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23.11.28-Ep. 676 Anti-Israel Snowflakes in Biden Administration-GOP Megadonors Back Haley | The Fifth Column
23.11.27-Ep. 675 Biden Takes Credit for Hostage Deal-Elon's Media Matters Lawsuit | VDH, Clark, Geragos
23.11.21-Ep. 674 What Life is Like in the Mob-Finding God in Prison | Former Mafia Member Michael Franzese
23.11.20-Ep. 673 What Elon's Media Matters War Means-Biden's Bad Birthday | Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson
23.11.17-Ep. 672 Exclusive Reaction From Rob O’Neill on Bin Laden Letter-Gayle King’s CBS Interview | Dave Rubin
23.11.16-Ep. 671 Young Americans Praise Bin Laden-Vivek Ramaswamy Takes on CNN | Bethany Mandel
23.11.15-Ep. 670 False George Floyd Narratives Exposed in New Film-How Policing Changed | Film Director
23.11.14-Ep. 669 What Dem Panic Means for Biden and Trump-San Fran Suddenly Cleans Up | Ruthless Podcast
23.11.13-Ep. 668 Disgusting Pro-Hamas Displays-COVID Vax Consequences | Konstantin Kisin, Shot Dead Director
23.11.10-Ep. 667 Charlie Kirk-How Stein & Manchin Could Hurt Biden in 2024-Progressive Left Turns on Each Other
23.11.09-Ep. 666 Haley vs. Vivek Fight Club-GOP Debate Highlights | Knowles, Jashinsky, Moynihan, Cooke
23.11.08-Ep. 665 GOP's Election Fails-Garland's Lies-Trump's Trials Helping Him | Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus
23.11.07-Ep. 664 Jewish Man Killed in California-Election Day 2023 | Podhoretz, Rosen, Ngo, Stirewalt
23.11.06-Ep. 663 Disaster Polls For Biden-Smart Investing in This Economy | Sen. Ted Cruz, Jordan Belfort
23.11.03-Ep. 662 Adam Carolla on Hunter Biden Playing Victim-Sociopath Gavin Newsom-Plane Lady's New Excuse
23.11.02-Ep. 661 Biden Panders to Anti-Israel Dems-Cancel Culture Today | Tom Bevan, Josh Holmes, Greg Lukianoff
23.11.01-Ep. 660 Status of Trump Trials and Cornell Student Arrested | Mike Davis, Dave Aronberg, Maureen Callahan
23.10.31-Ep. 659 Woke Frauds Exposed-Jew Haters at Colleges-Matthew Perry & the Drug of Fame | Andrew Klavan
23.10.30-Ep. 658 Media Spreads Hamas Propaganda-COVID Vax Lawsuits | Michael Oren, Arthur Aidala, Jonna Spilbor
23.10.26-Ep. 657 New Video Shows Bowman Lied About Fire Alarm-Rational Gender Care | Jesse Kelly
23.10.26-Ep. 656 Jews Shelter From NYC Anti-Israel Protesters-Biden's Middle East Fails | The Fifth Column
23.10.25-Ep. 655 Free Speech for Jew Haters-Britney's Must-Read Memoir | Gad Saad, Evita Duffy, Will Witt
23.10.24-Ep. 654 Every Leftist Social Justice Talking Point Under One Umbrella | Michael Knowles, Alan Dershowitz
23.10.23-Ep. 653 Denying Hamas Atrocities-Anti-Israel Students Playing Victim | Rich Lowry, Charles CW Cooke
23.10.20-Ep. 652 Biden Ties Israel To Ukraine-Anti-Semitic Campus Cry Bullying | Dave Marcus, Noah Pollak
23.10.19-Ep. 651 Israel Prepares-Biden's Aid for Gaza-Insurrection in DC | Bethany, Karol, VDH
23.10.18-Ep. 650 Media and Left Botch Gaza Hospital Story-Campus Anti-Semitism | Buck Sexton, Dennis Prager
23.10.17-Ep. 649 True Scope of Atrocities in Israel-Erasure of Women | Ron DeSantis, Josh Hammer, Britt Mayer
23.10.16-Ep. 648 Jew Hatred on Display, and Free Speech vs. Cancel Culture | Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson
23.10.13-Ep. 647 Jews Targeted in Day of Rage-the Money Behind Trans Movement | Ayaan Hirsi Ali
23.10.12-Ep. 646 Evil of Hamas and in America-the Rot of Woke Institutions | Ruthless Podcast Hosts
23.10.11-Ep. 645 America's Vulnerability-Anti-Semitism Reality-Trauma of War | Glenn Beck, Dr. Drew, Eli Lake
23.10.10-Ep. 644 What Israel Does Now, and America's Next Move | Ben Shapiro, David Friedman, Col. Daniel Davis
23.10.09-Ep. 643 Israel at War-Hamas Terror-Biden Response-Anti-Semitic Uprisings in U.S. | Ted Cruz
23.10.06-Ep. 642 Laurence Fox on His Arrest and GB News Exit-Dangers Parents Face with Kids on Trans Ideology
23.10.05-Ep. 641 Biden’s Border Wall-Trevor Bauer’s Lawsuit Drama | Mike Pence, Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh
23.10.04-Ep. 640 Wargaming How Dems Could Ditch Biden-UK Criminalizing Speech | Chris Stirewalt, Calvin Robinson
23.10.02-Ep. 639 Garland's 60 Minutes Tears-Trump Back in Court-War on Men | Dave Rubin, Owen Strachan
23.09.29-Ep. 638 Trump's Power of Persuasion-Dems Downplay Biden Corruption | Scott Adams; Margot Cleveland
23.09.28-Ep. 637 Who Won Chaos Hot Mess Debate | Glenn Greenwald, Eliana Johnson, Michael Duncan, Larry Elder
23.09.27-Ep. 636 Could Biden Be Replaced-Trans Sports Receipts-Cuomo's COVID Lies | Emily Jashinsky, Matt Welch
23.09.26-Ep. 635 Rapinoe's Final Middle Finger-Failures of Progressive Policies | Carrie Prejean, Jason Rantz
23.09.25-Ep. 634 Left Freakout Over Great Trump Polls-Biden's Boy Gaffe-Kelce's Pfizer Ad | Charlie Kirk
23.09.22-Ep. 633 Dan Bongino On Threats To Trump-Biden's Poor Parenting-The Gift Of Failure
23.09.21-Ep. 632 Dems Undermining Institutions-Kohberger Court Cameras | Mark Levin, Marcia Clark, Mark Geragos
23.09.20-Ep. 631 Garland Grilled on Hunter Investigation-Russell Brand Defenders | Jim Geraghty, Maddy Kearns
23.09.19-Ep. 630 The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel-How Reading Helps You Think | Doug Brunt
23.09.18-Ep. 629 Trump's Abortion Plan, and Russell Brand Allegations | David Sacks, Will Witt & Savanah Hernandez
23.09.15-Ep. 628 Media and Dems Turn Against Biden-Harris-Hunter's Charges | Rich Lowry, Peter Schweizer
23.09.14-Ep. 627 Donald Trump on Biden's Impeachment and Age-Fauci and COVID-Melania and Barron
23.09.13-Former President Donald Trump on Not Firing Fauci-Lockdowns-COVID Vaccines
23.09.13-Ep. 626 DeSantis, Vivek, Haley, Scott-A Megyn Kelly Show Look at Past Interviews With GOP Candidates
23.09.12-Ep. 625 Breaking: Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden's Corruption Begins | Glenn Beck, Maureen Callahan
23.09.11-Ep. 624 14th Amendment Fantasies-Novak's Victory-9/11 Memories | Alan Dershowitz, Marcellus Wiley
23.09.08-Ep. 623 Jimmy Fallon Controversy-Karine Jean-Pierre’s Vogue Exclusive | Jesse Kelly
23.09.07-Ep. 622 Megyn's Trump Interview Ahead, and Potential New Murdaugh Trial | Ric Grenell, Mike Baker
23.09.06-Ep. 621 Legacy Media Constraints-COVID Gaslighting | Bari Weiss, Nellie Bowles, David Zweig
23.09.05-Ep. 620 Media Malpractice Covering Biden & Trump-Immigration Spin | Emily Jashinsky & Eliana Johnson
23.08.31-Ep. 619 McConnell's Alarming Freeze-Elites Saying We'll Own Nothing | Glenn Greenwald, Carol Roth
23.08.30-Ep. 618 Raising Outdoor Kids-Beating Toxic Achievement Culture | Steven Rinella, Jennifer Wallace
23.08.29-Ep. 617 Biden's Incoherence and Corruption, and Leaning on Faith | Victor Davis Hanson, PenaVegas
23.08.28-Ep. 616 Media Drools Over Trump Mug Shot-Vivek Beats the Press | Stu Burguiere & Dave Marcus
23.08.26-Ep. 615 Debating and Discussing the GOP Debate, with Listeners and Viewers
23.08.24-Ep. 614 Vivek Rises-DeSantis Untouched-Trump's Arrest | Knowles, Jashinsky, Smug, Cooke
23.08.23-Ep. 613 Vivek's 9/11 Spin-Trump's Arrest Theater-Prigozhin Dies in Plane Crash | Fifth Column Hosts
23.08.22-Ep. 612 MAGA vs. GOP Takes Centerstage-Blind Side Truth-Our Feminized Society | Jason Whitlock
23.08.21-Ep. 611 Biden's Lack of Hawaii Empathy-Joe Enabling Hunter-Social Media Addiction | Nicholas Kardaras
23.08.17-Ep. 610 Sage Steele Speaks Out About Her ESPN Exit, Being Stabbed in the Back, and Fighting For What's Right
23.08.16-Ep. 609 Menopause-Libido-Childbirth-Deep Dive on Women's Sexual Health | Dr. Mary Jane Minkin
23.08.15-Ep. 608 Yet Another Trump Indictment-Why People Don't Trust Institutions | Ruthless Hosts
23.08.14-Ep. 607 Biden's Corruption as VP Revealed-Kohberger's Alibi | Newt Gingrich, Viva Frei, Peter Tragos
23.08.12-Ep. 606 A DEI Session-Bullying-Tragic Suicide
23.08.10-Ep. 605 Potential Biden Impeachment-Explosive Obama Revelations | Rep. Wesley Hunt and David Garrow
23.08.09-Ep. 604 Testosterone-Libido-Infertility-Deep Dive on Men's Sexual Health | Dr. Mohit Khera
23.08.08-Ep. 603 NBCs Failed Abortion Fact-Check-Biden's Gold Star Family Betrayal | Rich Lowry, MBD
23.08.07-Ep. 602 U.S. Women Soccer's World Cup Fail-Criminal Behavior Consequences | Clay Travis, Dana Loesch
23.08.04-Ep. 601 Biden Corruption is Clear-Residents Fed Up With Crime | Andrew Klavan, Alan Dershowitz
23.08.02-Ep. 600 Trump Indicted AGAIN, Now For January 6 | Andy McCarthy, Julie Kelly, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis
23.08.01-Ep. 599 Potential Biden Bribery Revelations-Power of Faith | Dennis Quaid, Peter Schweizer
23.07.31-Ep. 598 Archer Testifies-Left's Asian Discrimination | Josh Holmes, Jonathan Isaac, Kenny Xu
23.07.28-Ep. 597 Gov. Ron DeSantis on DOJ Corruption-His Disney Fight-Pardoning Trump | Victor Davis Hanson
23.07.27-Ep. 596 The Disturbing and Incredible Story of Fake Cancer Survivor Scamanda | Charlie Webster
23.07.26-Ep. 595 Happiness in Relationships and Work-Dangers of Social Media | Gad Saad
23.07.25-Ep. 594 Media Lies About Florida Curriculum-Trans Extremism | Oli London, Charles C.W. Cooke
23.07.24-Ep. 593 New Hunter Revelations-Biden's Short Stairs-Barbie's Message | Emily Jashinsky & Eliana Johnson
23.07.21-Ep. 592 Donald Trump, Jr. on Another Potential Indictment for His Dad, Attacks on Aldean & Liberal Hypocrisy
23.07.20-Ep. 591 IRS Whistleblowers on Hunter Biden Investigation Roadblocks-Laptop Significance-Bias Accusations
23.07.19-Ep. 590 Trans Activist Emotional Blackmail-Silencing Women-Redefining Language | Helen Joyce
23.07.18-Ep. 589 Another Trump Arrest Coming?-Rich and Woke Politicians | Chris Rufo, Matt Lewis
23.07.17-Ep. 588 Serial Killer Suspect Arrested-3rd Party Spoiler | Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, Kim Strassel
23.07.13-Ep. 587 No Cocaine Culprit-CNN Mulvaney Apology-Hunter Mystery | Michael Knowles & Margot Cleveland
23.07.12-Ep. 586 Wray Pressed-Disney's Declining Attendance | Nikki Haley, Joe Pags, and Gays Against Groomers
23.07.11-Ep. 585 Grandpa Joe's Cruelty-Kamala's Nonsense-Cocaine at the White House | The Fifth Column Hosts
23.07.10-Ep. 584 Attacks on Casey DeSantis and RFK-IRL Connection | Stu Burguiere, David Marcus & The Wachobs
23.07.07-Ep. 583 Did Joe Biden Exploit Hunter-Winning the Culture War | Miranda Devine & Kirk Cameron
23.07.06-Ep. 582 Explosive New Biden Corruption Allegations-Disney's Implosion-WH Cocaine Update | Charlie Kirk
23.07.05-Ep. 581 Biden Won't Acknowledge 7th Grandchild-White House Cocaine | Amala Ekpunobi & Evita Duffy
23.07.03-Ep. 580 Media Smears Asians and Muslims-Violent Riots in France | Mark Steyn & Darren Grimes
23.06.30-Ep. 579 Supreme Court's Historic Free Speech and Debt Decisions | Charles Cooke, Judge Amul Thapar
23.06.29-Ep. 578 Supreme Court's Seismic Affirmative Action Ruling | Jason Riley, Heather Mac Donald
23.06.28-Ep. 577 Garland's Potential Felonies, and New Idaho Evidence | Ric Grenell, Marcia Clark, Mark Geragos
23.06.27-Ep. 576 New Explosive Hunter Biden Revelations, and if Trump Should Have Been Charged, with Ruthless Hosts
23.06.26-Ep. 575 What Bombshell Hunter Biden Message Reveals, and Trump vs. Biden Hypocrisy | Glenn Greenwald
23.06.16-Ep. 574 What Happened to Missing Plane MH370: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special
23.06.15-Ep. 573 What Happens in Cults, and Escaping From Them: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special
23.06.14-Ep. 572 How Jared From Subway Was Exposed: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special
23.06.13-Ep. 571 Jodi Arias Trial That Captivated America: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special
23.06.12-Ep. 570 Horrific Chris Watts Family Murders: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special
23.06.09-Ep. 569 Trump Indicted Again-Biden and Burisma | Victor Davis Hanson, Alan Dershowitz
23.06.08-Ep. 568 Fox's Post-Tucker Crisis, and Harms of Gender Transition | Chadwick Moore, Miriam Grossman
23.06.07-Ep. 567 CNN CEO's Shock Firing-Trans Ideology in Schools and Sports | Peachy Keenan
23.06.06-Ep. 566 Outrageous Casey DeSantis Attacks-CNN's Whiny Newsroom | Jesse Kelly & Joseph Massey
23.06.05-Ep. 565 Truth About the HPV Vaccine: a Megyn Kelly Show Debate and Discussion, with Two Medical Experts
23.06.02-Ep. 564 Biden's Alarming Fall, DeSantis Fires at Trump, and Using Pronouns | Rich Lowry & Jim Geraghty
23.06.01-Ep. 563 Tara Reade on What Led Her To Russia, and Biden Influence Peddling Revelations | Gregg Jarrett
23.05.31-Ep. 562 Bud's Permanently Tarnished Brand, DeSantis' Furry Battle, and Following the Money, with Adam Curry
23.05.30-Ep. 561 Destruction of Women's Sports Over Trans Ideology, and Target Backlash, with Michael Knowles & More
23.05.29-Ep. 560 Navy SEAL Jason Redman on Overcoming the Victim Mindset, His Inspirational Recovery, & Our Military
23.05.26-Ep. 559 DeSantis vs. Trump Fight Heats Up, and Demise of Black Live Matter | Dave Rubin & Hotep Jesus
23.05.25-Ep. 558 DeSantis' False Start, and Body Image in Our Culture | Josh Holmes, Kash Patel & Jillian Michaels
23.05.24-Ep. 557 DeSantis Declares & Target's "Tuck-Friendly" Backlash | Victor Davis Hanson, Peter Tragos and More
23.05.23-Ep. 556 Fox and CNN's Disastrous Ratings, and "CitiBike Karen" Smears, | Emily Jashinsky & Eliana Johnson
23.05.22-Ep. 555 Charlie Kirk on Tucker Carlson's True Value, AOC's Funeral Selfies, and Why RNC Leaders Should Go
23.05.19-Ep. 554 Dan Bongino on His Fox News Exit, Tucker's Next Steps, Trump vs. DeSantis, and Deep State Truth
23.05.18-Ep. 553 Women Fight Back on Trans Ideology, and Harry & Meghan's "Chase," | Carrie Prejean & Britt Mayer
23.05.17-Ep. 552 Roseanne Barr on Hollywood Betrayals & Surviving Cancel Culture, and Harry & Meghan's Paparazzi P
23.05.16-Ep. 551 CNN's Post-Trump Town Hall Meltdown, and No Media Accountability Post-Durham, | Fifth Column
23.05.15-Ep. 550 Left's Trans Ideology Religion, and Men in Women's Spaces, | Sen. Josh Hawley & KKG Sisters Sui
23.05.12-Ep. 549 Biden's Border Chaos & Marine Charged in Subway Death, | Stephen Miller, Liz Wolfe & Sara Gonzal
23.05.11-Ep. 548 Trump Wins CNN Town Hall, and Tucker vs. Big Pharma, | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Charles C.W. C
23.05.10-Ep. 547 Tucker vs. Fox Legal Battle, and George Santos Arrested, | David Sacks, Jonna Spilbor & David Wohl
23.05.07-Ep. 546 Leaked Tucker and DeSantis Videos, and Avoiding Toxins, | Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus & Darin Oli
23.05.06-Ep. 545 Tucker's Next Move, and Harry's Quick UK Trip, | Dan Wootton, Maureen Callahan & Robert Gouvei
23.05.05-Ep. 544 New Tucker Leaks, and Meghan Skips Coronation, | Mark Steyn, Sophie Corcoran and Leilani Dow
23.05.04-Ep. 543 Navy's Drag Queen Recruiter, and Fox's Post-Tucker Ratings, | Ruthless Podcast and Graham Allen
23.05.03-Ep. 542 Failed Attempt to Destroy Tucker, and Supreme Court Leaker Details, | James O'Keefe & Sen. Mike Lee
23.04.30-Ep. 541 What New Leaked Tucker Videos Show, and Met Gala Debauchery, | The Hodgetwins & Patrick B
23.04.29-Ep. 540 Dylan Mulvaney's Pivot, and Leaks Against Tucker Continue, | Matt Taibbi & Libs of TikTok's Founde
23.04.28-Ep. 539 Fox News' Existential Crisis, and Brave Young Women Speaking Out, | Buck Sexton and Payton M
23.04.27-Ep. 538 Fox Ratings Crater, and Lia Thomas Slams Women, | Allie Beth Stuckey, Melissa Francis, and Mor
23.04.26-Ep. 537 Fox Goes to War with Tucker, and Fauci Pushed on Lies, | Michael Brendan Dougherty & Noah Ro
23.04.23-Ep. 536 Tucker and Lemon Fallout, and Dark Brandon Returns, | Victor Davis Hanson, Emily Jashinsky & M
23.04.22-Ep. 535 Tucker Carlson Exits Fox News, Don Lemon Fired by CNN, | Glenn Beck, Glenn Greenwald, and Mo
23.04.21-Ep. 534 Biden's Foreign Policy Failures, Rise of Woke Police, and the Value of Religion, | Niall Ferguson
23.04.20-Ep. 533 RFK Declares, and Actress Compares Christians to Taliban, | Alex Berenson, Isabel Brown & Will W
23.04.19-Ep. 532 Trump vs. DeSantis Culture War, and Sorority Trans Pledge Lawsuit, | Jeffrey Lord, Viva Frei & More
23.04.16-Ep. 531 Disturbing Chicago Violence, and Media Salivates Over Fox News Trial, | the Fifth Column Hosts
23.04.15-Ep. 530 Bud Backlash Grows, Mr. Beast Fallout, and End of Merit, | Michael Knowles and Heather Mac Do
23.04.14-Ep. 529 Trans Ideology Harming Women & Danger of "Affirming" Care, | Kellie-Jay Keen "Posie Parker" & Mo
23.04.13-Ep. 528 Biden's Doomed Electric Car Push, and Bud's Woke Backlash, | Eric Bolling, Andrew Klavan, and M
23.04.12-Ep. 527 Activists Capturing Institutions, Censorship and Twitter Toxicity, and Woke Untruths, | Sam Harris
23.04.09-Ep. 526 Bud Learns "Go Woke Go Broke," & Female Athletes Go Anti-Woman, | Emily Jashinsky & Eliana Joh
23.04.08-Ep. 525 Left's Hypocrisy on Women, and How to Live Better Longer, | Glenn Greenwald and Dr. Peter Attia
23.04.07-Ep. 524 Truth About Tennessee Expulsions, and Activists on Campuses, | Dennis Prager and Ian Haworth
23.04.06-Ep. 523 Unhinged Media Reaction to Trump Arrest, and Don Lemon's Misogyny, | the Ruthless Podcast Ho
23.04.05-Ep. 522 The Weak Case Against President Trump, | Byron Donalds, Arthur Aidala, Dave Aronberg & Brad S
23.04.02-Ep. 521 Historic Arrest of Former President Donald Trump, | Alan Dershowitz, Charles Cooke & Ric Grenell
23.04.01-Ep. 520 Trump's Coming Arrest, and Political Hypocrisy, | Victor Davis Hanson, Arthur Aidala, and More
23.03.31-Ep. 519 Family Annihilators: Murdaugh, Watts, and More Men Who Murdered Their Families, | Laura Richa
23.03.30-Ep. 518 Performance of Outrage, and Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Crash Trial, | Jason Whitlock, Mark Geragos, & M
23.03.29-Ep. 517 America's Mental Health Crisis, and Speaking the Truth, | Carrie Prejean, Britt Mayer, and More
23.03.26-Ep. 516 Trans Activists Honored on Women's Month & Trump's Potential Arrest, | Amala Ekpunobi & Evita D
23.03.25-Ep. 515 Who is Idaho College Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger, and the Evidence Against Him, | Howard
23.03.24-Ep. 514 Jussie Smollett Attack Reenactment, How Stanford Rape Allegations Became Lies, | Fifth Column
23.03.23-Ep. 513 Trump's Looming Prosecution, and Fired for Not Being "Woke" Enough, | Alan Dershowitz and Mo
23.03.22-Ep. 512 Biden's Gay Marriage Lie & Barrymore Bows to Trans Celeb, | Charles Cooke, Madeleine Kearns &
23.03.19-Ep. 511 What SVB Collapse Means for the Economy, Whether Tom Brady Will Un-Retire, | Marcellus Wiley &
23.03.18-Ep. 510 Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, and Mayhem at Stanford Law, | David Sacks, Vivek Ramaswamy &
23.03.17-Ep. 509 Democrats Against Journalism, and COVID Truth Revealed, | Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus, and Mo
23.03.16-Ep. 508 Major COVID Lab Leak Revelations, and Harry's Therapy Session, | Steven Crowder & Bridget Phe
23.03.15-Ep. 507 Tucker's 1/6 Footage, Fauci's Lies, and Chris Rock's Special, | Emily Jashinsky & Eliana Johnson
23.03.12-Ep. 506 Navigating Life's Mission Changes, the Fear of Success, and the Goal of Greatness, | Lewis Howe
23.05.11-Ep. 505 Murdaugh Convicted, and the Dominion-Fox News Lawsuit, | Andrew Branca, Jeremy Peters, and
23.05.10-Ep. 504 DOJ Targets Religious Americans, and NYC Paying BLM Protesters, | Josh Hawley, Karol, and Bet
23.05.09-Ep. 503 Lori Lightfoot Voted Out, and Murdaugh Closing Arguments, | Mark Steyn, Dave Aronberg & Eric Bla
23.05.08-Ep. 502 San Fran Reparations, Today Show COVID Freakout, and Gisele's Vacation, | Ruthless Podcast Ho
23.05.05-Ep. 501 Lab Leak Reality, Woody Harrelson's Pharma Joke, and Media Malpractice, | Adam Carolla & Dr. D
23.05.04-Ep. 500 Fatal Flaws in Alex Murdaugh’s Cross Examination and More, | Mark Geragos and Ronnie Richter