Another Family Law Gladiator is Forced into the Coliseum in Maryland

Paul Sielski is on a blind date with destiny - and I think she just ordered the lobster

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 11-25-07

Paul Sielski is a father's rights advocate who was ordered by a Maryland court to pay the mother of his child $3,500 per month (105% of his $40,000 net annual income). Sielski was warned by Judge Dwyer in a recent preliminary hearing: "You understand you can be put away for twenty years for Criminal Contempt, Mr. Sielski?", but Paul wants to represent himself , confront his complainant, and demands a Jury Trial. Everyone in the Maryland area is urged to attend this 'Unveiling of Communism in America'  (Wed, 9am, 11-28-07, Fredrick County Circuit Courthouse, 100 West Patrick St, Frederick, Maryland 21701).

Paul was recently employed by Jim Gilchrist of the Minute Man Project to provide computer consultation and attend public events to convince Family Law reform groups and others to help resist the Mexican invasion. Paul was arrested in court on his way to testify in a lawsuit brought by Gilchrist after the Minute Man Project board members demanded an audit of financial accounting. Gilchrist contacted the Maryland Attorney General to facilitate Paul's arrest and extradition for failure to forward money to Maryland's Attorney General that Paul's employer withheld and never paid.

As reported on Gilchrist's website: "Paul Sielski, one of the defendants’ accomplices in the attempt to illegally commandeer the Minuteman Project, was arrested by the efficient work of an Orange County Sheriff’s Department Fugitive Task Force. He is expected to be extradited to Maryland soon for trial on a felony warrant. He faces up to 20 years in a Maryland prison if convicted for his alleged crimes."

Paul Sielski will soon be forced to defend himself in criminal court for an alleged omission. Paul will not be allowed to convince the jury that he did nothing wrong, because that is the crime he is accused of. Paul is in a situation where he must prove to the jury that it was not his turn to do something, and make a motion to reverse the charges both criminally and financially on the complainant (Maryland CSE).

Paul's case may revolve around his California employer who failed to contact California CSE as required by the "New Hires" mandate which would have alerted Maryland using the "Data Match" mandate to garnish Paul's pay using the "Wage Withholding" mandate that would be served on the Paul's new employer demanding all garnishments to be sent to California CSE, which would be distributed to Maryland CSE using the "Interstate" mandate. If California only complied with the Federal mandate, none of this might have happened.

California has never had a Federally approved accounting system since CSE agencies were forced into existence by Bill Clinton. The "New Hires" and "Data Match" mandates were publicly acknowledged as the main reason for Federal disapproval every year. The fraudulent accounting system incurs a 30% penalty on the 66% Federal funding of CSE operating costs that is provided to all the law abiding states. With California CSE operating costs at $1.1 billion per year the State taxpayers must pay $1 million a day even if CSE was legal, plus an additional $1 million a day because it's not. California CSE also refuses to use the "Enforce Wage Withholding" or "Employer Discrimination" mandates which would actually allow themselves to be useful. California CSE also refuses to use the "Distribute interest last" mandate, but seem eager to employ the "Double Count Interest collections" mandate in an attempt to reclaim the State taxpayer's penalty money from the $500 million national incentive pool (which seems to be more like a pond to California).

Andrew Tayrien of Arkansas has recently been prohibited from paying his children's mother any money for another 20 years. Hopefully Tayrien's family and friends will refuse to negotiate with these terrorists holding Andrew hostage - Never lie, never say 'no', never instigate issues, never refuse hostage release, never run away, and never pay. When Ron Paul restores our Constitutional government these hostages will be immediately freed.

As reported by The Benton County Daily Record: "Circuit Judge David Clinger recently sentenced Andrew Tayrien to 20 years in prison for non-support, a class B felony. Tayrien owes more than $50,000 in child support. He must serve at least one-sixth of the sentence before he is eligible for parole."

Incarcerating a parent for not paying child support is the Criminal Court actively and willfully denying the support and remedial care that the children deserve - which is exactly what the parent was convicted of. Even if current child support charges are reduced to nothing while the parent is imprisoned, the interest charges would exactly double the back child support principal after 20 years in 10% States like Maryland, Arkansas, and California. California adds Fascism to Communism by distributing all collections as interest owed - guaranteeing that the monthly interest charges will never decrease as long as the parent lives.

As published on the California CSE website: "Being in jail or prison does not automatically change your obligation to support your children. If you do not pay your child support, interest will be added to the unpaid amount." ... "Contact the local child support agency that is enforcing your order. Tell them that you are in jail and need a modification. They will review your case and tell you the results." ... "California's interest rate is 10% per year and is charged monthly to your balance of unpaid child support."

The American Bar Association (ABA) is seeking qualified applicants who wish to find fathers of children in the Welfare system, to seek out their relatives, and to tally any available resources. This 'Enticement Snare' operation is being funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and may entitle a lucky applicant "funding for a period of four years, with each award valued at approximately $500,000".

As published on the ABA website: "The focus of this project is a result of the federal Child and Family Services Reviews and the “What About the Dads?” report, which indicated that there is very little meaningful engagement occurring between the child welfare system and fathers. The QIC NRF promotes the importance of gaining more knowledge regarding the engagement of non-resident fathers and their children who are involved in the child welfare system." ... "Throughout this project, information gained from the QIC NRF will be disseminated through this Web site and to the Children’s Bureau, sub-grantees, child welfare agencies, private service providers, the courts, legal systems and other stakeholders."

A new company, Family Support Payment Corporation (FSPC), has announced plans to somehow shoulder the entire national Child Support debt of $102 billion, in exchange for the opportunity to extract the interest and penalties from child support obligators and their families. A child support award (which has no scientific justification) is a schedule of restitution for damages incurred by the family court in separating the children from the family breadwinner. Unpaid child support is money that never existed, was never earned, and was never really owed. FSPC will attempt to turn an arbitrary debt into a hard money debt to command more leverage in prosecuting collection using the new 20 year debtor's prison technique to pump up the growth of interest charges or extort a sizable ransom.

As published on the Family Support Payment Corp website: "You sign a contract that pays you all back support as well as the designated monthly payments required to satisfy your court order in exchange for the right of the Family Support Payment Corporation to collect the payments from the obligor parent." ... "The Family Support Payment Corporation makes child support payments from a Trust Account funded by collections from the obligor parent, U.S. Treasury bonds, interest, and fees generated by ancillary services." ... "The Family Support Payment Corporation can use any legal means necessary to collect child support and the obligor may be liable for interest and fees associated with the collection process."

The architects of the 'New World Order' may be well advised to stay closer to Socialism until parents are dumbed down a little more. Americans still believe that our country respects the Constitution and they all know Communism when we see it, hear it, and when something smells like it. You are not considered a Communist, until you acquiesce to Communism, or advocate others to do the same. I never thought I would ask this question, but "Where is Joe McCarthy when you need him?".

I urge everyone to immediately send a letter of support and encouragement to Paul Sielski. Just the volume of mail will let the other inmates know that Paul is fighting for all of us, and this kind of response may spread to the bench too. Contact Paul at: Frederick County Detention Center, Paul Sielski #037500, 7300 Marcie's Choice Lane, Frederick, MD 21704.

Jim Untershine, Long Beach, CA 90815,,

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.