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22.09.12-Ep. 96 Keep Calm & Dumpster On
22.09.06-Ep. 02 Factory Settings Parenting
22.08.29-Ep. 95 Political Onesie Edition
22.08.23-Ep. 01 Factory Settings What Are They?
22.08.08-Ep. 94 Defund The IRS
22.07.25-Ep. 93 Return Of The Dumpster
22.05.23-Ep. 92 Make The Colonies Great For The First Time
22.05.02-Ep. 91 There's Lead In The Aqueducts
22.04.11-Ep. 90 Control Your Soul's Desire For Children
22.04.04-Ep. 89 Premageddon Is Upon Us
22.03.28-Ep. 88 Return of the Flaps N' Folds
22.03.14-Ep. 87 Every Dumpster Fire Is A Miracle
22.03.07-Ep. 86 The Hunt For Red Yachtober
22.02.28-Ep. 85 The Chernobyl of Bad Takes
22.02.14-Ep. 84 Let Them Eat Bezos
22.02.06-Ep. 83 Undertones of Brad Pitt
22.01.24-Ep. 82 A Yacht For Every Pleb
22.01.17-Ep. 81 Get Rich or Get F*cked
22.01.10-Ep. 80 The Pearl Harbor of Dumpster Fires
21.12.20-Ep. 79 Last Dumpster Fire Ever... NOT!
21.12.13-Ep. 78 Broken Bridget
21.12.06-Ep. 77 Wake Up Sheeple!
21.11.22-Ep. 76 Pivoting To Merkin Merchants
21.11.15-Ep. 75 Suck It, Poors
21.11.01-Ep. 74 Tracy Jurgenstein Is A False Flag
21.10.25-Ep. 73 The Kids Aren't Alright
21.10.17-Ep. 72 That Sh*t Is Whack
21.10.04-Ep. 71 Think While It's Still Legal
21.09.27-Ep. 70 Take Me To The Glue Factory
21.09.20-Ep. 69 Nice
21.09.06-Ep. 68 We Hate Everything
21.08.30-Ep. 67 We Are Not A News Show
21.08.23-Ep. 66 This Was Always the Plan
21.07.26-Ep. 65 Gaslighting Is An Olympic Sport
21.07.19-Ep. 64 Well That Escalated Quickly
21.07.05-Ep. 63 There's Something In The Water
21.06.28-Ep. 62 Never F*ck With A Witch
21.06.21-Ep. 61 I Want The Male Gaze Inside Me
21.06.07-Ep. 60 No One Has The Monopoly On Being A D*ck
21.05.31-Ep. 59 We Apologize To West Taiwan
21.05.24-Ep. 58 Your Sacred Cows Are Delicious
21.05.17-Ep. 57 Just The Right Amount Of Malice
21.05.03-Ep. 56 Democrats Can Be Racist Too
21.04.26-Ep. 55 Activists Are The Worst
21.04.19-Ep. 54 Don't Let Them Divide Us
21.04.12-Ep. 53 This Is My Vaccine Passport
21.03.29-Ep. 52 Shrinking Winkies & Butt Stuff
21.03.22-Ep. 51 Everyones Jerkin Off
21.03.15-Ep. 50 Never Cave To The Mob
21.03.08-Ep. 49 Everything Is So Dumb
21.03.01-Ep. 48 Reality Remains Undefeated
21.02.01-Ep. 47 GameStop and the Rise of the Reddit Lords
21.01.25-Ep. 46 You're Welcome, America!
21.01.18-Ep. 45 Beyond The Rabbit Hole
21.01.04-Ep. 44 Step One: Buy A Guy Fawkes Mask
20.12.14-Ep. 43 Senator, PornHub, MasterCard, Covid Deaths, 9/11
20.12.07-Ep. 42 We Pigs Are Brainworkers
20.11.23-Ep. 41 All Rabbit Holes Lead To Agenda 2030
20.11.16-Ep. 40 Veep Is A Documentary
20.11.09-Ep. 39 Welcome To The Resistance, MAGA
20.11.02-Ep. 38 Rapture Me, Great Sky Master
20.10.26-Ep. 37 There Is Only One Dumpster Fire!
20.10.19-Ep. 36 Sexy Frog In Boiling Water
20.10.12-Ep. 35 The Great Unraveling
20.10.05-Ep. 34 Forgive My Laughter: I Have A Condition
20.09.28-Ep. 33 Even The Amish Are Owning the Libs
20.09.07-Ep. 32 Make Kink-Shaming Great Again
20.08.24-Ep. 31 Wet A$$ Phetasy
20.08.10-Ep. 30 Burned By The Holy Spirit
20.07.27-Ep. 29 Whatever Happened to Whimsy?
20.07.13-Ep. 28 Scream Inside Your Heart
20.06.29-Ep. 27 We've Seen the Light, And It's Not White
20.06.15-Ep. 26 The Pandering Will Continue Until Morale Improves
20.05.25-Ep. 25 This Show is Not for Sale
20.05.18-Ep. 24 Let Go of My Cold Dead Eyes
20.05.11-Ep. 23 Future Therapists of the Simulation
20.05.04-Ep. 22 Let Them Eat A$$
20.04.27-Ep. 21 Proof We're Living In A Simulation
20.03.23-Ep. 20 Dear Leader vs. Americas Spicy Butthole
20.03.16-Ep. 19 Keep Calm Quarantine On, Morons
20.03.09-Ep. 18 Spare Me My Life
20.02.24-Ep. 17 Instersectionality Giveth, Intersectionality Taketh Away
20.02.17-Ep. 16 Where Are My Accolades?!?
20.02.10-Ep. 15 Pu$$y Grabbing Should Be Done In Private
20.02.03-Ep. 14 Wokeism is a Mind Virus
20.01.27-Ep. 13 Pu$$y, The Musical
20.01.21-Ep. 12 We Watch Porn for the Dialogue
20.01.13-Ep. 11 Begun the Meme War Has
19.11.11-Ep. 10 Epstein Didn't Kill Himself
19.11.04-Ep. 09 You're Not Woke You're Annoying
19.10.00-Ep. 08 Beware of Jazz Hands As the Mushies Cancel Clapping
19.10.21-Ep. 07 Reality is Parody in the Age of Phetasy
19.10.01-Ep. 06 The Death Metal Children Will Save the World
19.09.23-Ep. 05 The Dolphins Shall Save Us from the Aliens
19.09.16-Ep. 04 Are You Not Entertained?
19.09.09-Ep. 03 The Lizard People Are Real
19.09.03-Ep. 02 Murdered by Sex Robots? Yes, Please
19.08.26-Ep. 01 Everyone is Cancelled