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23.11.11-Ep. 17 Wisdom Begins With The Fear of the Lord
23.11.04-Ep. 16 Authority Hails From Above, Not From Within
23.10.28-Ep. 15 Was Egypt the Land of Milk and Honey?
23.10.21-Ep. 14 The Covenant
23.10.09-Ep. 13 When You Worship What You Should Sacrifice
23.10.02-Ep. 12 The Importance of Sacrifice and Ritual
23.09.25-Ep. 11 What Is A Woman?
23.09.18-Ep. 10 I Have Been Convinced of The Existence of the Devil
23.09.11-Ep. 09 10 Rules For Life
23.09.04-Ep. 08 When Moses Climbed Mount Sinai
23.08.28-Ep. 07 Are You in Egypt, The Desert, or the Promised Land?
23.08.21-Ep. 06 The Significance of Cultural Rituals
23.08.14-Ep. 05 Pharaoh-Stalin-Tyranny
23.08.07-Ep. 04 The 10 Plagues of Egypt
23.07.31-Ep. 03 Chaos and Order
23.07.24-Ep. 02 Man’s Relationship With the Divine
23.07.17-Ep. 01 Faith as an Adventure
23.11.27-Ep. 400 An Alternative to Western Nihilism | His Excellency Saeed Al Nazari
23.11.23-Ep. 399 The Future of Canada | Josh and Nick Alexander
23.11.20-Ep. 398 Dr. Jordan Peterson Speaks to a U.S. Hostage Negotiator | Ambassador Robert O'Brien
23.11.16-Ep. 397 The Heritage Foundation-Responsibility and Meaning | Dr. Kevin Roberts
23.11.13-Ep. 396 Magna CEO on Turning Five Thousand Dollars Into One Billion | Frank Stronach
23.11.09-Ep. 395 Difficult Conversation as the Precondition to Progress | Adam Smith
23.11.06-Ep. 394 A Conversation About God | Dr. John Lennox
23.11.02-Ep. 393 This Is Why You’re Hopeless and Miserable | The Honourable Tony Abbott
23.10.30-Ep. 392 This Podcast Will Polarize You-And It Should | Matt Taibbi
23.10.26-Ep. 391 A Prison is Being Constructed Inside Your Brain | Glenn Greenwald
23.10.23-Ep. 390 The Prisoner's Dilemma-Tit-for-Tat-Game Theory | Robert Sapolsky
23.10.19-Ep. 389 Snow White-Building an Empire-Making Movies | Jeremy Boreing
23.10.17-Why I Am Pro-Muslim: but Anti-Thug
23.10.16-Ep. 388 How Gender Affects Your Ideals | Greg Lukianoff, Rikki Schlott
23.10.12-Ep. 387 What You See and Feel is Not Reality | Dr. Donald Hoffman
23.10.05-Ep. 386 Inside Hunter Biden’s Laptop | Miranda Devine
23.09.28-Ep. 385 God-Reality TV-Duck Calls | Willie & Korie Robertson
23.09.22-Ep. 384 This Man Ended Affirmative Action | Dr. Peter Arcidiacono
23.09.15-Ep. 383 Education-Foreign Policy-Crime-Collegiality: The Chris Christie Plan
23.09.07-Ep. 382 Oliver Anthony-Art, Commerce, and the Religious
23.08.31-Ep. 381 Change Your Mindset, Your Health, Your Life | Dr. Ellen Langer
23.08.24-JBP Reacts to Court Decision
23.08.17-Ep. 380 A Resurgence of Vision | Vivek Ramaswamy
23.08.10-Ep. 379 Helen Joyce-When Should the Sexes Have Their Own Spaces?
23.08.03-Ep. 378 Posie Parker-Anti-Trans Activist or Women's Rights Champion? | Kellie-Jay Keen
23.07.27-Ep. 377 The Intersection of Evolutionary Biology, Religion and Happiness | Dr. Gad Saad
23.07.20-Ep. 376 Truth and Adventure as an Antidote to Suffering | Douglas Murray
23.07.14-Jordan Peterson: The radical Left is guilt-tripping the West into oblivion
23.07.13-Ep. 375 Sacrificing the Poor to NOT Save the Planet | Robert Bryce
23.07.10-Ep. 374 Secrets to Business No University Can Teach You | Eric Edmeades
23.07.06-Ep. 373 Moralistic Enabling of the Screaming Infant | Andrew Doyle
23.07.03-Ep. 372 The Fight Against Worldwide Child Slavery & the Sex Trade | Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard
23.06.29-Ep. 371 A Podcast Full of Inflammatory Things | Eric Metaxas
23.06.26-Ep. 370 Quest, Responsibility, and Vision: The Wonder School | Zach Lahn
23.06.22-Ep. 369 Truckers on the Frontlines of Freedom | Tamara Lich & Tammy Peterson
23.06.19-Ep. 368 Speaking Softly and Carrying a Big Stick | Mike Pence
23.06.15-Ep. 367 Marxism, Religion & Everything In Between | Dr. James Lindsay
23.06.12-Ep. 366 Harming Children for the Appearance of Safety | Dr. Steve Templeton
23.06.08-Ep. 364 Disney-AI-Death of Foundational Stories | Jonathan Pageau
23.06.05-Ep. 363 Rekindling the Spirit of the Classic Democrat | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
23.06.01-Ep. 362 Dark Parody and Villainous Clowns | Matt Walsh
23.05.29-Ep. 361 Responsibility as Antidote to Despair | Senator Josh Hawley
23.05.25-Ep. 360 How and Why to Take Care of Yourself: Diet, Exercise, and Purpose | Dr. Peter Attia
23.05.22-Ep. 359 Separating Good from Evil in the British Empire | Dr. Nigel Biggar
23.05.18-Ep. 358 Take Back the Cities | Anthony Furey
23.05.15-Ep. 357 ChatGPT and the Dawn of Computerized Hyper-Intelligence | Brian Roemmele
23.05.14-What I've Learned from Listening to the People of Kentucky
23.05.11-Ep. 356 Narcissists, Frauds, and Enablers: Trans Men and Women's Sports | Riley Gaines
23.05.08-Ep. 355 Stolen Youth: the Decimation of Innocence | Karol Markowicz
23.05.04-Ep. 354 The Twitter Files: Behind the Scenes | David Zweig
23.05.01-Ep. 353 The US Dollar Might Collapse | Peter Schiff
23.04.27-Ep. 352 Deadly Accurate Law and the Point of Art | Joe Hage
23.04.24-Ep. 351 The Demise of the Left: from Liberalism to Marxism | Naomi Wolf
23.04.20-Ep. 350 In the Name of Wokeness: Institutionalized Racism | Heather Mac Donald
23.04.17-Ep. 349 Tyranny Through Weaponized Bureaucracy | Dr. Scott Jenson
23.04.13-Ep. 348 Black Holes, Time Travel, and the Origin of the Universe | Dr. Brian Keating
23.04.10-Ep. 347 Parental Trauma in a World of Gender Insanity | Miriam Grossman MD
23.04.06-Ep. 346 Russia/Ukraine, ESG, Gigantism and the West | Senator Mike Lee
23.04.03-Ep. 345 12 Ways the Planet Could Truly Be Saved | Bjørn Lomborg
23.03.30-Ep. 344 State Treasurers Reject Blackrock. You Should Too | Derek Kreifels
23.03.27-Ep. 343 Parkour and Rough Play | Rafe Kelley
23.03.23-Ep. 342 Regrets of a Trans-Care Specialist | Sara Stockton
23.03.20-Ep. 341 Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy
23.03.16-Ep. 340 Dutch Farmers: Canaries in the Globalist Coal Mine | Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek
23.03.13-Ep. 339 The Future: Vision and Invitation
23.03.09-Ep. 338 The Epidemic That Dare Not Speak Its Name | Stephen J Shaw
23.03.06-Ep. 337 In Response to Netanyahu | Maajid Nawaz
23.03.02-Ep. 336 How to Educate Your Children | Jeff Sandefer
23.02.23-Ep. 335 Imposing Limits on the Woke? | Christopher Rufo
23.03.13-Ep. 334 Covid 19 Mandates: Silencing the Opposition | Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya
23.02.20-Ep. 333 Konstantin Kisin and the Counter-Woke Revolution
23.02.16-Ep. 332 Crony Capitalism and Female Soldiers | Tulsi Gabbard
23.02.13-Ep. 331 The Case Against the Sexual Revolution | Louise Perry
23.02.09-Ep. 330 The Natural Order of Money | Roy Sebag
23.02.06-Ep. 329 The Models Are OK, the Predictions Are Wrong | Dr. Judith Curry
23.02.02-Ep. 328 Business Partners | Dr. Daniel Higgins & Dr. Robert O. Pihl
23.01.30-Ep. 327 Women, Pornography, and Sadism | Dr. Del Paulhus
23.01.26-Ep. 326 Israel, Russia, China, Iran: The World in Conflict | Walter Russell Mead
23.01.23-Ep. 325 The Downfall of the Ivy League | Victor Davis Hanson
23.01.19-Ep. 324 The Protest in Iran and What It Means | Masih Alinejad
23.01.16-Ep. 323 Unsettled: Climate and Science | Dr. Steven Koonin
23.01.12-Ep. 322 College of Psychologists vs Jordan B Peterson | Mikhaila Peterson
23.01.09-Ep. 321 A Conversation So Intense It Might Transcend Time and Space | John Vervaeke
23.01.05-Ep. 320 Climate Science: What Does it Say? | Dr. Richard Lindzen
23.01.02-Ep. 319 Detransition: The Wounds That Won't Heal | Chloe Cole
22.12.29-Ep. 318 Autism, Academics, and Animals | Dr. Temple Grandin
22.12.26-Ep. 317 Radical Leftist Turned Conservative Activist | Amala Ekpunobi
22.12.22-Ep. 316 The Essence of Terrible Parenting | Stephanie Davies-Arai
22.12.19-Ep. 315 The World is Not Ending | Bjørn Lomborg
22.12.15-Ep. 314 Consciousness, Chaos and Order | Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris
22.12.12-Ep. 313 Debt Free Government and Fundamental Values | John Anderson
22.12.08-Ep. 312 The Great Climate Con | Alex Epstein
22.12.05-Ep. 311 Does Israel have the right to exist? | PM-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu
22.12.01-Ep. 310 Viral: The Origin of Covid 19 | Matt Ridley
22.11.28-Ep. 309 Oil, Inflation, and the Way Forward | Congressman Mike Johnson
22.11.24-Ep. 308 AI: The Beast or Jerusalem? | Jonathan Pageau & Jim Keller
22.11.21-Ep. 307 Childhood Trauma, Marriage, and Making Friends | Dr. John Delony
22.11.17-Ep. 306 Showdown with Ottawa: Alberta's New Premier | Danielle Smith
22.11.14-Ep. 305 How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality | Dr. Yoram Hazony
22.11.10-Ep. 304 Infamous: When Comedy Exists Outside of Agenda | Andrew Schulz
22.11.07-Ep. 303 iGen: Narcissism and Neuroticism | Dr. Jean Twenge
22.11.03-Ep. 302 Breaking Good | Michael Franzese
22.10.31-Ep. 301 Politics: Tradition and Vision | Newt Gingrich
22.10.27-Ep. 300 Men and the Conservative Vision | Senator Josh Hawley
22.10.24-Ep. 299 Psychedelic Science | Dr. Dennis McKenna
22.10.20-Ep. 298 Perception: Chaos and Order | Dr. Karl Friston
22.10.17-Ep. 297 Talking to Muslims About Christ | Mohammed Hijab & Jonathan Pageau
22.10.13-Ep. 296 Neuroscience Meets Psychology | Dr. Andrew Huberman
22.10.10-Ep. 295 A Conversation with Piers Morgan
22.10.06-Ep. 294 Eugenics: Flawed Thinking Behind Pushed Science | Alex Story
22.10.03-Ep. 293 Julian Assange: Free Speech Martyr? | Stella Assange
22.09.29-Ep. 292 The Language of Creation | Matthieu Pageau
22.09.26-Ep. 291 How to Combat Hedonism | Dr. Peter Kreeft
22.09.22-Ep. 290 Douglas Murray and Jonathan Pageau
22.09.19-Ep. 289 Why Are Young People Converting to Conservatism? | Eric Duhaime
22.09.15-Ep. 288 Arabs vs Jews? Maybe Not | Ambassador Ron Dermer
22.09.12-Ep. 287 Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality | Helen Joyce
22.09.08-Ep. 286 Navy SEAL Mindset | Congressman Dan Crenshaw
22.09.05-Ep. 285 How to Make the World a Better Place | Bjørn Lomborg and Ralph Schoellhammer
22.09.01-Ep. 284 Superabundance: The Age of Plenty | Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley
22.08.29-Ep. 283 Conservative Leadership Canada | Dr. Leslyn Lewis
22.08.25-Ep. 282 Mean Tweets: An Apologia | Pageau and Hurwitz
22.08.23-Ep. 281 Trudeau, Travel, and “The Science”
22.08.18-Ep. 280 Critical Racists | Christopher Rufo
22.08.15-Ep. 279 Middle East: Peace Beckons | David Friedman
22.08.11-Ep. 278 The Matter with Things | Iain McGilchrist
22.08.08-Ep. 277 Deeper Yet Into The Weeds | Pageau & Vervaeke
22.08.04-Ep. 276 The Best of Conservative Education | Larry P. Arnn
22.07.00-Ep. 275
22.07.28-Ep. 274 Cometh the Horsemen: Pandemic, Famine, War | Michael Yon
22.07.25-Ep. 273 Conservative Resistance in Canada | Roman Baber
22.07.21-Ep. 272 Zeroes and Ones: Into the Depths of Computation | Jim Keller
22.07.18-Ep. 271 How Black Lives Truly Matter | Magatte Wade
22.07.20-Ep. 270 Deception and Psychopathy | Robert Trivers
22.07.19-Ep. 269 The Biology of Good and Evil | Frans de Waal
22.07.07-Ep. 268 Live Not By Lies | Rod Dreher
22.07.04-Ep. 267 Trudeau vs. Canada | Rex Murphy
22.06.29-Ep. 266 Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls | Dave Rubin
22.06.27-Ep. 265 Meritocracy or Else | Dr. Adrian Wooldridge
22.06.23-Ep. 264 Beyond Order: Rule 2 - Imagine Who You Could Be and Then Aim Single-Mindedly at That
22.06.20-Ep. 263 An Interview with my Father | Walter Peterson
22.06.16-Ep. 262 Beyond Order: Montreal Lecture | Jonathan Pageau
22.06.13-Ep. 261 Avoiding School Shootings and the Boy Crisis | Dr. Warren Farrell
22.06.09-Ep. 260 Beyond Order: Rule 1- Don't Carelessly Denounce Social Institutions or Creative Achievement
22.06.06-Ep. 259 The Elusive Son | Julian Peterson
22.06.02-Ep. 258 The True Meaning Of 'Beyond Order'
22.06.30-Ep. 257 India, Europe & Biblical Revolution | Vishal Mangalwadi
22.06.26-Ep. 256 Psychedelics, Consciousness, and AI | Richard Dawkins
22.06.23-Ep. 255 What We Can All Learn From Islam & The Quran | Hamza Yusuf
22.06.19-Ep. 254 The Psychology of Pinocchio
22.06.16-Ep. 253 Canada’s Biggest Problems | Pierre Poilievre
22.06.10-Ep. 252 This Lesson from the Bible will Make You Unstoppable | Franciscan University
22.06.09-Ep. 251 You Probably Should Have Read the Bible | Franciscan University
22.06.07-Ep. 250
22.06.02-Ep. 249 Primatologist Explains the 1% Difference Between Humans & Apes | Richard Wrangham
22.05.28-Ep. 248 Canceled Math Teacher Speaks Out
22.05.25-Ep. 247 The War on the West | Douglas Murray
22.05.28-Ep. 246
22.05.18-Ep. 245 The Uncomfortable Truth Behind Economic Inequality | Glenn Loury
22.05.14-Ep. 244 Asking a Theoretical Physicist About the Physics of Consciousness | Roger Penrose
22.05.11-Ep. 243 Quillette's Founder: Starting The Most Controversial Magazine In The World | Claire Lehmann
22.05.07-Ep. 242 Solving the Problem of Human Perception | Cambridge
22.05.04-Ep. 241 How Anti-Racism Is Hurting Black America | John McWhorter
22.04.31-Ep. 240 Why Free Speech is the Antidote to Ignorance and Corruption | Cambridge
22.04.28-Ep. 239 ANTIFA: The Rise of the Violent Left | Andy Ngo
22.04.24-Ep. 238 Bill 67 Is Dangerous for Canada | Rex Murphy
22.04.21-Ep. 237 Your Dark Side and Control Over Your Life | Robert Greene
22.04.17-Ep. 236 How to Use Reading and Writing to Find Your Path
22.04.14-Ep. 235 Evolution, Sex & Desire | David Buss
22.04.10-Ep. 234 Kill Bill (67) | Pardy, Haskell, Kay
22.04.07-Ep. 233 Carr On Comedy | Jimmy Carr
22.04.14-Ep. 232
22.04.14-Ep. 231
22.02.28-Ep. 230 Russia, Ukraine, and the West | Frederick Kagan
22.02.24-Ep. 229 God, Consciousness, and the Theories of Everything | Curt Jaimungal
22.02.21-Ep. 228 Men and Divorce Court | Greg Ellis
22.02.20-Ep. 227 The Catastrophe of Canada | Rex Murphy
22.02.14-Ep. 226 Couples Report from | Jordan & Tammy Peterson
22.02.10-Ep. 225 The Spiritual Void in the West | Rav Arora
22.02.07-Ep. 224 Questioning Sam Harris | Sam Harris
22.02.03-Ep. 223 Cruelty | Charles Joseph
22.01.31-Ep. 222 Needle Points | Norman Doidge
22.01.26-Ep. 221 Canadian Constitutional Crisis | Brian Peckford
22.01.24-Ep. 220 Theory of Enchantment | Chloé Valdary
22.01.24-Ep. 219
22.01.17-Ep. 218 Free Speech and Cambridge | James Orr & Arif Ahmed
22.01.13-Ep. 217 Talking with Russians | Mikhail Avdeev
22.01.10-Ep. 216 Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life | Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying
22.01.00-Ep. 215
22.01.03-Ep. 214 Fortitude: American Resilience | Dan Crenshaw
22.01.00-Ep. 213
21.12.27-Ep. 212 Jordan Peterson, God, & Christianity | Kaczor & Petrusek
21.12.20-Ep. 211 Voice of the Canadian West | Preston Manning
21.12.00-Ep. 210
21.12.13-Ep. 209 Islam and the Possibility of Peace | Mohammed Hijab
21.12.00-Ep. 208
21.12.06-Ep. 207 Fix This: Infrastructure & Environment | Gregg Hurwitz and Rick Geddes
21.11.20-Ep. 206 A Lecture by Jonathan Pageau: The Symbolic World
21.11.29-Ep. 205 The Uniting Power of Story | Angus Fletcher
21.11.22-Ep. 204 The 4 Horsemen of Meaning | Bishop Barron, John Vervaeke, and Jonathan Pageau
21.11.15-Ep. 203 The Immaculate Conception: Bitcoin vs Fiat Standard
21.11.26-Ep. 202 Meaning, Awe, and the Conceptualization of God (Part 1-3)
21.11.08-Ep. 201 Islam, Christ, and Liberty | Mustafa Akyol
21.11.00-Ep. 200
21.11.01-Ep. 199 Death, Meaning, and the Power of the Invisible World | Clay Routledge
21.10.25-Ep. 198 Enlightenment and the Righteous Mind | Steven Pinker and Jonathan Haidt
21.10.18-Ep. 197 Apocalypse Never? | Michael Shellenberger
21.10.11-Ep. 196 Australia: Lockdowns and Location Apps | John Anderson
21.10.04-Ep. 195 Enhanced Interrogation Techniques | Mohamedou Ould Slahi
21.09.27-Ep. 194 Searching for God within Oxford and Cambridge | James Orr & Nigel Biggar
21.09.20-Ep. 193 Sex and Dating Apps | Rob Henderson
21.09.17-Ep. 192 Individuality, Autonomy, and the PPC | Maxime Bernier
21.09.14-Ep. 191 Justin Trudeau and the Election that Should Have Never Been | Rex Murphy
21.09.06-Ep. 190 No Safe Spaces? | Prager and Carolla
21.08.30-Ep. 189 Is Property Theft? | Dr Robert Murphy
21.08.23-Ep. 188 Saving the Humanities | Stephen Blackwood
21.08.16-Ep. 187 The Four Dos and Don'ts of Divorce | Warren Farrell
21.08.09-Ep. 186 Bitcoin: The Future of Money? | Bitcoiner Book Club
21.08.02-Ep. 185 The End of Universities?
21.07.26-Ep. 184 Death, Disease, and Politics | Dr. Randy Thornhill
21.07.19-Ep. 183 The Immortality Key; Psychedelics and the Ancient Age | Brian Muraresku & Prof. Carl Ruck
21.07.12-Ep. 182 From the Beginning to Now | Lawrence Krauss
21.07.05-Ep. 181 Baron Black of Crossharbour | Lord Conrad Black
21.06.28-Ep. 180 A Conversation so Intense It Might as Well Be Psychedelic | John Vervaeke
21.06.24-Ep. 179 The Meaning of Music | Samuel Andreyev
21.06.21-Ep. 178 Free Speech and the Satirical Activist | Andrew Doyle
21.06.17-Ep. 177 Intimations of Creativity | Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman
21.06.14-Ep. 176 Malice, or the Establishment? | Michael Malice
21.06.10-Ep. 175 Journalist or Heretic? | Bari Weiss
21.06.07-Ep. 174 You're Next | Dr. Rima Azar
21.06.03-Ep. 173 The Education of a Journalist | Rex Murphy
21.05.31-Ep. 172 Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U | Yeonmi Park
21.05.27-Ep. 171 Aggressive By Nature? | Richard Tremblay
21.05.20-Ep. 170 Life at the Bottom | Theodore Dalrymple (AKA Anthony Daniels)
21.05.17-Ep. 169 An Atheist in the Realm of Myth | Stephen Fry
21.05.13-Ep. 168 A Brain Divided | Iain McGilchrist
21.05.10-Ep. 167 The Psychology of Psychedelics | Roland Griffiths
21.05.06-Ep. 166 Writer of Braveheart | Randall Wallace
21.05.03-Ep. 165 10 Global Trends Every Person Should Know | Marian Tupy
21.04.29-Ep. 164 Teaching & the Voice of Conscience | Paul Rossi
21.04.26-Ep. 163 Is Everything Better Than We Think? | Bjorn Lomborg
21.04.19-Ep. 162 Christianity and the Modern World | Bishop Barron
21.04.12-Ep. 161 Government as Force | Senator Mike Lee
21.04.05-Ep. 160 Literacy and Strength | Jocko Willink
21.03.22-Ep. 159 Irreversible Damage? | Abigail Shrier
21.03.15-Ep. 158 Minefields and the New Political Landscape | Bret Weinstein
21.03.08-Ep. 157 Beyond Order - the Illustrator | Juliette Fogra
21.03.01-Ep. 156 The Perfect Mode of Being | Jonathan Pageau
21.02.22-Ep. 155 The Erosion of Women's Rights? | Ayaan Hirsi Ali
21.02.15-Ep. 154 Abandon Ideology | Gad Saad
21.02.08-Ep. 153 Rational Optimism | Matt Ridley
21.01.25-Ep. 152 Radical Ideology and the Nihilistic Void | Douglas Murray
21.01.18-Ep. 151 Build a Better Democrat? | Gregg Hurwitz
21.01.10-Ep. 150 Greenlights (and Darkness) | Matthew McConaughey