California Legalizes Same-Sex Divorce

With 'respect and dignity', more of the middle class are targeted by the Divorce Industry

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 05-24-08

Men and women who are actively fighting a war against the Divorce industry, the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) industry, the Foster Care industry, and the Domestic Violence industry - may have a new group of highly motivated and well organized members of the middle class to help bring needed change to America.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times: "The California Supreme Court struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage Thursday in a broadly worded decision that would invalidate virtually any law that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation." ... "The court's ruling repeatedly invoked the words 'respect and dignity' and framed the marriage question as one that deeply affected not just couples but also their children. California has more than 100,000 households headed by gay couples, about a quarter with children, according to 2000 census data."

The Divorce Industry

Successful breadwinners of a same-sex household will be targeted by officers of the Family Court when their dependent partner is now forced to file for divorce. Instead of moving on with their lives, or amicably separating with conditions, the Family Court will now force the financial disclosure from both and attempt to establish a cash flow between them that is unfair enough to entice further litigation.

Palimony and domestic partnerships have always been a vehicle for allowing poor partners to make rich partners their slaves, but now there is no option - a judge must be involved to dissolve a marriage. With an atmosphere of no-fault divorce and an absence of a binding prenuptial agreement - the only arguments that will ever be heard in Family Court will regard the accuracy of each partner's financial disclosures. The Family Court will always make the deep pockets partner pay all court costs, attorney's fees, psychiatrists fees, evaluator fees, unaffordable alimony, and outrageous child support payments (even for someone else's kid) until the kid finally graduates college.

California's child support guideline will demand a percentage of a breadwinning partner's net income, which will be withheld from that employee's wages (The youngest child will cost the employee 25% of net income, the next youngest child will cost 15%, the next 10%, ...). Supporting 3 children would divert 50% of an employee's paycheck to the dependant partner who has sole custody of the kids, and would divert 38% if custody of the 3 children where shared equally. An employer in California is allowed to illegally terminate or refuse to hire a victim of Family Law due to the court's financial judgments or protracted proceedings.

The Child Support Enforcement Industry

Unemployed breadwinners from a same-sex household, that involved child support garnishments, will be targeted by CSE if the dependent partner applies for welfare. CSE will begin to accumulate an ever-growing debt against the unemployed partner that will grow at 10% interest in California. Failure to make personal payments to the CSE agency will result in a financial embargo being levied against the indentured servant and may result in debtor's prison (which will guarantee the growth of the debt). California child support arrearages totaled $19 billion in 2004, and represented 19% of the $102 billion owed by parents across the nation.

California Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, is responsible for operating the CSE agencies, District Attorneys Offices, and Police Departments in various counties within the state. California CSE administrative costs in 2004 were $1.1 billion, which would have only cost state taxpayers $370 million that year with the 66% match from the Federal government. However, the California CSE accounting system has never been Federally approved, which reduced the Federal match to only 36%, which forced California taxpayers to pay an additional $330 million or a total of $700 million in 2004. The $330 million 'penalty money' withheld from California by the Federal government represented 73% of the Federal incentive pool ($450 million) that was distributed across all states depending on each state's CSE performance criteria. California reclaimed $40 million in 2004, only 10% of the $450 million incentive pool and only 13% of the $330 million 'penalty money' that is imposed on state taxpayers due to CSE's fraudulent accounting system.

The Foster Care Industry

The dependant partner with children from a same-sex household that receives welfare will be targeted by Foster Care when 'welfare to work' allows the children to be left home alone. 53% of the children taken into California Foster Care in 2003 involved caretaker absence or neglect. The majority of California Foster children were not abused, and many are there due to false allegations. 

The California Foster Care industry will receive a 50% match for all administrative and assistance costs, plus an additional 25% of all costs for training personnel in bringing kids into the system. Permanently giving the Foster children to perfect strangers will entitle California Foster Care to a bonus from the Federal government, while the Foster parents can receive monthly maintenance money, Medicaid, and a $10,000 tax deduction for each kid (even more if the kids are siblings). The original parents, who had their children taken from them, will be billed for the entire cost of their own children's abduction.

The Domestic Violence Industry

Partners of a same-sex household will be targeted by the Police Department if either partner drops a dime. Throw the Violence Against Women Act out the window, because in same-sex households it will always be 'up for grabs'. The partner not alleging 'Domestic Violence' will be immediately removed from the household and restrained by court order to never return to their former residence and never contact their former partner or children. If children are in the household, the alleging partner may lose the children to Foster Care, if the marriage is not dissolved and sole custody of the children is not secured from Family Court.

The restrained partner will be charged with committing a felony based on the most absurd allegations, and will be threatened with a one year sentence in prison. Incarcerated partners will be coerced to admit their guilt and remorse for perpetrating the alleged offenses, agree to start another life in another residence, and attend $50 per week 'Anger Management' classes for a year. A partner on probation who fails to attend any of the 'Anger Management' classes will be sentenced to at least 85% of the maximum one year sentence, since California receives Federal bonuses for doing so. California receives other Federal funding to provide training for the police officers, run women's shelters, and propagandize violence against women.

The Hidden Agenda

The National Organization for Women (NOW) has seemed to capture the imagination of female same-sex partners and are currently urging their members to fight an ammendment to the California Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage. NOW has long ago put aside all pretense of gender equality and has pursued demonizing all men, regardless of sexual orientation. Radical feminism evolved from the 'Women's Liberation' movement that was originally funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the CIA. Although 'Women's Lib' was sold to women as a cause for equality, the hidden agenda was to finally tax women and to break up families.

NOW in California issued the 'Family Court Report' in 2002, which labeled the Family Court as "Corrupt" in California and provided many examples of successful mothers who were stripped of their children in divorce. Gloria Steinem (who facilitated the funding of Ms Magazine by the CIA) seemed to agree with the NOW perspective, when she stated in a 2005 letter regarding women and child custody: "The earning power of a parent is too often held to be more important than that person’s record of time spent with the child."

It is important to note that same-sex marriage will not allow partners to file joint tax returns, since the Federal government only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. The only real benefits from same-sex marriage seem to be: employer medical coverage, death related distribution of wealth between partners, and credibility towards adopting children from Foster Care.

With no-fault divorce canceling monogamy or commitment and with the many established industries already posturing to introduce themselves to new customers, many may find it hard to justify anyone fighting to put themselves in harms way. Perhaps with all members of the middle class standing on the same battlefield, we can fight together to end the war that is being waged against American families.

"You don't want the war. We don't want the war. They don't want the war. So why does it go on? You can't stop it - can you? Even if you wanted to - because it's not you - it's the system - the system won't let you stop it. What's the point of being President? You're powerless!" ...
"No, I'm not powerless, because I understand the system - I believe I can control it - maybe not control it totally, but tame it enough to do it some good." ...
"Sounds like you're talking about a wild animal." ...
"Yeah, maybe I am. A nineteen year old college kid. She understood something that's taken me 25 years in politics to understand. The CIA, the Mafia, those Wall Street bastards - 'The Beast'. A nineteen year old kid. She called it a wild animal." (the movie: 'Nixon')

Jim Untershine, Long Beach, CA 90815,,

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.