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23.11.28-The Democratic Plan for Decolonization
23.11.27-Ireland’s Fight Against Extreme Hate Speech Laws
23.11.23-Encore Special Thanksgiving Episode! Government, What's The Point
23.11.22-How To Be Unapologetically Evangelical
23.11.21-The Interests of Justice | Derek Chauvin
23.11.20-Money-How is your government spending it?
23.11.16-Biden and China | Jake Denton
23.11.15-Nikki Haley is losing worse than we thought
23.11.14-Tis the Season
23.11.13-Insufficient evidence for Biden Impeachment?
23.11.09-Gop Debate Analysis-The Viral Moment And More
23.11.08-MAGA vs. Winning-What do the GOP candidates need to say in tonight’s debate?
23.11.07-Election Day-Key Races and Issues
23.11.06-Should Funding Israel’s War be a Priority for Congress?
23.11.02-Left’s Agenda: Discord and Divided?
23.11.01-U.S. Aid to Israel?
23.10.31-Reformation Day
23.10.30-Yes, Speaker Johnson is a Christian and will bring his faith to work
23.10.26-Halloween-The Christian Dilemma-Part 2
23.10.25-Halloween-The Christian Dilemma
23.10.24-Why Does Preserving Sound Doctrine in the Church Matter to Politics?
23.10.23-How Can You Help?
23.10.19-Can AI stop terrorism in the Middle East?
23.10.18-GAZA: Refugee infiltration planned in Europe
23.10.17-GOP in Chaos?
23.10.16-Palestine Refugees and Decolonization
23.10.10-How We Can Live Rightly in an Evil World
23.10.09-Israel At War
23.09.28-Can We Remain A Republic?
23.09.27-A Meltdown In The Judiciary
23.09.26-Naming Our Enemy
23.09.25-The Adversity of Diversity
23.09.21-Accountability for Dems?
23.09.20-What Trump and DeSantis should be saying on Pro-Life issue
23.09.18-How authoritarianism and the loss of liberty can come from the secular Left And the religious Right
23.09.14-Biden Impeachment Inquiry: What You Need to Know
23.09.13-The Age Factor. And Is Michelle Obama In?
23.09.12-Let’s talk about Christian Nationalism
23.09.11-Why New Mexico’s 30-Day Gun Ban is an Unconstitutional Power Grab
23.09.07-This Is The Harm Of The Trans Agenda
23.09.04-Standing Firm for Objective Truth
23.08.31-Mercenary leader's Death Sparks Suspicion in Russia
23.08.30-2020 Covid Response: What Really Happened
23.08.29-Indictment Analysis: What You Need to Know
23.08.28-Missouri Blueprint: How to protect kids from gender theory
23.08.24-The Practice of Law is Under Indictment
23.08.23-TARGET: Our Children
23.08.22-The Adversity of Diversity
23.08.21-Are Conservative Organizations Really Supporting Pro-Life Policy?
23.08.17-Standing Firm for Objective Truth
23.08.16-Targeting Conservatives: How the Left is Weaponizing Every System
23.08.15-Tulsi Gabbard: How you can help Hawaii
23.08.14-Biden Admin wants only political activists covering him, not journalists
23.08.10-We Need to Talk About Derek
23.08.09-THE ESSENTIAL CHURCH with Pastor John MacArthur
23.08.09-X (Twitter) is taking “safety” standards from the World Economic Forum
23.08.08-Build the Wall of Separation between Big Tech and State
23.08.07-Can Fashion Indicate Your Worldview?
23.08.03-Naming Our Enemy
23.08.02-Trump, Biden, Hunter, and Devon Archer
23.08.01-Government Mandates vs Individual Rights
23.07.31-Do Aliens Exist?
23.07.27-Barbie: A Christian Conservative Review
23.07.26-The Essential Church: Behind the Scenes
23.07.25-The Fight for Children’s Rights and Truth-based Policy
23.07.24-What is Constitutional: Separating Fact from Fiction
23.07.13-Meritorious Arguments vs. Throwing Shade: What’s Really Moving the Needle for 2024?
23.07.12-US Economic Update, Jobs Report, and How Should Christians Respond?
23.07.11-Analysis of Missouri v. Biden: Important 1A Case for Conservatives
23.07.10-No, the 303 Creative Supreme Court opinion is NOT anti-LGBTQ. Here’s why
23.07.06-The Resurrected Jesus: Truth VS Heresy
23.07.05-The Great Agricultural Reset: Weaponizing Food and Health
23.07.04-Gov. Ron DeSantis
23.07.03-President Trump
23.06.29-Domestic Extremists: Why Women are Rejecting Feminism
23.06.28-Legal Analysis of SCOTUS Elections Clause Case
23.06.27-Legislating Morality: When Culture is Depraved, What is Government’s Role?
23.06.26-Coup in Russia-What’s going on and where the war goes from here
23.06.22-Exploration and Tourism Ethics and the OceanGate Submersible
23.06.21-LET THEM DEBATE: DeSantis v. Newsom
23.06.20-Legal Analysis: Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Deal
23.06.19-Don’t Drink the Tap Water
23.06.15-The Solution for America’s Weaponized Institutions
23.06.14-The Strategy to Fight the Woke Left’s Assault on the West
23.06.13-The LGBTQ Divorce
23.06.12-In-depth Legal Analysis of Second Trump Indictment
23.06.08-Leftists Target Parental Rights Organizations as “Hate Groups”
23.06.07-Woke Policies are impacting America’s Economy
23.06.06-Responding to Sen. Ted Cruz with Truth
23.06.05-RFK Jr: A Democrat worth Conservatives’ Support?
23.06.01-LGBTQ Agenda
23.05.31-Should Conservatives Support the McCarthy-Biden Deal?
23.05.30-What’s Really Going On with the Ken Paxton Impeachment
23.05.29-Honoring Our Military: A Conversation with Tulsi
23.05.25-Ripped From Tomorrow's Headlines
23.05.24-YOUTH & INDEPENDENTS: Will the DeSantis Twitter Space Announcement change politics?
23.05.23-DeSantis and Elon, plus Heresy Trials
23.05.22-Governor Ron Desantis Interview
23.05.18-2024: Emotion vs. Rationality
23.05.17-Durham Report: Trump’s Response
23.05.16-Durham Report: Legal Analysis
23.05.15-Do Not Take What We Have For Granted
23.05.11-Defining Politics as Truth in Community
23.05.10-Defining Politics as Truth in Community
23.05.09-Why Former Trump Officials are Supporting DeSantis
23.05.08-Is the Culture War Worth Fighting?
23.05.04-The Kennedy Factor: Should Biden be worried about the competition?
23.05.03-The Great One: Mark Levin Interview
23.05.02-mRNA Vaccines Are Being Used on Animals in the US Food Supply
23.05.01-Democrats are Coming for Your Guns: Here’s Their Strategy
23.04.27-SEX NATION: How America became the Roman Empire
23.04.26-Doctors Murder Mentally-ill 18-year-old
23.04.25-TUCKER: What’s really going on at Fox?
23.04.24-The Haitian Atrocities and Humanitarianism: What Should Government Do to Address?
23.04.20-Social Media’s influence on the 2024 Election