CSE Must Start Thinking Outside the Pizza Box

Deadbeats formally reporting to Wade Horn are urged to start doing their job

Jim Untershine, GZS of Long Beach, 04.25.07

Glenn Sacks is an influential men's rights advocate who is really taking his job seriously these days. The SCUDS being launched, in this offensive war against men, always come up on Glenn Sack's radar and he never hesitates to intercept the incoming. Glenn spoke on CNN, fending off overzealous feminists demanding that Alec Baldwin's daughter must never be with her father alone. Glenn spoke on Fox News, defending impoverished fathers that appeared on pizza boxes for not paying enough money to the Ohio Justice department. Whether men like it or not, they must stand up to defend themselves against unwarranted attacks, or their silence will be taken as acquiescence. If radical feminism were a bandwagon, then Glenn Sacks would be the stick in their spokes.

The recent pizza box issue received more media coverage than the Alec Baldwin issue, or the Duke rape case acquital. All of these issues forced the public to ask themselves the same tough question: “Why?”. Why would a Child Support Enforcement (CSE) agency resort to posting wanted posters for people who owe money, when they wield more power than the Internal Revenue Service? Why would anyone wish to keep a father from his child because the mother released a private voice message? Why would a District Attorney ignore the facts and relentlessly prosecute innocent college students for rape? The answer to each question is basically the same: money to CSE, money to Civil Attorneys, and money to District Attorneys.

The money to CSE and the District Attorneys would be paid by the US taxpayers, while the officers of Civil Court would be paid by Alec Baldwin. CSE earns bonuses from the US taxpayers for making child support collections in addition to anything else the agency can get away with keeping. District Attorneys get a bonus from the US taxpayers for convicting and maximizing the sentence of alleged perpetrators of violence against women. A US parent must pay for all court costs to maintain access to their own children regardless of the finding of fact.

Glenn Sacks, Stephen Baskerville (President of the ACFC), and Maury Beaulier (Minnesota Attorney) all took their turn, asking Cynthia S. Brown (Ohio CSE Director) what she was thinking when she convinced Mom & Pop pizza parlors to print wanted posters on their customer's food containers.

Glenn Sacks : “Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement data shows that two-thirds of those behind on child support nationwide earn poverty level wages; less than four percent of the national child support debt is owed by those earning $40,000 or more a year.”
Cynthia Brown :They have money for cigs, they have money for mountain dew, they have money for 40 ounce beers, they got money to order these pizzas, they have money to pay child support ... The laws need to change – Write your representatives, write your congressmen, get your legislators involved – change the laws, but don't put the responsibility [on CSE] for men or women not paying their court ordered child support ... It's their responsibility in life - and if you have kids, then pay for them, otherwise don't have them

Stephen Baskerville : “There’s a massive system of child exploitation that cynically uses children to loot their families, to loot their fathers to destroy their homes.”
Cynthia Brown :I was really hoping today to get somebody from fathers’ rights who would sit down and actually listen and stop with the anger, because anger won’t get children money, it won’t help us … I keep getting these individuals coming to me from fathers’ rights quoting me statistics from 1992, putting my family’s home address on the Internet, putting us in danger, when all’s I’m doing is doing my job and doing it well, and if that irritates the father’ rights group, I don’t know what to say.

Maury Beaulier : “We are putting the emphasis on the money. We are turning a parent into wallet ... we treat parenting and the money differently”.
Cynthia Brown : I'm a mother, and a stepmother and a grandmother ... I have an oldest daughter that I never received one penny for ... we have 2 step daughters that live at our house half the time ... CSE doesn't recognize shared parenting at this point ... we pay a huge amount of money every month in child support ... we pay for the girls while they're at their mom's ... so she doesn't pay a penny for the girls she brought into the world ... this is not a vendetta ... all parents are wallets.

CSE in every state has the power to garnish wages, intercept tax refunds, capture bank accounts, issue warrants for arrest, revoke passports, and revoke business, drivers, fishing, and hunting licenses. But with all these tools at CSE's disposal, the Ohio agency turns to begging private citizens to do their job for them, and they have the nerve to call it innovation. This act of desperation is a failure indication and is not included in the CSE job description.

The original purpose of CSE was to keep families off of the welfare roles, but CSE is not part of the picture unless the parent owing child support becomes unemployed and the family is forced to beg for welfare. The only objective of CSE should be to help the parent owing child support stay employed, which will allow CSE to garnish their wages. But using the tools to protect parents owing child support from employer discrimination requires some effort and may result in a downward modification, which seems to be unacceptable to CSE. From the onset, CSE chooses to only persecute the unemployed parent who cannot afford to pay, and they seem to think that is their only job.

Glenn Sacks, Stephen Baskerville, and Maury Beaulier continue to do battle in this war against parents, but they need all the help they can get. The momentum of a movement, and the forces for change will both increase with mass. The sooner parents gather together and lean on the obstacle standing in their way of securing their children's future, the sooner they will realize how easy it was to move it and why they didn't do it until now.

Jim Untershine, Long Beach, CA 90815, (310) 418-1736, gzs@gndzerosrv.com, www.gndzerosrv.com

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.