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23.11.28-The David Knight Show
23.11.27-The David Knight Show
23.11.24-The David Knight Show
23.11.23-Thanksgiving Rebroadcast
23.11.22-The David Knight Show
23.11.21-The David Knight Show
23.11.20-The David Knight Show
23.11.17-Motley Marxist Mobs weaponized by DEI blows back on its creators
23.11.16-ADL's Weaponized DEI Has Blown Back On Them-The Mob Turns on Its Creator
23.11.15-The David Knight Show
23.11.14-More Cyberattack-Nearly Half of Australian Ports Down for Days-Truth Fails-Miss Universe Goes Tranny & Goes Broke
23.11.13-Judicial/Medical Execution Of A Toddler, No Consent, No Choice
23.11.10-The David Knight Show
23.11.09-The David Knight Show
23.11.08-The David Knight Show
23.11.07-The David Knight Show
23.11.06-The David Knight Show
23.11.03-The David Knight Show
23.11.02-The David Knight Show
23.11.01-The David Knight Show
23.10.31-The David Knight Show
23.10.27-The David Knight Show
23.10.26-The David Knight Show
23.10.25-The David Knight Show
23.10.24-The David Knight Show
23.10.23-The David Knight Show
23.10.20-The David Knight Show
23.10.19-The David Knight Show
23.10.18-The David Knight Show
23.10.17-The David Knight Show
23.10.16-The David Knight Show
23.10.13-The David Knight Show
23.10.12-The David Knight Show
23.10.11-The David Knight Show
23.10.10-The David Knight Show
23.10.09-The David Knight Show
23.10.06-Unabridged Full Show
23.10.05-What Can We Learn from EBS (Extra BS) Zombie Apocalypse-That Didn't Happen?
23.10.05-The David Knight Show
23.10.04-GOP Civil War: A Fight Over Personalities-Politics-Procedures in the Historic Removal of Speaker
23.10.03-Al Gore's Climate Guru Pivots Like Gates from Alarmism-Jamaal & AOC's False CLIMATE Alarm
23.10.03-The David Knight Show
23.10.02-BEST OF INTERVIEWS: Political Prisoner to Navy Seal-Hospital Death Protocols
23.10.02-The David Knight Show-Rebroadcast
23.09.28-The David Knight Show
23.09.27-The David Knight Show
23.09.26-The David Knight Show
23.09.25-The David Knight Show
23.09.22-The David Knight Show
23.09.21-The David Knight Show
23.09.19-The David Knight Show
23.09.18-The David Knight Show
23.09.15-The David Knight Show
23.09.14-The David Knight Show
23.09.13-The David Knight Show
23.09.12-The David Knight Show
23.09.11-The David Knight Show
23.09.08-Goldilocks Power Grid-CA's ONLY Crime is Being a Parent-Megyn Kelly Stops Worrying About Her Jab Injury & Loves Trump
23.09.07-War OF Drugs: Afghanistan & the US Empire
23.09.06-The David Knight Show
23.09.05-Proud Boys Given Extreme Sentences as DOJ Engages in Terrorism
23.09.04-BEST of INTERVIEWS-AI Weapons-SSRI Murder Suicides-Growing Food-FBI Whistleblower
23.09.04-The David Knight Show
23.09.01-Politics of Plato’s Cave-Why are You Feeling So Poor?
23.08.31-The David Knight Show
23.08.30-People Pushback Getting Results Against Both Climate & Covid MacGuffins
23.08.29-Miles of Black Curtains in Maui-What Are They Trying to Hide?-Sadiq Khan's Sadistic Con to Crush Common People's Mobility
23.08.28-The David Knight Show
23.08.25-Trump Admits His TrumpShot Killed People in Rage Attack Against DeSantis
23.08.24-The David Knight Show
23.08.23-Govt Starts Fires with High Wind, Refuses to Fight Fire, Residents Steal Equipment to Fight It Themselves
23.08.22-The David Knight Show
23.08.21-Bigger Than DEW: Groundwork Being Laid Now to Burn Us Out
23.08.18-The David Knight Show
23.08.17-Jab DNA Contamination, Pandemic Wealth Redistribution, Now a Civil War Over Trump
23.08.16-Trump Civil War; "Furries" the Next Insanity; Greta Clones in Montana Win in Court
23.08.15-The David Knight Show
23.08.14-The David Knight Show
23.08.11-The David Knight Show
23.08.10-ATF says We're Coming for Gun Shows-FAA Criminal Referrals for Anti-Maskers
23.08.09-The David Knight Show
23.08.08-SMART Cities-Freedom Cities are HighTech Indian Reservations for 21st Century
23.08.07-Your Injections Are Killing Our Young People But Trump is Only Thing That Matters
23.08.04-Disruptive Superconductor-GMO Tech as Biden Bans Trucks & Cars
23.08.03-How Should We Rebel to Globalism-Secession-Nullification
23.08.02-Battle of Athens, TN-Lessons for Today
23.08.01-Archer Speaks-Paul Refers Fauci to DOJ | James Bovard
23.07.31-DC Censors-Biden Family-Marty Gottesfeld on Med Kidnapping
23.07.28-Vast WH-Facebook Censorship-Immigration-Gerald Celente
23.07.27-The David Knight Show
23.07.26-The David Knight Show
23.07.25-The David Knight Show
23.07.24-The David Knight Show
23.07.21-The David Knight Show
23.07.20-The David Knight Show
23.07.19-The David Knight Show
23.07.18-Janet Yellen on Shrooms-Tucker-Tate-RFK-Peterson on God & Jung
23.07.17-The David Knight Show
23.07.14-The David Knight Show
23.07.13-The David Knight Show
23.07.12-The David Knight Show
23.07.11-The David Knight Show
23.07.10-The David Knight Show
23.07.07-The David Knight Show
23.07.06-Do You Like Presidents Who Are ABOVE the Law? Most of the Country Does
23.07.05-The David Knight Show
23.07.04-The David Knight Show
23.07.03-The David Knight Show
23.06.30-The David Knight Show
23.06.29-Biden & Trump in a Circular Firing Squad; Govt Adds Insult to Vax Injuries; Supremes Go Negative on Affirmative Action
23.06.28-The David Knight Show
23.06.27-The David Knight Show
23.06.26-Putin Putsch; Climate Scandal in Australia; DHS "Digital ID wallet" and China's "SMART Religion" App
23.06.23-The David Knight Show
23.06.22-Pentagon's UNACCOUNTABLE Spoils of War; Trump Says He Wasn't ALLOWED to FIRE FAUCI
23.06.21-The David Knight Show
23.06.20-The David Knight Show
23.06.19-The David Knight Show
23.06.16-Limited Nuclear War-Human Hatcheries-AI god of the Machine-Kill the Dutch/Boer Farmer in NL & South Africa
23.06.15-The David Knight Show
23.06.14-The David Knight Show
23.06.13-The David Knight Show
23.06.12-The TWO AI's-Artificial Intelligence Enables Anticipatory Intel (PreCrime)
23.06.09-Trump Indictment-His Crimes Unpunished, His Non-Crimes Used as Persecution
23.06.08-Civilization is Burning: Depopulation, Debauchery — and the Ruins of Sodom
23.06.07-Dam War, Dam Lies on Ukraine, Aliens, AI
23.06.06-The David Knight Show
23.06.05-Vicious New Green Scheme to Confiscate Private Property
23.06.02-The David Knight Show
23.06.01-Pre-Speech Censorship: BigTech's New Alliance
23.05.31-Mainstream Media Vilification Campaign Against Homeschool
23.05.30-The David Knight Show
23.05.26-Debates Will Not Be Televised, But They've Already Started on Social Media
23.05.25-ATTENTION: Deficit Disorder-Feds Have Defaulted in EACH of the 3 USA 4th Turnings
23.05.24-The David Knight Show
23.05.23-People Finally Push Back on War Against Cars; Bitcoin: Where Do RFKj, DeSantis, Trump, Biden Stand
23.05.22-At Hiroshima G7 Nudges Nuclear War; Whose Fault is Default and Why It Doesn't Matter
23.05.19-ADL: Defamation, Lies, Provocateurs; GOP Ignores Important Pro-Life Free Speech Case — Will SCOTUS?
23.05.18-OpenAI & Senators Lay Plans for AI Oligarchy as Altman Plans Iris-Scanning Global ID/Crypto
23.05.17-The David Knight Show
23.05.16-The David Knight Show
23.05.15-Illegals Encouraged to Join Police in California; Mitigating mRNA Spike Harm; "Build-A-Queer" Grooming by Mail
23.05.11-Border Chaos, Inside Job-Trump at CNN-FEDERAL MALIGN INFLUENCE CENTER (FIMC)
23.05.10-AI-Handmaid to Authoritarian Demagogues (and other conmen)
23.05.09-The David Knight Show
23.05.08-2 Mass Murders, 2 Different Weapons-Which Does Media Focus On?
23.05.05-Proud Boys vs TN3; Ventilator Deaths; Pentagon's Covid War; Technoshamanism
23.05.04-With Captions Who's Behind the "Davos" of the Transgender Movement?
23.05.03-Proud Boys Kafkaesque Trial; WEF/UN Get Worried About 2030 Deadline; New Censorship Tactics
23.05.02-The Next Presidential Term Will Take Us to 2030 NET ZERO Slavery - Or Not?
23.05.01-From Supply Chains To Chains of Slavery: California to BAN Trucks & Trains
23.04.28-Frankenstein Wombs for Men; Warren Wants to Outlaw Crypto Wallets; Protestors Pursue Macron w POWER BLACKOUTS
23.04.27-Depopulation Agenda of WarpSpeed Jabs Laid Bare
23.04.26-Fauci Runs Away: "I Didn't Close a Single School" - Flips Nuremberg Excuse
23.04.24-The David Knight Show
23.04.21-The David Knight Show
23.04.19-The David Knight Show
23.04.18-The David Knight Show
23.04.17-The David Knight Show
23.04.14-The David Knight Show
23.04.13-Pandemic National Emergency Executive Order ENDS-But What Continues?
23.04.12-The David Knight Show
23.04.11-The David Knight Show
23.04.10-The David Knight Show
23.04.07-The David Knight Show
23.04.06-The David Knight Show
23.04.05-The David Knight Show
23.04.04-The David Knight Show
23.04.03-The David Knight Show
23.03.31-The David Knight Show
23.03.30-The David Knight Show
23.03.29-The David Knight Show
23.03.28-The David Knight Show Unabridged
23.03.27-The David Knight Show
23.03.24-The David Knight Show
23.03.23-The David Knight Show Unabridged
23.03.22-The David Knight Show
23.03.21-The David Knight Show
23.03.20-The David Knight Show
23.03.17-The David Knight Show
23.03.16-The David Knight Show
23.03.15-The David Knight Show
23.03.14-The David Knight Show
23.03.13-The David Knight Show
23.03.10-The David Knight Show
23.03.09-The David Knight Show
23.03.08-The David Knight Show
23.03.07-The David Knight Show
23.03.06-Trump Pushes UN Agenda21/UN 2030 Agenda, Rebrands as Freedom Cities
23.03.03-The David Knight Show
23.03.02-The David Knight Show
23.02.27-The David Knight Show
23.02.24-CBDC Bill; Black Marxist Learns Who Ancestors Were, Devastated; Xi OWNS Silicon Valley & Entertainment
23.02.23-The David Knight Show
23.02.22-Derailments, Explosions, Fires, Power Grid Attacks: Sabotage? Criminal Neglect? War?
23.02.21-Is Pfizer Behind the Project Veritas Putsch, Removing James O'Keefe?
23.02.20-Paying Docs to Snitch on Unvaxed; Swiss to Vote on Prohibiting Cashless CBDC; TN Bill to Review & NULLIFY Fed Overreach
23.02.17-Emotional, Inaccurate, Aggressive, Argumentative: Can You Distinguish Bing Chat from It's Leftist Creators?
23.02.16-The David Knight Show
23.02.15-AI: Intelligence or Imitation? Either Way New Lethal Weapons Are Being Developed
23.02.14-Could Chemical Chernobyl Happen in YOUR Town? Govt's Passive/Aggressive UFO Deception
23.02.13-ChatGPT Unbound-Satanic Creators? The True Purpose of AI
23.02.10-Biden/Democrat Scheme to End Suburbs & Single Family Homes; Archbishop's Plan to End Christianity
23.02.09-How & Why US Sabotaged EU Energy; NOSTR; Great American Sell-Out: Toll Roads
23.02.08-The David Knight Show
23.02.07-The David Knight Show
23.02.06-The David Knight Show
23.02.03-The David Knight Show
23.02.02-NASA, NASCAR, RealID-But Big Win for Gun Ownership
23.02.01-The Collapse of Trust and Institutions and the Coming World War
23.01.31-Biden Says Covid "Emergency" Order Will End in 4 Months-Will It?
23.01.28-FDIC Says Public Would Panic If Truth Were Known: FDIC caught talking bank runs, bail-in, financial crash
23.01.27-The David Knight Show
23.01.23-Dirty (half) Dozen Egg Cartel; Trillion Dollar Coin & Deficit; 50th Anniversary of Roe
23.01.20-NHS Director says UK Hospitals Paid to Lie About Covid to Create Pandemic Illusion
23.01.19-Saudis: PetroDollar Dead. Gold Soars. Ukraine Pushes CBDC
23.01.18-Mainstream Media says Globalism is Failing. Don't Let Your Guard Down
23.01.17-WHO Plots Medical Martial Law in Geneva, WEF Plots Digital Slavery in Davos
23.01.16-FAA's Feeble Lie About the Hack That Grounded ALL Flights Last Week
23.01.13-Statesman Stands Against the Bioweapon, Conservative Politicians Destroy & Cancel Him
23.01.12-All Flights Grounded with Hack, McCarthy Embraces Corruption, Stopping GREEN AGENDA at State Level
23.01.12-INTERVIEW: Protect YOUR Kids From CPS & Trans-Grooming
23.01.10-Biden to Ban Gas Ovens/Ranges, California Bans Trucks pre-2010
23.01.09-Jan6 Was An Inside Job-High Ranking Agent Provocateur
23.01.06-Jan6 BIPARTISAN FRAUD Against Trump Supporters
23.01.05-Pfizer's Rap Sheet of Crime, Corruption, RICO Convictions
23.01.04-INTERVIEW: Advancing Liberty Through Fact, Fiction & Entertainment
23.01.04-Medical Propagandists Lose Last Bit of Credibility in NFL Tragedy; Trump Wars with Pro-Lifers
23.01.03-Big Stories, Missed Stories, and Misdirection in 2022-2023 The Year of CBDC
22.12.30-Best of Guests Part 2
22.12.29-Best of Guests Part 1
22.12.28-The Truth about Nuclear War
22.12.27-Nanobots to Kill Cancer and mRNA for EVERY Disease
22.12.26-World Begs for a Lump of Coal, Governments Say Bah Humbug
22.12.23-Deutsche Banks says Eco-Dictatorship Coming
22.12.21-Zelensky Sits on Congress' Lap-All He Wants for Christmas is Nuclear War
22.12.19-What Changed Tucker's Mind on JFK? Why Does Tucker Believe Govt's 9/11 Fable?
22.12.16-Satan's Workshop: Major Toy Company's Mission to Groom
22.12.15-AOC Sets Box Office Record-For FAILURE, Avatar Next? "Comfort Care" Baby Murder As Huxley's Hatcheries Anticipated
22.12.14-Being Vaxed Makes You Safer Driver?; SBF "Lone Conspirator"; WW3 Enters Comment Period
22.12.13-Real or Hype? Promise of Fusion and Genetic Cure for Cancer
22.12.12-Governments Accelerate CBDC; "Catastrophic Contagion" Germ Game; Musk-Saint or Satan?
22.12.08-Thousand Day Anniversary of Pandemic Orders, and What Happens AFTER 2030? Life in MegaCities
22.12.07-Ukraine & UK Join for Digital ID; Big Wins Against Medical Martial Law
22.12.05-Trump says Twitter Censorship Justifies Suspending Constitution; Musk Takes a Dump on Twits with a Pile of Docs
22.12.02-New Gun Control, NDAA & DoD Mandates, EU's Green Death Spiral
22.12.01-Mind Control: Brain Hacks, Bossware, and Schools
22.11.30-Oath Keepers Verdict; Current Status of Pentagon's War on Religious Liberty
22.11.29-The Pandora "Zombie" Virus
22.11.28-Xi Pushes China to Open Revolt, Fauci & Trudeau Give Revolting Testimony
22.11.23-Media Serves Up Fear for Thanksgiving, Pharma Wants to Jab Turkeys (real ones), DoD & CIA Torturers Write Video Games
22.11.22-GOP Has NO PLANS to Interfere with GreatReset
22.11.21-Meet the New Twitter Boss, Same as the Old Twitter Boss
22.11.18-Fertilizer Becomes Controlled Substance with Raids on Farmers
22.11.17-Unabridged-Klaus Schwab goes to G20 with an emphasis on the "economic" in the World Economic Forum
22.11.15-UK Labour leader says kids shouldn't be mutilated without parental approval. LGBT is outraged.
22.11.11-WHO Modifying Human Genome; Why Libs Love Corporate Fascism
22.11.08-November 8, 2022
22.11.07-Inside China Covid Camp; 5G Rapid Deployment; Trump's Prophets
22.11.04-MURDER? Organ Donation Crosses the Line; King Charles' Fetishes of TEDDY BEARS & Climate
22.11.03-Lessons from CBDC Experiment; Cities PROHIBIT Travel Between Neighborhoods (for "Climate")
22.11.01-Unabridged-With China's Dictator Xi's ZERO COVID-entire factories, resorts, cities are still being ruthlessly locked down
22.10.31-Unabridged-Paul Pelosi attack seized by Democrats to play victim card, justify censorship
22.10.27-Unabridged-AFTER 959 DAYS —Ben Shapiro: “It’s now perfectly clear that we were lied to.” Is Ben REALLY that gullible?
22.10.26-Unabridged-Cannibalism in Hollywood-and mainstream America follows. Why is it being celebrated
22.10.24-Unabridged-Hu's Gone First-as Xi visibly removes his predecessor. What can we learn about his priorities
22.10.21-Unabridged-As reprehensible as it is to require the TrumpShots for kids who have NO risk
22.10.20-Unabridged-Small, religious community shows how to beat IMF & BIS schemes for total control using CBDC
22.10.11-Unabridged-French politician claims Macron and other politicians did NOT take the vaccine
22.10.10-Unabridged-PayPal caves to public pressure, removes $2,500 "fine" their new "terms of service"
22.10.07-Unabridged-Spotify reveals how and why they've censored podcasts more than all other platforms
22.10.06-Unabridged-Coward Stern - shock jock leaves home for the first time since Trump lockdown. He's a
22.10.05-Unabridged-Musk - what his emails tell us about Silicon Valley mandarins, free speech and future
22.10.04-Unabridged-SCOTUS lets stand Trump gun control by Exec Order and ATF redefinition of terms
22.10.01-Unabridged-A REAL hero, in a REAL emergency, celebrated then fired by Biden for not getting the
22.09.30-Unabridged-Targeted biowarfare against key individuals in the military: Lost in the novelty of the
22.09.29-Unabridged-PipeBomb! Which country destroyed Nordstream? What does the list of suspects tell us
22.09.28-Unabridged-BOTH Nordstream 1 and 2 were blown up. What is not agreed upon is who dunnit?
22.09.27-Unabridged-Federal government goes feral. SWAT raid on homeschool family shows how vicious
22.09.26-Unabridged-The injection and cancer: bombshell admission from EU immunologist about what
22.09.23-Unabridged-Stacy Abrams Ultra-Liar about Ultra-Sound. Even as CNN covers study showing
22.09.21-Unabridged-UN head begins new session warning things are building to a climax and can't continue
22.09.20-Unabridged-"Pandemic Over"? GOP comments show they knew all along that Trump E.O. of
22.09.16-Unabridged-Christianity is Collapsing in USA. Non-Christians Say It's Vital to Oppose Woke Marxism
22.09.14-Unabridged-Mike Lindell, MyPillow, attacked and robbed of his business records by FBI. But is he
22.09.13-Unabridged-Ukraine's major surge & Russian retreat — time for peace talks or MORE weapons?
22.09.07-Unabridged-Crisis: Energy Hyperinflation. Solution: Subsidies to households to pacify resistance and
22.09.02-Unabridged-Sanctions are an act of war and this war began with pandemic sanctions, but Biden did
22.08.31-Unabridged-Dark Green Winter has descended on EU and you won't believe what the leaders
22.08.30-Unabridged-How did we get deceived about Iraq WMD? Former weapons inspector lays it out
22.08.29-Unabridged-Look who Biden appointed as head of IRS Army! Is its purpose to attack crypto to
22.08.26-Unabridged-Congress' bipartisan push for CBDC a week before all Biden Administration agencies file
22.08.25-Unabridged-Operation WarpSpeed begins cover-up phase. Pundits and politicians can't hide the
22.08.24-Unabridged-Dan Bongino says getting the vaccine was the "WORST decision of my life"
22.08.22-Unabridged-Human embryo clones for spare parts — "ethical" they say, because they're bred without
22.08.19-Unabridged-A look at Trump's OTHER Exec Order, 6 months before the national emergency
22.08.18-Unabridged-Gates takes credit for MASSIVE climate change bill masquerading as "Inflation
22.08.15-Unabridged-Globalists believe they are gods, creating AI in their image
22.08.10-Unabridged-While China does its Taiwan war-game rehearsals, retired military are wargaming
22.08.02-Unabridged-Urine Trouble? Your waste, your protein, YOU are pollution. Selling famine to developed
22.07.29-Unabridged-"Inflation Reduction Act" is what Democrats label it. But even their friendly press says its
22.07.27-Unabridged-"Low Energy Joe" now has a double meaning as Joe is taking the lead for the globalists in
22.07.18-Unabridged-Armed hero who stopped mall shooting destroys the left's gun control narrative
22.07.08-Unabridged-We can now clearly see the path to the long stated goal of vacating rural areas and
22.07.06-Unabridged-In Chicago, 25 miles away from the Highland Park shooting, 2-3 times as many are shot
22.06.29-Unabridged-Ghislaine Maxwell: Time off for keeping secrets? Compare her sentence with Ross
22.06.22-Unabridged-Biden says money is needed not just to jab infants with mRNA Trump shots, but
22.06.21-Unabridged-Major escalation as landlocked Kaliningrad with 1 MILLION Russians, surrounded by
22.06.20-Unabridged-Criminal, deliberate fraud to conceal NEGATIVE efficacy of kids jab. USA is ONLY
22.06.16-Unabridged-Economy, Rated EX (as in exit, exodus, excrement)
22.06.13-Unabridged-WATCH: Teamwork! Jimmy Kimmel plays the groveling sycophant to Biden's senile
22.06.09-Unabridged-INTERVIEW: Tayler Hansen's Eyewitness Report of Drag Kids to Depravity Event. The
22.06.07-Unabridged-WATCH: Calf lose on highway requires a couple of cowboys to do Team Roping
22.06.06-Unabridged-Govt says "Bees are Fish"
22.06.02-Unabridged-Pride. In the upside down Satanic world of chaos, pride is a "virtue" and those who
22.06.01-Unabridged-Massive exodus from public schools — we have the numbers for how remote
22.05.27-Unabridged-FDA head holds himself & agency blameless for baby food issue despite ignoring
22.05.26-Unabridged-America's "Dark Night of the Soul" will not be solved by a police state, by regulation and
22.05.25-Unabridged-Which is Greater Threat to Kids
22.05.24-Unabridged-Why is baby formula available just across the Mexican border but not in USA?
22.05.11-Unabridged-Biden Administration's under-the-radar move to give WHO dictatorial powers
22.05.10-Unabridged-INTERVIEW: Killing Dept of Ed Won't Stop Fed Control of Education.
22.05.09-Unabridged-A look at the fact-checkers vs "2000 Mules"
22.05.06-Unabridged-Trump's endorsed candidate has a Davos history, in addition to pushing gun control
22.05.05-Unabridged-Abortion has caused Biden to be "born again" on God-given "natural rights", a concept he
22.05.04-INTERVIEW: How can you tell phony physical gold & silver from the real thing?
22.05.03-INTERVIEW: Winner of UNANIMOUS Victory in Supreme Court. Hal Shurtleff
22.05.02-EMERGENCY: Obama's W.H.O. TIME BOMB. James Roguski, DontYouDare.info
22.04.29-Unabridged-How many times does the left have to you THEY OWN YOUR KIDS?
22.04.28-INTERVIEW: AG Candidate: "Pandemic" Racketeering - Investigate Covid Medical
22.04.27-Unabridged-Biden's cynical handful of pardons as jails filled by HIS draconian laws
22.04.26-Unabridged-New Corvette — Electrified or Electrocuted? Interview of Eric Peters
22.04.25-Unabridged-The Rockefeller Connection: Shanghai, Shield T3, & The Next USA Lockdown
22.04.22-Unabridged-Earth Day 2022: Hysterical quotes and histrionics for 52 years
22.04.20-INTERVIEW: Julie Wentz, Freedom-Healthcare.us, building a parallel health care
22.04.20-INTERVIEW: Former sheriff Brad Rogers (now County Commissioner due to term limits)
22.04.19-Unabridged-Members of Congress are pushing for US direct involvement in Ukraine
22.04.18-INCOME TAXES? If deficits don't matter (as the MMT people say) then why are they not
22.04.15-INTERVIEW: App to crowdsource speeding tickets and create Stasi snitches on the
22.04.14-Unabridged-WATCH THE WATER muddies the waters of real concerns. A snake venom narrative
22.04.12-Unabridged-INTERVIEW: Biden working with WHO to create radical new powers of emergency
22.04.11-Unabridged-SHANGHAIED! City of 26 MILLION KIDNAPPED by Covid-ZERO tyranny
22.04.08-INTERVIEW: Who will take up the cause of peace? Peace has no champions as they
22.04.07-Unabridged-Relentless & draconian measures escalate in Shanghai as Xi sends in his #2
22.04.06-INTERVIEW: "Take 2 Aspirin & Call Me By My Pronouns" author Dr. Stanley Goldfarb
22.04.05-Unabridged-Will China Shanghai the world? The despotic lockdown using military and an army of
22.04.04-INTERVIEW: Joel Skousen, WorldAffairsBrief.com, is nuclear war coming?
22.04.01-Unabridged-Biden pushes Transgender Day of Visibility by talking about "dignity, respect, support"
22.03.31-Unabridged-World War "Z"-Zelensky demands the letter "Z" be criminalized & zombies comply
22.03.29-Unabridged-SuperEMP-is this Putin's Plan? What is it, what would it do?
22.03.28-Unabridged-Biden's "gaffe" about Russian regime change. Why it's NOT a gaffe
22.03.25-INTERVIEW: People's Convoy — What's happening now, what's next, and the goals of
22.03.24-INTERVIEW: No, Temps Are NOT 70 degrees Warmer at the Poles. Marc Morano
22.03.23-Unabridged-At the end of his 30 minute press conference, Biden went off script and explained the
22.03.22-Unabridged-Peace talks? Zelensky says referendum will be held and "no talk of surrender!"
22.03.21-Unabridged-Zelensky's Ukrainian psychopath advisor cooly bragged in 2019 about sacrificing his
22.03.18-Unabridged-Manufactured energy crisis is a weapon against the people just as lockdown was
22.03.17-INTERVIEW: James Bovard, jimbovard.com, on the tortured argument by Supreme
22.03.16-Unabridged-Radical variation in active ingredients between batches of jabs
22.03.14-Unabridged-From 2 weeks to 2 YEARS. The lies, reversals, pivots and now cover-up. What were
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