The Family Law Question

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Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 03-28-02

"As a parent, what ideal or characteristic would you wish to instill in a child?"

The question is not as remarkable as who asked it. It was a question posed to 12 people who sat on a panel of potential jurors. A criminal defense attorney asked the question. When a person is posed a loaded question, usually a list of socially acceptable answers scroll by. The socially acceptable answer that I used was that "They are no better than anyone else, but certainly no worse". Almost two years later I scientifically unraveled the answer to that haunting question.

"Children are born with the highest concentration of faith and trust found on this Earth. It is not what a parent can instill in a child, but rather what they can hope to preserve"

The answer that I adopted put to rest a mental search engine that was scanning all records and input for anything that might be something amidst everything to help me find an answer. It forced me to redirect the focus of my faith from the heavens back to earth. As a scientist, I was relieved to identify the common denominator of a religious problem shared by many.

When attempting to predict the behavior of light, there was a time when you were forced to choose between the wave or particle theory. Neither theory was the answer to explain all behavior of light, but one was the closest thing to it. If we make the assumption that a child is the closest thing to God on Earth, we can test this theory with what we know to be true. The following statements must be tested for accuracy:

  1. Children are created in our image

  2. Children are the meek that will inherit the earth

  3. We refuse to take our children's name in vein

  4. We only exist to serve our children

  5. We ask our children to forgive our trespasses

  6. We anticipate everlasting existence with our children upon our death.

  7. We fear our children's final judgement

As Jesus Christ was said to say: "One old in days will never hesitate to ask a child seven days old of the place of life, and that one will live. For many who are first become last, and they are one in the same"

To allow us the opportunity to extend this theory into Family Law we immediately recognize commonality. Family Law exists to serve the best interests of the children. This solemn oath that is held to any standard may invite much scrutiny. Any law that chooses to worship one group of society above any other is blatantly unconstitutional. Any law choosing to worship anything is an attempt to establish religion and violates the separation of Church and State. Many might be willing to accept the unification of Church and State as long as it serves the children. The question to be answered is: "Does Family Law serve the best interests of the children?"

A thorough analysis may prove to us all that Family Law actually violates every one of the Ten Commandments, subjects the only parent capable of supporting the children to every stage of the Stigmata, and incorporates every one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ten Commandments

  1. God is one and unique -- Children are closest to God not the Custodial Parent (CP)

  2. Worship of images -- Worship the children not money

  3. Misuse of God's name -- Children must have rights to their money not the CP

  4. The Sabbath must be observed -- Persecution of the NonCustodial Parent (NCP) never takes a day off

  5. One's parents must be honored -- Labeling the NCP a "deadbeat"

  6. Murder -- Provoking misdirected anger between family members

  7. Adultery -- No fault divorce

  8. Theft -- Wage garnishment

  9. False testimony -- Default court orders

  10. Coveting one's neighbor's goods -- Impound a friend's car for 30 days if the NCP drives it on suspended license.


  1. Splinters in your mind, driving you mad -- Child support guideline denies children any legal rights to their support.

  2. Slashing the backbone of your support -- Garnishment of NCP's wages or freezing bank accounts leaving the NCP nothing.

  3. Carrying a monumental burden until you collapse -- Financial burden the NCP can never discharge (USC 42 666 )

  4. Attached to this burden you cannot feed yourself -- NCP's business license is suspended forcing the NCP into financial ruin.

  5. Attached to this burden you can not transport yourself -- The NCP's passport is revoked and driver's license suspended

  6. Attached to this burden you are stuck inside -- The NCP is charged with criminal nonsupport and sentenced to debtor's prison.

Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Pride -- The CP feels they are the only parent worthy to serve the children.

  2. Envy -- The CP feels they are not recognized or rewarded appropriately for their service to the children.

  3. Lust -- The CP desires to possess what they do not own.

  4. Anger -- The CP will attack all who stands between them and the children.

  5. Greed -- The CP desires to acquire or possess more than what they need or deserve.

  6. Gluttony -- The CP will not be satisfied and will always demand more.

  7. Sloth -- The CP does not feel that they need to contribute to the support of the children.

I believe that the Family Law system is leading many descent people into temptation. It is a system that is exploiting our children for money. It is a pestilence that has been cast upon heterosexuals who dare to raise children and must be identified as such by all religions. The last question that needs to be answered is:

"Where is the Pope when you need him?"

Jim Untershine, 824 E Pass Rd #3, Gulfport, MS 39507,,

Jim Untershine holds a BSEE from Mississippi State University and has 13 years experience in feedback control system design. Mr. Untershine is currently using the teachings of Werner Heisenberg and Henry David Thoreau to expose Family Law in California as the exploitation of children for money and the indentured servitude of heterosexual taxpayers who dare to raise children in this country.