1996-The Money Masters 1 (REMASTERED 2022)
1996-The Money Masters 2 (REMASTERED 2022)
2009-The Secret of Oz (REMASTERED 2022)

23.11.28-Ep. 4269 How Much Are We Paying For Biden’s Illegals
23.11.28-Ep. 4268 Israeli Rabbis Say 3 Sins Led to Oct. 7th Massacre
23.11.27-Ep. 4267 The Supremes Take On High School Cheerleading Case
23.11.27-Ep. 4266 Dutch Geert Wilders-Jordan Is Palestine
23.11.26-Ep. 4265 Secret Cali Biolab Story is Getting Worse
23.11.26-Ep. 4264 The Jewish Perspective On War and Peace
23.11.26-Ep. 4263 China Wants War! Saboteurs Already Here
23.11.25-Ep. 4262 New York Court Approves Involuntary Quarantines
23.11.25-Ep. 4261 The Cost of Truth
23.11.23-Ep. 4260 Conservative Wins Dutch PM Election
23.11.23-Ep. 4259 JFK-Black Umbrella Man 2-SR 124
23.11.22-Ep. 4258 JFK-Black Umbrella Man-SR 122
23.11.22-Ep. 4257 JFK-The Grassy Knoll 2-SR 128
23.11.22-Ep. 4256 JFK-The Grassy Knoll-SR 127
23.11.22-Ep. 4255 JFK-The Fed Myth-SR Ep. 121
23.11.21-Ep. 4254 Greg Kelly Wrong About Kennedy Assassination
23.11.20-Ep. 4253 MTG Says Big Terror Attack Could Be Coming
23.11.19-Ep. 4252 Sen Tom Cotton-Biden Opposes Strong USA
23.11.18-Ep. 4251 Army Says Those Booted Over Vax Can Rejoin
23.11.18-Ep. 4250 Starship 2 Launch
23.11.17-Ep. 4249 Biden Lauds Newsom For President
23.11.16-Ep. 4248 Did J6 Pipe Bomber Park Car in FBI Garage?
23.11.15-Ep. 4247 House Covid Committee Meets-Part 3
23.11.15-Ep. 4246 House Covid Committee Meets-Part 2
23.11.15-Ep. 4245 House Covid Committee Meets-Part 1
23.11.14-Ep. 4244 Netanyahu-How Israel Became Pfizer’s Covid Vaxx Lab
23.11.13-Ep. 4242 Joe Will Resign-Newsom Will Be the Nominee
23.11.12-Ep. 4241 Bidens Ran A Complex Criminal Scheme
23.11.12-Ep. 4240 Pure Americana-Florida Sheriff Grady Judd
23.11.09-Ep. 4239 Alan Derschowitz To Obama: I Was Fooled By You
23.11.09-Ep. 4238 Sperm of the Unvaxxed In Hot Demand
23.11.07-Ep. 4237 Voting Machines Switched Votes in PA Judges Race
23.11.07-Ep. 4236 Biden Shovels Millions To Taliban Nonprofits
23.11.06-Ep. 4235 Maria Bartiromo-Mike Pompeo-Bad Guys Coming
23.11.05-Ep. 4234 The Circular Money Machine Thru Ukraine
23.11.04-Ep. 4233 Election Night 2020, Trump Speaks Election Integrity
23.11.04-Ep. 4232 Trump Stops For Pics With Cops Thursday Night
23.11.04-Ep. 4231 Slow Time Starts Up Tonight Again
23.11.03-Ep. 4229 Biden Sets Record for Compassion
23.10.31-Ep. 4228 Leftists Try To Destroy the U.S. Supreme Court
23.10.31-Ep. 4227 Ukranians Stealing Like Crazy From U.S.
23.10.30-Ep. 4226 Colorado Trial Wants To Boot Trump Off the Ballot
23.10.29-Ep. 4225 Why Mike Pense Will Never Be President
23.10.27-Ep. 4224 Fulton County DA May Be Cutting Deals Because She’s Broke
23.10.27-Ep. 4223 Biden Engaged In Bribery Schemes-No Question
23.10.26-Ep. 4221 Yesterday Was A Huge Turning Point in U.S. History
23.10.25-Ep. 4220 Bannon & Gaetz on How Mike Johnson Became Speaker
23.10.25-Ep. 4219 New Speaker-Mike Johnson’s Inspiring Acceptance Speech
23.10.25-Ep. 4218 Who Is Mike Johnson-The New Speaker of the House
23.10.25-Ep. 4217 Clarence Thomas Accepts Appeals Case on 2020 Election Fraud
23.10.24-Ep. 4216 Beth & Bill on The Cost of Reaping What We Have Sown
23.10.24-Ep. 4215 The Man For Speaker Already Has The Gavel In His Hand
23.10.23-Ep. 4214 BadAss Israeli Hints at New Urban War Strat
23.10.22-Ep. 4213 Beth’s Weekly Podcast #16
23.10.22-Ep. 4212 Trump Won’t Support George Soros Guy, Tom Emmer
23.10.21-Ep. 4211 Why Dems Call Trump a Clear and Present Danger
23.10.20-Ep. 4210 Is This How Bribe Deals Are Cut With Congress?
23.10.20-Ep. 4210 Is This How Bribe Deals Are Cut With Congress?
23.10.18-Ep. 4207 Dems Fear MAGA May Win Today
23.10.17-Ep. 4206 Why Is Biden Flying Into Israel
23.10.16-Ep. 4205 Trump's Speech In Saudi Arabia Is the Solution
23.10.16-Ep. 4204 Did Brandon Launder Terror Money Thru Iran
23.10.14-Ep. 4203 Beth & Bill
23.10.13-Ep. 4202 Beware of Friday the 13th CREDIBLE THREAT
23.10.10-Ep. 4201 Beth & Bill-War-What’s Going On With Israel-Biden-Iran
23.10.09-Ep. 4200 FBI Is Now Targeting Trump Supporters
23.10.07-Ep. 4199 Beth & Bill
23.10.07-Ep. 4198 Is Biden Stopping Whistleblowers
23.10.04-Ep. 4197 Bigtime Danger Dead Ahead in Speaker’s Race
23.10.04-Ep. 4196 100 Geese Take Off
23.10.03-Ep. 4195 New Evidence-FBI Planned Jan. 6 Attack
23.10.02-Ep. 4194 Gen. Michael Flynn-Chinese Military in Panama
23.09.30-Ep. 4193 Elon Musk, Texas Border Being Overrun
23.09.28-Ep. 4192 Beth and Bill
23.09.28-Ep. 4191 Dr. Grouchy Pushed CIA to Support Wet Market Theory
23.09.28-Ep. 4190 Mother Blasts School Board Over LGBTQ
23.09.26-Ep. 4189 Gavin Newsome Will Replace Biden After Dem Primaries
23.09.26-Ep. 4188 Trump Says He Will Investigate MSNBC for Treason
23.09.25-Ep. 4187 Maria Bartiromo’s Wild Argument With Matt Gates
23.09.25-Ep. 4186 Election Fraud Makes Election Forecasting Worthless
23.09.24-Ep. 4185 New Congressman Humiliates A.G. Garland
23.09.23-Ep. 4184 Beth And Bill Stills Podcast 12
23.09.20-Ep. 4183 Trump Hits New Highs With Black and Hispanics
23.09.19-Ep. 4182 Pense/Christie Ticket Is A Joke
23.09.18-Ep. 4181 Dems Cheating Dems in Connecticut Primary Scandal
23.09.17-Ep. 4180 Why Not a Government Shutdown?
23.09.16-Ep. 4179 Texas AG Cleared of All Charges
23.09.16-Ep. 4178 Trump Speaks at The Family Reseach Council
23.09.15-Ep. 4177 Beth & Bill Still, Podcast #11
23.09.15-Ep, 4176 Trump Wins Two Big Court Victories
23.09.15-Ep, 4175 CIA Bribed Analysts for COVID Disinformation
23.09.12-Ep, 4174 Top Doc-Avoid The New COVID Booster
23.09.11-Ep, 4173 Why The Saudis Backed the 9/11 Attacks
23.09.10-Ep, 4172 Japanese Professor-COVID Vaxx Is A Bioweapon
23.08.31-Ep, 4171 Trump Says-We Will Not Comply
23.08.30-Ep, 4170 Why Joe Biden Will Not Run Again
23.08.28-Ep, 4169 It is Well With My Soul?
23.08.27-Ep, 4168 Chad Stewart-Obama's Cook-Masks Returning?
23.08.26-Ep, 4167 Did Fauci Team With ABC Against Trump?
23.08.23-Ep, 4166 Ramaswamy's Law Degree Paid By Soros
23.08.22-Ep, 4165 CDC Lied About Masks and COVID
23.08.20-Ep, 4164 Biden Will Soon Bring Back Masks
23.08.18-Ep, 4162 Georgia Senator-Trump Could Get The Death Penalty
23.08.18-Ep, 4161 Sen Ted Cruz-Biden Deserves Jail for Bribery
23.08.12-Ep, 4160 Beth & Bill Still Podcast #6
23.08.11-Ep, 4159 Is Pence (the Traitor) Lying About His Jan6 Decision
23.08.08-Ep, 4158 Peter Schweizer-Biden’s Secret Cell Phone
23.08.05-Ep, 4157 COVID Vaxxs & Depopulation
23.08.01-Ep, 4156 Robert Malone MD-The COVID Depopulation Agenda
23.07.31-Ep, 4155 Rep. James Comer-DOJ Guilty of Election Meddling
23.07.29-Ep, 4154 Beth and Bill Interview Clay Clark
23.07.28-Ep, 4153 Baby Bluebirds Leave the Nest
23.07.26-Ep. 4152 What's Behind the Ukraine vs Russia War?
23.07.25-Ep. 4151 Dems Are Already Skewing Trump’s Polls
23.07.24-Ep, 4150 Bluebirds-Day 19 Since Hatched
23.07.19-Ep. 4149 Bluebird Parents Feeding Babies to Fly Away
23.07.18-Ep. 4148 Will COVID Vaxxs Become Illegal In Florida?
23.07.18-Ep. 4147 Beth & Bill-The Latest
23.07.16-Ep. 4146 Still Report Podcast #2, Part 2
23.07.16-Ep. 4145 Still Report Podcast #2
23.07.14-Ep. 4144 Will Gold Money Rescue Russia
23.07.13-Ep. 4143 Trump Could Pick JFK Jr.
23.07.11-Ep. 4142 US Prepares Evacuation Plans Out Of Taiwan
23.07.10-Ep. 4141 Glenn Greenwald-Julian Assange Update
23.07.10-Ep. 4140 Biden-The Most Corrupt in US History
23.07.08-Ep. 4139 Dick Morris-Trump Will Win Because ….
23.07.08-Ep. 4138 New Study-74% of COVID Deaths Caused By Vaxx
23.07.07-Ep. 4137 Dems Will Try to Disqualify Trump For Jan. 6
23.07.08-Ep. 4136 Still Report Podcast #1
23.07.05-Ep, 4135 FDA Refuses to Label COVID Vax A Cause Of Sudden Death
23.07.04-Ep. 4134 Judge Bans Govt Censorship By Proxy
23.07.03-Ep. 4133 Trump Will Boot Soros Prosecutors
23.07.03-Ep. 4132 Supremes Bash Biden’s 2024 Gambits
23.07.02-Ep. 4131 DNI Ratcliff-War With China Coming
23.07.01-Ep. 4129 US Lawmakers Propose Withdrawal From WHO
23.07.01-Ep, 4130 CISA-New Name For 1984
23.06.29-Ep, 4128 Former CIA Now Heads Up Facebook’s Election Policies
23.06.29-Ep, 4127 Dick Morris-The Truth About Hunter Biden’s Deal
23.06.27-Ep, 4126 Matt Whitaker On AG Garland’s Impeachment
23.06.25-Ep, 4125 Russian Revolt Signaled Putin’s Weakness to China
23.06.23-Ep, 4124 Amazing Depth of Corruption Exposed
23.06.20-Ep, 4123 Blinken OKs China Takeover Of Taiwan
23.06.17-Ep, 4122 Fauci Paid COVID Docs to Lie
23.06.16-Ep, 4121 Why Trump’s Indictment Is A Fraud
23.06.12-Ep, 4119 FBI Hid Phone 17 Calls of Biden Bribes
23.06.11-Ep, 4118 Dershowitz-Trump Has A Fair Judge
23.06.07-Ep, 4117 Bill Binney & Katherine Horton-Directed Energy Weapons
23.06.06-Ep, 4116 Supremes Agree to Confer on 2020 Election Steal
23.06.06-Ep, 4115 The Truth About 300k Fake Election 2020 PA Ballots
23.06.05-Ep, 4114 Pollster-Trump Voters Will Only Vote Trump
23.06.03-Ep, 4113 Compare Trump To Biden
23.06.03-Ep, 4112 Air Force Weapons Drone Simulation Kills Operator
23.06.01-Ep, 4111 Bill Still-Monetary Reform Using Crypto
23.05.31-Ep, 4110 Bill Binney-Only Trump Can Break Big Brother
23.05.28-Ep, 4109 Bill Binney-Is Anything Secure?
23.05.25-Ep, 4108 Fifty Senators Get Sat Phones Just In Case
23.05.23-Ep, 4106 Are Soldiers Sneaking In Thru The Border?
23.05.22-Ep, 4105 The Solution for Ending the National Debt
23.05.21-Ep, 4104 How To Escape a Default on the National Debt
23.05.21-Ep, 4103 Matt Whitaker-FBI Helped Dems Win Elections
23.05.20-Ep, 4102 How Is Silver Price Being Manipulated?
23.05.16-Ep, 4101 Gen Mike Flynn-Shut Down the FBI
23.05.15-Ep, 4100 Mark Levin on Durham Report
23.05.15-Ep, 4099 Maria Bartiromo-Biden’s Secret Border Plan
23.05.14-Ep, 4098 Maria Bartiromo-Whistleblowers & Informants Go Missing
23.05.13-Ep, 4097 Oh No! Is NewsMax Turning Rhino?
23.05.13-Ep, 4096 ATF Has No Right To Confiscate Your Guns
23.05.09-Ep, 4095 Top Doc-COVID Was Biowarfare On Human Race
23.05.07-Ep, 4094 Biden Sold Out America to China
23.05.06-Ep, 4093 New News on Bouncing Biden
23.05.04-Ep, 4092 Donald Trump on Reforming Higher Education
23.05.04-Ep, 4091 Bluebird Babies, Day 1
23.05.03-Ep, 4090 Tucker Carlson Gets $100 Million Offer
23.05.02-Ep, 4089 Jesse Watters-CIA Put Biden In Office
23.05.01-Ep, 4088 Top AI Expert Quits Google Cites Dangers
23.04.30-Ep, 4087 Good News About AI
23.04.29-Ep, 4086 Is AI an Existential Threat?
23.04.28-Ep, 4085 Greenpeace Founder-Climate Mania Is a Total Lie
23.04.28-Ep, 4084 Greg Kelly Slams FoxNews Jan 6 Deception
23.04.26-Ep, 4083 Tucker Says-See You Soon
23.04.25-Ep, 4082 Beth & Bill Endorse Trump
23.04.25-Ep, 4081 RFK Jr-Why Fox Fired Tucker
23.04.24-Ep, 4080 Evidence of Biden's Influence Peddling Mounts
23.04.24-Ep, 4079 Bill & Beth on Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox
23.04.23-Ep, 4078 Why Starship Explosion Was A Success
23.04.20-Ep, 4077 SpaceX First Starship SuperHeavy Launch, TODAY
23.04.19-Ep, 4076 Robert F. Kennedy on Tucker
23.04.19-Ep, 4075 What Can Save Humanity From A Kleptocracy?
23.04.17-Ep, 4073 U.S. Debt Limit
23.04.16-Ep, 4072 SpaceX First Starship SuperHeavy Launch, Monday
23.04.16-Ep, 4071 Iceland and Ireland Try To Escape Debt Money
23.04.15-Ep, 4070 Andrew Jackson's Battle With the Bank
23.04.14-Ep, 4069 The 4 Stages of Subverting America
23.04.14-Ep, 4068 It’s Not What Backs The Money
23.04.13-Ep, 4067 Trump on Restoring Justice in America
23.04.13-Ep, 4066 Amazon Demonetizes The Secret of Oz
23.04.12-Ep, 4065 Bank Money vs Sovereign Money