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23.11.29-Ep. 339 Healing for the AGES in an age of Bio Attacks
23.11.27-Ep. 338 Save Gen Z, Save America | Cordie Williams, Alex Stonewall
23.11.27-Ep. 09 DANGEROUS DAMES-Ten Methods of Energy Warfare
23.11.26-DIALECTICAL DISSIDENTS (Ep. 21 Pirate Stream Media)
23.11.22-Ep.337 Using AI To Get Ahead Of Wall Street | Randy Tate
23.11.21-RADIO HOUR-Black Magic-$-The NWO
23.11.20-Ep. 08 DANGEROUS DAMES-Wizardry Of Love, Light & Lucius Trust
23.11.19-Courtenay Speaks At Fall Freedom Fest
23.11.17-Ep. 336 Dream Life Decoded | John Redenbo
23.11.16-Ep. 335 Beyond the Con-We The People Grand Jury | Dr Ealy
23.11.15-Ep. 334 Patient Advocacy & Building Parallel Health Systems | Graith Care
23.11.14-Ep. 333 Improving Neuroplasticity & Intuition | John Kennedy
23.11.11-Ep. 07 DANGEROUS DAMES-The Truth Behind Cancer
23.11.09-Tavistock 201-From There To Here With Courtenay Tuner And Monica Perez
23.11.08-Ep. 332 The Climate Hoax with Alex Newman
23.11.06-Ep. 06 DANGEROUS DAMES-Dangerous Dude Drops In
23.11.05-FLYOVER CONSERVATIVES-ReAwaken Tour Miami
23.11.05-THRIVETIME SHOW | Clay Clark
23.11.04-Ep. 331 Why Christi Tasker for Miami District 2
23.11.03-TRUTH LIVES HERE-Deep Dive into The Tavistock Institute
23.11.03-Ep. 330 Why You Should Hire a Patient Advocate | Priscilla Romans
23.11.02-MUSIC CITY REVIVAL: Rockefeller Medical Takeover
23.11.02-Ep. 329 Upper Cervical Care & Its Effects On The Nervous System | Dr. Jennifer Taylor
23.10.31-Ep. 328 The Patriotic Movement Behind The Flag Shirt | Steve Stern
23.10.31-TRUTH LIVES HERE-Deep Dive into The Tavistock Institute
23.10.30-Ep. 05 DANGEROUS DAMES-False Flags & Gun Violence
23.10.27-Ep. 328 Set Yourself Free | Katy Huff Mortensen
23.10.26-Ep. 327 Solutions for Synthetic Parasites-Snake Venom-EMFs | Dr. Lee Merritt
23.10.25-Ep. 326 Stern Americans take local action | Steve Stern
23.10.24-Ep. 325 Living The Wellness Life | Dr Mark Sherwood
23.10.23-Ep. 324 Election Crime Summit-Restoring America | Joe Oltmann
23.10.23-Ep. 04 DANGEROUS DAMES-Are We living in the Truman Show?
23.10.20-Ep. 323 Wizard of Oz & U.S. Monetary Policy | David Todge
23.10.19-Ep. 322 Holistic Healing Journey | Kylee Zeck
23.10.17-Ep. 321 Make Your Vote Count | Sandy Kiesel
23.10.16-Ep. 03 DANGEROUS DAMES-Team Human vs Team Borg
23.10.15-LIVE from Miami | Leigh Dundas
23.10.13-Ep. 320 Red Pill Moments-Conspiracy Music | Nick Nittoli
23.10.12-Ep. 319 Holistic Healing for Long-Haul Covid & Vax Injuries | Richelle Voth
23.10.08-Ep. 02 DANGEROUS DAMES-Ukraine-Israel/ Palestine Conflicts
23.10.06-Ep. 318 Secure Your Financial Future | Joseph Lombardi
23.10.06-Ep. 317 The Biblical Parallels of Babylon in Modern Day | Robert Anthony
23.10.03-Ep. 01 DANGEROUS DAMES-FEMA & FCC emergency alert system; psyop or cause for concern?
23.10.02-The Future of Media-2024 Election | Floyd Brown
23.09.29-Exposing Medical Murder | Grace’s dad Scott Schara
23.09.28-Ep. 313 How to Effectively Nullify Corrupt Laws | Nicholas St. Jon
23.09.24-Ep. 312 Exposing the Tennessee DCS System | Connie Reguli
23.09.22-Ep. 311 The Border Crisis & Foreign Influence | Ryan Matta
23.09.21-Ep. 310 United Non-Compliance | Chris Sky
23.09.20-Barbie & Disney Satanic Messaging Targeting Children | Tiffany Boyd, The Right Voices
23.09.19-Is Education Really Indoctrination? | Tiffany Boyd, Jamie Hanshaw
23.09.18-Ep. 309: A.I & 5th Generation Warfare | Boone Cutler
23.09.18-What is Maximus Inc & Why Should You Care? | Jack Pendergrass
23.09.16-Lee Merritt, MD
23.09.15-Ep. 308 America Is Worth The Fight | info-warrior Owen Shroyer
23.09.14-Ep. 307 Natural Cures for Cancer | John Richardson, Liana Werner-Gray
23.09.11-Ep. 306 Classical Liberalism-CIA Libertarianism-CIA Marxism | Jay Dyer
23.09.08-Ep. 305 Behind the Testimony of America’s #1 Domestic Extremist | Patrick Byrne
23.09.07-Ep. 304 Corruption-Christianity-The Future Of America | Robert Anthony
23.09.07-Ep. 303 Safe, Simple, Healthy Solutions without Big Pharma | Healing for the A.G.E.S
23.09.04-Ep. 302 The New World (Dis)order-Transhumanism-AI Aliens-Gnostic Jesus-Freemasonry | Leo Zagami
23.09.01-Ep. 301 Justice For Our Political Prisoners | Sarah McAbee
23.08.30-Ep. 300 The OG RedPill | G. Edward Griffin
23.08.28-Ep. 299 Donna Brandenburg-Taking back the American Dream
23.08.25-Ep. 298 The Road to Personal Sovereignty | Jim Price
23.08.25-Ep. 297 Election Shenanigans Discoveries | Jason Ickes & Chris Kaijala
23.08.22-GrassRootsWarriorNetwork | Dr. Lee Merritt
23.08.21-Ep. 296 Gnostic Technocrats Transhuman NeoFeudal Vision for Humanity | Joe Allen
23.08.21-Reawaken America to Freedom | Clay Clark
23.08.19-Ep. 295 Vaccine Bioweapons & Electromagnetic Activation | Dr. Lee Merritt
23.08.17-Ep. 295 The Latest Election Fraud Discoveries | Jason Ickes, Chris Kaijala
23.08.14-Ep. 294 How To Harness The Power of Fear | Brad Axelrad
23.08.11-Ep. 293 Escaping the Matrix of the Mind | Robert Edward Grant
23.08.10-Ep. 292 Stop Suffering in Silence | Rachel Timothy
23.08.07-Ep. 291 Election Integrity-Political Paradigm Shift | Jason Ickes
23.08.04-Ep. 290 The Savior Complex | George Webb
23.08.03-Ep. 289 Distract & Divide Tactics | George Webb I
23.07.31-Ep. 288 Free Your Children from The Dangers of The Education System | Tiffany Boyd
23.07.28-Ep. 287 Defending Medical Ethics | Kirk Moore
23.07.27-Ep. 286 The Proximal Origin Of A Cover-Up | Maryam Henein
23.07.26-Ep. 285 Toxic Exposure & The Monsanto Trials | Dr. Chadi Nabhan
23.07.25-Ep. 284 Dirty Local Politics | Chase The Patriot Punk
23.07.21-Ep. 283 Make Honey Great Again | Todd Gerhart
23.07.20-Ep. 282 CAMPO Essential Oils | Jessica Frandson
23.07.17-Ep. 281 Cultivating Self Directed Learning | Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan
23.07.14-Ep. 280 The Declaration of Independence Project | Greg Strause
23.07.13-Ep. 279 A Story of Hope & Healing from Dissociative Identity Disorder | Serena Faith Masterson
23.07.10-Ep. 278 Restoring Election Integrity & Reuniting America | Joe Oltmann
23.07.07-Ep. 277 The Healing Power of Scalar Energy | Tom Paladino
23.07.06-Ep. 276 What You Should Know About ‘Nanotech King’ Charles Leiber | Cristian & Maryam Henein
23.07.03-Ep. 275 From Plandemic to The Great Awakening | Mikki Willis
23.06.29-Ep. 273 Finding Courage | Laban Ditchburn
23.06.26-Ep. 272 Exposing Luciferian Cults & the Propaganda Lie Machine | Scotty Saks
23.06.24-Ep. 271 Good News & His Timing | Justin Barclay
23.06.22-Ep. 270 Baby Steps to Super Health | KC Craichy
23.06.20-Ep. 269 The Story Behind #FreeJeremyBrown | Jeremy Brown
23.06.18-Ep. 268 Occult Roots of Counterculture & the Threat of Empire w/ Cynthia Chung
23.06.16-Ep. 267 The History & Harmful Effects of Synthetic Biology w/ Karen Kingston
23.06.14-Ep. 266 Shattering Illusions Through Creativity & Conspiracies w/ Ben Joseph Stewart
23.06.12-Ep. 265 What is The OppScore Political Rating System? w/ John Paul Moran
23.06.10-Ep. 264 Courtenay’s Backstory & Inspirations: An Interview by Kevin Alan
23.06.04-C.A.U.S.E Fest - Nashville - Day 2
23.06.03-C.A.U.S.E Fest - Nashville - Day 1
23.06.01-Ep. 263 Clean Food & Freedom w/ Alfie Oakes
23.05.30-Ep. 262 Inside The Communist Takeover w/ Patrick Byrne
23.05.28-Ep. 261 A Peaceful Approach to Reviving America’s Founding Principles w/ Floyd Brown
23.05.26-Ep. 260 Safe Blood Donation w/ Dr. Clinton Ohlers
23.05.24-Ep. 259 Welcome to the Entertainment Revolution w/ Jimmy Levy
23.05.22-Ep. 258 The Beauty of Parallel Systems w/ Corey Haag
23.05.20-Ep. 257 Why This Army Doctor was Silenced & Suspended w/ Dr. Samuel Sigoloff
23.05.18-Ep. 256 Seed Oil Scout app tracking the United States
23.05.16-Ep. 255 Perniciousness of Moral Injury w/ Brad Miller
23.05.14-Ep. 254 Holistic Healing & Education w/ Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan
23.05.12-Ep. 253 Questioning the Ohio Train Derailment w/ Dr. Lee Merritt & Ryan Cristian
23.05.10-Ep. 252 Rising Up Against The War on Women w/ Simon Esler
23.05.08-Ep. 251 New Federal State of China w/ Ava Chen
23.05.06-Ep. 250 Moms on a Mission for Education Freedom w/ Miriam Shaw & Julie Woolslayer
23.04.30-Ep. 249 Protect Food Sovereignty w/ J. Gulinello
23.04.28-Ep. 248 Artificial Intelligence vs. Natural Intelligence w/ Matt Presti
23.04.26-Ep. 247 The Harmful Effects of EMF & How To Detox w/ Justin Frandson
23.04.24-Ep. 246 Null Hypothesis of Politics w/ Donnie Gebert
23.04.22-Ep. 245 The Genesis of Social Science & Tavistock w/ Tony Myers
23.04.20-Ep. 244 A POV from Kanye West’s Ex-Bodyguard w/ Steve Stanulis
23.04.18-Ep. 244 Effective Altruism & Ponzi Schemes w/ Maddie Bannon
23.04.16-Ep. 243 The Convenience Con That’s Stripping Freedom w/ Karen Hunt
23.04.14-Ep. 241 The Psyche & Philosophy Behind Mind Control w/ Justin Deschamps
23.04.12-Ep. 240 Music As Ministry w/ Curtis Grimes
23.04.10-Ep. 239 Silent No More w/ Lynz Piper-Loomis
23.04.08-Ep. 239 A People’s Pharmacist w/ Dr. Jen VanDeWater
23.04.06-Ep. 238 The Hollywood Escape w/ Mel K
23.04.04-Ep. 237 The Legacy Behind “Kennedy’s Man To Smash the CIA” w/ John O’Loughlin
23.03.30-Ep. 236 What Americans can learn from Australia about the NWO w/ Maria Zeee
23.03.28-Ep. 235 What Happened To Curiosity? w/ Ryan Cristian
23.03.26-Ep. 234 Voluntarism: Consent vs. Coercion w/ Mark Gober & Alec Zeck
23.03.24-Ep. 232 The “Invisible Hand” Steering Culture, Art & the Masses
23.03.20-Ep. 231 Is Data The New Oil? w/ Robert Edward Grant
23.03.18-Ep. 230 Dissecting Health Lies w/ Dr. Jason Dean
23.03.16-Ep. 229 God vs. Government w/ Robert Scott Bell
23.03.14-Ep. 228 Predictive Programming & Luciferian Lineages w/ Jay Dyer & Dr. Lee Merritt
23.03.12-Ep. 227 The Dangers of Seed Oils w/ Tucker Goodrich
23.03.10-Ep. 226 Faith-Infused Films with Wally Veazie
23.03.08-Ep. 225 The History Behind Corruption Cycles w/ Richard Grove
23.03.06-Ep. 224 Protect Your Bodily Autonomy w/ Ben Hardy
23.02.28-Ep. 223 Is Glyphosate Really ‘Safe & Effective’? w/ J. Gulinello & Dr. Lee Merritt
23.02.26-Ep. 222 The Hidden, Dark Side of Abortion w/ Victoria Robinson
23.02.24-Ep. 221 The Coerced Nurse
23.02.22-Ep. 220 Demystifying Dialectical Disputes w/ Matthew Ehret
23.02.20-Ep. 219 Unpacking ESG w/ Tommy Salmons
23.02.18-Ep. 218 Big Tech, Conservative media & adjudication of information vs. sources w/ Jason Bermas & Jay Dyer
23.02.16-Ep. 217 How To Optimize Your Metabolic Health w/ Kelsey Cooke
23.02.14-Ep. 216 Raising SRA Awareness w/ Cindy Metcalf
23.02.12-Ep. 215 The Vitality Secret w/ Neil Cannon
23.02.10-Ep. 214 Beware of The America First Organization w/ Rachel Wilson
23.02.08-Ep. 213 The Compassion Trap with Mark Gober
23.02.06-Ep. 212 Technocracy, CBCD, & elite’s 100+ Yr. plan for global governance w/ Jay Dyer & Clay Clark
23.01.30-Ep. 211 Finding Common Ground w/ Brent Hamachek
23.01.28-Ep. 210 The Science of Leveraging Power w/ Tony Myers
23.01.26-Ep. 209 Artisan Health
23.01.24-Ep. 208 Saving America from Global Governance w/ Marc Malone
23.01.22-Ep. 207 Finding Healing & Hope After SRA w/ Lisa Meister
23.01.20-Ep. 206 Beware The Mark of The Beast w/ Dr. Ben Marble
23.01.18-Ep. 205 Jan 6th SCOTUS Conference w/ Loy Brunson
23.01.16-Ep. 204 Digital ID, “Conspiracy Theorist” & Live Exercises for Global Emergencies w/George Webb
23.01.14-Ep. 203 Freedom From Pharma w/ Dr. Heather Gessling
23.01.12-Ep. 202 A Roadmap to Autonomy & Cognitive Liberty w/ Richard Grove
23.01.10-Ep. 201 Behind Music Censorship with Gene Owens
23.01.08-Ep. 200 A Dietary Lesson From Our Ancestors w/ J. Gulinello
22.12.30-Ep. 198 Restoring America with Love w/ Anna Khait
22.12.28-Ep. 197 Faith, Midterms, and the Elite Class w/ Buck Johnson
22.12.26-Ep. 196 Exposing Balenciaga w/ William Ramsey
22.12.24-Ep. 193 The Power of Faith & Community w/ Chris Eryx
22.12.22-Ep. 192 A New Take on the “Red Wave” with Gillyan Stone
22.12.20-Ep. 191 Protecting Children From Vaccine Injuries w/ Tracy Slepcevic
22.12.18-Ep. 190 Raising SRA + Trafficking Awareness with Rachel Caruso
22.12.16-Ep. 189 The Truth in ‘Wrong Opinions’ with Josh Lekach
22.12.14-Ep. 188 The Solution To Affordable Healthcare Amidst Inflation with Mike Sharman
22.12.12-Ep. 187 It’s Here- The Digital Dollar w/ Clay Clark
22.12.10-Ep. 186 A Deep Dive on Culture Clashes & Capitalism with Monica Perez
22.12.08-Ep. 185 How To Optimize Your Metabolic Health with Robb Wolf
22.11.30-Ep. 184 What Does NASA Have To Do With Cancer Research? with Rachel Wilson
22.11.28-Ep. 183 What Is Share Healthcare? with Mike Sharman
22.11.26-Ep. 182 Holy Hydrogen Healing with Greg The Hydrogen Man
22.11.22-Ep. 181 Uncovering School World Order with John Klyczek
22.11.20-Ep. 180 The History of The Technocracy with Patrick Wood
22.11.18-Ep. 179 Finding Strength Through Adversity with C.J. Grace
22.11.16-Ep. 178 Less Tragedy, More Hope with George Webb
22.11.14-Ep. 177 CBDC, Petro- Dollar/ US dollar collapse W/ Clay Clark
22.11.12-Ep. 176 Predictive Programming & Demonic Symbolism with Gillyan Stone
22.11.10-Ep. 175 Great Reset & Struggle for Liberty w/Dr. Michael Rectenwald
22.11.08-Ep. 174 Reviving The Socratic Method with Adam Sandel
22.11.06-Ep. 173 How To Access Higher Intelligence Through Quantum Hypnosis with Sarah Jane Smith
22.10.30-Ep. 172 What Your Eyes Say About Your Health with Nichole Hosein
22.10.28-Ep. 171 Inflation: The War On Quality Food Sources with Kyle Matovcik
22.10.26-Ep. 170 Unpacking Germ Theory with Dr. Andrew Kaufman
22.10.24-Ep. 169 Analysis of Democide w/Ed Dowd
22.10.22-Ep. 168 Therapeutic Writing & Childhood Education with Marissa D’Angelo
22.10.20-Ep. 167 Faith & Free Will across 50 states w/Ohio Brett
22.10.18-Ep. 166 The Art of Self-Mastery in Life & Entrepreneurship w/ Julia Vitality
22.10.16-Ep. 165 Breakfree From Hidden Language Codes w/Dani Katz
22.10.14-Ep. 164 Reclaim Freedom of Thought w/ Jason Christoff
22.10.12-Ep. 163 Has Dialectic-Politics Vanquished Critical Thinking? W/ Peter Duke
22.10.10-Ep. 162 Leftist Control Tactics & How To Be Proactive with Rob Dew
22.10.08-Ep. 161 Mental Illness Myths w/ Dr. Dathan Paterno
22.09.30-Ep. 160 Finding Community & Freedom Through Permaculture with Jim Gale
22.09.28-Ep. 159 The Two Party Illusion & Gateway For Change with Ryan Cristian and Scott Armstrong
22.09.26-Ep. 158 Adjudicating information vs. sources w/ Dr. Lee Merritt
22.09.24-Ep. 157 Finding A Deeper Purpose with Ricky Varandas
22.09.22-Ep. 156 Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse with Sam Dorman
22.09.20-Ep. 155 The Depths of Vaccine Remorse with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
22.09.18-Ep. 154 Make Yourself Happy w/Ari David
22.09.16-Ep. 153 What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency with Jack McInerney
22.09.14-Ep. 152 When Will We Do Something About Vaccine Injuries? With Guest: Dr. Judy Mikovits
22.09.12-Ep. 151 Biden’s Digital Dictatorship with Clay Clark
22.09.10-Ep. 150 How To Restore the Root of the Republic with Chuck Pierce
22.09.08-Ep. 149 Become Your Own Health Hero with Tim James
22.08.30-Ep. 148 A Deep Dive Into the Cabal Agenda + Secret Society’s Origins with Justin Deschamps
22.08.28-Ep. 147 Shifting Perspective with The Urban Amish
22.08.26-Ep. 146 How Soy and Other Toxins Are Destroying Your Health with Dr Anthony Jay
22.08.24-Ep. 145 How To Empower Your Health Holistically with Ricky Varandas
22.08.22-Ep. 144 Health Hypocrisies with Sebastien Powell
22.08.20-Ep. 143 What You Don’t Know About The HIV/AIDS Narrative with Sebastien Powell
22.08.18-Ep. 142 Dialectical Political Warfare Tactics w/Stephen Coughlin
22.08.16-Ep. 141 Reclaim Free Thought & Spirit with MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O’Brien
22.08.14-Ep. 140 Pursuit, Perseverance & Preservation of the American Dream with Atilis Gym owner, Ian Smith
22.08.12-Ep. 139 An End to the Upsidedown with Mark Gober
22.08.10-Ep. 138 How Feminism Has Fueled The Trans Movement
22.08.08-Ep. 137 Holistic Solutions for Fear, Disease, & Coercion with Alec Zeck
22.07.30-Ep. 136 What They Don’t Want You To Know About the Tobacco Industry with Greg Troutman
22.07.28-Ep. 135 Content Creation + Escaping Conformist Culture with Matthew Raymer
22.07.26-Ep. 134 Mass Media Hypnosis with Michael Grady
22.07.24-Ep. 133 Alex Newman Fighting for Freedom against the Threat of Transhumanism
22.07.22-Ep. 132 How Gnosticism Paved the way for a Transhumanism Agenda w/Jay Dyer & Dr. James Lindsay
22.07.20-Ep. 131 A Philosophical Approach to Understanding Elitist Power Grabs with Jay Dyer
22.07.18-Ep. 130 The Mental Health Effects of Big Tech, Big Food, and Big Pharma with Dr. Daniel Moore
22.07.16-Ep. 129 Debunked to Rebunked: Validating Conspiracy Theories with Scott Armstrong
22.07.14-Ep. 128 is Federalism the last Bastion of Hope for Free Will?
22.07.10-Ep. 127 Holistic health journey finding purpose through pain w/ Robert Scott Bell
22.07.08-Ep. 126 Find Everlasting Triumph in This Spiritual Warfare with Dr. Carrie Madej
22.07.06-Ep. 125 JSlay -ing the Alt Media & overcoming censorship
22.06.30-Ep. 124 9/11 + COVID-19 Psyop-Parallels with Richard Gage
22.06.28-Ep. 123 Investigating Charles Leiber, George Floyd, and MK Ultra with Maryam Henein
22.06.26-Ep. 122 Mandates = The Gateway to Communism with Leigh Dundas
22.06.24-Ep. 121 The Power of Urine Therapy with Dr. Edward Group
22.06.22-Ep. 120 Understanding the Threat with John Guandolo
22.06.20-Ep. 119 Upholding The Integrity of Journalism with Kristi Leigh
22.06.18-Ep. 118 Is 5G Radiation Making You Sick? with Lisa Lovelady
22.06.16-Ep. 117 Legally Avoiding Federal Income Taxes with Peymon Mottaheden
22.06.14-Ep. 116 Behind The Scenes with Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies
22.06.12-Ep. 115 Elon Musk “The Savior”? With Jason Bermas
22.06.10-Ep. 114 The Other BLM: Bureau of Land Management with Cameron Ring
22.06.08-Ep. 113 The Transhuman Agenda with Clay Clark
22.05.30-Ep. 112 Liberty & Health with Kyle Matovick
22.05.28-Ep. 111 What really makes us ill? With Dawn Lester & David Parker
22.05.26-Ep. 110 The Disservice of ‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ Mentality with Kender McGowen
22.05.24-Ep. 109 Toxic Injections and Severe Side Effects with Mary Tocco