23.11.28-Mike L-Hidden Technologies-Revisiting Sound-Frequency & Geometry
23.11.28-Drew Allen-America’s Last Stand-The Stakes of the 2024 Election
23.11.27-Couy Griffin-The Truth Will Be Told: Exposing The Lies Of January 6th
23.11.26-Cristian Terhes MEP-The World is Watching Agenda 2030
23.11.26-Raven Ea-Stop Eating Glyphosate, MRNA, & GMO Junk
23.11.25-Jack Cashill-American Travesty: Derrick Chauvin Revisited
23.11.24-Matt Ehret-Future Proves Past-A Deception as Old as Time
23.11.23-Tom Renz-Much To Be Thankful For As We March Ahead
23.11.22-Determined Patriots Conference-Power To The People-They Have No Authority
23.11.21-Dr. Karlyn Borysenko-The Danger Within-The Socialist Infiltration in America
23.11.20-Jack Roth-Infiltration Not Invasion-JFK 60 Years Later
23.11.19-Andrew Sorchini-Preparing for the Wild Ride Promised in 2024
23.11.18-Child Trafficking at the Border Exposed-Whistleblowers Demand Action Now
23.11.18-Brianna Ladapo-Emerging from the Darkness & Into the Light
23.11.17-Tom Luongo-Collapsing Narratives & Manufactured Chaos Do Not Change Reality
23.11.17-Mike L-Voices in Your Head-A New Tool for the Globalists?
23.11.16-Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld-The Soros Agenda & Its Intended Consequences
23.11.15-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.11.14-Dr. Joseph Ladapo, MD-Transcend Fear: Mindful Leadership in Public Health
23.11.13-Mike L-The Post Covid Deception-Dealing With The Truth
23.11.13-Victor Avila-Trump’s Plan for Breaking Biden’s Border Crisis & Disrupting DC Status Quo
23.11.12-Christopher Gleason-Are You A Victim of Covert Financial Election Fraud?
23.11.11-Van Fleet-Mao’s America is the Wake Up Call We Must Heed Now
23.11.11-Chriss Street-Breaking Bidenomics & Stopping the Imploding Economy
23.11.10-Charlie Robinson-Cold Hard Truth-Stand Up or Step Aside
23.11.09-Derrick Broze-The Conscious Resistance Hold the Keys to Our Freedom
23.11.08-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.11.08-Robert Beadles-Patriots Must Take It to the Courts Before 2024
23.11.07-Alex Krainer-For the Love of Humanity: What Matters Most
23.11.06-Tom Renz-The 404 Series & Reversing Lawfare for Good
23.11.05-Matt Ehret-Sorting Through History: Correcting the Record on Khazaria
23.11.05-Dr. Stella Immanuel MD-Praying for Tomorrow-Preparing for Today-Urgent Health Update
23.11.04-Andrew Sorchini-Bail-ins & Financial Wars as their CBDC Strategy Kicks Into Gear
23.11.03-Cathy O’Brien-Resisting the Silent Weapons in the Quiet War for Your Mind
23.11.02-Thierry Baudet-Global Tyranny & Coordinated Resistance
23.11.01-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.10.31-James Howard Kunstler-The Impossible Dreams of the Globalist Blob
23.10.31-Doug Billings-Defining Determined Patriotism: Being Part of the Solution
23.10.30-Alex Schadenberg-Selling Suicide: The UnGodly Business of Death
23.10.29-Bo Polney-Seeing Financial Patterns in Biblical Times
23.10.29-Dr. Hadar Sophia-Humanity in Crisis-Protecting Your Health & Heart
23.10.28-Mike Smith-Minding Your Mind: Out of Shadows, Into the Light
23.10.27-Matt Ehret-What is the End Game?-Who Benefits?-The Insanity of Opting for WWIII
23.10.26-Jack Cashill-The Shattering of Narratives: The Truth Will Set Us Free
23.10.26-Libby Emmons-Stop Allowing the Degradation of Culture
23.10.25-Joe Allen-The Abyss Gazes Back-Staying Vigilant in the Age of AI
23.10.25-Ward Connerly-A Lifelong Champion of Civil Rights Reminds Us All
23.10.24-Kash Patel-Government Gangsters Exposed
23.10.24-Jay Dyer-Is Hollywood Normalizing Psychopathy?-Who Are Our Heroes?
23.10.23-Boone Cutler-Understanding & Defeating the Enemy in the 5G War for Your Mind
23.10.21-Andrew Sorchini & Bo Polny-Patterns Emerging in the Financial Landscape
23.10.21-Paul Serran-Staying Focused in the Information War
23.10.20-FDA Updates-5G Protection-New Energy
23.10.20-Candidate Mike Cargile-The Fight for California is Crucial for America
23.10.18-J6 Attorney William Shipley-The Normalization of Injustice & Its Consequences for All
23.10.18-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.10.17-Scott Schara-Confronting Evil-The Fight for Humanity
23.10.16-Steve Baker-The Unraveling of the J6 Narrative Has Begun
23.10.15-Matt Ehret-Understand the History of the Holy Land
23.10.15-Harley Schlanger-Ending the Endless Cycles-Change is Inevitable
23.10.13-ReAwaken America Tour Miami-Day 2
23.10.12-ReAwaken America Tour Miami-Day 1
23.10.12-Captain Al Francis-The Time to Act is Now
23.10.11-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.10.11-Mayor Trent Staggs-Restoring Our Constitutional Republic Roots State By State
23.10.10-Colonel John Mills-Winning the War Against the Deep State
23.10.09-Christie Hutcherson-Unelected Globalists Continue Pushing Agenda No One Wants
23.10.09-Tony Lyons-Fighting the Thought Police & Countering the Narrative
23.10.08-Ann Vandersteel-Border Chaos Exposed-#OperationBurningEdge
23.10.08-Mel K on FlyOver Conservatives-COGNITIVE WARFARE-Battle of the Minds-Trump, Military-NATO-Ukraine-FBI
23.10.08-Jeremy Brown-First They Came for the J6 Protestors…An Ominous Warning
23.10.07-Mel K on FlyOver Conservatives-Cognitive Warfare-The Weaponization of Humanity
23.10.07-Kevin Sorbo-Deconstructing Hollywood & Making Movies Great Again
23.10.06-Ivan Raiklin & Boone Cutler-Ghosts in the Machine-Cognitive Warfare-the Path Forward
23.10.06-Derrick Broze-The Right to Serve & Finding Freedom Outside the Box
23.10.05-General Mike Flynn & Clay Clark-Uniting for Freedom & Liberty
23.10.02-Jack Cashill-Banned Book Week Wake-up Call
23.10.02-Shane Cashman-How To Navigate the Inverted World for Beginners
23.10.01-Andrew Sorchini-Bidenomics-Gaslighting of the Economy
23.09.30-Clay Clark-Darkness Rising-All Will Be Revealed
23.09.30-Patrick Byrne-The Webs They Weave Cannot Hold For Long
23.09.29-Matt Ehret-Geopolitical Reality-War for Your Mind
23.09.28-Bobbie Anne Cox & George Borrello-Standing in the Gap-The Constitution Under Attack
23.09.27-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.09.27-Nick Nittoli-The Future of Faith-Freedom in Entertainment and the Arts
23.09.26-John Matland-Sitting On the Sidelines Is Not An Option
23.09.25-Joe Hoft-Moves & Countermoves When the Impossible Occurs
23.09.24-Author Charlie Robinson-They Can’t Have Their Hunger Games If We Refuse to Play
23.09.23-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.09.22-Ryan Cristián-Responsibility & Judgement In Chaotic Times
23.09.22-Amanda Bobbett-What In The World Is In Our Water?
23.09.21-Joe Allen-Is Transhumanism A War Against Humanity
23.09.21-Dr. Jason Dean-How the Manipulation of Food, Water & Air is Harming Your Health
23.09.20-Dr. Karlyn Borysenko-Decoding Socialism: The Radical Ideology You Must Understand
23.09.19-Tom Luongo-Comfortable Wolves A Call To Action
23.09.19-Dr. Pam & Drinda-Nature Always Has the Answers
23.09.17-Jason Bermas-There is Only One Truth-Stay Focused
23.09.17-Alex Krainer-Perspective-A Case for Optimism
23.09.17-Andrew Sorchini-What is a Bail-In-Financial Crisis Ahead
23.09.16-Clay Clark & Kash Patel-Government Gangsters Have Overplayed Their Hand
23.09.15-Noor Bin Ladin-The World is Watching-America Must Stand For Freedom Now
23.09.14-Pastor Artur Pawlowski-Fear No Evil For Thou Art With Me
23.09.13-Roseanne Barr-Uniting in Prayer-In God We Trust
23.09.13-Anton Chaitkin-Treason in America Has Many Faces
23.09.12-Jasmine Presley Redd at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas
23.09.11-Audrey Werner-Global Sexuality Education Is Big A Problem You Don’t Know About
23.09.11-Jason Scoop at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas
23.09.10-Sherronna Bishop-Getting Serious About 2024 Means All Hands on Deck Now
23.09.10-Dr. Richard Bartlett at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas
23.09.09-Matt Ehret-Do Untold International Dynamics from 1776 Hold Keys to Saving Our Republic Today?
23.09.09-Andrew Sorchini at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas
23.09.08-Las Vegas Speech-The Monolithic & Ruthless Conspiracy-JFK Began the Fight & We the People Will Finish It
23.09.07-Edward Dowd-The Truth Needs No Explanation, It Just Is
23.09.07-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.09.05-Attorney Leigh Dundas-Why We Must Stand Up Now & Never Back Down Again
23.09.04-Brian Hooker, Ph.D.-Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak-A Deeper Dive
23.09.03-Mike L-The Way Forward: Transparency & Truth in Science
23.09.02-Matthew Alford-Reel Power: The Hidden Hands Behind Hollywood
23.09.02-Captain Seth Keshel at the ReAwaken America Tour in Las Vegas
23.09.01-Matt Ehret-Is Lincoln’s Greenback Movement A Viable Economic Solution Today?
23.08.31-John Klar-Taking Back Farming, Agriculture & Freedom For Good
23.08.30-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.08.30-Dane Wigington-Irresponsible Weather Warfare is the True Climate Emergency
23.08.28-Lawrence Freeman-Everything You’re Not Being Told About Africa & Why It Matters Most
23.08.27-Cynthia Chung-Defeating Tyranny & Avoiding Tragedy
23.08.27-Andrew Sorchini-BRICS Make Their Move-Bidenomics Betrays the Nation
23.08.25-ReAwaken America Tour Las Vegas-Day 1
23.08.24-Frank Gaffney-Origins of Totalitarianism in Plain Sight
23.08.24-Amanda Bobbett-What Is In Our Water? Solutions for a Healthier Life
23.08.23-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.08.22-Craig Pasta Jardula-You Can’t Avoid Reality If You Are Committed to Election Integrity
23.08.22-Annabella Rockwell-Beware Campus Indoctrination is Coming for Your Kids
23.08.21-Clay Clark & Paster Leon Benjamin-When You See the Truth You Can’t Unsee It
23.08.20-Seth Holehouse-Living in Truth & Standing for Freedom
23.08.19-Ann Vandersteel & Carlos Arellano-The Ongoing Border Crisis & Operation Burning Edge
23.08.19-Glenn Story-Stop Feeding the Beast-Reinvesting in America First
23.08.18-Dr. James Thorp, MD-The Covid Money Trail-Why We Must Fight On
23.08.18-Maryam Henein-Proximal Origin Mystery & Never Giving Up the Fight for Truth
23.08.17-Matt Ehret-Losing Ground in Africa & the Need for Sane Foreign Policy Now
23.08.17-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.08.15-Tom Luongo-Geopolitical Shifts While the U.S. Spins into Chaos
23.08.15-Dr. Stella MD-Leave Nothing to Chance: Prepare for Anything
23.08.14-Sal Greco-The Controlled Demolition of New York Continues
23.08.13-Lara Trump-Standing in Strength-Unity & the Truth-Family Over Everything
23.08.11-Andrew Sorchini-Bidenomics Continues to Destroy Our Economy as the World Turns to Gold
23.08.10-Author Jack Cashill-Little Woke Library & What the Obama Biographer Left Out
23.08.09-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.08.08-Mike L.-Demanding Transparency & Truth: What Are They Hiding
23.08.07-Jeff Dornik-Taking What is Happening to America Personally: You Are the Answer
23.08.06-Dr. Steven Hatfill-Three Seconds Until Midnight: The Book that Predicted Covid
23.08.06-Clay Clark-How Will CBDCs & New Gold-backed BRICS-Currency Impact Us?
23.08.05-Attorney Tom Renz-No More Illusions of Choice: Has the Uniparty Abandoned Us All?
23.08.05-Raven Ea-Focus, Energy & Stamina From the Inside Out
23.08.04-Charlie Robininson-Desperation & Arrogance: A Recipe for Deep State Disaster
23.08.03-James Howard Kunstler-The Government is Not Our Country-Revenge of the Blob
23.08.02-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.08.01-Alex Krainer-What is Law? Standing for Freedom & Liberty in Chaotic Times
23.08.01-Kirstyn Niemela-The Unfathomable Injustice of J6 Cases Personified
23.07.31-Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg-Never Again: We Must Not Let the Crimes of Covid Go
23.07.30-Mike Smith-Out of Shadows & Into the Light-Burning Brush Fires for Freedom
23.07.29-Andrew Sorchini-Cue BRICS, CBDC & Gold Backed Currencies-Financial Future Report
23.07.29-Jeremy Brown-J6 Revelations Expose Devastating Truth-Political Prisoner Speaks Out
23.07.28-Kent Heckenlively-Digging Deeper: Beyond the Whistleblower Revelations
23.07.28-Rhonda Miller-It’s Not Education, It’s Indoctrination
23.07.27-Author Trevor Loudon-The Enemy Within Exposed-The Time to Stand is Now
23.07.26-PLANET CHAOS: Rob
23.07.26-Dr. Stella MD-Preparing & Protecting Your Family During the Continuing Chaos is Key
23.07.25-Paul Serran-Geopolitical Stories You Aren’t Being Told That Matter
23.07.24-Victor Avila-Border Danger Increasing-Human Trafficking Disaster
23.07.23-Turning Point Action Conference Recap
23.07.23-Annabella Rockwell-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.23-Forgiato Blow-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.23-Andrew Gutmann-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.23-Michael Zildjian-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.22-Roger Stone-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.22-Mike Lindell-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.22-Attorney Harmeet Dhillon-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.22-Jason Scoop-Turning Point Action Conference
23.07.21-Colonel (Ret.) John Mills-Remaining Focused, Resolute & Fierce in the Face of Tyranny
23.07.21-Matt Baker-Standing Up For Liberty: American Liberty Awards
23.07.20-FlyOver Conservatives-The Curious Timing of the Release of Oppenheimer
23.07.19-Watch This Before You See Oppenheimer Movie
23.07.19-Pastor Artur Pawlowski-The Armor of God: He Who is Brave is Free
23.07.18-Joel Gilbert-Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You-Michelle Obama 2024
23.07.17-Ryan Heath-Strategic Legal Strategy in the Fight for Our Children & Beyond
23.07.16-Turning Point Action Conference-Day 2 #ACTCON2023
23.07.15-Turning Point Action Conference-Day 1 #ACTCON2023
23.07.14-Clay Clark & Aaron Antis & Andrew Sorchini-Bidenomics End Goal-CBDC Surveillance
23.07.13-Author Richard Poe-As Hidden Hands Mold Reality-We Must Preserve Our Union
23.07.12-Author Jack Cashill-Untenable: What Happened to Our Cities?
23.07.10-Zach Vorhies-What is Data Scraping-The Truth About Online Privacy & AI
23.07.09-Tyler Schwab of O.U.R.-Beyond Sound of Freedom: Recovery, Healing & Justice
23.07.08-FBI Whistleblower Steve Friend-Uncompromising Bravery & Valor in the Face of Unfathomable Corruption
23.07.07-Johnny Vedmore-The Side of Epstein You Haven’t Heard Yet…Part 1
23.07.06-Dr. Miriam Grossman MD-Lost in Trans Nation
23.07.05-G. Edward Griffin-Globalist Totalitarianism or Independence, Liberty & Freedom: YOU CHOOSE
23.07.04-Derrick Broze-Individual Liberty-Personal Sovereignty-Being a Leader
23.07.03-Sal Greco-What is Happening to NYC? The Dismantling of Law & Order
23.07.02-Roseanne Barr & Clay Clark-Uncanceling Truth & Comedy For All: Stop Feeding the Beast
23.07.01-FOC Show | Mel K-Their Plan to Become the Global Police
23.07.01-Dr. Pam & Family-Patriot Solutions that Make a Difference
23.06.30-Hi-Rez the Rapper-Heaven Over Hollywood
23.06.29-Author Floyd Brown-Where Are We Going? Where Have We Been?
23.06.28-Tom Luongo-Decoding PLANET CHAOS One Psyop at a Time
23.06.27-Alex Krainer-Did Tyranny Miss its Window of Opportunity?
23.06.27-FOC Show | Mel K
23.06.26-Cathy O’Brien-Do You See Them? Ghosts of the Deep State
23.06.25-Matt Osborne-Crushing the Evil of Child & Human Trafficking Now at OUR
23.06.25-Pastor Leon Benjamin-Becoming a Champion for Good in Troubled Times
23.06.24-Courtenay Turner-CAUSE Fest: Reclaiming the Arts for Good
23.06.23-Todd Bensman-Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History
23.06.22-Filmmaker Simon Esler-Cut: Daughters of the West-Save Our Girls
23.06.21-John Klar-Small Farm Republic: Taking Back Our Sovereignty & Traditions
23.06.20-Mike L-FDA New Normal? Biden Cancer Moonshot Resurfaces
23.06.19-Author Robert Green Jr.-Defending the Constitution behind Enemy Lines
23.06.19-Clay Clark-CBDCs, Full Spectrum Surveillance-the Insane Globalist Governance Matrix
23.06.18-Jason Bermas-The 4th Industrial Evolution Of Mankind
23.06.17-Dr. Stella Immanuel MD-Preparation & Prayer Needed Ahead
23.06.17-ICYMI-FlyOver Conservatives-CCP Style Social Credit Score is Already Here
23.06.16-Andrew Sorchini-Financial Fake News is Rampant: Be Discerning
23.06.15-Nate Lewis-Operation Underground Railroad: The Heroes Behind Sound of Freedom
23.06.14-General Michael Flynn-Every Battle is Won Before It's Fought-Hold the Line Patriots
23.06.13-Jovan Hutton Pulitzer-Countdown to Chaos-The Ultimate Battle for Truth & Justice
23.06.12-Kash Patel-Persecution By Malicious Prosecution-The Truth Will Prevail
23.06.12-Master Sergeant (Ret.) Erinn Watkins-A Solider Rebuilds: Fighting for What Matters
23.06.11-ICYMI-Mel K Rocks Miami-Ask What You Can Do For Your Country
23.06.11-ICYMI-End Child Trafficking & Exploitation Now-Sarasota FL
23.06.10-ICYMI-Quite Frankly in Studio-Escape from New York Complete
23.06.10-Christopher Gleason-Shocking Money Election Scheme Exposed & More
23.06.09-An0maly-Countering Narratives & Finding A Better Way
23.06.08-Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox-Standing Up to Tyranny-They Have No Authority
23.06.07-Matt Ehret-Climate Cult or Trained Eco-terrorist Operatives of Deceit?
23.06.06-Tom Renz-Focusing on the Fight for Accountability & Justice
23.06.05-Author Mark Gober | Can We Finally End Upside Down Thinking?
23.06.04-Michael Yon-Border Invasion: Hard Truth From the Southern Border
23.06.04-Raven Ea-The Global Agenda Has Infiltrated Our Food Supply
23.06.03-Tommy Robinson-Silenced No More-Free Speech Is Not Negotiable
23.06.02-James Howard Kunstler-Individual Sovereignty & Decentralization Counters Globalist Dystopian Reset
23.06.01-Alex Krainer-Bankers' Wars & Broken Promises Shift the Paradigm
23.05.31-Noor Bin Ladin-Clear and Present Danger: The World Health Organization
23.05.30-Mikki Willis-From Plandemic to the Great Awakening: Nothing Can Stop What is Coming
23.05.29-Author Jack Cashill-Untenable Situations in a Post Truth Nation
23.05.28-Colonel (Ret) John Mills-The Nation Will Follow: A Path Forward
23.05.27-Andrew Sorchini-Gold, Deadlines & Default, Oh My
23.05.26-Author Charlie Robinson-Cutting Through the Controlled Chaos
23.05.25-Alex Newman-Sinister Agenda: Why They Target the Children
23.05.24-Jason Bermas-Epstein Case is Not Going Away as Globalists Plan Next Move
23.05.23-Karen Kingston-A Broken Contract & States Stepping Up Can Stop the Insanity
23.05.22-Monica Crowley-Understanding the Long Game & How We Save America
23.05.21-Dr. Eric Nepute-Remaining on the Offense Against Medical Tyranny
23.05.18-Mike L-Advanced Technology & Full Disclosure
23.05.17-Nurse Erin-A Voice for the Voiceless: Never Forget
23.05.17-Matt Ehret-Understanding the Paradigm Shift
23.05.16-Alex Stein-The Incredible & Hilarious Alex Stein 99 Never Disappoints
23.05.15-Jason Scoop-Jason Scoop Nails Trump & We Can't Stop Laughing
23.05.15-Mike Lindell-The Plan to Secure Election 2024 in Motion
23.05.15-Dr. Pam & Family
23.05.14-Pete Santilli-Crisis & Chaos Will Not Defeat Us-Stand Strong
23.05.13-ReAwaken America Tour Miami-Day 2
23.05.12-ReAwaken America Tour Miami-Day 1
23.05.11-Attorney Tom Renz-Operation Nightingale? The Plot Thickens
23.05.10-Captain Al Francis-Danger in the Skies-Wokeness Gone Awry
23.05.08-Patrick Byrne-At the Tipping Point-Facts & Dealing with Reality
23.05.08-Harley Schlanger-Truth & Consequences in Ukraine & Beyond
23.05.07-Filmmaker John Paul Rice-Exiting the Matrix is an Inside Job
23.05.06-Jim Breuer-Taking Back Comedy: Permission Not Required
23.05.06-Dr. Mark Sherwood-Exiting the Sick Care Matrix
23.05.05-Clary Clark-Staring Down Tyranny-They Have No Authority
23.05.05-Journalist Paul Serran-Libya Revisited & Economic Warfare Failures
23.05.04-Cara Castronuova-The True Tragedy of J6 & Why We Must Wake Up Now
23.05.04-Tara Lee Rodas-Hero HHS Child Trafficking Whistleblower Speaks Out
23.05.03-Journalist Richard Poe | Do All Roads Lead to the Crown?
23.05.02-Liz Crokin-Exposing Evil: Child Trafficking & the Epstein Connection
23.05.01-Andrew Sorchini-What the Global Dedolloarization Push Means for America?
23.04.30-Jodi O'Malley MSN RN-Covid Whistleblower Continues Fight For Truth & Justice
23.04.29-Jeremey Brown-The Truth About J6 from Political Prisoner #1
23.04.28-Raj & Debbie-Beware! Toxic Bill Alert-Defend Your State
23.04.27-Author Michelle Le Chen-Children of Hope: A Survivors Warning to America
23.04.27-Doug Billings-Determined Patriots Rising
23.04.26-FlyOver Conservatives-CCP Style Social Credit Score is Already Here
23.04.26-Mike L-Hidden Hands Hiding Advanced Science & Technology
23.04.25-Author Guy Mitchell-Global Warming: The Great Deception
23.04.25-Scott Schara-The Fight for Justice, God & Grace Continues
23.04.24-Filmmaker Mike Smith-Out of Shadows Revisited: Eyes Wide Open
23.04.24-Tom Luongo-Obvious Distractions No Longer Deceiving the Masses
23.04.24-Author Brad Good-Do We Even Have a China Strategy?
23.04.23-Van Fleet-CCP Defector's Powerful Warning to the American People
23.04.23-Frank Gaffney-Unrestricted Warfare, Standing for Our Sovereignty & the Traitors Within
23.04.22-Andrew Sorchini-More Turn to Gold & Silver as CBDC Threat Looms
23.04.21-Author Jack Cashill-Untenable...Revisiting Truth in Dishonest Times
23.04.21-Dr. Jason Dean-Digging Deeper To Regain Optimal Health
23.04.20-Author Alex Krainer-Geopolitical Chaos By Design
23.04.20-Journalist Noor Bin Ladin-Standing Strong for Sovereignty & Freedom Now
23.04.19-Filmmaker Joel Gilbert-Michelle 2024 is Coming To Fruition Before Your Eyes
23.04.19-Jason Bermas-Drip, Drip...Flood-9/11-Epstein & More
23.04.16-Author Charlie Robinson-Can the Controlled Demolition of America Be Stopped?
23.04.16-Steve Friend-Fearless FBI Whistleblower Stands by His Oath to the Constitution, God & Country
23.04.15-Andrew Sorchini-Preparing for the Global Pivot Away from the U.S. Dollar
23.04.14-Dr. Bonner Cohen, PH.D.-The Misguided Climate & Energy Agenda Threatens Our Future
23.04.13-Devin Nunes-Keeping America Free & Fighting for Our Future
23.04.12-Author Joe Connor-Shattered Lives: The High Cost of Negotiating with Terrorists
23.04.11-Victor Avila-Border 911 Update-Hero Steps in the Gap Again
23.04.10-Steve Stern-Are We Prepared for 2024? The Time is Now
23.04.10-Author Brad Good-Do We Even Have a China Strategy?
23.04.09-Cathy O'Brien-The Trans Agenda Psyop & Freeing Your Mind
23.04.08-Dr. Ben Marble, MD-Frontline Doctor Won't Back Down
23.04.08-Treniss Evans-January 6 Revelations Leaning Towards a Fedsurrection
23.04.07-Clay Clark-Discernment in Times of False Idols
23.04.06-Author Gary Kah-Standing on the Precipice of Geopolitical Uncertainty
23.04.05-Patrick Byrne-We Must Stand United For Freedom & Liberty Now
23.04.04-Author Floyd Brown-Counterpunch-It's Time to Take Back America
23.04.04-Attorney John Pierce-Fighting Lawfare In Our 5th Generation War
23.04.02-Sacha Stone-Crushing Corrupt Ideology & Find a Better Way Forward
23.04.02-Attorney Tom Renz-We The People Demand Informed Consent
23.04.01-Andrew Sorchini-The World Turns to Gold-U.S. Dollar Threatened
23.03.31-PLANET CHAOS-The Color Revolution Rages On | Rob
23.03.29-Christopher Gleason-Massive Dark Money & Voter Fraud Exposed
23.03.28-Dr. Richard Fleming PhD, MD, JD-It's Called Crimes Against Humanity
23.03.28-Christie Hutcherson-The United Nation's New Narrative is a Direct Threat to America
23.03.27-Kash Patel-Government Gangsters Exposing Themselves Everywhere
23.03.26-Someone Had to Say It-Uncancelling Comedy w/ Jim Breuer
23.03.26-Tulsa Speech-An American Intervention-Only We the People Can Heal the Divide
23.03.25-DHS Whistleblower Aaron Stevenson-Fighting Child & Human Trafficking on the Front Lines
23.03.24-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander-Presidential Takedown: How They Plotted to Overthrow Trump
23.03.23-Charlene Bollinger-The Truth About Cancer Will Not Be Silenced
23.03.23-Author Christopher G. Adamo-Words Are Weapons-Choose them Wisely
23.03.23-Jim Breuer, Pastor Greg Locke, and Reverse Davos LIVE-TUNE IN LIVE MARCH 23rd at 4 PM Central (Prepare to Laugh, Cry, and Learn)
23.03.22-Kirstyn Niemela & John Pierce-January 6 Defendant Will Not Give Up Fighting for Truth
23.03.22-Clay Clark & Dr. Jim Meehan-Banking Crisis-Did Joe Biden Just Nationalize the Banks
23.03.20-Tom Luongo-Is the Reset of the Great Reset Here?
23.03.20-Freedom Warrior Landon Starbuck-Leave Our Children Alone
23.03.18-Michael Loftus-Using Comedy as a Weapon in the Fight Against Tyranny
23.03.18-Andrew Sorchini-Bank Failures & the Push Towards Digital Currency
23.03.17-Journalist Simon Ateba-What's Wrong with the White House Press Core? Insider Reveals
23.03.17-Mike L The Science Guy-Science, Pharma & Energy Update
23.03.16-Mel K On FlyOver Conservatives-Who is ACTUALLY Running the White House?
23.03.16-Investigative Journalist Paul Serran-Why Brazil Matters: Same Puppet Masters Same Game
23.03.15-Christopher Kohls at CPAC-Truth, Common Sense & Sanity Revisited with Mr. Reagan
23.03.15-Dr. Mark Sherwood-Standing Strong from the Inside Out
23.03.14-Author Floyd Brown-Counterpunch: Defeating the Swamp Once & For All
23.03.14-Leon Benjamin at CPAC-Unity & Focus Must Be Solid for 2024
23.03.13-Edward Dowd-The Controlled Demolition of the Financial System by Design
23.03.13-Jacob Wells at CPAC-Decentralized Financial Services Are the Key
23.03.12-Author James Howard Kunstler-The Dizzying Effect of Controlled Chaos
23.03.12-Liz Harrington at #CPAC-Trump 2024 Momentum-Full Steam Ahead
23.03.11-Author Alex Krainer-The Inevitable Failure of a Great Reset
23.03.11-Attorney Tom Renz-Panic in D.C.-The Dam of Lies Breaks
23.03.10-Attorney Dr. John Eastman-Ugly Lawfare & Witch Hunts Expose the True Enemy of the People
23.03.09-Kash Patel at #CPAC-Marching Towards Justice & Victory 2024
23.03.09-Maria Zeee-The Weaponization of the WHO
23.03.08-Dr. Stella MD-Don't Be Fooled Again
23.03.08-Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson Stands Tall in the Fight for We the People | #CPAC
23.03.07-Patrick Byrne-The Much Anticipated Return of Truth & Justice Ahead
23.03.07-Brandon Straka-Persecuted J6 #WalkAway Founder Rebuilds Following Tragic Injustice
23.03.06-General Michael Flynn-A Shot Across The Bow-We The People Demand Justice
23.03.05-Ryan Zink & John Pierce-The Disturbing Legal Battle for Truth & Justice for J6 Defendants
23.03.04-Andrew Sorchini-Why is China Tripling Down on Gold?
23.03.04-Sal Greco-One Good NYPD Cop Fights Back to Save the City He Loves
23.03.03-Dr. John Littell, MD-Do No Harm is Not a Suggestion
23.03.03-April Moss-Women Warriors United for Truth
23.03.02-Pete Santilli-We the People's Plan for America Now
23.03.01-Author & Journalist Richard Poe-Puppet Masters & Perception: Who Is In Control?
23.02.28-Jason Bermas-Avoiding Distraction-Focus on Facts
23.02.27-Sean of SGT Report-Is the War Already On Our Soil?
23.02.27-Jackson Lahmeyer-Faith Over Fear in Uncertain Times
23.02.26-Author Charles Cole-An Insider's View of Russia Before the Fall
23.02.25-Author Jay Dyer-The Secret Societies JFK Warned Us About
23.02.24-Lawrence Freeman-Africa In Play as the World Picks Sides
23.02.23-Author Charlie Robinson-Slaying the Octopus of Global Control
23.02.22-Jan 6 Defendant Casey Cusick-Persecuted Patriot Reveals All
23.02.22-Dr. Pam & Family-Breaking the Cabal & Feeding Your Soul
23.02.21-Clay Clark-Why is the WEF Talking Singularity & Hybrid Humans
23.02.21-Quite Frankly-The Actual State of Our Union
23.02.20-Author Matt Ehret-Your Mind Is the Battlefield
23.02.19-Captain Al Francis-EMP Attack-Facts & Truth You Need to Know
23.02.18-Andrew Sorchini-Central Banks Continue the March Towards CBDC
23.02.17-Kyle Seraphin-FBI Whistleblower on Serving with Constitutional Integrity
23.02.16-Mel K On FlyOver Conservatives-The Death of Nations
23.02.16-Dane Wigington-Geoengineering Is Real & Must Stop Now
23.02.15-Jovan Hutton Pulitzer-The Inside Job of Intellectual Property Theft
23.02.15-Roseanne Barr On Her Tweet Controversy, Cancel Culture & Whoopi Goldberg (Encore Presentation)
23.02.14-Alex Newman-Miseducation, Indoctrination & the War for the Minds of Our Kids
23.02.13-Mike L. The Science Guy-What the Heck Are We Eating?
23.02.13-Ward Connerly-It's the Quality of Your Character
23.02.12-Dr. Mark Sherwood-Strength, Unity & Common Sense
23.02.12-Attorney Tom Renz-We Are Winning-Accountability Is Coming
23.02.11-Writer Christopher G. Adamo-Rules for Defeating Radicals
23.02.10-Andrew Sorchini-Why Are Central Banks Hoarding Gold?
23.02.09-Author Alex Krainer-Truth & Consequences of the Geopolitical Chaos
23.02.07-Author Cynthia Chung-Exiting the Matrix With Factual History
23.02.07-Captain Al Francis-The Cover Up Continues-TWA Flight 800
23.02.06-Farmer/Author John Klar-Exposing the US Farming & Food Crisis Agenda
23.02.06-Attorney Nicole C. Pearson-Extraordinary Fighter For Freedom & Family
23.02.05-Couy Griffin-Persecution & Torture of Jan 6 Prisoners Must Be Exposed Now
23.02.04-Author Jay Dyer-Deep Dive Into Propaganda, Hollywood Psyops & Critical Thinking
23.02.03-Author Jack Roth-What Really Happened To JFK Revisited
23.02.03-Joe Hoft-For the Love of God, Country & Justice-It's Time to Stand Up
23.02.03-Financial Expert Michael Wilkerson-Bringing Back American Exceptionalism
23.02.02-Investigative Journalist Noor Bin Ladin-Exposing the Puppet Masters Dark to Light
23.02.01-Patriot Prisoner Jake Lang-Demand Justice for January 6 Prisoners
23.01.31-Author Jack Cashill-Seth Rich Revisited & The Post Truth World
23.01.31-Trump Attorney Christina Bobb-Understanding 2020 to win 2024
23.01.30-Steve Stern-Election Integrity & Action Through the Precinct Strategy
23.01.29-Mike L-Weekly Science, Pharma & Energy Update
23.01.28-Border 911: A Special Event hosted by The America Project
23.01.28-Andrew Sorchini | Market Insights & Preserving Your Economic Freedom
23.01.27-VA Congressional Candidate Leon Benjamin | Shining Star Still in Play From 2022
23.01.27-Mel K Rocks Nashville: Unmasking the Global Elitist Power Grab & How to Resist
23.01.26-Investigative Journalist Maryam Henein-The George Floyd Story You Don't Know
23.01.25-Brent Hamachek & Felisa Blazek-Finding Common Ground to Save Our Nation
23.01.24-Dr. Pam & Family-CBD for Wellness & Supporting Patriot Businesses
23.01.23-Patrick Byrne-Beachhead Established-Truth and Justice Ahead
23.01.23-Larry Klayman-The Counter Revolution to Wake Up & Restore America
23.01.22-Trevor Loudon-The Enemies Within & Exposing the Traitors
23.01.21-Reawaken-Nashville,TN-Day 2
23.01.19-Reawaken-Nashville,TN-Day 1
23.01.19-Journalist Tom Luongo-Cutting Through the Fog...Common Sense Returns
23.01.19-Robert Spencer-United We Stand, Divided We Fall As Never Before
23.01.17-Organic Farmer Raven Ea-Feel Better & Join Us In Our Superfoods Reset
23.01.16-On FlyOver Conservatives-Exposing Davos & The Globalist Agenda
23.01.16-Bobby Piton-Looking Beyond the Economic Fog of War
23.01.15-Author James Howard Kunstler-Centralized Control-Too Big To Succeed
23.01.14-Andrew Sorchini-Strategies for Challenging Economic Times
23.01.13-Mike L The Science Guy-Science News & Advanced Technology Update
23.01.12-Attorney Tom Renz-Focus & Resolve For 2023
23.01.12-Dr. Stella Immanuel MD-Health, Wellness & Spiritual Strength for the New Year
23.01.11-Major Fred Galvin, USMC (Ret.)-A Few Bad Men, and the Warrior Who Fought To Expose Them
23.01.11-PLANET CHAOS | Rob
23.01.10-Matt Ehret-It's Time to End the Endless Wars
23.01.10-Brent Hamachek-Using Objectivist Ethics to Navigate Through the Storm
23.01.08-Filmmaker John Paul Rice-Fighting the Spiritual Battle from Within
23.01.07-Andrew Sorchini-Preserving Your Wealth In 2023
23.01.06-Darren J. Beattie-America's Color Revolution? The Facts on the Jan 6 Fedsurrection
23.01.06-Clay Clark-Know the Truth About Surveillance Under Your Skin
23.01.05-Dr. Robert Malone MD-Resisting the Mind Wars
23.01.04-Patrick Byrne-It's Time for Optimism-Justice is Coming
23.01.02-Whistleblower Dr. Andrew G. Huff-Digging Into the Truth About Wuhan
23.01.01-Jovan Hutton Pulitzer-The Digital Prison of the OBiden CBDC Plan-How to Retain Privacy
22.12.31-FlyOver Conservatives-Ukraine, Govt. & Big Tech Lies, & the $1.7 Trillion Money Laundering Operation
22.12.30-Joaquin Flores-Cutting Through the Dystopian Narrative & the New Resistance
22.12.29-Ivan Raiklin-Military Insider on the Betrayal of a Nation
22.12.28-Joshua Philipp-Investigative Journalists On Unity, America First & Taking Back Our Country
22.12.28-Edward Dowd-Inconvenient Truths-Sudden Deaths Exposed
22.12.27-Christie Hutcherson-Special Report: Betrayal at the Border
22.12.26-Dr. James Lindsay-Protecting Our Children & Fighting CRT
22.12.26-Kash Patel-We the People Demand the Whole Truth
22.12.25-Josh Bernstein-Speaking Your Truth Is Your Patriotic Duty
22.12.24-Natalie Winters-infiltration & Division, The CCP Connection
22.12.24-Dr. Mark Sherwood-A New Event 201 Gates Simulation?-Immune System Super Boost Stat
22.12.22-Jack Posobiec-Knowing the Stakes, Naming the Enemy, and Uniting to Win in 2023 & Beyond
22.12.21-AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers-All Eyes On Arizona
22.12.20-Mike Lindell-RNC Reboot, Kill the Machines & Taking Back America 2023
22.12.19-Attorney Tom Renz-Unity, Focus and Resolve in 2023
22.12.18-Cathy O'Brien-MK Ultra Whistleblower-Full Disclosure Is Happening
22.12.17-Keith Gray-Other Hard Assets Not To Ignore, Protect Your Wealth While Weathering The Storm
22.12.16-FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin-The Unbreakable Oath to Support & Defend The Constitution
22.12.16-Filmmaker Joel Gilbert-Prepare for Michelle 2024
22.12.15-Andrew Sorchini-CBDC Pilot Program Launched-Protect Your Savings Now
22.12.14-Alex Krainer-Geopolitical Update-The Free World Awakens At Once
22.12.13-John Paul Mac Isaac-American Injustice-The Innocent Victims of Hunter Biden
22.12.12-Anna Khait-Powerful Women for God & Country
22.12.12-Dr. Stella MD-Common Sense Solutions, Proactive Planning & The Power Of Prayer
22.12.11-Matt Ehret-The Hidden Hands Of Covert Intelligence
22.12.10-Bryson Gray-Proud MAGA Rap Star Flips Their Script-Standing Strong For Truth & Freedom
22.12.09-FlyOver Conservatives-Exposing Cabal Hidden Information
22.12.09-Organic Farmer Raven-Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season
22.12.08-Cynthia Chung-The Origins Of Big Brother In America
22.12.07-Josh Yoder-Freedom Flyers Continue to Fight For America
22.12.06-Patrick Byrne-Beyond The Fog Of War Disclosure
22.12.05-Mike L-Science News, Views & Advanced Technology Updates
22.12.04-Joe Hoft-We The People Must Demand Transparency, Truth & Justice For ALL
22.12.03-Matt Ehret-Manipulating Statistics & The Lie of the Club of Rome
22.12.02-Jovan Hutton Pulitzer-Exposing the Deep State Playbook-Time to Go On The Offensive
22.12.01-Clay Clark-In Their Own Words Darkness To Light
22.12.01-Dr. Pam & Family-Supporting Patriots This Holiday Season-The Benefits Of CBD
22.11.30-Brent Hamacheck-The Life & Times Of Dr. Zelenko & Finding Common Ground
22.11.30-Dr. Richard Fleming-Accountability & Justice For Crimes Against Humanity
22.11.29-General Michael Flynn-Fifth Generation Warfare & The Fight For Our Future
22.11.28-Tara Petsch-Making Schools Safe Again
22.11.27-Dr. Eric Nepute-We Must All Fight Medical Tyranny Together For Health Freedom
22.11.26-FlyOver Conservatives-Climate Change Is Another Fear, Money & Control Operation
22.11.25-Man In America Seth Holehouse | Avoiding Distractions & Remaining Focused
22.11.25-Andrew Sorchini-Economic Update & The Unbelievable FTX Debacle
22.11.24-Brilliant Bobby Piton-Thanksgiving Mindset-We Are Winning
22.11.23-Section 230 Warrior Jason Fyk-Saving Free Speech & Defeating Censorship
22.11.22-Dr. Mark Sherwood-The Battle For Health & Freedom Continues
22.11.21-Jason Bermas-The FTX Fraud & Ripple Effect Will Run Deep
22.11.21-Fired NYPD Officer Sal Greco-Restoring Law & Order One Good Cop At A Time
22.11.20-On FlyOver Conservatives-The Propaganda Media System Must Be Held Accountable
22.11.19-Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD-Exposing Govt. & Big Tech Collusion & Fighting Back
22.11.19-Andrew Sorchini-Financial Update & Tools To Protect Your Wealth
22.11.18-Author Charlie Robinson-Slaying The Octopus Of Global Control
22.11.18-Kash Patel-Unity, Strength & Focus-The Battle For America Rages On
22.11.17-Geopolitial Expert Lawrence Freeman-Insights On Africa & Why It Matters
22.11.16-CCP Survivor Mike Zhao | Wake Up America! Communism Is At Our Doorstep
22.11.15-Jovan Hutton Pulitzer-Exiting The Matrix-Our Way Forward
22.11.14-Marco Antonio Costa & Jeff Brain-What's Really Going On In Brazil
22.11.13-Acclaimed Journalist Benjamin Fulford-The Changing Geopolitical Chessboard
22.11.12-Powerful Branson Missouri Speech-Understand The Players & The Stakes
22.11.12-Andrew Sorchini-Backstage At Branson Missouri-Economic Update
22.11.11-Attorney Tom Renz-We Have Only Just Begun To Fight
22.11.10-Alex Krainer-Geopolitical Update Exposing The Banking Cartel
22.11.10-Matt & Joy Thayer and Lauren Kellie-Bringing The Light Back Into The Arts
22.11.09-Mike L-Science News, Views & Advanced Energy Tech
22.11.08-FlyOver Conservatives | Biden Regime & Big Tech Caught
22.11.08-CK On Financial News, Insights & Tools To Regain Your Power
22.11.07-Patrick Byrne | The Banality Of Evil Revisited
22.11.06-Charlene Bollinger | Propaganda Exposed-The Truth Will Set You Free
22.11.06-Author Jack Cashill | Common Sense Over Manufactured Chaos
22.11.05-Reawaken American Tour-Branson, MO-Day 2
22.11.05-CK On Financial News, Insights & Tools To Regain Your Power
22.11.03-Reawaken American Tour-Branson, MO-Day 1
22.11.03-Tina & Eric | Being Prepared-Lessons From Hurricane Ian
22.11.02-Tina Forte Boldly Standing For Common Sense & We The People
22.11.01-Clay Clark | The 10 Commandants Are Not A Suggestion-GOD Wins
22.10.31-Dr. Pam & Family On The hidden Science Of CBD
22.10.30-FlyOver Conservatives | Are We In The Hunger Games
22.10.29-Dr. Joseph Ladapo FL Surgeon Gen | Transcending Fear & Standing For We The People
22.10.29-Manheim Pennsylvania Speech Lays Out The Power Structure & Exposes The Puppet Masters
22.10.28-Raj & Debbie Call To Action-Defending The Midterms Bootcamp
22.10.27-Working to Deploy America First Vermont Senate Candidate Major Gerald Malloy
22.10.26-Dr. Mark Sherwood On Learning To Be Your Best In Body, Mind & Spirit
22.10.26-Roger Stone-The Injustice System & Lawfare Exposed
22.10.25-Jovan Hutton Pulitzer On Election Truths And Consequences
22.10.24-Kash Patel-The Two Tiered Justice System Exposed
22.10.23-Cathy O'Brien, Dr. Brian Ardis On Hidden Hands Of Mind Control & Breaking The Cycle
22.10.21-Reawaken America Tour-Manheim, PA-Day 2
22.10.21-Reawaken America Tour-Manheim, PA-Day 1
22.10.20-Andrew Sorchini-Economic & Market Update-The Signs Are Clear
22.10.19-General Michael Flynn & Vic Mellor Standing For Truth, Justice, Faith & Our Kids
22.10.19-Author James Howard Kunstler On Surviving The Long Emergency & Beyond
22.10.18-The Brilliant Bernie Of Truth And Art TV
22.10.17-Attorney Nicole C Pearson-Its About The Children-Stand & Take Action Now
22.10.16-FlyOver Conservatives Dig-The Think Tanks That Controls America
22.10.15-Mike L The Science Guy (Reupload) Update On Hidden History, Science & Advanced Energy Tech
22.10.14-Eric Trump & Clay Clark On Making America Great Again
22.10.13-Author Historian Matt Ehret On Flipping The Chessboard In The Great Game
22.10.12-Dane Wigington Of GeoEngineering Watch On The Truth Of Weather Warfare
22.10.12-Dr. Mark Sherwood On Winning The War On Our Hearts Minds & Bodies
22.10.11-Author Alex Krainer With A Geopolitical Update-Exposing the Banking Cartel
22.10.10-Investigative Journalist Tom Luongo On Geopolitical & Financial Moves & Counter Moves
22.10.09-Steve Stern On Getting Involved & Saving America With The Precinct Strategy
22.10.08-General Michael Flynn & Clay Clark: Full Armor of God-Keep The Faith
22.10.08-Andrew Sorchini Economic Update-Collapsing Euro & Threat of Bail-Ins
22.10.07-FlyOver Conservatives Dig Into The Immigration Invasion Agenda At Our Border
22.10.06-Karen Kingston On Shocking Truths About The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex
22.10.05-Roseanne Barr Uncanceled-Back & Better Than Ever
22.10.05-Dr. Stella Immanuel On Prayers & Prepping For Health & Security In Trying Times
22.10.04-Megaphone Marine Cordie Williams Are Staying In The Fight To Save America
22.10.03-Geopolitical Security Expert Christie Hutcherson On The Bigger Picture On The Border
22.10.02-Captain Seth Keshel On Election Integrity Is Everyone's Problem
22.10.01-Craig "Pasta" Jardula: International Election Expert Tells All
22.10.01-Pennsylvania America First Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Mastriano
22.09.30-Author Charlie Robinson On Chinks In The Armor of the Globalist Great Reset
22.09.29-Patrick Byrne On One More Mission-Solutions For The Republic
22.09.28-Author & Media Insider A.J. Rice On Media Madness & The Woking Dead
22.09.27-Free Speech Warrior Jason Fyk On Section 230, Saving Free Speech & The Constitution
22.09.26-Warrior Lawyer Tom Renz Standing Strong In Truth For Justice
22.09.25-Acclaimed Journalist Benjamin Fulford Insights On Geopolitical News
22.09.24-FlyOver Conservatives Dig-The Biden Executive Order-The Transhumanism Bio-Economy
22.09.24-Andrew Sorchini Economic Update-Resisting The CBDC-Protecting Your Assets
22.09.23-America First New Hampshire Senate Candidate Gen. Don Buldoc Leading The Charge
22.09.22-Freedom Loving Attorney Brian Festa On How We The People Fight Back
22.09.21-Mike L The Science Guy Update On Vax, VAERS Data & Advanced Energy
22.09.20-Hollywood Insider Exposing American Wokeism -The Great Unawakening
22.09.20-Marty Grisham On Bringing Connection & Prayer Back To Humanity
22.09.19-Dr. Pam & Family On The Power Of CBD & Healing From The Inside Out
22.09.18-Couy Griffin Stand For Justice-We All Must Stand As They Will Come For All Next
22.09.17-ReAwaken America Tour-WA/ID Border-Day 2
22.09.16-Reawaken America Tour-Post Falls, ID-Day 1
22.09.15-Lara Logan On Exposing Elitist Agenda & Why We The People Win
22.09.15-Attorney & Educator Tricia Lindsay Fighting Tyranny & Putting Kids First
22.09.14-Patrick Byrne On One More Mission Of Peaceful Resistance To Tyranny
22.09.13-Frontline Warrior Dr. Stella Immanuel On Faith, Health & Being Prepared
22.09.12-Alex Jones Fighting For Truth & Against The Great Reset
22.09.12-Mitchell Nicholas Gerber Bringing Awareness To Global Human Trafficking
22.09.11-Mike L The Science Guy Update On Covid Data, News & Advanced Energy
22.09.10-Andrew Sorchini Update On Economic Systems & Protecting Your Financial Sovereignty
22.09.09-Attorney Tom Renz Shining Light On Truth & Corrupt Justice System
22.09.08-Fly Over Conservatives Deep Dive Into The Plans & Tools To Indoctrinate Our Kids
22.09.07-VA Congressional Candidate Leon Benjamin On Faith, Empowerment & The Golden Rule
22.09.06-Keith Gray's Economic Update & Collectable Assets For Protection & Peace Of Mind
22.09.05-Author Matt Ehret Explain The Four Freedoms To Save America
22.09.05-Filmmakers Matt & Joy Thayer Behind The Scenes Of [S]Election The Movie
22.09.04-Paul Manafort Geopolitical Insider Persecuted, Prosecuted But Not Silenced
22.09.03-Author Shaun Attwood Exposing Evil Bringing Darkness To Light
22.09.02-Mike L The Science Guy Update On News, Opinions & Advanced Energy
22.09.02-AZ Governor Candidate Kari Lake Saving America-Leadership, Common Sense & Courage
22.08.31-General Michael Flynn's Mission Over Ego Uniting America To Stand For We The People
22.08.31-Cara Castronuova Fighting For Freedom, Justice & The American Way
22.08.30-Gateway Pundit Joe Hoft On The Plan, Steal & CoverUp, True Reporting To Save America
22.08.29-State Of Sweden Journalist Ingrid C On How NWO Chaos In Sweden Is A Warning To America
22.08.28-Author, Historian Cynthia Chung On Understating History & Global Manufactured Chaos
22.08.27-Mike L The Science Guy Update On News, Science & More
22.08.27-Organic Farmer Raven On Wellness Resets & Prepping For Success
22.08.26-On Fly Over Conservatives Deep Dive Into The Tyrannical New World Order Banking Plan
22.08.25-Andrew Sorchini In A Cornfield In NY Fighting The Cabal Assault On Our Dollars
22.08.25-Warrior Attorney Tom Renz Taking A Stand For Justice In A Cornfield In Batavia, NY
22.08.24-Explosive NY Speech On Exposing The Puppet Masters Structure & World Domination Agenda
22.08.23-Musician/Artist Joseph Arthur On Creativity & The Great Awakening
22.08.23-Mark & Terri Stemann On Saving Our Children From Corruption at CPS & DOJ
22.08.22-Child Welfare Specialist Courtney On The Sexualizing Of Our Children Is Real
22.08.21-On Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive Into You Are Being Watched, Tracked & Scored
22.08.21-Mike L The Science Guy Update On News, Health & Advanced Tech
22.08.20-Mel K & Andrew Sorchini On Financial News insights & Protecting Your Assets
22.08.19-Dr Bryan Ardis On Hidden Hands & Secret Societies Revealed
22.08.18-Acclaimed Author & Journalist Jack Cashill Questions Remain TWA Flight 800 & Beyond
22.08.17-TigerLili Resources Founder Meredith Sithel On Human Trafficking Rescue & Awareness
22.08.17-Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive Into The Evil NWO Climate Change Agenda
22.08.16-Frontline Warrior Dr. Stella Immanuel On Faith, Wellness & Being Prepared
22.08.15-Stacy "Duke" Gentile-The Rescue Op. From The Failed Afghanistan Withdrawal
22.08.15-Brent Hamachek Of Human Events On Logic & Critical Thinking In The Fog Of War
22.08.14-Info Warrior Jason Bermas Where Truth & Facts Are Non-Negotiable
22.08.12-Reawake America Tour-Batavia/Rochester,NY-Day 2
22.08.11-Reawaken America Tour-Batavia/Rochester, NY-Day 1
22.08.11-Mike L The Science Guy On Science Updates & Advanced Energy Tech
22.08.10-Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive Into The Evil Fact Checkers
22.08.09-Pete Santilli On News, Views, & Election Integrity-Check The Code
22.08.08-Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox Discuss Win Vs Unconstitutional Internment Camps
22.08.07-Rob Really Are Back With News, Opinion & Tools For We The People
22.08.07-Celeste Solum On EMF Dangers & Mind Wars Are Real
22.08.04-Powerful Virginia Beach Speech On Exposing The New World Order Structure & Agenda ICYMI
22.08.04-Florida Congressional Candidate Peter Arianas On Fighting For We The People
22.08.03-Dr. Mark Sherwood On Staying In The Fight
22.08.02-Clay Clark On Reject the Climate Emergency Phase of The Great Reset
22.08.01-Kevin Jenkins On The Dr. Zelenko Legacy & Battle Lives On
22.07.31-Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive On The Cold Hard Truth About Ukraine ICYMI
22.07.30-SmithBros Titus Ellis |Isaac Smith - The Next Generation For God & Country 7-30-22
22.07.29-Scott Schara |Vera Sharav On Medical Tyranny Then & Now 7-29-22
22.07.28-Zach Vorhies On Understanding The Technocracy Agenda 7-28-22
22.07.27-Warrior Lawyer Tom Renz On The War Is Real - We Fight On! 7-27-22
22.07.26-Veteran Author & Journalist Jack Cashill On Common Sense Revisited 7-26-22
22.07.25-Canadian Patriot Author Matt Ehret On NATO & The Great Reset 7-25-22
22.07.24-Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive On The Military Destroyed From Within 7.24.22
22.07.23-Banners 4 Freedom Robert &Jamie On Finding Our Talents & Making A Difference 7-23-22
22.07.23-Andrew Sorchini On Protecting Our Assets Against Inflation & Economic Turmoil 7-23-22
22.07.22-Trump White House Policy Advisor Peter Navarro - Tip Of The Spear For God & Country 7-22-22
22.07.21-Epoch Times Investigative Journalist Josh Philipp On Honest News In Dishonest Times 7-21-22
22.07.20-Diamond & Silk On Breaking Barriers & Awakening Minds 7-20-22
22.07.18-Investigative Journalist Tom Luongo Update On Gold, Goats & Guns 7-18-22
22.07.17-Author Charlie Robinson Making Sense Of The Senseless Global Follies 7-17-22
22.07.16-Frontline Doctor Simone Gold Discuss The Persecution Of An American Hero 7-16-22
22.07.16-Mike L The Science Guy Updates On Real Health Science & Advanced Technologies 7-16-22
22.07.15-Kari Lake Arizona Governor Candidate For God & Country 7-15-22
22.07.14-Pete Santilli On Understanding The American Color Revolution 7-14-22
22.07.14-Keith Gray On Protecting Your Money With Asset Diversification 7-14-22
22.07.13-Investigative Journalist Ben Fulford With Geopolitical Insights On Japan 7-13-22
22.07.12-Steve Shultz Of Elijah Streams On The American Oligarchy ICYMI 7-12-22
22.07.11-Fly Over Conservatives For a Deep Dive on the Liberal World Order ICYMI 7.11.22
22.03.01-Acclaimed Journalist Benjamin Fulford On Todays Geopolitical Moves & Countermoves 3-1-22
22.02.04-Acclaimed Journalist Benjamin Fulford On Geopolitical Moves & Countermoves 2-4-22
21.06.28-Charlie Ward Monday Morning Meeting - SitRep Boom Week Ahead 6-28-2021
21.06.22-Simon & Rebecca Parkes to Discuss Connecting Consciousness & Moving Forward 6-22-2021
21.06.18-Acclaimed International Journalist Benjamin Fulford Unlock Truth 6-18-2021
21.06.14-Charlie Ward Monday Morning Meeting - SitRep & Happy Birthday President Trump 6-14-2021
21.03.15-Michael Jaco For A Deep State Great Awakening Sit-Rep 3-15-2021
21.03.01-Dr. Charlie Ward Weekly Monday Morning Meeting 3-1-2021