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23.11.27-Ep. 88 The Next Chapter of MAGA-Steve Bannon Takes us Inside the War Room
23.11.20-Ep. 87 Stephen Miller-Flipping the Script on the Left's Lawfare-Here's How We Win
23.11.16-Ep. 86 MTG Lifts Back the Curtain on the DC Swamp-Pro-Hamas Rioters Storm DNC-Where are the Arrests | Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene
23.11.13-Ep. 85 What Raheem Gets Right-Immigration Crisis and Western Weakness-RNC Turmoil-Major Nat Pulse Investigations
23.11.09-Ep. 84 Trump Rally Behind The Scenes-Mitch Glitch-Taking Your Questions Live
23.11.08-Trump Rally Live From Hialeah, Florida
23.11.06-Ep. 83 Growing the Patriot Economy-Exclusive PublicSquare Town Hall | Indiana Congressman Jim Banks, CEO Michael Seifert
23.11.02-Ep. 82 I Take The Stand In New York-Fighting For What's Right-UFC Is A Massive Success Under Dana White-It's Only Getting Better
23.10.30-Ep. 81 Endless War is Not the Way-Exposing the Swamp's Ukraine Scam-Why is the Left Making Excuses for Hamas Terror | Natalie Winters
23.10.26-Ep. 80 FLASHBACK: Why my Father Keeps Being Proven Right Over and Over Again, Interview on "Letters to Trump"
23.10.23-Ep. 79 God Bless The USA: Country Music Star Lee Greenwood-Behind The Scenes Of His Hit Song-Why He'll Never Apologize For Loving America
23.10.19-Ep. 78 The Left Wants to Kill Comedy but They'll Never Stop Roseanne
23.10.16-Ep. 77 Fake Fact Checkers Wrong Again-Why is the Far-Left Defending Hamas Terror?
23.10.12-Ep. 76 TV News Legend Lou Dobbs Keeps Proving the Establishment Wrong-Why America, and the World, Needs Donald Trump Back in Office
23.10.09-Ep. 75 Hide Your Children-Liz Wheeler's New Book Exposes the Marxist Radicals Inside the Classroom-How to Defeat Them
23.10.05-Ep. 74 Who Will Be the Next Speaker-Why Alex Marlow's New Book "Breaking Biden" Could Win Trump the 2024 Election
23.10.02-Ep. 72 Dem Congressman Sounds The Alarm-Literally-Biden Border Even Worse Than We Even Thought | Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan
23.09.28-Radical Leftists Hijack Legal System to Destroy America but GOP Debate Ignores it-Taking your Questions Live
23.09.25-Ep. 71 Media's Poll Panic-Trump Dominating | General Michael Flynn
23.09.20-Ep. 70 I WAS HACKED: What Happened? Plus Major Interview | Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell
23.09.19-Ep. 69 Government Gangsters Didn't Want This Book Released | Kash Patel
23.09.14-Ep. 68 Jason Whitlock is Fearless-Why Sports Media Went Woke-Apple Mocked for Bizarre Climate Sketch
23.09.11-Ep. 67 Americans Mark 22 Years Since 9/11 Terror Attacks-Interview with Congressional Candidate | Green Beret Veteran & Gold Star Husband Joe Kent
23.09.07-Ep. 66 Biden Polling Disaster-Hunter Indictment Finally-Nyc Mayor Issues Doomsday Warning-Taking Your Questions
23.09.04-Ep. 65 Raheem Kassam Was Right Again: Why My Father Is Polling Better Than Ever
23.08.31-Ep. 64 Trial Lawyer Robert Barnes
23.08.28-Ep. 63 Hey Deep State, MAGA is Stronger than Ever: Mugshot Backfires on the Swamp-Trump 2024 Momentum-Taking Your Questions
23.08.24-Here's What Happened Q & A
23.08.23-Ep. 62 LIVE COVERAGE OF GOP DEBATE-RINO Swamp Scared of MAGA More Than Ever | Rep MTG, Kari Lake
23.08.21-Ep. 61 MARCH TO THE MAJORITY: Newt Gingrich-94 Republican Revolution and Why Donald Trump will be Nominated in a Landslide
23.08.17-Ep. 60 The Biden Doctrine: Disaster, Disorder, and Destruction | Rep Michael Walz (R-FL)
23.08.14-Ep. 59 Bank Goes After Brexit Leader-Major Scandal Exposes Next Chapter in Left's Censorship Agenda | Nigel Farage
23.08.10-Ep. 58 Behind The Scenes With Fauci And The Next Chapter Of Maga | Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro
23.08.07-Ep. 57 Equal Justice Is Dead | Article III Project Founder Lawyer Mike Davis
23.08.03-Ep. 56 Another Baseless, Sham Indictment Against My Father-Ask Me Anything
23.07.31-Ep. 55 Trump Dominating, DeSantis Using Liz Cheney Talking Points-Biden Bribery Scandal-Border Disaster | Tom Homan
23.07.27-Ep. 54 Rising Gop Star Rep Byron Donalds Is Growing The Maga Movement
23.07.24-Ep. 53 Biden Imploding-Swamp IS PANICKING-Plus "USA" Chants as PublicSq goes Public
23.07.20-Ep. 52 Rescuing Children IS TIM BALLARD'S MISSION-"Sound of Freedom" Inspired by His Story
23.07.17-Ep. 51 Kari Lake Is Unafraid-Why Donald Trump is Dominating-Panic Inside Team DeSantis and Tucker's Pence Takedown
23.07.13-Ep. 50 We're Going to Defeat Big Tech Censorship: Louisiana AG and Gov Candidate Jeff Landry on his Historic Legal Battle
23.07.10-Ep. 49 Defeating Woke Capital-Publicsq Going Public-The Patriot Economy | Michael Seifert & Omeed Malik
23.07.06-Ep. 48 Biden's Pronoun Pentagon gets even Weirder-CDC Issues "Chestfeeding" Advice | Rep Ronny Jackson
23.07.03-Ep. 47 Rep Eli Crane Stands up to the Swamp, Plus Why He Says it's Time to Impeach Biden
23.06.29-Ep. 46 We've Crossed the Rubicon: Devin Nunes on What it will Take to Defeat the Swamp in 2024
23.06.26-Ep. 45 Major Revolver News Investigations and why the Swamp's J6 Story Still Doesn't Add Up | Darren Beattie
23.06.21-Ep. 44 Shifty Schiff Censured, Hunter's Sweetheart Deal-Latest on Missing Submarine | Rep Eli Crane
23.06.19-Ep. 43 Fetterman And Biden Are Not Ok, Plus More DOJ Corruption Exposed | Sean Parnell
23.06.15-Ep. 42 The New Media Era Is Here | Journalist James O'Keefe, Plus Biden Corruption in Full Focus
23.06.12-Ep. 41 The Destruction Of Equal Justice: Kash Patel on "Government Gangsters" & The Breakdown of the Rule of Law
23.06.08-Ep. 40 Equal Justice is Dead: How do we Save America? Interview with MAGA Star DC Draino
23.06.05-Ep. 39 Brett Favre On His Life After Football and Why He's Talking Politics
23.06.01-Ep. 38 The Left's Takedown of our Republic: Judge Jeanine Pirro on Her Book "Crimes Against America"
23.05.29-Ep. 37 Real Whistleblowers Come Forward, Plus DeSantis Stumbles & Rep Greg Steube
23.05.25-Ep. 36 DeSantis Botches Rollout, Plus Live with Sen Tommy Tuberville
23.05.22-Ep. 35 Biden's ATF Pistol Brace Crackdown: What You Need to Know
23.05.18-Ep. 34 FBI Corruption and a Wide Open Border: How Does America Recover | Mark Morgan
23.05.15-Ep. 33 America Last Exposed: Biden Disasters at Home and Abroad | Ret Col Douglas Macgregor
23.05.11-Ep. 32 Left-Wing Lunatics Melt Down Over Trump Town Hall, Plus Rep Cory Mills Joins
23.05.08-Ep. 31 Breaking News with John Solomon, Biden "Bribery" Probe Broadens
23.05.04-Ep. 30 Bitboy Cripto's Ben Armstrong Takes You Inside the Collapse of FTX
23.05.01-Ep. 29 Rising GOP Star Rep Wesley Hunt on How Biden Policies Are Making Us Less Safe
23.04.27-Ep. 28 Interview With Your Favorite President on the New Book "Letters To Trump"
23.04.24-Ep. 27 Tucker Out at Fox, Media's Strange Ray Epps Coverage, Plus the Path to 2024 Victory
23.04.20-Ep. 26 Major Trump Endorsements, Plus Ian Prior On Restoring Sanity To Our Schools
23.04.17-Ep. 25 America First Legal Founder Stephen Miller on Suing Biden & 2024 Strategy
23.04.13-Ep. 24 Pro-Trump Twitter Icon Catturd Comes Out of the Litter Box for an Exclusive Interview
23.04.10-Ep. 23 Retired Army General Tony Tara on Biden's Failed Foreign Policy + His New Book
23.04.06-Ep. 22 Equal Justice is Dead: Live with Revolver News Founder Darren Beattie
23.04.03----------45th President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks From Mar-a-Lago Following Arraignment
23.04.03-Ep. 21 Lawyer Mike Davis Reveals New Details on the Sham Indictment Against Donald Trump
23.03.30-Ep. 20 Media's Sick Shooting Response & Joe Kent on the Battle for America's Future
23.03.27-Ep. 19 The Parallel Economy: Public Square CEO Michael Seifert on Why Woke Goes Broke
23.03.23-Ep. 18 Raheem Kassam: Why Donald Trump is the Only Choice for 2024
23.03.20-Ep. 17 Rep Ronny Jackson Reveals New Details on Fauci, Biden's Cognitive Decline
23.03.16-Ep. 16 Congressman Jim Banks on His Senate Run
23.03.13-Ep. 15 Jack Posobiec Reveals The Inside Scoop on GOP
23.03.09-Ep. 14 Narrative Shattered: What The Media Still Doesn't Want You to Know About Jan 6th
23.03.06-Ep. 13 Rep Matt Gaetz on What It's Like Being Florida's Firebrand
23.03.02-Ep. 12 LIVE FROM CPAC: With Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan
23.02.27-Ep. 11 What Really Happened in the Midterms: Blake Masters Gives You an Inside Look
23.02.23-Ep. 10 Don JR on the Ground in East Palestine + Interview With Kyle Rittenhouse
23.02.20-Ep. 09 It's Worse Than You Think: Kari Lake on What Really Happened in Arizona
23.02.16-Ep. 08 Marjorie Taylor Greene A.K.A The Notorious MTG On The DC Swamp
23.02.13-Ep. 07 Kash Patel On Collusion Lies, Big Tech Corruption, and Alien Encounters
23.02.09-Ep. 06 Woke Won't Win Wars: Live with Sean Parnell
23.02.06-Ep. 05 The State of Union Episode: Bottom Line, We're Screwed
23.02.02-Ep. 04 Eduardo Bolsonaro and Don Jr Talk Election Fraud and the Globalist Agenda
23.01.30-Ep. 03 Don Jr Tackles News of the Week
23.01.26-Ep. 02 1 on 1 with the Speaker of the House in Nancy Pelosi's former Office
23.01.23-Ep. 01 Don Jr's Inauguration