Blake vs "No Fault Divorce"

The first one to "lie in wait" loses

Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 03-14-03

The Family Law motive for murder may have justified the homicide, regarding the death of Bonnie Lee Bakley. The California Family Law system conspired with the victim in a botched attempt to legally destroy the father of a newborn baby. Although Christian Brando was the first target of this "get rich quick" scheme, it was Robert Blake who ultimately fell into the California Family Law crosshairs. \1

Robert Blake shares the same stigma as Gary Condit, Scott Peterson, and O.J. Simpson regarding the implied responsibility for dead or missing women bearing the fruit of their loins. 21% of all female homicide victims in California were killed by their spouse, during the O.J. trial, but has risen to 26% during Blake's. \2 A California jury was previously asked to put themselves in the shoes of a Heisman trophy winning success story for minorities, who was sentenced by family law to be treated like a racial expletive. Now a California jury will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of a "Little Rascal" and long time champion of "crime don't pay", who became aware of an ambush by a "no fault" / "no due process" divorce court.

Judge Lloyd Nash presided over the preliminary hearing featuring the people's Patrick Dixon vs Blake's Thomas Mesereau Jr. Ronald Hambleton, Gary McLarty, and Earl Caldwell round out the elite cadre of suspected assassins that were at Robert Blake's disposal. The Bakely's Eric Duban was seen salivating uncontrollably in launching a wrongful death civil suit prior to Blake's preliminary hearing. . Judge Nash awarded Robert Blake a free trial by jury and an option to buy a $1.5 million taste of freedom that involves wearing a monitoring ankle bracelet and surrendering his passport. \1

One of the potential henchmen named McLarty, unloaded a handgun full of bullets into a man, in self-defense, prior to being interviewed by Blake to do the same to Bonny Lee Bakely. Blake's defense attorney (Mesereau) asked McLarty if his damning testimony levied against Blake, would be rewarded with leniency by the District Attorney's Office regarding his Child Support Enforcement (CSE) woes. \1 McLarty is a Deadbeat Dad, under the thumb of the District Attorney's Office at the behest of CSE. McLarty is in the same position now that Robert Blake would be in if Bonny Lee were allowed to live. Robert Blake would have never paid a dime in child support to a gold-digging internet money-shot who would certainly steal candy from a baby.

Mesereau may press this sinister connection between the DA's office, CSE, and the family court regarding this family law tragedy. The illusion of due process that Blake expected to receive in family court, would have certainly triggered a hostage situation regarding young Rose. Blake would have refused to negotiate with terrorist organizations holding hostages and resolved to never lie, never say no, never refuse hostage release, never run away, and never pay.

Blake was incarcerated on 04-19-02 in connection with the murder of his wife. \3 Blake was forced to be a noncustodial parent (NCP) who is facing a child support arrearage that amounts to 25% of his net income plus 10% interest computed over the last 11 months of his incarceration at the hands of the District Attorney. The state of California will receive federal incentives in collecting this back child support if someone will just file for enforcement. If CSE gets involved they will garnish 50% of Blake's net income to pay off this unpaid restitution for damages to Rose.

It seems that the California Family Law system can only be cheated by losing the child in the fracas. 41% of all child homicide victims in California were killed by a family member compared to 43% of all female homicide victims. \2 One may connect the dots of this conspiracy theory and conclude that family members are being provoked to kill mothers and children in California. The California Governor Grey Davis is a strong advocate of this family law system that thrives on "fraud for money". \4 Grey Davis is the ringmaster of the Executive Branch circus that has transformed our death defying performers into slapstick clowns, and is a circus that makes our children weep.

The California family law system profits by enticing mothers to discard their children's father and persecuting him for his involvement. The hollow promise of financial independence rewarded to the mother by the family court is nothing more than the Judicial Branch setting the stage for the Executive Branch. The financial demands imposed on the deep pockets parent is designed to drive the NCP to unemployment or drive the CP to welfare, which is the only way CSE is allowed to intercept this deadbeat cash flow. Once CSE is involved, the money paid by the NCP reaps California federal incentives and allows the "iron fist" of CSE to be imposed on the NCP if he stops. \5

Any jury might believe that a parent should be allowed to use deadly force, if they fear for the safety of their family. If there exists no legal recourse to insure family safety, then the first one to step foot in family court represents a clear and present danger to the family.

After consulting with Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson attempted to arrange that the mother of his out-of-wedlock child stayed away from the California family court. Many believe that Jackson gave Clinton the "keys to the city" of Harlem in exchange for imparting this life saving wisdom. Jackson's mistress walked into family court 2 years later to "formalize" child support payments and ask that Jackson visit the child more often. \6

Clinton seems to enjoy diplomatic immunity from his own weapon of mass destruction. Perhaps his marital indiscretions are choreographed by Hillary, making him the poster child for adulterous relationships in this "no fault" era of sexual freedom. Meanwhile, a machine that is designed to exploit children for money is slowly erasing our heroes one decent man at a time.

Jim Untershine, 824 E Pass Rd #3, Gulfport, MS 39507,,

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.


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