do OnlyFans? | Nicole Arbour
21.08.20-Ep. 106 Fix Your Health Before You're Forced To | Max Lugavere
21.08.17-Ep. 105 Why You're Failing to Attract Anyone | Dr. Robert Glover
21.08.13-Ep. 104 Top 3 Biohacks to Improve Your Health Immediately | Dave Asprey
21.08.10-Ep. 103 How To Know They Are The One | Matthew Hussey
21.08.06-Ep. 102 From Homeless to Entrepreneur | Chris Duffin
21.08.03-Ep. 101 Deal with Stress and Trauma Effectively | Mastin Kipp
21.07.30-Ep. 100 Mikhaila Peterson Q and A
21.07.27-Ep. 099 Low Carb World Record Athlete | Zach Bitter
21.07.23-Ep. 098 BITCOIN vs. ETHEREUM | Chris Zaknun
21.07.20-Ep. 097 Exclusive Interview with Duduzane Zuma
21.07.13-Ep. 096 THINK Like a BILLION DOLLAR Company Owner | Ben Francis
21.07.09-Ep. 095 Unlock your Brain's FULL Potential with ULTRALEARNING | Scott Young
21.07.06-Ep. 094 Maxime Bernier leader of the PPC
21.07.02-Ep. 093 Becoming Sober and Successful - WWE Superstar Lessons | Eva Marie
21.06.29-Ep. 092 How to Fix Your Relationship | Adam Lane Smith
21.06.22-Ep. 091 How Liberals Have Changed | Ryan Long
21.06.15-Ep. 090 How To Fight The Woke | JP Sears
21.06.11-Ep. 089 How to Improve Your Fertility | Dr. Ghadir
21.06.08-Ep. 088 How To Grow Your Following | James Smith
21.06.04-Ep. 087 How to Improve Your Life | Ethan Suplee
21.06.01-Ep. 086 The Problems In Your Relationship | Lewis Howes
21.05.28-Ep. 085 COVID - What's The Government Doing!? | Dr. Zubin Damania
21.05.24-Ep. 084 How We’re Breeding Narcissists | Russell Peters & Jordan Peterson
21.05.21-Ep. 083 The Dangers of Psychiatric Medication | Dr. Jim Wright & Dr. David Cohen
21.05.17-Ep. 082 Tammy Peterson on Spirituality, Religion, and Life | Tammy Peterson
21.05.13-Ep. 081 The Real Truth Behind Organ Shortages | Dr. David Weill
21.05.10-Ep. 080 14 Years In Guantanamo Bay | Mohamedou Ould Slahi
21.05.06-Ep. 079 Own Your Mind | Dr. Kelly Brogan
21.05.03-Ep. 078 Sustainable Discipline | Sal Di Stefano
21.05.29-Ep. 077 Opposing Views: COVID | Dr. Mercola and Dr. Kamil
21.05.26-Ep. 076 WTF Are NFT’s | Matt Medved
21.04.23-Ep. 075 How Artists Think | Tammy Peterson, Juliette Fogra, and Cesar Santos
21.04.19-Ep. 074 The Truth Behind Antifa? | Andy Ngo
21.04.15-Ep. 073 A Conversation with a Mob Boss and a Cop | Michael Franzese & Sunil Tulsiani
21.04.12-Ep. 072 Eat Smarter | Shawn Stevenson
21.04.08-Ep. 071 How to Learn a Language in 3 Months | Benny Lewis
21.04.05-Ep. 070 Astrophysics and Alien Tech | Avi Loeb and David Sobral
21.04.01-Ep. 069 Carnivore Anecdotes
21.03.28-Ep. 068 Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson
21.03.24-Ep. 067 The Anti-Woke Journalist | Rav Arora
21.03.21-Ep. 066 Malice in the Palace | Michael Malice
21.03.18-Ep. 065 The Pegan Diet - Mark Hyman
21.03.14-Ep. 064 Cancel Culture | Shane Gillis & Matt McCusker
21.03.10-Ep. 063 Navigating Relationships | Dr. Nicole LePera
21.03.07-Ep. 062 Music Industry: Behind the Scenes | Yung Gravy
21.03.03-Ep. 061 Q&A with Jordan Peterson
21.02.28-Ep. 060 Tammy Peterson’s Backstory
21.02.24-Ep. 059 GameStop and Robinhood | r/wallstreetbets' Jaime Rogozinski
21.02.21-Ep. 058 Pharmaceuticals and Psychoactives | Hamilton Morris
21.02.17-Ep. 057 Lockdowns and Sanity | Lauren Chen
21.02.14-Ep. 056 Wahls Protocol (MS Treatment) | Dr. Terry Wahls
21.02.10-Ep. 055 How to Write Thrillers | Gregg Hurwitz
21.02.07-Ep. 054 Responsibility | Mark Manson and Jordan B. Peterson
21.02.04-Ep. 053 Opposing Views: Abortion | Lila Rose and Mara Clarke
21.01.31-Ep. 052 The Truth About Fat | Nina Teicholz
21.01.27-Ep. 051 Tom Bilyeu
21.01.24-Ep. 050 Tucker Max
21.01.20-Ep. 049 The Purple God Lady | Shane Mauss
21.01.17-Ep. 048 End the Finger Pointing | Ayishat Akanbi
21.01.13-Ep. 047 Opposing Views: Pornhub
21.01.10-Ep. 046 Boundless | Ben Greenfield
21.01.06-Ep. 045 Becoming Limitless | Jim Kwik
21.01.03-Ep. 044 Negotiating | Chris Voss and Jordan B. Peterson
20.12.30-Ep. 043 Insulin Resistance and Why We Get Sick | Dr. Benjamin Bikman
20.12.27-Ep. 042 Biological Dentistry | Dr. Dome
20.12.23-Ep. 041 Escaping North Korea | Yeonmi Park
20.12.20-Ep. 040 Everything Salt | Dr. James DiNicolantonio
20.12.16-Ep. 039 Jennette McCurdy
20.12.13-Ep. 038 Neurotransmitters and Stress | Andrew Huberman
20.12.09-Ep. 037 Things Are Not As Bad As They Appear | Marian Tupy
20.12.06-Ep. 036 Wim Hof and Jordan Peterson
20.12.02-Ep. 035 What Is Biohacking? | Dr. Olli Sovijärvi
20.11.29-Ep. 034 Coleman Hughes and Jordan Peterson
20.11.24-Ep. 033 The Carnivore Diet | Shawn Baker
20.11.20-Ep. 032 Live your Best Life | Matthew McConaughey
20.11.17-Ep. 031 Mold Toxicity | Dr. Jill Crista
20.11.13-Ep. 030 GAPS Diet | Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
20.11.10-Ep. 029 The Economics of Bitcoin | Dr. Saifedean Ammous
20.11.06-Ep. 028 An Intro to Bitcoin | Michael “Bitstein” Goldstein
20.11.03-Ep. 027 Climate Change Not Climate Panic | Dr. Bjørn Lomborg
20.10.27-Ep. 026 Jocko Willink
20.10.20-Ep. 025 The Man Behind Titania McGrath | Andrew Doyle
20.10.13-Ep. 024 Answering Microbiome FAQs | Dr. Michael Ruscio
20.10.06-Ep. 023 The Art of Plastic Surgery | Dr. Marc Mani
20.09.29-Ep. 022 Answering Carnivore Diet FAQs | Dr. Paul Saladino
20.09.23-Ep. 021 Drinks with a Cheerleader | Nicole Arbour
20.09.15-Ep. 020 Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship | Michele Romanow
20.09.08-Ep. 019 Rythmia and Ayahuasca | Dr. Jeff McNairy
20.09.01-Ep. 018 The Theory of Enchantment | Chloe Valdary
20.08.25-Ep. 017 Fortitude and Mental Stillness | Rep. Dan Crenshaw
20.08.18-Ep. 016 Meathead Millionaire | Mark Bell
20.08.11-Ep. 015 Why to Joke About Tragedy | Isaac Butterfield
20.08.04-Ep. 014 Snake Diet | Cole Robinson
20.07.28-Ep. 013 The North Korean Experience | Michael Malice
20.07.21-Ep. 012 The Case For Better Meat | Robb Wolf
20.07.14-Ep. 011 The Art of The Public Hiatus | Lauren Southern
20.07.07-Ep. 010 Inciting Courage | Dave Rubin
20.06.30-Ep. 009 Family Update June 2020 | Jordan B. Peterson
20.06.23-Ep. 008 Life Changing Productivity and Life Hacks | Chris Williamson
20.06.16-Ep. 007 Going Viral with Ultra-Low Neuroticism | Zuby
20.06.09-Ep. 006 Normalizing Fasting | Dr. Jason Fung
20.06.02-Ep. 005 What Relationships Actually Look Like | Suzanne Venker
20.06.02-Ep. 004 Psychedelics, Nootropics, and Benzodiazepines | Hamilton Morris
20.06.02-Ep. 003 Fitness, Nutrition, & the Flat Stomach | Greg O’Gallagher
20.06.02-Ep. 002 Simple Ways to Be Healthier | Max Lugavere
20.05.30-Ep. 001 Practice What You Preach & the Human Experience | Aubrey Marcus