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23.11.29-Shawn(Nonvaxer420)-Agenda 2030-Transhumanism Technology Weaponised
23.11.29-INFOWARS-Dr. Mihalcea-Silicone-Transhumanism Materials Found In Covid Shots & Brain Hacking
23.11.22-INFOWARS-Mike Adams-Immediate Ceasefire Needed-Surviving the Coming Crisis Cycle
23.11.22-Hope & Tivon-WBAN-They Have Achieved the Transhumanism System Upgrade
23.11.20-WORLD WAR ZEEE-Dr. Spencer & Micah Moreland-Could This Technology Be the Answer for Injected Victims?
23.11.18-Dr. Peter McCullough-Heart & DNA Damage In Every COVID Injected Person?
23.11.17-WORLD WAR ZEEE-Banks Gone MAD! Aussie Banks Shut Down Accounts for "Offensive" Language
23.11.17-INFOWARS-Australian Blackouts Expose the Dangers of Digital Currency Social Credit Score Lockdowns
23.11.17-WORLD WAR ZEEE-Michael Hichborn – Catholic Funding Delivering Pornographic Books to School Children
23.11.17-INFOWARS-Blackouts Gave Aus Govt Precedent for Communications/Energy Lockdown Laws
23.11.02-David Sorensen-UN-Rothschilds-Antichrist & Israel: What Christians Need to Know
---23.10.16-The Mystery Of Israel-Solved
23.11.02-Todd Callender-Proof That Fake Governments Are Hacking Humans
23.11.02-INFOWARS-Josh Sigurdson-Smart Cities-Attacking Food & Energy-WW3
23.10.31-WORLD WAR ZEEE-Martin Armstrong-Israel False Flag-Russia-WW3
23.10.26-Leo Zagami-Ex-Illuminati Gives Insider Insight on Israel/Hamas & WWIII
23.10.25-INFOWARS-Todd Callender-Bombshell Discovery Documents Confirm Targeting Populations Through Wireless Tech
23.10.25-WORLD WAR ZEEE Launches on Brighteon | Shimon Yanowitz from Israel
23.10.17-INFOWARS-Fight Against the NWO Division of the People
23.10.16-Australia Voted NO-UN Moves in Anyway
23.10.12-Mike Adams-Israel & Hamas-What The Heck Is Wrong With Our People?
23.10.10-INFOWARS-Shimon Yanowitz, Lt. Col Pete Chambers-Truth About Israel From Boots on the Ground
23.10.10-Dr. Ana Mihalcea-They Have Put Artificial Life Inside Humans, Legal Action Commences
23.10.04-INFOWARS-Grandmother Mulara-The UN Takeover Disguised as 'The Voice' EXPOSED
23.10.03-Mark Steele-5G Weapons Expert on Oct 4 FEMA EBS-Smart City Kill Weapons
23.09.24-Satellite Phone Store In Store Interview & Special Offer for Customers
23.09.23-Jay Dyer-Orthodoxy & The Religion of The Future
23.09.07-INFOWARS-What We Need to Prepare for Next
23.09.01-Catherine Austin Fitts-Globalists Plan to Seize Assets Through Invisible Weapons Systems
23.09.01-Owen Shroyer at the Infowars Studio with a Message for the World
23.08.28-The Mark of the Totalitarians-Reawaken America Tour-Las Vegas
23.08.22-Jamie Hanshaw-Witchcraft-Mind Control-Satanists of the New World Order
23.08.17-Dr. Sherri Tenpenny-More Mass Deaths From Covid Kill Shots Still to Come
23.08.15-Steve Quayle-Preparing for Times Ahead & Maui Smart City Agenda
23.08.10-Joe Allen-MAN VS. MACHINE: AI-Transhumanism-the Battle For Humanity
23.08.09-ZEROTIME FINAL: Global Takeover: Current State of Affairs & WINS
23.08.08-UN Says LGBT Rights Are Above Religious Rights, Call for Decriminalising Pedophilia
23.08.03-Leo Zagami-Ex-Illuminati Exposes Transhumanism & Cyber Satan
23.08.02-ZEROTIME-No Jab? NO HEART! Urgent Help for Aussie Mum Vicki Derderian
23.08.01-INFOWARS-Senator Malcolm Roberts Exposes Crumbling Stranglehold on Australians
23.07.26-INFOWARS-Globalist Plan to SEIZE YOUR ASSETS Through Unified Ledger | Tom Renz
23.07.23-Greg Reese-Are We Being Psyopped Beyond Understanding?
23.07.19-Mike Adams-Solutions & Breaking Free of the Coming World Order
23.07.19-ZEROTIME-FONTGATE: Attacking Political Opposition Like 1930's Germany
23.07.14-David Weiss (Flat Earth Dave)-Finally, Proof the Earth is Flat?
23.07.12-ZEROTIME-Autopsy Study Confirms 74% Deaths Due to COVID Injections
23.07.11-Hope & Tivon-Technology Behind Mind Control-IoB-Hacking Humans EXPOSED
23.07.05-ZEROTIME-AI Takeover-Devastating Job Losses-Incoming Universal Basic Income (UBI)
23.06.28-ZEROTIME-New Censorship Bill: Most Dangerous Legislation in Australia with Tony Nikolic
23.06.27-Nathan Reynolds-Elite Family Ritual Abuse Survivor Exposes Globalist Satanic Cult
23.06.21-ZEROTIME-Lockstep Council Agenda-Banning Humans In Nature
23.06.20-The Importance & Ease of Satellite Communications
23.06.20-John DeSouza-Former FBI Special Agent Exposes Incoming Fake Alien Invasion, Satanic Globalists
23.06.19-Ed Dowd on Infowars-Excess Deaths Rise in Millenials Following Covid Shot Push
23.06.14-ZEROTIME-WHO Announces Global Vaccine Certificate-MSM Journalist Speaks Out
23.06.14-Dr. Ana Mihalcea-Biden's Universal Nanotechnology Vaccine & Zombie Blood
23.06.07-ZEROTIME-Senator Alex Antic-Aussie Twitter Files Exposed-Extremist Parents
23.06.06-WORLD FIRST: CHEMTRAILS-The Smoking Gun-Geoengineering Contracts EXPOSED
23.06.02-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-BREAKING! Crimes Against Humanity Trials Begin in New Zealand
23.05.31-ZEROTIME-Professor Ian Plimer-Climate Change DEBUNKED
23.05.31-Dane Wigington on Infowars-GeoEngineering Is the Biggest Contributor To So-Called ‘Climate Change’
23.05.24-ZEROTIME-Aussie Councils BAN People & Gas-Lockstep UN Smart City Agenda
23.05.24-BREAKING-Witnesses Confirm Military Camp Being Used to Bring in Fighting Age Males Across Southern Border
23.05.21-Nicholson1968-Globalist Plan For Mark of the Beast EXPOSED
23.05.17-ZEROTIME-Medical Tyranny Continues & Why Your Money Is In Danger
23.05.15-Josh Alexander-Hope in Humanity Restored! Brave Young Man Shakes Up the Agenda
23.05.14-Vera Sharav-Holocaust Survivor Says Smart Cities Are Modern-Day Concentration Camps
23.05.10-ZEROTIME-Aussie Court Claims A Human is Their PROPERTY
23.05.04-Celeste Solum - The End Game, Synthetic Biology EXPOSED
23.05.03-ZEROTIME-All Hail the Alphabet Councils, UN Groomer Takeover of Australia
23.05.02-Infowars-Maria Zeee Exposes the Dangers of AI Controlled Digital Lockdown Programmed by Globalists
23.05.01-Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche-Why COVID Isn't Going Away
23.04.30-Dr. Rima Laibow-Global Vaxx Pass LAUNCH, Rockerfeller's Exposed
23.04.26-ZEROTIME-The Government is KILLING Millions of Our Bees
23.04.24-Dr. Tess Lawrie-500 New Injections, 5G, WHO, Aliens & The Next Pandemic
23.04.23-Steve Quayle-Communication Outages INCOMING
23.04.19-ZEROTIME-Grandmother Mulara-How The Voice to Parliament Advances the NWO
23.04.18-David Icke-Seeing Through the Psyops & Exiting the Matrix
23.04.12-ZEROTIME-Senator Antic-End The Slippery Slope NOW
23.04.07-Dr. Ana Mihalcea-Major Chain Grocery Meat FULL of Structures Like VAXX-Australia & U.S.
23.04.06-Edward Dowd-CBDC's, Financial Collapse IMMINENT, Vaxx Deaths EXPLODE
23.04.05-ZEROTIME-Aussie Draconian “Checkpoints” Return, CBDC’s & mRNA Meat
23.04.01-OAN Interviews Maria Zeee-De-Banking, CBDC’s, Social Credit System
23.03.29-ZEROTIME-Police "Provoke A Response" Turns Deadly
23.03.28-Jay Dyer-Project Blue Beam & Preparing for the Coming Deception
23.03.22-ZEROTIME-ING DE-BANKS Maria-Zeee Media HITS BACK At Channel 9
23.03.22-Maria Zeee and An0maly Break Down the Attack on Freedom on Infowars
23.03.17-Karen Kingston-Russian MoD Confirms mRNA Injections Are Bioweapons-Globalist Plan for Nanotech Revealed
23.03.15-ZEROTIME-NSW Elections, Australia Bound to the IHR, Russian Military Announcement
23.03.09-Michael Yon-Military Ordered to Turn Against Citizens in Netherlands, Information Warfare
23.03.08-ZEROTIME-Collapse of Western Civilization-Air Travel, SKYROCKETING Excess Deaths, Attack on Religion
23.03.08-Todd Callender on Infowars-Humans Now Programmable For the Final Takeover
23.03.04-EXCLUSIVE-SPS & Galileyo-You Need Satellite Communication NOW
23.03.01-ZEROTIME-Ukraine-The First NWO AI Country of the World EXPOSED, The Voice, & More
23.02.23-EXCLUSIVE-CBDC's, Bail-Ins, Instability of the Financial Market | Peter Hobson
23.02.22-ZEROTIME-SHOCK Footage from Former NT Police Sergeant Carey Joy & Police Agenda in Australia
23.02.20-Dr. Pete Chambers-EMERGENCY BROADCAST From East Palestine-All May Not Be As It Seems
23.02.17-Pascal Najadi-WORLD'S FIRST Criminal Case Lodged in Switzerland for COVID & "Vaccine" Crimes
23.02.14-Katherine Watt-Worldwide, US Military-Led Medical Martial Law Operation to KILL Off Humans EXPOSED
23.02.11-Dr. Ben-HUGE Lawsuit Filed with RFK Jr. Against BBC, Associated Press, The Washington Post, Reuters
23.02.10-Dangers of EMP and Cyber Attacks Causing Blackouts | Mike Adams
23.02.06-Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit-Trump, Vaccines, Independent Media is Winning the War
23.01.30-Dr. Pete Chambers-5th Gen Warfare, Intel of 3-6 Month Attack Incoming, How to Prepare
23.01.25-BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE-Ukrainian Biolabs: Targeted Bioweapons, Human Experimentation & Ethnic Cleansing with Simeon Boikov
23.01.24-Major Tom Haviland-SHOCK Data-7 out of 10 Embalmers Confirm HUGE Strange Clots
23.01.23-Dr. David Nixon-The Cure? Nanotech Inside Injected And Uninjected Disappears With Colloidal Gold
23.01.17-Mark Steele-5G ATTACK-The Weapons System That Can KILL Those Who Have Been Injected
23.01.15-THE WALKING DEAD-5G & Patents to Turn People Into Zombies, Never-ending Viruses | Todd Callendar & Lisa McGee
23.01.15-Dr. Peter McCullough-Sudden Deaths & Cardiac Events EXPLODING-Parallel Health System
23.01.10-FEMA Whistleblower-Camps for Dissent & The Next 5G Pandemic-SECRET FEMA Documents
23.01.10-James Roguski-WHO Secret Plan to Eradicate All Freedoms Exposed on The Alex Jones Show
23.01.05-Break Down the Globalist Plans for 2023 & How to Prepare
23.01.05-Hosting The Alex Jones Show-Globalists Call "Anti-Vaxxers" A KILLING FORCE & Compare Them to Terrorists
22.12.24-Counter-Terrorism Teams Deployed Against Peaceful Australians Labelled as 'Conspiracy Theorists'
22.12.21-Hosting The Alex Jones Show-WHO Erases Human Dignity, Nanotech & More
22.12.16-Leo Zagami-The Globalists Are Trying to Usher in the Antichrist Through Mind Control & Manipulation
22.12.16-Dr. Rima Laibow-The WHO Treaty & Catastrophic Contagion-This is Our Last Chance
22.12.14-ZEROTIME-Zeee Media Issues The Final Warning-2022 In Review
22.12.07-ZEROTIME-Smart Cities: The Rise of the Digital Surveillance State with Senator Alex Antic
22.12.07-Hosting The Alex Jones Show: Learn How the Globalist Smart Cities Plan Will Lock Humanity Down
22.12.05-Dr. Li-Meng Yan-WARNING: Australia is QUICKLY Escalating to CCP Social Credit System
22.12.05-Hosting The Alex Jones Show
22.11.30-ZEROTIME-VIC Election Victory as WEF Angles to Destroy Democracy & Turn Australia into China
22.11.27-Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea-COVID is a Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid-Gene Editing of All Humans
22.11.27-'Died Suddenly' Embalmers-Mass Baby & Young Adult Deaths, More Strange Clots
22.11.27-Australia & Canada Lockdown Social Experiment Coming for All! with Chris Sky
22.11.22-ZEROTIME-VIC Elections, Stillbirths Skyrocketing, High Court Case to Protect Australian Babies from COVID Injections
22.11.20-Aman Jabbi-The Final Lockdown-Street Lights That KILL in Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID
22.11.20-Dr. David Nixon-Nanotech DISAPPEARING-What Else Are They Hiding in the "Vaccines"?
22.11.16-Hosting the Alex Jones Show-Australia and Canada Facing New Lockdown Mandates
22.11.16-ZEROTIME-URGENT! Australian Legislative Amendments to FORCE QUARANTINE and INJECT
22.11.09-Dan Andrews Unmasked-The Most Dangerous Man in Australia? | Geoff Shaw
22.11.08-Peter Hobson The Failing Financial System, Incoming CBDC, & Benefits of Precious Metals
22.11.02-ZEROTIME-EXCLUSIVE-Shadow Organisation Controlling the Medical Industry in Australia
22.10.27-Hosting the Alex Jones Show-Public Health Bill in Australia Legalizes Kidnapping and Torture for Violating Covid Restrictions
22.10.26-ZEROTIME-Is Democracy Dead in the West? China World Order-Who is Really Pulling the Strings?
22.10.25-Robotic Arms Assembling Via Nanotech Inside COVID-19 Vaccines-Filmed in Real Time | Dr. Nixon
22.10.20-Dr. Andrew Kaufman-Do Viruses Really Exist & Can They Be Transmitted?
22.10.19-ZEROTIME-Holding Politicians Accountable, Call for Neutrality in the Face of War & Tax Payer Funded Grooming
22.10.15-Professor Ian Plimer-Renowned Australian Geologist Discusses Real Science Behind Climate Change
22.10.13-ALERT! Dr. Francis Boyle-New Bioweapons, Complete WHO Takeover, Dissidents Imprisoned
22.10.12-ZEROTIME-International DJ TYDI Speaks Out, mRNA in Aussie Livestock, ASIC Conduct
22.10.06-Aussie Doctor Confirms New Discovery of Nanotech & MICROTECH, New Legislation to Silence ALL Doctors
22.10.05-ZEROTIME-Senator Malcolm Roberts-Weather Modification, Smart Cities, and Exiting the Globalist Agenda
22.10.04-SHORTAGE-Full Documentary: We Must Prepare for Unprecedented Food Shortages
22.09.28-ZEROTIME-New Aussie Legislation to Force Quarantine & Vaccinations, Optus "Cyber Attack" & WWIII
22.09.27-Todd Callendar-Stopping the WHO, Camps & Medical Tyranny with Targeted Strategies
22.09.26-Dr. Rima Laibow-WHO Plans to Vaccinate Everyone with 500 New Vaccines by 2030
22.09.23-Dr. Rashid A Buttar-Hydrogel in the COVID-19 Injections Has Been Programmed for 5G Activation
22.09.21-ZEROTIME-Baffling Excess Deaths Explode, Culling Aussie Animals & Dangerous New Clinical Trial in Australia
22.09.20-Martin Armstrong-WORLD FIRST: The Plot to Seize Russia, War Propaganda, & More
22.09.17-Screw The WHO-Every Country MUST Demand We Exit the WHO Right Now
22.09.14-ZEROTIME-Climate Change Deniers Targeted Next, Died Suddenly News, Aussie Farmer & Smart Cities
22.09.13-Mike Adams-Vaccine Biostructures, Global Food Shortages & Civil Unrest
22.09.09-The Truth About Smart Cities-Dominic Perrottet Announcement
22.09.07-ZEROTIME-Make It Rain
22.09.06-Steve Kirsch-Israeli Government, MoH BOMBSHELL-Covered Up Known Long-Term Vaccine Risks
22.09.02-Aussie Farmer Wade Northausen-Incoming Food Shortages, Population Starvation & the Fight of Our Lives
22.08.31-ZEROTIME-Political Hypocrisy & Scandal, Aussie Doctor Speaks Out About Shocking Vaxx Injuries
22.08.26-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW-The Real Alex Jones with Maria Zeee
22.08.24-ZEROTIME-Why Australian Politicians Hide Their Ties to the World Economic Forum
22.08.24-Dr. Kelly Victory & Dr. Pierre Kory-Overwhelming Vaxx Deaths, Treatment for the Vaccine-Injured, & More
22.08.18-Maria Zeee on Infowars with Alex Jones: Australian Lockdown Tyranny Plan to Split Country Into ‘Hunger Games Districts’ Exposed as Model for Global Takeover
22.08.17-ZEROTIME-Why the Australian Government Cannot Be Trusted
22.08.10-ZEROTIME-Digital ID Danger & AHPRA Brutality with Senator Malcolm Roberts & Dr. Duncan Syme
22.08.10-Dr. Robert Young-"Viruses Don't Exist" Explained, Nanotech Inside People is a Bioweapon
22.08.05-Todd Callender - Medical Martial Law Incoming Worldwide
22.08.02-Dr. William Bay-No Fear of AHPRA & A Message of Hope-Call for More Aussie Doctors
22.07.27-Dr. Yan-CCP Weaponising "Red Code" Social Credit Scores Using Children, Monkeypox, and More
22.07.21-Rod Culleton-Update on the AEC & How to Win Australia Back
22.07.20-Hope & Tivon-Transhumanist Bioweapon & Deactivating the Bluetooth Chips
22.07.19-Richard Hirschman-WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! Structures Killing Injected 1 Year After Shot
22.07.15-Zelenko Freedom Foundation with Ann Vandersteel & Kevin Jenkins-Dr. Zelenko's Legacy Lives On
22.07.14-John O'Looney-Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves
22.07.13-Dr. Joseph Mercola-Difficult Times Ahead, Breaking Free from the System & Becoming Self-Sufficient
22.07.07-Dr. Naomi Wolf-Grand Jury Trials in Oregon Commencing! Worldwide Fight for Freedom
22.07.06-Former Aussie Qantas Pilot Alan Dana-Are Pilots Safe to Fly?
22.07.05-Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger#2|Zombies, CERN Opening Demonic Portals, & How to Remove Nanotech from the Body
22.07.05-Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger#1|WHO Pandemic Treaty
22.06.04-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Viviane Fischer-Update on Actual Trials for Crimes Against Humanity
22.06.30-Jay Dyer|NWO, The Bible, End Times, Antichrist, Babylon and Mark of the Beast
22.06.30-Dr. Tess Lawrie-Worldwide Coalition, Monkeypox, Global Fertility Problems from Injections and Saying 'No'
22.06.29-Max Igan|The Truth About Australia
22.06.21-Dr. Rima Laibow-DEVASTATING! 90% of the Global Population Will Die-Globalist Agenda
22.06.20-Dr. Lee Merritt-Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population, Globalists IMMUNE, Repairing DNA
22.06.17-Dane Wigington-Vaccines in the Air & Relentless Poisoning of Humanity
22.06.15-Professor Mattias Desmet-How to Break Mass Formation Before it’s Too Late
22.06.14-Riccardo Bosi-Australia: What Do We Do Now?
22.06.14-Edward Dowd-Global Economic Collapse, Recession, Food Shortages, Lockdowns, Monkeypox, & Preparing
22.06.09-Dr. Francis Boyle-Monkeypox, the WHO & Further Biological Warfare Towards Biomedical Dictatorship
22.06.01-Leo Zagami-Ex-Illuminati-Is the New World Order Failing?
22.06.01-Steve Dickson-Proof of 2022 Australian Election Fraud-Time to Hold Them Accountable!
22.05.29-Former Senator Rodney Culleton-Exposing the 2022 Australian Federal Election
22.05.28-Dr. Li-Meng Yan-LEAKED PLA Audio-CCP's Plan to Invade the World & Australian Federal Election
22.05.25-Martin Armstrong-Food Shortages, Economic Collapse, the Failing Great Reset & How to Prepare
22.05.24-Karen Kingston-Monkeypox, VAIDS, WHO Global Enslavement & Future Lockdowns
22.05.23-Part 2: Conference of Conscience-Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out!
22.05.19-WORLD PREMIERE: Conference of Conscience-Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out! Part 1
22.05.18-Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche-ADE, Evolution of the Virus & Expected Excess Deaths
22.05.16-Craig Kelly-Australia Under Threat-WHO Pandemic Treaty & UAP Speaking Out
22.05.14-Dr. Robert Malone-Global COVID Summit, VAIDS & Global Takeover-WHO Pandemic Treaty
22.05.14-James Roguski-WHO Pandemic Treaty & What We Can Do About It
22.05.13-Tony Nikolic-Politics & Legal Landscape in Australia
22.05.12-Dr. Peter Chambers & Todd Callender-WHO Pandemic Treaty & War on Humanity
22.05.07-Gerald Celente-We Are Already in WWIII, Ministry of Truth, and More!
22.04.30 Dane Wigington-Geoengineering, Chemtrails & The Australian Weather
22.04.27-Max Igan-Smart Cities, Weather Modification, Transhumanism, Australia & the NWO
22.04.27-Senator Malcolm Roberts-Upcoming Election, How to Vote, & FAQ's
22.04.22-Dr. Li-Meng Yan-Shanghai Orchestration by CCP
22.04.19-Dr. Bryan Ardis-Snake Venom Theory First Hand
22.04.19-Riccardo Bosi-The Governor General & Australia's Urgent Need for New Government
22.04.19-Todd Callendar & Dr. Peter Chambers-The War on Humanity, 5G, Mind Control, and Exploring Marburg
22.04.18-Dr. Ryan Cole-Cancer, Depleting Immune Systems and The WHO Pandemic Treaty
22.04.18-Dr. Tess Lawrie-The World is At Risk-The WHO Pandemic Treaty
22.04.15-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-URGENT WARNING to the World: AIDS Will Be Their Next Move!
22.04.15-Mitchell Nicholas Gerber-CCP Live Organ Harvesting & Bioweapon Attacks
22.04.11-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-Phase 2: Actual Trial & Enforcement of Judgement
22.04.07-URGENT-Karen Kingston-Next Bioweapon Release, Hemorrhagic Fever & The Endgame
22.04.06-Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi-"God Save Us!!!"-World Governments Are Murdering People
22.04.05-Dr. Phillip Altman-The Fraud of the TGA & Corruption of the Australian Health Authorities
22.04.03-EXCLUSIVE-Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide
22.04.01-Dr. Ariyana Love-Bioweapons, Ethnic Cleansing of the Western World & Doherty Institute
22.03.31-Dr. Richard Fleming-COVID-19 & Vaccines are a Bioweapon, Crimes Against Humanity & NOVAVAX
22.03.31-Julian Gillespie-Latest Update on AVN Judicial Review
22.03.31-Sasa Borojevic-The Truth About Russia & Ukraine (Istina o Rusiji i Ukrajini)-SUBTITLES
22.03.26-Dr. Peter McCollough-LIVE During His Morning Exercise Routine!
22.03.23-Leo Zagami-Former Freemason Exposes the Illuminati Plan for Australia
22.03.21-Dr. Vladimir Zelenko-NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How to Battle What is Coming
22.03.21-Dr. Shelton & Sue Grey-EVIDENCE of Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide in COVID-19 Injections
22.03.16-Dr. Francis Boyle-Exposing Ukraine Biolabs, Australian Doherty Institute, The Pentagon, Future Pandemic
22.03.15-Dr. Peter McCullough-Genetic Catastrophe & Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Injections
22.03.14-Brook Jackson: Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes UNDENIABLE Pharma Fraud-Sues Pfizer
22.03.14-Dr. Mark Hobart-Australian Health Authorities on Notice-Withdraw COVID-19 Vaccines Immediately
22.03.09-Leo Zagami-Ex 33rd Degree Freemason Exposes the Illuminati & NWO Agenda (Including Ukraine)
22.03.09-Martin Armstrong-Russia, Ukraine, Sanctions, Food Shortages, WWIII, Great Reset, Economic Collapse
22.03.08-Karen Kingston-Injections Transforming Humans, Biden to Inject All Kids, & Ukraine Biolabs
22.03.04-Dr. Stephanie Seneff-COVID-19 Vaccines are Causing Neurodegenerative Disease & VAIDS
22.03.03-Dr. Ben Marble-People Have Been Vaccinated with Slow Acting Lethal Poison
22.03.02-Dr. Jane Ruby-WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC-Stop Getting Vaccinated IMMEDIATELY-SHOCK Images
22.02.25-Dr. Li-Meng Yan-Wuhan Whistleblower Claims CCP Plan to Release Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon!!!
22.02.25-Hope & Tivon-5G & Nanotech in the COVID Shots
22.02.23-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-Update on Grand Jury (Nuremberg 2.0)
22.02.22-Jay Dyer-NWO, Human Enslavement, 5G, Transhumanism, Planned Destruction of Democracy
22.02.22-Karen Kingston-Exposing J&J, Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer & Curevac, Vanguard-"GeoVax"
22.02.18-Chris Sky-Canada Update, Trudeau's Illegal Monopoly, Acuitas, Trucker Convoy, Bank Accounts Frozen
22.02.16-Dr. David Martin-Canada, Trudeau’s Illegal Monopoly, Acuitas, CRISPR, NWO & Australia
22.02.16-Edward Dowd-Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager-Pfizer & FDA Fraud, Financial Collapse Imminent
22.02.15-Attorney Tom Renz-Exposing DoD Whistleblower & Shocking Vax Horrors Data
22.02.15-Former Senator Rodney Culleton-Update on the Governor General
22.02.14-Lyn McLean-EMR Australia-The Risks of 5G that the WHO & UN Ignore
22.02.10-Senator Gerard Rennick-Update from Parliament, Progress on Australia
22.02.08-Karen Kingston-Luciferase, Gene Editing, IARPA, AI & 5G Linked with COVID-19 Vaccines
22.02.04-Martin Armstrong-Economist Says The Great Reset is FAILING!
22.02.02-Julian Gillespie-Update on AVN Judicial Review to Stop Vaccines in Australia
22.01.30-Dr. Mike Yeadon-Ex-Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Exposes Deadly Vax Lots for Nuremberg 2.0
22.01.28-John O-Looney-Funeral Home Whistleblower-Most Deaths are Vaccine Deaths
22.01.27-George Christensen-Do Not Vaccinate Your Children
22.01.27-Professor Gigi Foster-A Different Conversation-The Economy, State of Australia, & Recovering
22.01.25-Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts-Aussie Government is Part of the Agenda
22.01.18-Karen Kingston PROOF the Vaccines were Created to KILL Children!!!
22.01.18-Karen Kingston SHOCK DARPA Docs & RECEIPTS Fauci Funded Gain of Function-Vaccines are a Bioweapon
22.01.16-Dr. Shankara Chetty-Successfully Treated 7,000 COVID-19 Patients-0 Deaths
22.01.15-Dr. Peter McCullough-Their Narrative is Crumbling
22.01.12-Senator Alex Antic-Djokovic Reaction, Totalitarianism in Australia, New Quarantine Camps Being Built
22.01.11-Julian Gillespie-AVN Judicial Review to Stop Vaccines in Australia
22.01.10-Dr. Meryl Nass-Biological Warfare in History and Government Lies
22.01.09-Professor Mattias Desmet-Mass Formation Psychosis
22.01.07-Martin Armstrong-World Renowned Economist Exposes WEF and the Great Reset!
22.01.05-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-Update on Nuremberg 2.0
22.01.05-Australian Dr Graham Lyons Exposes the Greater Plan
22.01.01-Karen Kingston BOMBSHELL Revelations-Never-ending Vaccines, Tracking Devices in Vaccines & AI
21.12.30-Professor Nikolai Petrosvky-TGA Has Granted Provisional Determination for COVAX-19
21.12.29-Dr Aaron Kheriaty-Former Chief of Psychiatry & Ethics at UC Irvine
21.12.29-Dr Geert Vanden Bossche-Immediate Notice to the World Health Organization
21.12.27-Graham Hood-Former Qantas Pilot Interview
21.12.20-Horrible Conditions Live from Hotel Quarantine
21.12.18-Ally Carter, Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Part 2
21.12.18-Ally Carter, Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Part 1
21.12.17-Riccardo Bosi Australia One Party Leader Interview
21.12.06-Australian Doctor who was raided finally speaks out!
21.12.02-Dr Tess Lawrie-External Consultant to the WHO-Omicron is a distraction
21.12.30-Dr Ben Tapper-Deleted off Social Media Multiple Times-Be Courageous!
21.12.30-Dr Judy Wilyman, PhD, Author of "Vacci-nation"
21.12.28-Maria Zeee Adverse Reactions-Brad, 44, Astra Zeneca-Unknown Neurological Disorder
21.12.27-Professor Ian Brighthope-Covid Medical Network Interview
21.12.26-Australian Doctor Robert Brennan from the Covid Medical Network Interview
21.12.24-Dr Peter McCullough Interview-The Vaccines are Killing People
21.12.22-South Australian Senator Alex Antic Update
21.12.20-Maria Zeee at Sydney Worldwide Freedom Rally-20 Nov 2021
21.12.16-Maria Zeee Adverse Reaction-Toni, 30, Australia-Systemic Inflammatory Response from Pfizer
21.12.11-Dr Robert Malone mRNA Inventor-Kids Will Die from the Vaccines
21.12.10-Doctors being intimidated and raided in Australia!
21.12.09-Whistleblowers-Brave Nurse Janet from Western Australia breaks the silence!
21.12.09-QLD's Senator Gerrard Rennick Interview
21.12.08-Professor Nikolai Petrovsky-The current MRNA COVID-19 vaccines are not safe or effective
21.12.07-Adverse Reaction Reports-Tammy, 35, Australia-Myocarditis from Pfizer
21.12.06-interview with Australian Doctor who has resigned and is speaking out against vaccines
21.12.05-Super rant! Enough is enough. Nurses, doctors, adverse victims-you need to talk to me
21.12.04-Victorian MP Tim Quilty discussing new totalitarian legislation
21.12.03-Jimmy Levy-dark spiritual forces in the music industry, NWO and more!
21.12.02-chatting with The Aussie Cossack (Simeon Boikov) Pt 1
21.12.01-The Primod talk government agenda, vaccines, and more
21.11.31-Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts speaking out against the agenda
21.11.30-Australian Doctor Oosterhuis who has been suspended for speaking out!
21.11.29-Dr. Tess Lawrie Pt 2-External Consultant to the WHO-these vaccines are not safe
21.11.28-Dr. Tess Lawrie Pt 1-External Consultant to the WHO-these vaccines are not safe
21.11.27-Real Rukshan Discussing protests, Australian government and independent media
21.11.26-World-Star Basketball Player Andrew Bogut-Corruption, being offered money to promote agenda