Jim Untershine
3321 E 7th St #1
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 439-2130
Alan Lowenthal, Assembly Member
115 Pine Ave, Suite 430
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 495-4766

Dear Mr. Lowenthal;

Thank you for your help in allowing me to obtain a State Hearing, which occurred on 11-12-02 and was decided on 12-17-02. The outcome of the State Hearing, resulted in my complaint regarding "serious problems" with LA County LCSA being dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction, while my complaint regarding LA County LCSA calculation of child support arrears to be denied.

The State Hearing was a consequence of 2 "serious problems" involving the Los Angeles County Child Support Enforcement agency:

I believe that our State lawmakers are being betrayed by an inadequate system. This inadequate system appears to be designed to ignore the laws that protect this State's families in an attempt to exploit their children for money. The longer child support goes unpaid, the more a State earns in federal funding. 13.6% of child support collections would cost the US taxpayers $2 billion in federal incentives if the $15 billion total cumulative arrearages were somehow collected from California parents. (reported by the Office of Child Support Enforcement 2000 in Table 10 and 11).

I believe that Policy Studies Inc. (PSI) of Denver, CO should have identified the unacceptable accounting problems when this State paid them $250,000 to investigate the LA County CSE agency in 2001 (reported by the LA Times).

I believe that Policy Studies Inc. (PSI) of Denver, CO should have identified the lack of enforcement regarding parent protection from unscrupulous employers when this State paid them an unreported amount of money to conduct the 4 year review of the California child support guideline in 2001 (Judicial Council of CA, *Child Support Guideline Review 2001")

I am including my recent submittal entitled "Welfare Design Review", that was sent to the US House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means during the "Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Hearings" in July 2003.

I am including the "State Hearing Timeline" of events leading up to the State Hearing, if you are interested, as well as my "thank you" article, entitled "Power of the Legislature" (published by Men's News Daily on 11-26-02).

I would love to share with you the results of my unofficial Family Law system audit, that spans 5.6 years from termination to incarceration of a California employee with 3 children. I would also like to get your insight into possible legislative remedies or the implementation of a "Custody Free" child support system that would reform welfare as we know it.

Thanks for your support

Jim Untershine


State Hearing Timeline (Untershine)
06-03-01 - LA Times reports a 3-month investigation into the LA County LCSA accounting system to be conducted by Policy Studies Inc. (PSI) of Denver, CO costing California $250,000
12-01-01 - Father's total child support reported to be $170,000.
12-20-01 - Father's total child support mysteriously increases to $234,000.
01-01-02 - Father's total child support mysteriously increases to $346,000.
01-05-02 - LA Times reports that the results of the PSI investigation was termed "a success"
01-20-02 - Request for audit sent to LA County LCSA and many individuals and agencies including Steven Horn.
02-01-02 - Father's total child support reported as $176,000,
02-19-02 - LA LCSA Audit reports $63,000 back child support,
03-01-02 - Father's total child support reported to be $90,000.
03-07-02 - Lowenthal requests attention of Public Information and Response Unit (PI&RU)
03-15-02 - Request for Complaint Resolution sent to PI&RU, interest $746/mo (should be $526/mo)
04-01-02 - Father's total child support reported to be $91,000, interest $746/mo (should be $526/mo)
05-03-02 - Complaint Investigation reports interest charged on $90,000 back child support (should be $63,000)
05-08-02 - Father incarcerated for ignoring court order with Request for State Hearing in hand.
05-11-02 - Request for State Hearing sent from LA County jail (interest $746/mo should be $526/mo)
06-12-02 - Complaint Investigation received from State Hearing Office confirming receipt of Request for State Hearing.
06-26-02 - 15 year old daughter (Rachel) kicked out of mother's residence.
11-04-02 - LA LCSA Audit reports $63,000 back child support,
11-07-02 - Position Paper received from LA LCSA reports welfare arrearage of $94,000 (this is actually the total child support owed).
11-12-02 - State Hearing conducted with LA LCSA representative and DHHS Administrative Law Judge. LA LCSA representative unable to provide actual amount of welfare owed.
12-01-02 - Father's total child support reported to be $95,000, interest $25,000, charges $-26,000
12-19-02 - State Hearing Decision denies complaint regarding LA LCSA accounting errors.
01-01-03 - Father's total child support reported to be $95,000, interest $526 (finally correct).

The Power of the Legislature

If people in glass houses throw stones ... you have the right to throw them back

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 11-26-02

Stephen Horn, R-Long Beach, representing the 38th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, may have started a chain reaction that could possibly reach critical mass upon his retirement. Stephen Horn had the clarity to identify a serious problem that threatened his constituents and possessed a thorough understanding of oversight procedures that allowed redress of grievances by the Legislature. This chain reaction was the result of one letter. I have never talked to Steve Horn personally or any member of his staff

Stephen Horn has instilled in me the crazy idea that "the system may actually work" and has restored my faith in human nature.

Stephen Horn was the only person to offer assistance in my desperate attempt to resist fraud and undue influence by the Los Angeles Department of Child Support Services (LA DCSS). Stephen Horn was informed of this unlawful persecution along with the CA Attorney General, a civil court judge, a criminal court judge, a Public Defender, a District Attorney, a political science professor, the DCSS, the ANCPR, the ACFC, and the FBI.

Stephen Horn contacted Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, representing the 54th District in California, who urged the DCSS Public Information and Response Unit (PI&RU) to initiate the Complaint Resolution and State Hearing process. I have personally met and spoke with Alan Lowenthal at my home on 2 separate occasions prior to 1995 (during his house to house canvassing for votes in the Long Beach Heights area). I was impressed enough with Alan Lowenthal's grassroots ideals to actually vote for him that year, while I voted for Ross Perot in a desperate attempt to keep Clinton out of office.

The State Hearing process mentioned above was implemented in 07-01-01 as mandated by Assembly Bill 472 (which was passed into California law in 1999) and was part of legislation that separated the District Attorney from Child Support Services. AB 472 was deemed necessary after a 1999 Bureau of State Audits report found that the child support enforcement program in California was lacking in many areas, including a sense of overall vision and uniformity of practice. DCSS is responsible for the administration and ultimate outcomes of the State Hearing process related to child support services. DCSS has contracted with the California Department of Social Services (DSS) State Hearing Office (SHO) to conduct the hearings

Although I was shown the door to a State Hearing, it was up to me to walk through it. I found that there is a difference between knowing the path to my State Hearing and actually walking the path. After Stephen Horn and Alan Lowenthal expressed their interest in this matter, I was sentenced to jail for 60 days for ignoring the same court order that I have been trying to convince LA DCSS to recognize since 01-99. I was put in jail with the completed "Request for State Hearing" form in my hand and was forced to send it to Sacramento in a LA County Jail envelope that was given to me by a fellow inmate. I was a high-power, contempt of court, K10, keep away, and was held down the hall from Robert Blake (who is accused of cheating Family Law justice in California).

After my release from "debtor's prison" I was contacted by the Local Ombudsperson investigating this matter, I was later contacted by the LA DCSS State Hearing Representative (SHR), and I was later contacted by the "District Attorney" days before the State Hearing.

This "District Attorney" contacted me later that same day and admitted the billing was fraudulent and promised that it would be corrected in the next month's billing statement. This "District Attorney" told me there was no reason to attend the State Hearing, and that it only involved an Administrative Law judge and it didn't amount to much anyway. Despite changing the hearing time, changing the hearing address, and holding the hearing in a different room, I somehow managed to walk through the door to my State Hearing.

My State Hearing was held on 11-12-02 and I am currently awaiting the official decision. I was allowed to show an Administrative Law Judge from the Department of Social Services (DSS) that the fragmented California Family Law system has caused LA DCSS to:

Steve Horn and Alan Lowenthal were instrumental in allowing me to steal a peek at due process. These heroes of the Legislative Branch may soon be hailed as the newest American Patriots in this new age of accountability and an urgency to identify the ways and means by which implements of our own creation can be used by independent entities as a weapon of mass destruction against us.

The state of California may become aware that the fate of our families are in the hands of a band of profiteers from Denver, CO who aspire to "Do socially useful work, have fun, and make money" while attempting to "create an environment that allows their employees to take risks without being punished for their mistakes". Policy Studies Inc (PSI) was paid $250,000 to conduct a 3 month investigation into the accounting practices of LA DCSS while I was being double billed. PSI was recently contracted by the California Judicial Council to conduct the "Four Year Review" of our state child support guideline. While PSI insured that our state's child support guideline remains the highest in the nation, PSI failed to identify the fragmented system that prohibits compliance with the federal mandate that allows this state to practice Child Support Enforcement (CSE).

"If you are truly in the right, you have God on your side, and you constitute a majority of one"
Henry David Thoreau