Custody Free in 2003

It's never too late to do the right thing, especially if it's free

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 06-17-03

Welfare reform may provide California salvation, regarding the state's rampant abuse of families and taxpayers. The State of California pays over $150 million in Federal penalties every year for their failure to adopt a Federally approved child support accounting system. \1 The State of California may ask the Federal Government: "Why should states be forced to reinvent the wheel? Credit Card Companies do this type of thing every day and they abide by Financial Institution Codes." Credit Card Companies spent millions of dollars last year, lobbying to make bankruptcy impossible for deadbeat dads, when they could have solved the problem themselves. \2

"Custody Free" child support is designed to allow parents to remain financially solvent, but it also serves to remove the motivation for separation. \3 It not only provides accountability of money paid to support the children for a particular family, it also provides data that can be used to estimate the cost of raising children for a family of this type. Since either parent can access the money set aside to support the children, then it really doesn't matter who has custody, provided the money is being spent to support the children.

A family that is functional before separation should be allowed to function after separation. Developing a history of a particular family's costs of raising children will eliminate any surprises after separation. The following credit card account can be set up by parents upon the birth of their child, rather than waiting until after separation.

Cardholders - Parents, and Children

Depositors - Parents, Employers, Health Insurance Providers, and Government Agencies

Summary Recipients - Parents, Arbitrator, and Government data gathering Agencies

Charges - Credit Card Company itemizes all authorized charges and charges back any unauthorized charges to the offending cardholder.

Restrictions - Parents and Arbitrator enter into an agreement of authorized charges intended to support the children The contributions of each parent may be decreased if funds exceed a certain level or can be rolled over to a college fund account

Authorized Charges - The purpose of the "Custody Free" account is to establish a baseline for expenditures in supporting the children. Food, Clothing, School Supplies, etc will be included as authorized charges. Rent, Utilities, Services, etc can be agreed upon by the parents as well as any other expenses that they may deem necessary. A case of beer, a carton of cigarettes, or a crate of condoms would be charged back to the offending cardholder, thereby increasing the contribution amount for that cardholder.

The Arbitrator - The Arbitrator is not necessarily the Family Court, or Child Support Enforcement. The Arbitrator could be a recognized representative from the Credit Card Company, Church, Employer, School, or any Privatized Agency. The Arbitrator will be responsible for resolving any issues regarding funds not deposited into the account as agreed, or disputes regarding inappropriate charges, or if it appears that the children are naked and starving. The Arbitrator can allow welfare money to flow into the account to make up for unemployment of a parent or other irregularities that may threaten continuity of child support. The Arbitrator can issue actions against employers who fail to make scheduled contributions and act immediately to protect a parent from employer discrimination regarding child support withholding.

Government Agencies - Government Agencies that may make deposits to the account include Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Internal Revenue Service, etc. Government Agencies that receive the Account Summary are data gathering agencies (US Census, USDA, etc) that would only have visibility as to the statistics regarding a family of this type, rather than who this family actually is.

"Roll it up" Parenting - In the event of separation the family residence stays intact and one parent resides there until they have to "Roll it up" and stay somewhere else. The children continue to reside at the family residence and the parents take turns residing with them. The parenting rotation will be agreed on by the parents or ordered by the Arbitrator. Dad doesn't have to relocate his workshop, garden center, or workout equipment, and Mom doesn't have to recreate her culinary empire, or abandon her masterpiece of interior design. The kids keep their room, their toys, their friends, and continue to go to the same school.

The "Separation Station" - Parents who must "Roll it up" may choose to stay at the state of the art housing complex, subsidized by the taxpayers and those who have been ordered to pay restitution resulting from their exploitation of children for money. With a "Gold Club" on one side and a "Chippendales" on the other, this sprawling oasis is guaranteed to provide the means by which a parent can "sow their wild oats" in the name of "getting it out of their system". With a championship golf coarse, tennis courts, and Olympic-sized pool, this "Club Med" for parents will allow them to discover what they have been missing, or realize what they took for granted. Classes available to "Roll it up" parents include relationship, parenting, sex therapy, and anger management, as well as career counseling, job training, and job placement services. For the more extreme cases there is drug rehabilitation, psychotherapy, and jail.


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Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.