Same Sex Marriage? - Jump On In, the Water's Fine

Lemmings on the run in Massachusetts

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 11-20-03

Massachusetts is attempting to bring 'new blood' into their Family Law 'money machine' by Judicial decree. Officers of the Family Court are salivating at the prospect of expanding their dominion to include couples of all sexual orientations. Not that palimony and common law partnerships don’t already allow extensive litigation to direct common property and assets of 'deep pockets' partners into the pockets of Civil Court attorneys. Allowing a same sex partnership to be recognized as a marriage requires a court to eventually dissolve it. And just think of the prospect of creating breadwinning litigants, who may legally stipulate to paternity fraud, and then eventually attempt to weasel out of outrageous child support and alimony.

Same sex marriage was not only designed to remove the homosexual stigma assigned to non-heterosexual partnerships, it was also designed to allow the dependant partner to be covered by the breadwinner's Health Insurance. The Officers of the court and the Health Insurance companies are all having a gala extravaganza in Massachusetts to celebrate the new court ordered source of breadwinners and employers to fleece. Meanwhile, the employers must anticipate shouldering the burden for the health coverage that must be provided to the new family member, the bread-winning partner must anticipate supporting the dependent partner after divorce, the credit card companies must anticipate another Family Law bankruptcy, and the taxpayers must anticipate paying the TANF/CSE bill to the state's Executive branch for conscientiously perpetuating welfare.

Hetero and asexual roommates who pretend to be homosexual (to get their friend free health Insurance) may realize they are in a very actionable situation, if they ever decide to move. A child that suddenly appears in a same sex marriage may be conceived by one partner or adopted by both, but there will always be one partner who is not the biological parent of the child. This is the fuel for boundless litigation by the partner in an actionable situation. Driving successful homosexuals into financial insolvency after divorce will finally deliver the equality they seek, and will allow them to 'join the club', along-side the heterosexuals desperately trying to be expelled.

Conspiracy theory - This lucrative conspiracy between the Judicial branch and Executive branch of greedy state governments may point to a common denominator. The Family Law Attorneys are Officers of the Civil court with the purpose of serving their client. The District Attorneys are Officers of the Criminal court with the purpose of serving the Attorney General. Family Law Attorneys and District Attorneys answer to the American Bar Association (ABA).

Civil Court - The mission of the Judicial branch seems to be "Maximize the court ordered cash flow between litigants to chide ‘deep pockets’ into extensive litigation". If ‘deep pockets’ chooses to pay the Officers of the Judicial branch to fight for fairness that should be granted by default, then his long-term financial burden may be diminished. If deep pockets’ chooses to stiff the Officers of the Judicial branch, then the maximized cash flow will be ordered to be withheld from his employer.

Unemployment Office - The mission of the Employer seems to be "Every employee must realize they are part of a whole. Therefore, if an employee has a problem, then the company has a problem". If 'money bags' chooses to pay the withholding, then the employee’s long-term productivity will be diminished. If 'money bags' chooses to stiff the recipient of withholding by terminating the employee, then the recipient of the withholding must file to enforce the withholding order.

Criminal Court - The mission of the Executive branch seems to be "If child support is paid on time, then CSE never makes a dime". If the deadbeat’ chooses to seek employment with an outrageous withholding order in effect, then his long-term employment may be diminished. If the deadbeat’ chooses to stiff the Officers of the Executive branch (CSE), then the maximized arrearage will start growing exponentially and his rights and privileges will be revoked to insure that the cash flow will remain interrupted.

Congress Floor - The mission of the Legislative branch seems to be "Cater to the largest block of voters that includes substantial contributors, especially if they pay taxes, obey the law, and have a vested interest in family values". If the 'lawmakers' choose to persecute same-sex partners using the current system, then the long-term federal incentives will be diminished. If the 'lawmakers' choose to cut all federal funding until every State's four year child support guideline review is found to verify compliance with federal law, then parents and children of all nationalities, ethnicity, and sexual orientation would sigh in unison, "It's about time".

Federal Mandate - The system that has been mandated by the Legislative branch is spelled out in no uncertain terms:

  1. Issue a wage withholding order against the Employer of the Obligator (USC 42 666 a8)

  2. Impose civil fine against the Employer if they fail to comply with wage withholding order (USC 42 666 b6Dii).

  3. Impose civil fine against the Employer if they terminate or refuse to hire an obligator due to a wage withholding order (USC 42 666 b6Di).

  4. Freeze and plunder all financial assets and disbursements of the Obligator (USC 42 666 a6).

  5. Revoke all licenses and passports belonging to the Obligator (USC 42 666 a16).

  6. Extort fraudulent amounts of money from the Obligator in exchange for his temporary limited freedom (USC 42 666 a9).

  7. Incarcerate the Obligator if money is not paid (USC 42 666 a9).

Level of Involvement - "The Legislature must realize the ways and means by which implements of our own creation are being used as a weapon of mass destruction against our nation's families by organizations that are funded by the US taxpayers" (and lawyers).

Jim Untershine, 824 E Pass Rd #3, Gulfport, MS 39507,,

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.